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"Well Maya, I'm sure we'll have better luck finding clues today, I can feel it!" Phoenix had his hands on his hips in a rather triumphant pose, sun rays showered down on him on a pretty convenient way. He was practically brimming with confidence, or something like his own take on the Apollo I'M FINE method.
They were on day two of their investigation on a murder of a young woman in Gourd Lake Nature Park with absolutely no good leads. The body was found not so far off the hiking trail in the woods, unsure of the exact cause of death since they were shoo-ed out by police before they could snoop around the crime scene. Phoenix and Maya settled on asking the people who found the body a few questions as well as trying to find the witness. But so far, pun intended, the trail is cold. Not even Phoenix's magatama could catch anything wrong or they weren't asking the right questions.

This time Phoenix used his husband privileges and managed to talk Edgeworth into granting permission to be at the crime scene, though he would have agreed regardless of that fact knowing Phoenix is incredibly capable of finding out the truth no matter what, and he knew he'd find a way in eventually so there was no point in keeping them out. Now if anyone tried kicking them out they could shove the signed slip in their ugly faces.
The scene was less crowded than it was the day before, just a few detectives doing their work and police keeping people away. The body’s been moved and in its place is tape along with a few other numbered markers indicating they found something suspicious. Great news for Phoenix and Maya if they can get one of the detectives to share anything. It would be a breeze if Gumshoe were there but nowadays he’s got his hands full overseeing the newbies.

One of the detectives was a very tall woman with long wavy brown hair that faded to blonde halfway and deep green eyes. She wore a dark trench coat and light purple turtleneck sweater tucked into a black pencil skirt that stopped just above the knee with stockings and some pretty basic black heels. She was looking around taking pictures of the marked area and other things she thought were notable, occasionally pausing to kneel down for closer inspections or better shots. Phoenix thought to start asking questions with her, she seemed the most... Approachable.
But before he could finish saying hello Maya bolted in front of him.

"Hey! Cool camera, think you could take a picture of me? Not this old guy though, he's not very photogenic" Maya had to stand on her toes just to level with the other woman and it took the other by surprise. Maya was leaning in far too close she had 0 time to process any of this and stuttered out a few incomprehensible words with a redness forming on her face from how flustered she was getting.
Oh no she's cute.

Phoenix grabbed the back of Maya's shirt and pulled her back, "Maya don’t be so rude!" He turned to face the detective "Sorry about her. I'm Phoenix Wright, defense attorney, and this is Maya. I guess you could say she’s my assistant." He smiled and extended his hand.

The detective took it. Her handshake wasn’t very strong but she returned a nervous smile.
"Olivia Sinclair, and it's no problem, really, I don't mind" she lifted her camera and snapped a fast photo of Maya before she had the chance to pose.

"WAIT I wasn't ready! I want a do over!" Maya exclaimed.

Olivia giggled at that before clearing her throat in a slight embarrassment.
"Was there something I could help you with?"

Phoenix shot Maya a look before responding "Uh yeah… I don't want to waste much of your time. We just had a couple questions about what happened here?"

Olivia waved her hands in protest, "Oh, no nono I'm really sorry but I'm not supposed to release information to anyone outside of the investigation team and prosecution at the moment."

"We are! We have signed permission from Miles Edgeworth saying we're allowed to be here!" Maya shoved herself in the middle of the two waving a slip of paper.

Phoenix snatched the slip out of her hand, "That's just a glorified hall pass it's not gonna work like this"

"Well! Couldn't you give us some special treatment? Pleeease. We're fighting for the truth and the greater good and stuff. Very important stuff!" Maya pleaded.

Damn Olivia's weaknesses. She rubbed the back of her neck and looked around to see if any of her colleagues were in listening distance.

"I… suppose I could share a few minor details."


<> Later that day transition card <>


Olivia stood in the dark room waiting for the photos to develop so she can add them into her case file and have them on Ms. Von Karma's desk as soon as possible. Sooner hopefully, she was afraid of getting yelled at. Not that she ever has but she's seen how angry Von Karma can get when people don't do their jobs to her standards and she really doesn't want to know what it's like to be whipped.
She shuddered thinking about how painful that would be, do people really enjoy that?

Shaking her head from her thoughts she collected the last of her photos but pausing over one. The sneak attack photo of Maya. It was so reckless taking a picture like this on her work camera but she smiled at the memory, she couldn't say no to such a cute girl and it made butterflies flutter in her gut.
Maya was looking off to the side distracted by something but the way the sun shone through the leaves of the trees made it look almost intentional if you didn't know Olivia took it spontaneously. That was kind of the beauty in taking pictures in the moment and what really made Olivia love photography.
Olivia held it to her chest and sighed like the hopeless romantic she was.

She reached over for a pen and scribbled her phone number on the back, feeling giddy that she'll see Maya again soon to give it to her.