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Voices In My Head

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Dreams are just voices in your head, only telling you false things.


The bell and retreating footsteps told him that the day was over. Izuku Midoriya starts to pack up, picking up his beloved notebooks. All of his dreams were practically in these notebooks.

  “Wow! The fight from this morning is still all over the news!”, he marveled.

  “I guess I better look over my notes later-“

  The notebook was suddenly snatched by a pair of hands he knew very well. Izuku looks up to see Katsuki Bakugo’s fiery eyes staring at him. Kacchan holds Izuku’s note book in one hand, casually slapping it against his other.

  Bakugo’s followers came up behind him and snickered, “What have you got there?”

  “His diary?”


  “Hero analysis for the future?! That’s so pathetic! He’s delirious!”, the two laughed.

  Izuku starts laughing nervously.

  “Ya, real funny you guys. Just give it back!”

  In the blink of an eye, Katsuki takes Izuku’s notebook and smashes his fist into it, using an explosion to turn the book’s pages crispy and crinkled.

  “That’s so mean”, Izuku says, shocked and wary.

  He has to give it back now , he thought. What else could he do?

  Just as Izuku was thinking this, Katsuki closes his eyes and throws the notebook back out the open window behind him, with stunning precision.


  Katsuki looks down at Izuku, who had an astonished look on his face, and narrowed his eyes.

  “Most first string heroes show potential early on. People look at them and just know they’re destined for greatness.”

  Izuku begins shaking at Katski’s speech.

  “When I’m the only student from this garbage junior high to get into U.A., people will start talking about me like that. They’ll realize I’m legit. The next big thing. And that’s not ego talking, I just know I’m good.”

  A warm sensation begins on Izuku’s shoulder and slowly turns burning hot. Izuku looks at Katsuki’s hand on his shoulder, terrified of what his childhood friend would do next.

  “Here’s a little word of advice, nerd.”, Katski sneered.

  “Don’t even think of applying!” Izuku, who’s whole body was now shaking, glances at Katsuki’s horrifying smile. It shook Izuku to the bones. It’s almost as if he were taunting him, just daring him to say something!

  Izuku goes to say something but all that comes out are squeaks.

  He turns towards the window, shoulders hunched in defeat. He should’ve said something.At least Kacchan’s leaving now.

  “You know, there actually might be a way to get a quirk, if you really wanted one that badly. Just pray you’ll have a quirk in your next life, and take a swan dive off the roof of the building!”, Katsuki laughed.

  He should be stronger! He needs to do something!

  Izuku whips around, fear and determination on his face.

  “Something wrong?”, asks Katsuki, little explosions lighting up his hands.

  Izuku starts whimpering again.


  By the time he gets down to the pond where it fell, his notebook is soaked.

  “Great. Now my dreams have turned into fish food. That’s enough, give it back.” He snatches it back from the fishes.

  “That stupid jerk. You can’t go around telling people to kill themselves. What if I actually jumped? What he do then?!”

  What if I really jumped?

  It’s not like anybody wanted him. He was just a quirk less nobody.

  But no. His mom. All Might. He still had to be the first quirkless hero!

  Whipping tears from his eyes, he stood up tall. Then, Izuku Midoriya put on a smile and started laughing.

  “AHAHAHAHAH!!”, all the way through the tunnel.

  Though his laughter died quickly. A shadow was case over him.

  “What a perfect skin suit!”

  Izuku looks behind him, trembling. The green blob of a villain launched at him.

  Pain sliding down his throat.  Curse his stupid quirkless body! DANG IT! This can’t be the end. Come on, come on, come ON!


  Izuku slowly opens his eyes thanks to the repetitive hand slapping his face. Huh. He was on the ground. He only recalled a little bit of the attack of the green blob.



  “Good to see you’re ok!”

  He knew that laugh.

  “A-All Might?!”, Izuku stammered. He was the definition of shock. H oly crap! All Might just saved him!

  “Well now that I’ve got the villain, I’ve got to get him to the police station!”

  Then Izuku realized that he was just standing there, speechless.

  “W-wait! I need an autograph!”

He scrambles around for his journal, only to find it already signed.

  “Huh?! Thank you so much, sir! It’ll become a family heirloom!” Izuku said, bowing deeply.

  “HAHA!! Ok then! I’m off!”

  What? He was going? But he still needed to ask him so many things.

  He saw All Might getting ready to jump.

  This might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, Izuku thought.

  Suddenly he was running towards All Might, grabbing on before being launched into the air.


  Toshinori hadn’t noticed Izuku until he started screaming. And he had started screaming immediately.

  “Ack! Kid?! Look, I love my fans, but this is too much!!”, All Might yelled as he tried shoving Izuku off.

  But there was  NO WAY Izuku was coming off unless they were on the ground!

  “If-If I f-fall from th-this height, I’ll die!”

  Oh. Toshinori hadn’t considered that.

  “Well, hold on.”


  Izuku would’ve started kissing the ground if All Might wasn’t there.

  “I’ll be off now!”, All Might announced.

  Wait! Izuku still had to ask him something!

  “A-All Might! Wait! I-I’m just a quirkless boy. I want to become a hero too! I want to put on a fearless smile just like you!”

  Izuku smiles to himself.

  “I want to become a hero! Can I do that without a quirk?”

  Izuku looks up and starts screaming.

  “AwwaAwA! You-you’re not All Might!!”

  No, it was just Toshinori. And he hated saying this but he needed to explain to the kid that the world is dangerous. So he did. How there was plenty of fear behind his smile.

  “So, could you become a hero with out a quirk? No, I don’t think.”, All Might stated through gritted teeth.             

  Hearing those words... they felt like a Detroit smash straight on his heart.


"I'm sorry kid. It's good to have dreams, just make sure those dreams are realistic. "

   A frail looking All Might opened the door on the roof and started heading down. Each step was like twisting the knife into his already hurting wound.

    He said it himself , Izuku thought. It seemed like a truth he'd been denying for years. Those last pieces of hope were stomped out by All Might's retreating footsteps.

   What was he supposed to do now? He knew all about working towards his dreams, working harder than everyone else, but he knew nothing about giving up.

  A couple minutes passed. Then a couple more.

  He can’t be a hero?

  It was 10 minutes before Izuku Midoriya made the first couple steps down the stairs.


  Mean while, Toshinori was turning in the sludge villain. He didn’t know it then, but he would forever regret saying those words.


  Dazed, Izuku walked down and out of the building. On to the side walk. One foot in front of the other. What was he supposed to do now?


  Izuku nearly jumped out of his own skin! He was walking pass an ongoing fight! It looked like the villain had a quirk that let him detach the spikes off his back and throw them. His skin was a chalky gray and had a good build. Contrastingly blond hair,  but overall looked like a tough match. The hero was none other than Kamui Woods. He was becoming pretty famous wasn’t he? Kamui has the upper hand. Using his his quirk, he’s able to avoid most of the projectile spikes, but he couldn’t wrap his tree like limbs around the villain, for the spikes on the villain’s back would hurt him.

  Did I walk here unconsciously?   Izuku’s face seemed to sour at the idea. Was life really this cruel to him? He should take notes.

  He moves to take out his notebook but then stops.



What’s the point? He’ll never become a hero. Bullied because he’s quirkless. He can never become a hero because he’s quirkless  People shouldn’t decide something because one doesn’t have a quirk . When did he ever think quirks were cool?

  Izuku scoffs.

  Quirks are just curses made to make those who without them feel bad.

  Izuku lifts his head, tears brimming his eyes. Kacchan really is right. He is a crybaby.

  Once again, what Katsuki said came back to Izuku’s mind. Pray you’ll have a quirk in your next life and take a swan dive off the roof of the building!

  But he couldn’t do that. Even if he can’t be a hero like everyone else considers, he can still be his own hero right? Be a hero to those like him. Show the world that just because he doesn’t have a quirk doesn’t mean he can’t do anything!

  Another word popped into his head.


  No. Never. That’s not what this is. He would just start a protest! Ya! But then word would get around and Kacchan would get mad. Probably make fun of him. But what if he wrote a letter to All Might? He saved him didn’t he? What if-

  “Hey kid, shut up, will ya?”

  Izuku clamped his hands over his mouth. Embarrassed, he manages a sorry and then started speed walking away.

  Well, he couldn’t go kill himself, he couldn’t go home (not with these kinds of feelings), so Izuku did the only thing that made sense.

  He ran away.

  Well, more like walked. And he would be back by tomorrow. Just walk and help people till he crashes somewhere, then go home. And he’d be VERY careful, just like his mom told him. He’s gonna go on an adventure. Just a small one! This brought a smile to his face.

  This is how his hero story will begin!