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In her and Reade's living room, Tasha Zapata serves OA Zidan, her ex
hook up (pre-Rapata) a beer, taking water for herself.

Good to see you Son. You finally clipped that beard!

It was time. You look good, 'MOM'

Thanks. SO...Reade is the Father. You dodged a bullet, Playa.
The document she hands him is an official one, which states
that the probability of Edgar Reade being the Father of the child
she's carrying as 99.8%.

OA nods, and hands the document back, along with a rueful smile.

C'mon, THAT?! I admit I might not be ready to be a Father
at this point, but DAMN. I would have stood my ground, you know that.

SORRY, sorry. What I mean is, we were pretty careful, the situation being what it
was-condoms AND the PILL; so I'm not real shocked at the paternity results. He and
I don't use either, and things are a lot farther along than occasional hook-ups.
We had a good time, OA, but we weren't thinking LONG-TERM-at least I WASN'T.

No, that describes us perfectly. Congrats. (They touch beer bottle to drinking glass.)

You and Maggie Bell, then? She's cute, as I remember. Nice figure.

Yeah-all that. Some bumps, but mostly good. She lost her husband a few
years ago. It turns out that she's finally ready to see if she and I can work.

Same as with us, I guess-Catholic, Muslim? WE were just kicking it, but if you
are both willing to work at it, who knows. You WANT TO, correct?

I DO. You know-

OUR baby would have been a lady killer boy, or a drop dead
gorgeous girl.

Tasha gives him a friendly smile. I KNOW-RIGHT?!

I'm happy for you, Tasha. I hear good things about Reade. Guy's going places.

Yeah. He's been eying that AD chair for a while.

I'd better get going. My best to Reade, and to you. Don't be a stranger, yeah?

You either.

Just before departing, he stops and turns serious. 'Hey-don't stay with Reade just because of
the Baby, you know?

No-I'm in love with him, and he's in love with me. He was engaged to be married, and he broke it off
before we even knew about the Baby. It's real.

Okay, then-I had to ask, 'cause I care about you-you know that... 'Night.

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Zapata gets authorization from her Boyfriend to take the rest of the afternoon, which she spends
at their shared residence. She is slightly concerned about Reade's reaction to the news of his impending
fatherhood. They've not discussed the possibility of starting a family, and their relationship is not yet completely
on solid foundation. They are sure of their feelings for one another...there are still many possible obstacles to their
future happiness. The certainty of the baby's paternity lifts an enormous weight from her chest.The man in question
interrupts her musings about two hours later (deciding to end his his own shift early, concerned that she may be ill.
I'm not sick-yet!, she'd quipped, serving him a beer (declining one for herself), earning a puzzled look from
the new arrival.

"Explain that," he utters, in a deep, authoritative tone.

"Back BACK, Assistant Director Reade...FBI HQ is back THAT WAY....I don't take orders here."

Reade raises his eyebrows, cuts his eyes toward the closed Master bedroom door

"We're not in there right now-we're out here."

The raised eyebrows again (he means three days ago, once events had moved from the bedroom to the sofa they're seated

"Shut up!!, she'd snapped annoyed. I have some news." He reads the document three times, and after the third perusal, a
large smile blooms on his face.

"Don't be angry, OK.? I didn't do it on purpose."

In response, his embrace is strong, and his kiss profound. He sits back on the sofa, smiling to himself.

"Who else knows?"

"Ummm...that was a two-part 'don't be angry'...I told OA Zidan."

No response from Reade-at first..."Reade...?"

"Makes sense. He was a possibility.. It's fine."

"Don't...say 'it's fine', and then keep it buried inside until it comes bursting out one day."

"That will never happen."

They spend the next ten-fifteen minutes discussing dinner options, and decide that steak, salad, au gratin potatoes,
and red wine (distilled water for the expectant Mother) will be tonight's fare. They order from a delivery restaurant
referred by Weller, and the food is magnificent. Zapata asks if Reade has a preference for the Baby's sex. He responds
that he'd like a Boy First, and a Girl after that. ( A GIRL after that?...Hmmm )

"We don't notify HR until we have to. For now, we keep it between Us and The Team. OA will keep it quiet?

"He won't do any thing to hurt my career."

"OK. Lions are on."


Reade feigns a resigned sigh." I suppose I HAVE to keep you ass now."

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The next morning, Reade informs the team of a few changes in the office dynamic: Zapata will remain in office, utilizing
her computer skills to assist Patterson; Stuart will act as Lab Supervisor during the duration of the Patterson-Zapata project…
also Brianna’s role is up-dated to Personal Assistant to the Director (while assisting Stuart in the Lab.) Weller and Jane
remain in the field, along with Agents from an outer borough FBI hub-Jeff Martins and Roz Neweik-Weller, of course,
will direct the fir team.

At 425, Zapata slips into Reade’s office for a quick word. She’s been thinking about it, and she prefers to stay home with
the Baby after he/she is born-for at least a year. Edgar doesn’t disagree. She wonders if this a viable wish, financially, which
he assures her that it is. Brianna knocks and pokes her head inside to advise them that they’re needed in the Lab.
By the time that crisis is averted, Brianna presents her Boss with documents requesting that he verify the absence of an
Unauthorized Personal Relationship Violating Bureau Policy (the prohibition against Supervisory Agents having romantic/dating
relationships with subordinates whom are their DIRECT REPORTS:

(Natasha M.I. Zapata, Central Intelligence Agency, assigned to the New York Office of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, of
which I, Edgar M. Reade, am Assistant Director, are engaged in a personal relationship intimate/personal in nature. Ms. Zapata
is an employee of a different Agency, and though she does report directly to me, she is an actual DIRECT REPORT of Deputy
Director Jake Keaton, CIA.) He signs, scans, and submits the document to Human Resources (copying Keaton, The FBI Director
and Deputy Director, and himself. HR will provide Tasha with a copy.

When he arrives home, he hears boisterous “yipping” (a small DOG?), and Tasha’s tell-tale guffawing laugh from the hallway.
Inside, rolling about on the floor, a small black Yorkie zips to and fro excitedly, while the lovely Latina gives laughing chase.

“Baby! Isn’t he LOCO?!! His name’s Pipo!”

“Where’s Pipo LIVE? He needs to be heading that way.”

“He lives HERE, Silly! I got him from “OfferUp”…only $250.00…he has shots, paperwork…isn’t he great?!”

"Did we discuss this, at any point? I don’t recall.”

Slyly, Tasha admits that it was during sex the night previous. There it is, he concedes. Muttering about sneaky ass Women
and their sneaky ways of using their sneaky feminine wiles to get their sneaky way, he gets a beer and seats himself on the
sofa, resigned to being Pipo’s “Daddy”, as Tasha keeps calling him.