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Flerken Versus 1-A

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“Today we will be practicing your hand to hand combat.”

Izuku loved the hero classes where they practiced fighting. He was already good at it, but it was always fun to go against his classmates. Especially if they were allowed to use Quirks. 

There were only a few people that could really keep up with him though, especially if they were fighting quirkless. Ojiro, Ashido, and Todoroki were the main ones. Ojiro technically always used his Quirk, since it was a tail. Todoroki was good at hand to hand, but he tended to try and use his Quirk anyway. Ashido though, Izuku loved matches against Ashido. 

She was fast, for one. For someone without a speed Quirk she moved extremely quickly. Ashido was also agile, on par with Izuku even. She said it was because she took dance. Izuku wondered if he should take some of those classes if they made her this good. 

And today he got paired with her. That was when he knew today was going to be interesting. 

“You ready, Midori?” She called from across their small field. He could hear the eager smile in her voice.

“Ready when you are, Ashido!”

Neither needed to be told anything else. They both rushed to the center field, Quirks at the ready. Izuku was half-shifted, his shoes already abandoned on the sidelines. His claws dug into the ground as he shot towards Ashido. 

The dance they had was a familiar but extremely chaotic one. Both of their fighting styles relied on being unpredictable and fast. It made for an entertaining match, both for the two of them and anyone watching. To a stranger it might look like two blurs had decided to play leapfrog. 

Acid sizzled on the dirt as Ashido darted around Izuku. He twisted into a roll, putting distance between them once again. His tail balanced him as he got to his feet again. 

“You’ve gotten faster, Midori!”

“So have you!”

And then they were off again. Banter was normal for them, since it helped improve their skills and they both liked to talk anyway. Aizawa-sensei encouraged it, saying it was an important skill for working in the field. Seeing as Present Mic was his husband (only known to Izuku out of his classmates currently) Eraserhead would definitely know about having to talk while working. 

Izuku ducked under Ashido’s arm and kicked at the back of her legs. She was sent stumbling forward, just like he knew she would. Izuku dove after her. A pin was needed to win the match, and he was intending to get it. 

They ended up wrestling on the floor. Izuku’s back hit the ground for a second before he was surging up again. Rinse and repeat. 

Then Ashido managed to get him into a headlock. He thrashed and struggling against her, yet she refused to move as they still rolled around the dirt. This was definitely new. 

Izuku squirmed enough to move her arm. He reacted on instinct, seeing pink close enough to his face. 


Ashido leapt away from him, furiously shaking her arm. Izuku blinked, getting to his feet. 

“Young Ashido, are you ok?” Came All Might’s booming voice. 

“He bit me!”

“Young Midoriya…what?”

“She had me in a headlock, so I bit her,” Izuku explained sheepishly. “Sorry Ashido, I didn’t mean to bite you. Did it draw blood?”

“Yeah, I’ll be ok though. Geez, you have some sharp teeth. Felt like an actual cat’s.”

“Do you need to see Recovery Girl, young Ashido?”

“Nah, ‘m ok. Can I have a bandaid though?”

Izuku watched, part curious and part amused, as All Might reached into his pocket and pulled out two bandaids. Hero themed band-aids, to be specific. Ashido cheerily stuck them on and loudly proclaimed that she was ready to fight again. 

After that class, it wasn’t until lunch that Izuku talked to Ashido again. He was sitting with Shinsou, Uraraka, and Iida. The four of them were talking about a new hero debut, calmly eating their food, when Ashido walked up and slammed her tray on the table. 

The four jumped, staring at the pink girl with varying levels of surprise. Kaminari, Sero, and Kirishima were behind her, the last one waving and smiling apologetically. 

“Midori, we have an experiment!” 

Well that didn’t sound good. At all. Especially coming from the only kids considered as chaos inducing as Izuku and Shinsou. 

“…what would it be?”

Ashido was very suddenly in his person space. “Open your mouth, we want to see if you have cat teeth.”


“We want to see if you have cat teeth, since Ashido is insistent that you do after you bit her apparently,” Kaminari explained a bit, smiling wide. 

“Oh, well…I guess I can show you.”

Izuku figured there really weren’t too many ways this could go badly, so he went long with what they wanted. Besides, Ashido and Kaminari would probably pester him about it if he didn’t. 

So Izuku opened his mouth in a smile that showed every tooth. He knew very well that he had sharp canine teeth. Even more so since he’d gotten One for All.

He also knew that this particular grin was extremely unnerving


“Holy shit.”

Cool .”

“That is awesome.”

“And scary, Midoriya what the hell. 

Izuku’s smile held more sincerity at their reactions, finally softening a bit. The four of them had crowded closer to get a look at his teeth. A bit weird, but certainly not the oddest thing Izuku has seen or been a part of.

“You really do have cat teeth!”

Hah! I told you!” 

“Wait wait wait, how sharp are those? You sure you’re not a vampire dude?”

Izuku let his smile become a normal one now. “I’m definitely not a vampire. Have any of you ever actually had cats?”

Everyone but Ashido shook their heads, which explained some things. 

“Cats usually have this sharp of teeth. If anything, they’re even sharper when I’m full-shift.”

“Well shit.”

“I never knew cats could be so…”


“Yeah, that.”

“Anyway,” Izuku interrupted, “can we finish lunch now?”

“Aww, I wanted to see what you can bite through!” Kaminari whined.

“Me too!”

Izuku shook his head fondly, then gave them a wicked and sharp toothed grin. One he had perfect, and copied from Aizawa-sensei, for making people go away without questioning things. 

The four members of the Bakusquad felt a shiver of fear run down their spines. “Go eat your lunch. Maybe we can test it later.”

All four scurried away to their table not a second later. Izuku laughed, going back to eating his own food, completely unaware of the stares he was getting from his friends. Well, maybe. They wouldn’t be able to tell even if he did.