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When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted

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3rd of October, Thursday morning, 10:00am, UA Headquarters

“I see you’ve managed to make it through the night.” Todoroki said as he entered the room, followed by two henchmen. One of the henchman was carrying a duffel bag, setting it down on the table in the room. “Maybe I should have been more specific with them.” Todoroki said as he made his way over to Bakugo who was lying on the floor, completely naked. His arms were restrained with rope behind his back. Todoroki could see the bruises that had formed on his face and stomach from his assault on him yesterday. “I did tell them they could do whatever they wanted but I see that they just had their fun with you.” Todoroki said as he knelt down beside Bakugo. “How did it feel to be fucked by someone else other than me? Must have brought back memories for you, all the times you sold your body to anyone who was willing to pay you for it. Sorry they didn’t leave you a tip when they were done.” Todoroki said as he grabbed Bakugo by his hair, lifting his head up. Bakugo let out a groan of pain as his eyes met Todoroki’s.

“You really are a bastard.” Bakugo spat out as he tried to struggle against the rope binding his hands behind his back.

“Do you really think you should be saying that to me? Event after I let them give you a little reminder yesterday about who owns you now.” Todoroki said as he kept his hold in Bakugo’s hair, his free hand running across the small metal rods that pierced Bakugo’s nipples. “These are my proof of ownership over you.” Todoroki said as he grabbed the piercing on his right nipple, pulling lightly. Bakugo winced in pain, the piercing still fresh. “They can’t be removed, so it’s a permanent reminder for you of who you belong to.” Todoroki said as he let go of his hold in his hair, standing up.

“Fuck you.” Bakugo hissed out, glaring at Todoroki.

“You know, seeing you this defiant reminds me of when I first met you. You’re eyes had the same look in them then as they do now. Looks like we’re going to have to fix that.” Todoroki said as he made his way over to the duffel bag, unzipping it. “Men, bring him over here for me.” Todoroki said as his men made their way over to Bakugo, picking him up from the floor. Bakugo tried to fight the men as he was brought over to the table. The henchmen bent him down over the table, his chest flush against the wooden surface. Bakugo let out another groan as he felt his nipples brush against the table.

“I have quite the punishment laid out for a rabid dog such as yourself. This should teach you not to go against your master.” Todoroki said as he pulled a butt plug out from the duffel bag, along with a small bottle of lube.

“You consider that a punishment? That’s just a Thursday night for you.” Bakugo replied in a snide tone as Todoroki lubed up the plug.

“I see your sarcasm still remains intact.” Todoroki said as he made his way behind Bakugo, between the two guys who were holding him down. “Hate to break your bubble but this is just the appetizer. The worse has yet to come.” Todoroki said as he placed the tip of the plug against Bakugo’s entrance. 

“What worse? I don’t think there’s anything left that you haven’t done to me at this point.” Bakugo replied as he felt Todoroki slowly push the tip of the plug passed the ring of muscle. Bakugo’s mouth dropped open as he felt the plug enter him, the stretch burning seeing as Todoroki didn’t even bother to prep him. It was bigger than he thought it was, feeling himself get filled up as the plug was pushed completely into him.

“That’s not true. There are things that I enjoy that you don’t.” Todoroki said as he grabbed the chair that was sitting next to the table, moving it to the center of the room. “Why don’t you men escort Bakugo over to the chair and get him comfortable.” Todoroki said as the men picked Bakugo up from the table, bringing him over to the chair. Todoroki handed them a few bundles of rope as they got to work. They tied Bakugo’s arms to the sides of the back of the chair, Bakugo trying to fight them as they did so. Once they were done securing his arms, they moved on to his legs. Each henchman grabbed one of Bakugo’s legs, trying them to the legs of the chair.

“Do your worst.” Bakugo growled out as he struggled against the rope, letting out a moan when his movements caused the plug to brush against his prostate.

“Oh I will.” Todoroki said as he pulled a small remote out of the duffel bag. He pressed the power button on the remote before he adjusted the dial on the remote. Bakugo jumped, letting out another moan when he felt the plug start to vibrate inside him, perfectly hitting his prostate.

“Fuck.” Bakugo moaned out as he dropped his head down, feeling himself start to grow hard from the sensation.

“Are you getting excited already? The fun hasn’t even started yet.” Todoroki said as he placed the small remote in his pocket, pulling a blindfold out from the bag.

“Some punishment this is.” Bakugo chuckled out as Todoroki made his way over to him. Todoroki placed the blindfold over his eyes, tying it securely behind his head.

“Your personality is something I have always admired in a pet. One who never heeds no matter what happens. Yet at the same time it’s the one thing that pisses me off the most about you.” Todoroki said as he made his way back over to the table, pulling something else out. “You think no one can control you. They say taming a wild dog takes more time and effort to train than a domestic breed. I think it’s time for you to realize that you no longer live on the streets.” Todoroki said as he made his way back over to Bakugo, kneeling down in front of him as he wrapped a hand around Bakugo’s cock, stroking him.

“You can take the dog out of the streets, but you can’t take the streets out of the dog.” Bakugo said as he threw his head back, his hips moving of their own accord up into Todoroki’s hand.

“I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Your body seems to be conditioned well enough to respond to me now. More than it did when you were on the streets.” Todoroki said with a smirk as he gripped Bakugo’s cock firmly in his hand. Bakugo let out a throaty moan as he let out a small chuckle.

“That’s what you think.” Bakugo said with a smirk as he looked down to where Todoroki’s voice was coming from.

“That’s what I know . Now stay still, I don’t want to hurt my pet too badly now.” Todoroki said as he inserted a thin metal rod a few inches in length into the hole at the tip of Bakugo’s cock. Bakugo pulled at the ropes around his arms and legs as Todoroki inserted the metal rod all the way in, securing the metal loop that was attached to the top of the rod around the base of the head of his cock.

“Fuck!” Bakugo cursed as Todoroki removed his hand, standing up as he watched Bakugo’s twitching cock.

“I’ve been waiting to try this on you for a while but you always said no. I figured now would be the best time to use it.” Todoroki said as he watched Bakugo struggle against the rope, letting out little moans from his struggles as his prostate was abused from both sides now. The plug rubbed against it from behind and the end of the rod pushed against it from the front.

“You really are a bastard.” Bakugo said as Todoroki pulled out the remote again, turning the dial up slightly as he watched Bakugo jumped from the increase of the vibration coming from the plug.

“Now that you’re all plugged up I’m going to show you what happens to disobedient pets.” Todoroki said as he placed the remote back into his pocket as he made his way over to the bag on the table, pulling out a taper candle that was about a foot in length and a lighter. Bakugo heard the flick of the lighter as Todoroki lit the wick on the candle, letting the wick burn down to the wax. Todoroki made his way over to Bakugo with the candle burning away in his hand. Todoroki angled the candle, a few drops of hot wax landing on Bakugo’s left thigh.

“Shit!” Bakugo cried out, his leg shaking in pain as the hot wax dripped down his inner thigh before cooling off and drying.

“Sorry about that. Did I forget to warn you that it’s hot?” Todoroki asked sarcastically as he dropped a couple more drops onto Bakugo’s other thigh.

“Fuck you.” Bakugo said as he pulled at the ropes as the wax dried on his legs. He wasn’t the biggest fan when it came to pain play but Todoroki was. He loved watching people squirm underneath him. “Do you plan to do this to Midoriya too?” Bakugo snapped back at Todoroki. Todoroki’s expression went blank as he moved the candle, dripping some across his chest, a few stray drops landing on his nipples.

“Why would I do this to such a prize breed? This is something more suited for a mutt like you.” Todoroki responded, letting a few more drops of wax land on his thighs again, this time moving up his leg, getting closer to his cock. Bakugo’s body shivered as he felt the wax burn his skin.

“So that’s what you really think of me?” Bakugo said as his body trembled from the vibration hitting his prostate, feeling his orgasm approaching him.

“I don’t believe I ever hid how I really think of you from you. I took you in because your personality was one I needed. A loyal dog who will bite the hands of those I hate. I never thought that you would bite mine too. I have to teach you what happens to dogs who bite their master.” Todoroki said as he let the wax from the candle drip down on the shaft of his cock.

“Fucking shit!” Bakugo shouted as the wax landed on his sensitive skin, pulling harshly at the rope around his wrists and ankles.

“Are you learning your lesson yet? Do you understand now what happens to you when you go against me?” Todoroki asked as he let a few more drops of hot wax land on his cock again. Bakugo let out a cry of pain as he bent over, pulling at the ropes.

“Yes, yes I get it! Just stop with the wax already.” Bakugo pleaded, finally giving in, unable to take anymore. His cock was in pain, both from the burn of the wax and the inability to cum.

“I don’t think you do. Do you understand what you did wrong? If you tell me and you get it right, I might stop.” Todoroki said as he dripped a few more drops of wax on his chest, some wax landing on his still sensitive nipples.

Shiiiit .” Bakugo hissed out as his body trembled in pain. “I...I attacked Denki and left marks that could blow his cover at the MDA.” Bakugo said as he dropped his head down, taking a few deep breaths as he tried to calm his body down. His cock was in pain, right on the edge of cumming. 

“That’s not all you did now is it?” Todoroki asked as he let the wax drip down on his thighs. Bakugo cried out in pain as his orgasm tore through him, his cock hurting from not being able to cum. Bakugo’s body shook as he rode out his orgasm, the plug continuing its assault against Bakugo’s prostate. “Did you just orgasm without cumming? For someone who claims to hate pain, your body doesn’t seem to mind it.” Todoroki said as he let the wax fall across Bakugo’s chest again. “Now what else did you do?”

“I...I also...put my personal feelings before you and the group. I’m sorry...please forgive me.” Bakugo stuttered out as he dropped his head down, his body twitching from the overstimulation on his prostate and from the burns the wax left on his body.

“That’s a good boy.” Todoroki said as he blew out the candle, handing it to one of the henchmen. “ Have you learned your lesson now?” Todoroki asked as he removed the blindfold over Bakugo’s eyes, Bakugo squinted as they adjusted to the light of the room.

“Yes.” Bakugo said as he looked up at Todoroki who had a smirk plastered across his face.

“Do you want to cum?” Todoroki asked as he ran a hand through Bakugo’s hair.

“Yes, please let me cum.” Bakugo asked as he leaned into Todoroki’s touch, pulling at the rope around his wrists.

“If you can make me cum, I’ll let you.” Todoroki said as he pulled out the remote again from his pocket before pulling his pants and underwear down to about mid-thigh, revealing his red, throbbing cock.

“You really are a sadist.” Bakugo said as Todoroki grabbed a handful of Bakugo’s hair with his hand, pulling him close to his cock.

“You’re not that bad of a masochist yourself.” Todoroki said as Bakugo opened his mouth, allowing Todoroki to push himself in, picking up a steady speed as he thrusted into Bakugo’s mouth. As Bakugo got to sucking Todoroki off, Todoroki turned up the dial on the remote to its highest setting. Bakugo let out a moan as he pulled at the rope binding him to the chair as he looked up at Todoroki. “Don’t look at me like that, you know what you have to do if you want to cum.” Todoroki said as he placed the remote back in his pocket, placing his free hand in Bakugo’s hair as well. Bakugo swirled his tongue around Todoroki’s cock as he thrusted into him. “That’s it.” Todoroki moaned out as he watched Bakugo suck him off. Bakugo could taste the saltiness on his tongue from the pre cum as he hollowed his cheeks out, taking in as much of Todoroki as he could. Todoroki’s grip increased in Bakugo’s hair, making him wince in pain. Todoroki pushed himself in, Bakugo feeling his cock hit the back of his throat. Bakugo began humming, watching Todoroki shiver from the sensation.

“Oh fuck .” Todoroki said as he pulled himself back before he started thrusting his hips again, this time his pace faster than before. Bakugo could tell Todoroki was close so he just kept his jaw slack as Todoroki had his way with him. Todoroki let out a throaty moan as he pushed himself all the way in, cumming down Bakugo’s throat. Bakugo swallowed everything as to not choke on it as Todoroki gave a few more thrusts, riding out his orgasm before he pulled his cock out of Bakugo’s mouth. Bakugo coughed, Todoroki looking at how red his lips had gotten, watching the saliva and cum mixture drip down Bakugo’s bottom lip, down to his chin.

“That looks painful. Do you wanna cum now?” Todoroki asked as he bent down, letting his fingers run lightly over the underside of Bakugo’s red, wax covered cock. Bakugo shivered, letting out a moan as his cock twitched from the touch.

“Yes, please...let me cum.” Bakugo begged, his body trembling as he felt another climax approaching. Todoroki smirked to himself as he removed the metal ring that was placed just beneath the head of Bakugo’s cock. He grabbed the tip of the metal rod, slowly pulling it back, teasing Bakugo as he pushed it back in. Bakugo let out a moan, his body shaking as he pulled at the ropes, throwing his head back as he closed his eyes. Todoroki teased him a few more times, pulling the rod out before pushing it back in.

“Does that feel good?” Todoroki asked as he rested a hand on Bakugo’s thigh to steady himself, twisting the rod around in his fingers. Bakugo let out a loud moan from the different motion, pulling harshly at the ropes.

“Fuck, fuck ! Please stop, let me cum. I can’t take it anymore.” Bakugo begged, wanting nothing more than to cum as he felt his orgasm quickly approaching. Todoroki watched Bakugo’s face as he kept teasing him before pulling the metal rod out in one smooth motion, moving to the side. Bakugo threw his head back, pulling at the ropes as he came, his body trembling as thick white ropes of cum landed on the chair and floor in front of him. Todoroki stood up with a smile on his face as Bakugo let his upper body fall forward, his body shaking from his orgasm. He rolled his hips in the chair as he let the vibration from the butt plug help him ride out his orgasm. Todoroki pulled up his underwear and pants, buttoning them before he pulled the remote back out of his pocket, turning the dial all the way down before turning it off. Bakugo kept his head down as he caught his breath, his body trembling with every move he made.

“I’ll have you know I wasn’t planning to do anything to your friend. He’s very useful in making you more obedient to me. Maybe next time if you try to go against me again, I’ll pay him a visit instead.” Todoroki said as he made his way over to the table, setting down the remote and blindfold.

“Don’t even...think about it.” Bakugo growled out as he raised his head up, glaring at Todoroki.

“If you don’t want anything to happen to him, then I suggest you do what I say, when I say it from now on.” Todoroki said as he turned around, looking at Bakugo with the same intent eyes he was looking at him with.

Tsk .” Bakugo said as he looked away from Todoroki, pulling lightly at the ropes.

“That’s a good pet. Get him cleaned up. I think he’s learned his lesson now.” Todoroki said to the two henchman in the room as he turned around, making his way to the door. Bakugo glared at Todoroki as he left the room before he turned his gaze to the two guys in the room.

“Don’t even think about doing anything weird. I’ll kill you.” Bakugo said as he watched the guards intently as they began to untie him.


3rd of October, Thursday evening, 11:34pm, Musutafu Red-Light District

“Are you sure about this?” Midoriya asked as he walked down the streets of the Musutafu red-light district with Iida.

“Yes I’m sure.” Iida said as he played it cool, observing those who they passed by on the streets, trying to look inconspicuous. 

“Why did you go all out with a disguise? You do know that you could have just worn your normal clothes.” Midoriya said as looked to Iida.

“I don’t have any other clothes aside from suits. This is the best I could do.” Iida said as he adjusted his glasses. He was wearing dark blue dress pants and a long sleeve, plain white button up shirt. His shirt was tucked in to his pants. He had matching dark blue suspenders attached to his pants, keeping them up. He adjusted his matching dark blue bow tie, making sure it was even as Midoriya rolled his eyes, following behind him.

“Okay. Fine then; at least take the suspenders off, it will look better if they just hang down.” Midoriya said, trying to reason with him.

“If I do that, then how will my pants stay up? Also if the suspenders are hanging down like that, that would prove to be a safety hazard. What if they get caught on something if we had to chase after a perp?” Iida said as Midoriya raised a hand up to his forehead, shaking his head.

“Just do it.” Midoriya said as he walked down the sidewalk, thankful that he had a pair of loose jeans and a plain, blue shirt under his light blue hoodie that he left unzipped. Iida sighed, pulling his suspenders off his shoulder, letting them hang down against his thighs.

“This just seems impractical. Is this the street fashion nowadays? What’s the point of putting on suspenders if you don’t even use them?” Iida asked as he waved his hand around, looking at Midoriya.

“Watch out.”  Midoriya said as he grabbed Iida when his arm came close to hitting someone who was walking down the street.

“My bad. Are you okay, miss? I’m sorry. I should have been watching where I was going.” Iida said as he turned around to face the young woman who was on her phone.

“No, you didn’t hit me. I’m alright.” The women said as Iida stood up.

“Thank goodness. Well then, have a good evening.” Iida said as he bowed to her one more time.

“You as well.” The woman said before she turned around, walking back down the street. “So UA wants to buy from us again?” Iida and Midoriya over heard the woman say as she made her way down the street. They stopped in their tracks before turning around.

“Did she just say UA?” Midoriya asked Iida in a whisper.

“Let’s follow her to find out if we heard right.” Iida said as he kept a few feet between them and the woman, Midoriya following carefully behind him.

“They want to by a hundred and fifty kilos this time?” The woman asked as she kept her attention on the call she was having. “Don’t Mina me. I know that’s fifty more than they usually ask for but they’re good business. Do you have any idea how much money that is for us when they sell all of it? Were looking at roughly twenty million yen. When they take their share for distributing that leaves us roughly fifteen. If they want a hundred and fifty, I say give it to them.” Mina said as she kept walking down the street.

“Drugs?” Midoriya whispered to Iida as they kept their distance, not wanting to spook her.

“Possibly. Sounds like UA is trying to make a deal happen with a supplier and that’s her.” Iida whispered back.

“Tell them I’ll get it together for them for next weekend, Saturday night. Yes the usual place, Club Alien on Hikyoma. Why do I need to remind you every time we work with them Sero?” Mina said in a perturbed tone. “I love you to death but sometimes you’re just too air headed. You haven’t been smoking any off it have you? If I come back and find out that you have, you’re going to have to pay me for it.” She said as she let out a sigh. “Whatever, I’m on my way back now. See you soon.” Mina said before she hung up the phone, putting it in the pocket of her cropped blue and pink hoodie that was covering her baby blue dress that came down to about mid-thigh as she made her way down the street. Iida and Midoriya stopped, making their way to an alley off the sidewalk, between two clubs.

“That was convenient.” Midoriya said as he looked to Iida with a smile.

“Even though UA is the number one distributor in this part of town, what are the chances that I would have almost walked into one of their suppliers?” Iida said, unsure how to feel about this information after what happened last time.

“You just said it. UA controls this district so we were bound to walk into someone who had some connection to them.” Midoriya said as he pulled out his phone, typing the address and time into his notes.

“I still don’t trust it.” Iida said, still skeptical about the whole thing.

“Todoroki said he wouldn’t intervene. For now we’re going to have to believe that until it’s proven that he was lying about it. We’ll take extra precautions this time to insure that what happened last time won’t happen again.” Midoriya said as he finished typing away on his phone, putting it back in his pants pocket.

“I’ll trust you, but I won’t trust them for actually sticking to the deal until I see them actually do it.” Iida said as he crossed his arms, clearly displeased by the fact that he didn’t know how this would play out.

“It’s fine. Now let’s get back to the agency.” Midoriya said as he left the alley first, Iida following behind him as they walked down the street. 

Midoriya was just as uneasy as Iida was but he was trying his best to hide it. Memories came flashing back into his mind, remembering the events that led to him getting taken. He kept telling himself that this time was different. They were just going to be doing surveillance this time, not having to rescue anyone. It should be fine, they weren’t putting themselves in any danger this time. They would check out the place before the day of the deal and map out all exit points of the building should anything go wrong. They were going to be better prepared than they were last time. That thought reassured Midoriya, calming his nerves as they stopped, Iida hailing down a taxi. This time things were going to go their way, or so he hoped they would. Iida climbed into the taxi, Midoriya following behind him, lost in his thoughts as the taxi took them back to the agency.