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When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted

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“Welcome to the Musutafu Detective Agency or the MDA for short.” Iida said as he showed Midoriya around the agency. Midoriya had just graduated from the police academy and was transferred to the MDA for a probationary period as a new detective. “I’m the chief detective of this agency Iida Tenya. My office is located at the end of the main room. Your desk for now will be here, next to Uraraka.” Iida said as he gestured with his arm to the desk. Uraraka, who was seated at her desk, stood up, making her way over to Midoriya.

“Hi there. Nice to meet you, I’m Uraraka Ochaco.” Uraraka said with a bright smile as she held her hand out.

“Nice to meet you as well, I’m Midoriya Izuku. Please take care of me.” Midoriya said as he shook her hand.

“The crime around this area isn’t too bad. We have a few small time criminals that pop up every now and then but they’re nothing to worry about. This should be a good first job for you here. Follow me, I’ll show you the lunch area and the locker rooms.” Iida said as he adjusted his glasses, leading Midoriya through the desks of the main room. He looked around, trying hard to familiarize himself with the layout of the room. He saw a big whiteboard that was in front of Iida’s office that had a few headshots and a bunch of papers taped to it. There were also some other notes written in red marker on the board with lines drawn to some of the papers and headshots.

“Is that a case you’re working on?” Midoriya asked as he pointed to the whiteboard as Iida lead him to the hallway that was to the right of his office. Iida turned around to look at what he was talking about, a serious look starting to grow across his face.

“I guess it’s best I say this now so you’re warned ahead of time.” Iida said as he walked over to the whiteboard, pulling down the two headshots that were taped to the board. “Within the last year a new crime ring had sprung up. We thought nothing of it at first seeing as we’ve had a few groups try this before, not really lasting all that long. We soon realized that this new group was nothing like the others.” Iida stated as he handed the headshots to Midoriya. “The group doesn’t really have a name that they go by but the small time groups and criminals call them UA. Word on the street is that it apparently stands for ‘unannounced’. We can take that as the other criminals way of saying that they don’t like them seeing as they have been taking business away from some of the smaller organizations.” Iida said as Midoriya looked over the headshots.

“Creative name.” Midoriya muttered to himself as Iida continued speaking.

“This man here is Todoroki Shoto, according to our sources he’s the head of this organization.” Iida said as he pointed to the headshot in Midoriya’s left hand. The man in the photo had red hair covering the left side of his head and white hair covering the right, perfectly split down the middle. His eyes were different colors as well, his left eye a vibrant turquoise shade and his right a dull gray color. He had a scar that covered the left side of his face around his eye, down to his cheek. “They say he’s not too much of a threat but it is best to keep your distance from him. If you ever see him when you’re patrolling the streets, walk in the opposite direction.” Iida explained, Midoriya nodding in response.

“And who’s this?” Midoriya asked as he looked at the other photo in his right hand.

That is Bakugo Katsuki. He’s supposedly Todoroki’s right hand man. He’s the real danger to look out for.” Iida said as Midoriya looked over the photo in his hand. The man’s face was twisted into a growl, Midoriya seeing the anger and rage in his crimson colored eyes. His hair was blond and spiked up; there was shockingly a lack of scars on his face considering the personality the guy had radiating out from just the photo alone. “If you ever see him on the street, you run away as fast as you can because if you don’t there’s no telling what he’ll do to you. Out of the two of them Bakugo is the one to look out for.” Iida said as Midoriya stared at the photos, trying to commit their faces to memory. When he was all set he handed the photos back to Iida who put them back up on the whiteboard.

“You haven’t been able to catch them yet?” Midoriya asked as Iida continued his tour of the agency.

“We’ve tried but they’re smart. They make sure nothing leads back to them. We know they have a hand in drug and weapon smuggling but the weapons and drugs go through a third party before distribution to make sure the sales can’t be traced back to them. The money they get from their business gets bounced from one bank to another overseas or they get paid in cash which they make sure in untraceable. They are also good at hiding evidence or making sure there is none. They know exactly how to stay off the books, no paper trail, nothing.” Iida said as he showed Midoriya the cafeteria.

“So you know they’re guilty but until you get physical evidence that traces back to them, you can’t stop them.” Midoriya added as he took mental notes.

“Exactly, and they know this too, which is what makes it so hard to catch them. Since their formation, they have never slipped up once. At this point they are practically playing around with us, sending us on wild goose chases any time we get any kind of lead only to find out it was a dead end.” Iida said as he adjusted his glasses again, the light reflecting off them as he did so. “We’ve been trying to build a case against them since they formed but it’s just full of leads that never went anywhere.” Iida said as he showed Midoriya where the locker room was. “This is your locker and since we tend to pull all nighters sometimes, behind that door is a room with a few cots to rest.” Iida said as he pointed to the door at the end of the locker room.

“Maybe a set of fresh eyes could help with the case. You said you’ve been building this case for a year, maybe someone fresh out of the academy could help.” Midoriya offered as he followed Iida back to the main room. 

“I think this is more a matter of experience more than it is knowledge.” Iida stated as he turned to face Midoriya. “This case is much too dangerous for you so it’s best that you handle the smaller cases before you think of even trying to tackle this one. I only told you about them as a warning to keep your distance. Until we can get something concrete on them you should stay away from them if you ever meet them.” Iida warned him, the serious look returning to his face once more. “Keep your eyes open and stay away from the shadows. This is your only warning.” Iida stated before he walked away, making his way to his office. Midoriya sat down in his desk, a little shocked from everything he was just told. 

“He’s not wrong you know.” Uraraka said from her desk as she was going over a case file. “You wouldn’t be the first new hire to try and take on the case. We had someone before you who tried it. It’s best for you to just handle whatever cases you’re given.” Uraraka said as she flipped through her case file.

“Someone before me?” Midoriya asked before she changed the subject.

“Chief left you a case on your desk. Why don’t you work on that for now. Afterwards we can get lunch and I can introduce you to the other detectives.” Uraraka said as she turned to face him, another big smile on her face.

“Uh, okay. That sounds good.” Midoriya answered with a smile before he turned his attention to the case file on his desk, Uraraka doing the same.

The case Midoriya was assigned was a small time thief who they haven’t managed to catch yet, some guy who went by the name Dabi. He had a rap sheet about a mile long but nothing that kept him behind bars for long. His new thing was holding up convenience stores and making off with the money from the cash registers. He studied the file but there wasn’t much he could do until he made another move on a convenience store. All he could do was figure out the area where the robberies were happening and wait for his next move.

Soon the rest of his first day started to fly by. Uraraka had offered to buy him lunch when their lunch break rolled around. Midoriya joined her at the table where a few other people were seated. When Uraraka sat down she introduced Midoriya to the table.

“This is Asui Tsuyu. She started here around the same time I did.” Uraraka said as she pointed to the one with long green hair.

“Nice to meet you. You can call me Tsu.” Tsu said as she reached a hand out, Midoriya shaking it.

“This is Kaminari Denki, he’s been here for about a year. He’s no longer the new hire thanks to you.” Uraraka said as she gestured to the guy with the long, scruffy blond hair that came down to just above his shoulders. He also had a black streak in his hair that was shaped almost like a lightning bolt.

“Nice to meet you dude. I’m so thankful I’m not the new guy anymore.” Kaminari said with a full mouth of food.

“And this is Y aoyorozu Momo. She’s one of the senior detectives.” Uraraka said as she pointed at the one with the black hair that was up in a ponytail. 

“Hello. It’s nice to meet you. You can call me Momo.” Momo said as she stood up, reaching a hand out.

“Nice to meet you all as well. I’m Midoriya Izuku but you can just call me Midoriya.” Midoriya said as he shook Momo’s hand as she sat back down at the table, Midoriya following suit. Uraraka started up a conversation with the whole table to get Midoriya more accustomed to his new surroundings. Everyone was nice and before he knew it they were all getting along like they knew each other for years. Shortly after, their break came to an end and everyone left to get back to work.

The rest of the day was uneventful for the most part and he managed to leave around 9pm. He finished what work he could, helping Uraraka as well with her case file. He said goodbye to Uraraka and everyone as he made his way to the locker room, grabbing his bag out of his locker. When he passed by Iida’s office he waved goodbye through the window, Iida giving him a quick wave and a smile before turning back to the files on his desk. Midoriya gave the whiteboard one more glance before he left the agency.

He was thankful that his apartment was only about a twenty minute walk from his work. As he was walking down the street to his apartment he couldn’t help but remember what Iida said to him about Todoroki and Bakugo. From what he remembered seeing on the whiteboard he thought about how dangerous this new gang really was. From the looks of it they only worked with drugs and weapons, never really killing anyone. Well, at least to their knowledge. Was it really that hard to find evidence on them? They had been around for a year and never slipped up once. Midoriya found that hard to believe from just a new organization but it was possible if they really knew what they were doing. That scared him, the thought that they were good enough to never be found. He felt a shiver run down his spine as he picked up his pace.

About halfway into his walk back to his apartment, he started to get the feeling that he wasn’t alone. With it being just after 9pm the streets were only filled with the people you would see walking around at night. A few small groups of people making their way into one of the clubs or bars that were on the main road. A few people standing outside of some of the stores, having a smoke or just talking. It was nice to know he wasn’t by himself at night with this feeling of being followed. Every now and then he would throw a look over his shoulder to see if there was anyone following him but he didn’t find anyone suspicious. There was a small group of about four people behind him. They were young, maybe late teens, early twenties. He thought nothing of them seeing as they were acting just like a regular group of kids, laughing and chatting amongst themselves. A few minutes later the group behind him entered one of the bars, leaving him by himself on the main road.

Once Midoriya reached the end of the road, he turned down the sidestreet to his right which lead to his apartment. Now that he wasn’t on a main road, he picked up his pace once more. He still couldn’t shake this feeling of someone following him but whenever he turned around, there was no one to be seen. Thankfully he finally made it to his apartment, climbing up the stairs. He quickly dug around in his bag for his keys, pulling them out. His keys jingled, his hand shaking as he put the key into the lock. He quickly unlocked his door, making his way into his apartment. Once he was safely inside, he shut and locked his door, taking a sigh of relief as he leaned back against the door. Once he calmed himself down he pulled back the shade that was covering the window by the door. He looked around, the only light he had coming from the porch light by his door and the few scattered street lights that illuminate the street. He couldn’t see anyone or anything outside so he just chalked his uneasiness up to what Iida had told him. That night Midoriya made sure to triple check that all the windows and doors to his apartment were locked before he went to bed.

Over the next few weeks that uneasy feeling never went away, always present in the back of his mind when he made his way to and from work. After a week and a half of dealing with this feeling of being followed he started to take a cab to work and back. That helped alleviate some of the uneasiness he felt, figuring he was safer in a cab then walking the streets alone. He had managed to catch that petty thief Dabi and was assigned to work on a case with Uraraka. They were following some low time drug dealers who had sprung up in the area. While he was at work he was able to forget about the uneasiness he felt but as soon as he had to leave it came right back. Uraraka and Midoriya had gotten quite close so he was sure she could see how unease he was whenever he had to leave.

“Hey Midoriya. You okay?” Uraraka asked when they were both in the locker room, gathering their things to head home.

“Huh? Yeah I’m fine. Why do you ask?” Midoriya stuttered out as he grabbed his bag from his locker, shutting it.

“You just seem on edge lately. You sure you’re okay?” Uraraka asked, Midoriya hearing the concern in her voice.

“Yeah I’m fine, just a little nervous walking home after what the chief told me my first day. It’s like I have to look over my shoulder whenever I walk home. I’m probably overreacting though, it’s not like I’ll actually run into them on my way home.” Midoriya finished with a chuckle as he slung his bag over his shoulder.

“If you want, I could walk you home. It not that far from my place.” Uraraka offered with a reassuring smile as she put her backpack on.

“My place is in the opposite direction from yours. I couldn’t have you do that. I’d be more concerned about you after you drop me off, having to walk back by yourself.” Midoriya stated, not wanting to get her involved in whatever was happening to him.

“Thank you for thinking about me but I’ve been a detective longer than you. I know how to handle myself at night. Really it won’t be any trouble for me, I’m more concerned about you.” Uraraka added as they both left the locker room. At this point Midoriya would feel bad if he didn’t take her offer, plus maybe walking home with someone would help him prove that it was all in his head if she didn’t feel anything too.

“Well, if it won’t be too much trouble I wouldn’t mind you walking me home.” Midoriya replied with a small smile. Uraraka smiled back one of her signature big grins as she looped her arm around Midoriya’s.

“Alright then. When we get to your place maybe you could treat me to a drink or two for walking you home.” Uraraka replied with a wink as they left the agency, earning a small laugh from Midoriya.

“I think I can do that.” Midoriya said as they made their way down the street to his apartment. That night as they were talking, Midoriya didn’t get the feeling that he was being followed for the first time in weeks. It was nice, Uraraka’s bubbly personality put Midoriya at ease as they made their way to his apartment. He started climbing the stairs to his apartment as he turned around, looking at Uraraka. “You coming up for your repayment for walking me home?” Midoriya asked, feeling a bit more confident with his words.

“I don’t think a drink or two would hurt, but after that I should start heading back. We do have work tomorrow after all.” Uraraka said as she climbed the stairs, following behind Midoriya as they made it to his apartment. He unlocked the door, holding it open for Uraraka as he followed behind her. Once they were in the apartment he shut the door behind him. “So this is your place?” Uraraka asked as she made her way to the living room. It was a small apartment. The living room was connected to a small kitchen area. There was a room to the right of the living room when you walked in and a hall on the opposite side that lead to what she believed were the bedrooms and bathroom.

“Make yourself comfortable, I’ll get the drinks. Is beer okay?” Midoriya asked as he opened the fridge, pulling out two bottles of beer.

“That’s fine. Thank you.” Uraraka replied as she sat down on the couch that was in the middle of the room. Midoriya opened the bottles, joining her on the couch as he handed her a bottle. They started talking about work and the case, discussing what route to take when it came to finding all the members of the new drug gang that showed up. After that they talked about what shows they were watching, figuring out that they happened to watch a few of the same shows. As they talked, time flew by as they got lost in the conversation. When Uraraka finally looked at the clock on the wall, she was amazed at how late it had already gotten.

“Is it really that late already?” Uraraka asked as she sat the almost empty bottle of beer down on the coffee table. “Time just seems to fly by whenever I’m talking to you.” Uraraka added with a chuckle as she stood up from the couch.

“Quarter until eleven huh? Guess the time really did fly by. I’ll walk you to the door.” Midoriya said as he sat his beer down on the coffee table as well, standing up. He lead her over to the front door, opening it for her.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Uraraka said as she brushed a piece of her hair behind her ear as she looked at Midoriya.

“Um, yeah. See you tomorrow then.” Midoriya said as he reached a hand up to tousle his hair a bit, trying and failing to maintain eye contact.

“Well, see ya.” She said as she started to back up down the landing, turning around once she reached the stairs.

“See ya. Be safe walking home.” Midoriya said as he awkwardly waved bye to her.

“I will. Bye.” She said as she turned to wave bye to him, almost missing a step on the stairs as she did so. Midoriya watched her disappear down the street from the landing outside his apartment. Once he couldn’t see her anymore, he made his way back to his apartment. Once he was inside, he shut and locked the door, laughing awkwardly to himself as he made his way back into the living room. He picked up the half empty beer bottles off the coffee table, pouring out the rest of the beer in the kitchen sink. He placed the empty bottles on the counter, deciding to take them out to the recycling bin tomorrow morning before work. He yawned as his hand tossed his hair around deciding that it was probably time to call it a night.

After a quick shower, he threw on his pajamas making his way to his bedroom. He set his alarm for seven the next morning and climbed into bed. Just as he was about to fall asleep he heard the sound of glass breaking coming from his kitchen. He jumped up in bed, reaching for his gun in the drawer of the nightstand by his bed. He flung the covers off as he climbed out of bed as he made his way to his bedroom door. He raised his gun up as he slowly opened the door. Once the door was open he held his gun out in front of him with both hands as he slowly made his way down the hall to the living room. He drew his gun, aiming it around the living room as he looked around. Once he made sure the coast was clear he entered the living room, making his way over to the kitchen. Once he checked around the kitchen he made his way in. He looked around seeing that one of the beer bottles had fallen off the counter.

He took a sigh of relief as he lowered his gun. He was tired when he set them down, maybe he had set it down too close to the edge of the counter and it just fell. He set his gun down on the counter as he carefully made his way to the broom and dustpan he had hanging on a hook in the kitchen. Once he had the broom and dustpan in hand he made his way back over to the broken glass as he started to sweep up the broken pieces. As he was picking up the broken pieces, a figure in the room started to make its way over to Midoriya, unbeknownst to him. Suddenly a set of arms appeared around Midoriya. One arm grabbed him around the stomach, pinning his arms to his sides as he felt a hand holding a piece of cloth clamp down over his nose and mouth. Midoriya let out a muffled scream as he tried to fight back against his attacker. It was no use, his attacker was clearly stronger than him. Within a matter of minutes Midoriya started to lose consciousness, his vision getting dark and blurry as his strength also started to fade from his body. The last thing he saw before passing out was his gun sitting a few feet away from him on the kitchen counter.