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Life is Strange Imagines

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I feel a slight relief wash over me as I feel the burning of my lungs as I smoke on the cigarette between my teeth.

“That’s really unhealthy for you,” Warren mumbles as he scrolls through his phone, looking for the closest theater. I give Warren a side glance before pulling the cigarette away from my lips.

“Who are we waiting for again?” Warren continues to send a few texts on his phone before answering.

“Max and Kate, then we should be all set.” I nod my head, taking another drag from my cigarette. Oh shit, the queen bee herself.

“Smoking to hide your insecurities? Really? You think you’re that cool?” Warren glances up from his phone to give me a look, one to be cautious. I know how much she’s bullied Kate and Max, this bitch is going down. From the distance, I see the couple slowly walking towards our car. I give Victoria a bored expression.

“You think I’m an easy target, right? You insult people unknowingly that you’re actually insulting yourself. You bully people to hide the fact that you’re so insecure that you bury it with drugs and bitchiness.” I slowly stand from the car to tower over her, the cigarette hanging from my lips. “So watch it, Chase.” I suppose my clothes ticked her off, I like the way I look, A bit too 90s, but my friends seem to like the punk/grunge vibe I give off. I watch from over her shoulder as Max and Kate approach the car, their hands tangled together.

“Is everything okay over here?” Max’s quiet voice cuts into the air. Victoria opens her mouth to say a snarky comment, but I cut off Victoria before she can even say something.

“Everything’s fine, Max. Why don’t you two get in the car; this’ll only take another minute, Promise.” Kate gets in the backseat, her and Warren watch me, I can’t do anything too drastic, but I will protect them.

“(y/n)–” I stop Max’s words as I grab both of her shoulders.

“I’ll be right there, just give me one minute, okay?” She slowly nods before seating next to Kate. I turn back to Victoria, a smug smirk on my lips. I slowly take out my cigarette before crushing it with the bottom of my shoe. “You know, it’s a shame.” She scoffs.

“What is?”

“You’re awfully pretty, and you’re really intelligent, a closet geek and not to mention an amazing photographer… But I can’t get behind you being a massive bitch. It’s a shame. Later, Chase.” I spin on my heel and sit in the passenger side next to Warren as he finally drives off, leaving Victoria in the dust. I breathe a sigh of relief and brush my hair back.

“You okay? I know how much you liked her in sophomore year.” I glance back at Kate, who asked the question, before catching the pack of gum Warren threw at me.

“Yeah, I just… It’s hard. She was a lot nicer back than. Still kinda bitchy, but it was something I could get behind. Now… I can’t. Especially after what she did to you last semester.” Warren slips one of his hands in mine; I know how he feels about me. He’s so obvious.

“That sucks, man.” I rest my head against the window. I’ll do anything to protect them, I don’t exactly care about my reputation. I’ll protect Max, Kate, and Warren.