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S.C.I. 谜案集

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It was a foggy morning in Gusu as a young to middle aged man lay in the middle of the street, his throat slashed as blood from his neck pooled next to him.  All around the body, onlookers were gasping and staring while a tall young man with light skin, long black hair tied in a high half-ponytail, and brown eyes dressed in black pants, a red dress shirt, black tie, and black suit jacket overlaid with a long black trench coat trimmed with red, knelt next to the body, studying it.  As more and more people kept coming to look at the body,  a police van suddenly pulled up and a few officers stepped out, heading towards the scene.

         “Did you notify CID?” one officer asked.

         “Notified” a second officer answered.  The first officer nodded before they continued towards the scene.

         “Hey, hey, don’t crowd, don’t crowd” the first officer ordered.

         “Back up, back up” the second officer commanded as they walked towards the large group, parting their way through while pushing all of the onlookers back. 

         “Spread out, back up” the first officer ordered as the rest of the officers corralled the onlookers onto the sidewalk away from the body and began setting up crime scene tape.  Only the man in the trench coat remained next to the body, still staring at the scene.

         “Sir, you need to leave.  To beyond the police line” the first officer instructed, looking down at the man, but the man paid him no mind.  The first officer huffed before he looked over at the other officer.

         “Why do we always meet the weird ones?” he grumbled.  The other officer shook his head, just as the roar of an engine could be heard, so they all looked up to see a white Lamborghini pull up to just outside the crime scene.  The door then opened and a tall young man with light skin, long dark brown hair tied in a high half-ponytail, and brown eyes dressed in a white suit stepped out, face stoic as if no emotion ever crossed his face.  The officers stared at the young man for a moment before the first officer clapped the second officer on the shoulder.

         “Go send him away” he ordered.  The second officer nodded and quickly walked over to the young man as he shut the car door and placed his hands behind his back.

         “Sir, an accident happened here last night, so you can’t park here.  You can park at the next block” the second officer suggested.  The young man sighed.

         “If it was some normal accident, I wouldn’t be here” he replied as he looked at the second officer.

         “If you don’t know me, call your team leader” he instructed before he began to walk towards the scene.

         “Where’s the victim?” he asked. 

         “Sir!  Sir!” the second officer exclaimed as the young man continued to head towards the scene.  The second officer huffed before he walked over to the first officer, who frowned.

         “What’s going on?” he asked.  The second officer sighed.

         “He said he wanted to see you” he explained as the young man walked over and stood by the body.

         “From the strength of this blunt force trauma, the victim shouldn’t have died on scene.  Even if the rain washed off part of the marks” he mused before he pointed to the tire marks in the area.

         “Look here.  The car’s speed is already at its limit.  The gas was floored and the driver was not friendly” he continued before he sighed.

         “I think…the car started very close to the victim.  In theory, the victim should have a chance for survival” he finished before he noticed some glass pieces next to the body, causing him to kneel down and point to it.

         “What’s this?” he asked.

         “The weapon” a voice replied, making the young man in white’s eyes widen before he turned around to see the young man in black smirking at him.

         “You—” the young man in white started.

         “Hanguang-Jun.  The big changes in emotion affects brain functions.  Which then cause body functions to sink into disorder and a multitude of diseases” the young man in black teased, interrupting him.  The young man in white huffed.

         “Dr. Wei.  Thanks to your words, I am still very healthy today” he replied before he stood to his feet, the young man in black doing the same.  The first officer then looked over at them, smiling.

         “Oh, so you guys are Hanguang-Jun and Dr. Wei.  I’ve admired both of you for a long time” he explained before he bowed.

         “Sorry about before” he apologized.  The young man in white, Lan Wangji, and the young man in black, Wei Wuxian, nodded to him before Lan Wangji placed his hands behind his back again.

         “This is the third case of this nature you’ve reported to CID” he stated.  The two police officers nodded.

         “Yeah” they replied before the first officer cleared his throat.

         “This morning, a street cleaner in charge of this area called it in.  It rained all night.  From the time of the incident to dawn, there aren’t that many people or cars.  We haven’t found any witnesses either.  Also, the victims were all hit before being killed” he explained as he glanced at his partner before looking back at Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian.

         “Are the people these days crazy?” he asked.  Wei Wuxian placed his hands on his hips.

         “It’d be easy to explain if it was the same person” he replied, making Lan Wangji’s eyes roll before he looked over at the two police officers.

         “The case is mine now.  In a bit, when the M.E. report comes out, send the relating information to Xi Jiu Violent Crimes Division” he instructed before he nodded.

         “Thank you” he thanked, turning and walking away, Wei Wuxian following him.

         “Yes sir” the officer replied as Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji kept walking away from the scene.

         “The perp of three cases…his psyche is abnormally stable.  Skilled with a car.  He’s been driving for at least ten years.  It’s most likely that it’s one person” Wei Wuxian theorized as he and Lan Wangji stopped before Lan Wangji’s car.

         “The evidence hasn’t been fully processed and yet you already say it’s a serial killing.  Isn’t it too presumptuous?” Lan Wangji asked, glancing over at Wei Wuxian before huffing.

         “Your theory that is based on nothing should be just used as a suggestion.  Don’t get in our way of solving the case” he instructed as he moved to open the car door.

         “The evidence you want will be there” Wei Wuxian declared, making Lan Wangji stop and sigh before he looked at him.

         “Dr. Wei.  Psychologist Wei.  I heard you are going out of the country this week for school.  Are all your documents ready?  Is your luggage all packed?” he asked.  Wei Wuxian rolled his eyes.

         “To care or not, it’s my decision” he replied, looking back at Lan Wangji, who hummed.

         “Going back to the station?  I’ll give you a ride” he offered.  Wei Wuxian shook his head.

         “No need.  Your car isn’t comfortable” he replied before he turned and walked off.  Lan Wangji watched him go before he shook his head and got into his car, driving towards the station. 




When Lan Wangji arrived at the station, he quickly parked his car, just as a taxi pulled up and Wei Wuxian stepped out.  As Lan Wangji stepped out of his car and turned, he made eye contact with Wei Wuxian, who straightened his trench coat with a smirk on his face before turning towards the CID.  Lan Wangji’s eyes widened and he quickly walked after Wei Wuxian, both men entering the building.

         “Who told you there was a crime scene there?” Lan Wangji demanded, narrowing his eyes at Wei Wuxian, who smirked.

         “Guess” he replied.  Lan Wangji was quiet, thinking it over, before he sighed.

         “It was Nie Huaisang again” he murmured.  Wei Wuxian smiled and shook his head.

         “Don’t be unjust.  Don’t forget, victims all have to be passed to whose hands” he stated.  Lan Wangji stared at him for a moment before he hummed.

         “Then, let’s make this clear.  My case, none of you are going to interfere” he instructed.  Wei Wuxian shook his head.

         “Psychological Research Department isn’t part of Violent Crimes Division.  Me?  You can’t control” he teased, a proud smirk on his face as he turned towards the elevator.  Lan Wangji glowered at him before he followed after him, placing his badge around his neck.  They then stood before the elevator, Wei Wuxian pressing the “up” button, and soon the elevator arrived, allowing both men to step inside.  Once they were inside, both men reached to press the button that led to floor eleven, but Lan Wangji got there first.  Wei Wuxian blinked before he quickly retracted his hand, making Lan Wangji give him a look.

         “Dr. Wei, why are you always following me?” he asked.  Wei Wuxian shook his head.

         “Hanguang-Jun, you are so narcissistic.  It’s very likely to develop into a psychological problem.  Besides, Nie Mingjue wanted to see me” he replied.  Lan Wangji’s eyes widened as he looked over at him.

         ‘What?’ he thought to himself. 




When Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian arrived at the eleventh floor, they saw three young secretaries gossiping to one another.

         “I heard Nie Sir is making a separate new unit.  Su Sir from Violent Crimes is a candidate for the leader of the new unit” one of the secretaries whispered.

         “I think Hanguang-Jun is the best person for this.  Not only is Hanguang-Jun handsome, but also ridiculously handsome!” another secretary exclaimed, just as Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian were walking past.

         “What are you talking about?” Lan Wangji asked, both he and Wei Wuxian side eyeing the women.  The three women quickly clammed up and covered their mouths with their files.

         “Oh, Hanguang-Jun.  We weren’t really talking about anything.  I’ll take my leave” the second secretary who spoke stated before she and the third secretary walked off, still covering their mouths with their files as they giggled.  Just then, a tall young man with long dark brown hair, light skin, and brown eyes dressed in a grey suit walked out of an office and towards Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian.

         “Su Sir” the secretary greeted.   The man, Su She, said nothing to the woman as he walked by Lan Wangji, none too gently shouldering him as he passed.  Lan Wangji stumbled backwards slightly, making Wei Wuxian reach out a hand to steady him before glaring daggers after the man.  Once he was out of sight, Wei Wuxian fixed his coat and Lan Wangji took a deep breath before he and Wei Wuxian walked into their boss’s, Nie Mingjue, office. 

         “Nie Sir” Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian greeted at the same time as they stood diagonally from their boss’s desk. 

         “Come in, sit” Nie Mingjue, an older man with light skin, long dark brown hair, a goatee, and brown eyes, instructed.  Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji nodded, both men taking a seat before the man.

         “Lan Wangji, pause on the cases you have.  Solve these three cases first” Nie Mingjue ordered.  Lan Wangji nodded.

         “Yes sir” he replied. 

         “I already read up on the case.  It’s pretty tricky.  We don’t have enough evidence and we can only say that the nature of these three cases is about the same.  You can investigate them together.  Be cautious, don’t let the media feel like this is a serial killing case and cause the public to panic” Nie Mingjue instructed.  Lan Wangji nodded as Nie Mingjue crossed his arms.

         “One week.  I’ll only give you one week” he declared.  Lan Wangji frowned.

         “One week?” he repeated as Nie Mingjue motioned to Wei Wuxian.

         “Wei Wuxian’s Psychological Department will provide assistance.  Are you interested?” he asked, looking over at Wei Wuxian.  Lan Wangji’s eyes widened while Wei Wuxian nodded.

         “Nie Sir, I will give it my all” he replied.  Lan Wangji made a face, which Nie Mingjue immediately noticed, causing him to smirk.

         “Any problems?” he asked.  Lan Wangji shook his head.

         “No problems” he replied.  Nie Mingjue nodded.

         “Wei Wuxian is leaving soon.  One week is still too long…can you do it in less?” he asked.  Before Lan Wangji could answer, Wei Wuxian was already giving his answer.

         “He can’t, I can.  Five days” he declared.  Lan Wangji shot him a glare before he stood to his feet.

         “Three days, I guarantee it’ll be done” he countered before he turned and walked out of the room.  Wei Wuxian stood up, bowed to Nie Mingjue, and then quickly followed after Lan Wangji.