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Chains of Evolution

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Characters (in order of importance):

  • Reid Morrison - Protagonist
  • Fredric “Freddy” Morrison - Reid’s older brother
  • Rosemary O’Conner - Reid’s love interest
  • Eldridge Vang - Deputy
  • Willian Tate - Leader of the smugglers
  • Althea Fay - Rosemary’s friend; smuggler
  • Brandon Ward - Smuggler 1
  • Zane Valentine - Smuggler 2
  • Rida Lane - Optimized Eugenics lab assistant
  • Vang’s men
  • Waiter


It’s the eve of the New Year of 1958-59 in the city of Rapture, a great utopia far beneath the sea. The action takes place in the Kashmir restaurant, women’s clothing store, and Optimized Eugenics laboratory.