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if it's with you

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( “If it’s for you, anything.” 


“Wha- why would you say that?” 


“Because I- well. I trust you.”


You felt as if he wasn’t telling the entire truth, yet you didn't point it out. 


“I trust you too, Hiyori.” 


“Haha. Thank you.” 


Trust is such a fragile thing, isn’t it? ) 


Sara frowns. It seems like she’s been doing it quite often- unsurprising, considering the situation. “What do you mean by that, Yuko?” 


Blinking slowly, you drag your gaze up from the table to look at her. “Kai… lied about his alibi. We weren’t together when beanie was attacked. No alibis or anyone to verify our words.” 


“But why did you… did you two plan this?” Shin gapes, looking between the two of you. 


Your lips slowly twist into something sardonic, an almost amused look on your face. “I went along with it since I didn't have an alibi either.” Raising your hand, you stop Sara from interrupting. 


“Do you think just because I gave beanie a brief check-up, I’m innocent?” You laugh, voice softly bitter. “I don’t do anything useful to the group, nor am I trustworthy. It’s only right to vote for me. Except you can’t, since I’m the Sacrifice. I’ll die anyways.” 


Silence mocks you as the other participants stare. Your only form of defence now is your smile, the only thing hiding your emotions, pushing it down, containing it. 


“Let’s move on to the next candidate,” you say evenly. 


“And who would that be?” Keiji smiles, though he moves his hand to his shoulder, fingers turning white against dark clothing. Seems like all the trust you’ve built up is falling apart. You expected as much. 


“The most useless, of course.” Pausing, you take in a deep breath, mentally preparing yourself. “Kanna.” 


Said girl stills, fingers bunching up together. Her face tints a slight green. “K-kanna isn’t…” She doesn’t say anything else after. Nao immediately jumps on your case. 


“How could you say that!? She’s just a child! Do you- how- how could you even think about killing a child ?” 


“Will you take her place then?” Flexing your fingers, you stare down at your hands. There’s still some pen ink smudges on them. Absently, you rub your fingers. It doesn’t go off. 


Nao recoils as if burned. “Of course I would! Anyone who wouldn’t is a monster! Letting a child die for us is-” 


“It’s merciful,” you clip on. The artist stares at you, piercing through your harmless (as of yet) smile. “Sure, their execution would be painful, but it’s much better than being alive, playing this game, killing other people.” 


“That’s…” Nao’s voice drops to a whisper. “That’s horrible. You just want to live a little longer. It doesn’t matter who you sacrifice on the way, as long as you’re not the one affected, huh? You- you monster !” 


Her voice turns to a shriek, hands slamming down on the table. It echoes throughout the room. Miley perks up, amused. 


This situation is extremely funny to you. Mockingly hilarious, if you dare say. 


“Many of us are,” you point out. Then you shake your head, loose locks falling into your face. “But since you’re willing to take Kanna’s place, shall we vote for you instead?” 


“If you’ll allow me, Miss Yuko,” Mishima interrupts. “Please don’t do that.”


His expression is one of a disappointed adult. Unfortunately, you’re immune to other people’s disappointment seeing as you’ve already disappointed yourself. 


Well. The more the better or something, right? Playing the bad guy has always been fun, in a twisted sort of way. 


Besides, you need a new hobby. Why not try some acting? 



( if only you remembered what it was like to not lie. to not be contaminated by sick thoughts, to tell the whole truth without hiding yourself. would anything be different? 


it's too late for that now. )