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BNHA Kinktober 2019 (ABO)

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He knew Bakugou would be too aggressive, and he didn't know Ojirou or Kirishima that well. Midoriya's heat was fast approaching, and there were only a few other male alphas in his class. So far it seemed like Rikido and Iida were the only options left, and the blue-haired alpha was his first choice. It might just be easier to go to one of his closest friends, even if he wasn't interested in the emerald-eyed omega sexually, he might be amenable to helping a friend out. But it was going to be a hard sell with it being his first time ever having sex, he just couldn’t go on any longer with toys instead of the real thing to satisfy him.

Iida and Midoriya had comforted each other in the past via scenting, after a particularly rough day emotions would come rushing to the surface. Riding the train home together, snuggling in the alpha’s bed after living in dorms became mandatory, it became rather mutually therapeutic for the two of them. Sweet cherry with rosey notes never failed to calm the alpha’s rage or sadness, and cedar blended with petrichor soothed any strong emotions the omega was feeling. However, his wasn’t going to happen until someone made a move. After classes had ended for the day, all the students funneled back into their respective rooms. The lonely boy with dark green hair looked out his window at the cloudy, gloomy skies above. I’m going to ask him, I need to get this out of the way if I want this to happen. Coaching himself mentally, he uttered a deep sigh as he pushed himself off the bed. It was only a quick trip upstairs to Iida’s room, but it felt like an eternity with his heart pounding through his ribcage. How does anyone just ask their best friend to take their virginity and fuck them through their heat? His knuckles paused less than an inch from the door, debating if he really wanted to do this. All he wanted to do was ask a question, the worst the handsome alpha could do is tell him no. Of course it’d be slightly soul crushing, but maybe their friendship would be able to survive the rejection. I need to stop. I’ve faced off against villains, broken all my arms and legs, this shouldn’t be that hard! A minute’s worth of deliberation later, he actually knocked on the alpha’s door.

“Come in!” Called out the pleasing baritone, standing next to his bed as he changed out of his school uniform. “Oh, Midoriya! How are you?” Inquired the shirtless alpha, able to recognize the mop of green hair even without his glasses. Not like he needed his sight to know when the adorably awkward omega was near anyhow, all he needed was his nose to alert him of that sweet aroma and he would know instantly.

“I was--uh, I was hoping to ask you something.” His scent was giving away how nervous he was, and unexpectedly seeing the muscular alpha half-naked wasn’t helping any.

Putting on a white t-shirt and his glasses, he was very aware that his friend was worried about something. “Is everything okay? You know you can ask me for anything you might need help with.” Frowning with concern, he walked towards the omega.

“My heat’s coming up, and I was just wondering if you--if you--”

“Can check on you and make sure you stay fed and hydrated? I don’t think it would be a problem, but my--” Before he was able to finish interrupting Midoriya, his own thought was cut off before he could finish.

“I was hoping to ask if you would fuck me through my heat! Toys just aren’t cutting it anymore, nothing is providing me any relief.” Words poured out of his mouth as his face turned bright red, it was out there now, he was just waiting on an answer.

Sapphire blue eyes went wide at the proposition, he nearly choked on his words as he panicked. Iida had never had sex before, so he wasn’t sure how to respond. Clearly his friend was struggling, and he always found the smaller hero to be rather attractive. Midoriya looked as if he were on the verge of tears, and without thinking his legs moved forward and he pulled in the distraught omega for a tight hug. “Yes, I’ll help you.” Both inhaled the the respective fragrance from their friend’s scent gland. “When are you supposed to start?”

“Sometime tomorrow afternoon, my birth control keeps it pretty regular.” Sighing, he wrapped his arms around the broad frame, immensely comforted by the musky scent coming from his friend.

“Would you want to stay here for a while, just to help you calm down? You seemed to have gotten really flustered over all of this, and rightfully so. I know this can’t be very easy to talk about.” Asked the alpha, releasing him from the warm, solid embrace in his muscular arms, flashing a bright smile at his shorter friend. A slight nod was the only response he could muster before being guided into the soft sanctuary of Iida’s bed. Small conversation and cuddling made everyone calm down and feel totally relaxed, a little too much since they both wound up falling asleep after about an hour. Midoriya suddenly awoke to a deep pain and overwhelming warmth spreading across his body. It was starting. Taking in so much of the alpha’s scent this close to his heat may have made it start earlier than expected.

It felt as if someone had poured lava inside him he was heating up so much, a hand reached out to grab Iida, trying to wake the alpha, whose nose was already twitching at the smell of slick gushing out of the smaller boy. “Iida, it-it’s starting!” He tried wailing out, trying to appeal to the instincts of his inner predator. Eyes shot open at the cry for help, responding by quickly flinging himself on top of his friend.

“I’m here.” Grunted a husky voice, nervous hands sliding the omega’s shirt off his wiry torso, he still didn’t know much of what he was doing. Gentle kisses trailed down his neck, the blue-haired class rep trying to romance the person already laying in his bed.

“Please, just get inside me!” Begged the impatient lover, kicking off his sweatpants and underwear. Midoriya needed to be taken, and it needed to happen now. Iida didn’t think it was possible for him to completely undress as quickly as he did, clothes flung across his room and falling to the floor. Slick leaked onto the sheets as the omega parted his legs, an alpha cock quickly lining up with his glistening entrance. Only hesitating for a brief moment before he could ask for reassurance, “Hurry, alpha. I feel like I’m going to explode!” pleaded his partner. With that final beckoning call, the thick head of his member pressed into the lubed hole, easily sliding in passed the ring of muscle. Midoriya arched his back off of the bed and keened at the intrusion, his entire body trembling as the alpha slid further into him.

Hot, breathy gasps came from Iida’s mouth, the sensation of seeping into his lover was nearly too much. Pushing further until he nearly bottomed out, Midoriya forced himself down the last two inches of the enormous rod. He had to be at least ten inches long based on how full the omega felt inside. “So beautiful.” Admired the alpha as his bottom’s facial expressions morphed from pleasure to absolute bliss. Even though they had only been at it for a few minutes, his knot was already popping, it would be fully ready for insertion in just moments. “Izuku--Did you want me to knot you?”

“Yes! Yes! In the name of every God and hero, yes! I want it so bad, Tenya!” Screamed the omega, clutching his sweat-dampened hair as his eyes rolled back into his head while the thrusts quickened. Never in his life had he pictured his first time feeling this good with a guy so hot, it was perfect. Grabbing his own throbbing, leaking cock as he was railed into oblivion by the thick alpha probe, he jerked himself off since he knew he was getting so close. Iida lowered his face into the bared neck below him, inhaling the sweet scent with a deep growl near Midoriya’s ear that just drove him insane. With a lick across his scent gland, the omega lost it and wailed out of pure passion, coating his own torso in cum. In the throes of his orgasm, his ass gripped down on the alpha, knot close to catching within.

Fingers latched onto the omega’s hips as Iida slammed further and further, the mass of tissue finally popping into his lover as they both groaned in ecstasy. Rutting into him, both shimmering in a thin veneer of sweat in the dim light of the now clear sunset peeking through the curtains, a roar built up in the back of the alpha’s mouth. One final look at his friend writhing on the bed, one final wave of slick slamming his nostrils, it was over. Finally, he gushed a full load into his classmate as he panted over him. Collapsing into Midoriya, Iida held the shorter boy in place and kissed him lightly on the lips. “I’m sorry that ended so quickly...That was my, um--first time doing this.” Apologized the alpha sheepishly, hoping he didn’t disappoint his friend.

“It was perfect, it was my first time too.” Said the grinning omega as he caught his breath. The heat wasn’t over, but the wave had subsided for the time being, cuddling providing all the comfort he needed as they were still tied together. “Do you--want to make my second time just as perfect? We have some time, but it’ll get really bad again soon.”

“Absolutely, Izuku. I enjoyed the time we shared today.” A reaffirming laugh warmed the room as he dove back into the omega’s neck, allowing them to scent each other once again to ready them for round two. This was going to be a lot easier to tolerate with his friend around, maybe he’d even start looking forward to his heats in the future.