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Stomach Pains

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As soon as Will jumped out of the van he was instantly hit with a hug. At first he was shocked as the breath was pulled out of him but he quickly smiled (and even teared up a bit) as he hugged the curly haired boy back.



Pulling away, on instinct, he looked for Mike, only to see him crying and hugging El. He smiled a slightly sad smile their direction but it didn't last as he was soon embraced by Lucas, them both laughing brightly.

After Will caught up a bit with Lucas and Dustin Mike, finally, came to hug Will with a soft “I missed you.” - and when pulling away - “We all did.” 

They shared an odd smile which Will knew meant something other than what it was saying on the surface, but he didn't know what. Suddenly he remembered he brought a guest.

“Oh, guys this Cameron, he's uh my boyfriend.”

Everyone looked really shocked, especially Mike. No one did or said anything for awhile and Will began to get scared that maybe his friends didn't accept him, but then Dustin said “Okay cool, nice to meet ya Cam!” and went to shake his hand as he introduced himself, Lucas doing the same. But Mike just stood there, almost like he couldn't believe what was happening and perhaps maybe he didn't.

Mike tried to ignore the weird feeling in his stomach as he introduced himself, getting only a “Oh you! Will talks about you a lot.” which only made the weird feeling in his stomach even weirder.

As the kids caught up a bit Mike hadn't even realized he hadn't said anything the whole time and only stared at Will and Cameron's intertwined hands, longingly almost. He was only snapped out of it when he heard a loud “OH!” by Dustin followed quickly by a “We have a welcome back surprise for you!” directed at Will.

As they all followed Dustin down into the basement for “good times sake” Mike pulled Will back a bit, somehow getting him away from his boy friend, to speak to him.

“So you're gay?” Mike asked, a little quieter than needed, and he could see Will get visibly nervous making Mike realize it was a weird question and he didn't say it in a good tone, quickly backing it up with “Not that there's anything wrong with that!” making Will ease up a bit.

“Uh yeah, I am... we've been dating for a year now.”

Mike felt that weird feeling in his stomach again. He'd do anything to never feel it again.

“Oh… why didn't you tell anyone?”

Wills now calmer demeanor quickly changed back to very nervous as he quickly spit out “You never asked…” and jogged up to continue hold hands with his boy friend, leaving Mike to stand in the back of the group with nothing to do but stare at the happy couple and try to deal with the sudden feeling of intense loneliness he felt.

Once down and into the basement everyone went to their respective places besides Cameron who didn't have one as he was not expected. Will went and got another chair for him, placing it down right next to his. Mike's stomach was beginning to hurt. Yet instead of talking to Will about whatever it was he was feeling, or even talking to himself about it, he decided to try and just ignore it, opting instead to cuddle with El, his girl friend, to the best of his abilities on a chair. Soon the campaign Mike had worked on for months, ‘Just to make Will happy.’ he thought shaking his head ‘Why can’t I stop thinking about Will?’, began.