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Welcome to Hawkins Losers

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Derry, Maine was a shit town. The Losers Club knew that all too well. They knew first hand how shitty it was.

The Losers Club was seven of Derry's resident outcasts. Stuttering Bill Denbrough, Jew Boy Stanley Uris, Trashmouth Richie Tozier, Fairy Eddie Kaspbrak, Former Fat Boy Ben Hanscom, Resident Slut Beverly Marsh, and Homeschool Mike Hanlon. The Losers were the most rejected of the Derry's population. They were a group of teens that no one wanted so they took comfort in each other, relished in each other's quirks and behaviors. They looked carefree despite the abuse they suffered and the harsh looks they were given. But if anyone looked at them they'd see the glints in their eyes, ones that made them look older beyond their age, ones that looked as if they had seen horrors no one else had.

Bill Denbrough was the little groups leader. He stood tall and even with that stutter of his, his words were powerful and could lead an army. He refused to go out in the rain and shut down at the sight of yellow raincoats. If you asked Bill Denbrough how he felt about his hometown, he'd freeze for a moment and look down at left hand. Then he'd stutter out a response that left you reeling. If you asked him what he thought about Derry he'd say, "L-Leave this s-s-shithole. And never look b-b-back."

Stanley Uris was the second in command. He could stop even the rowdiest with a hard look and his sharp words could decimate a man. He never stepped foot anywhere near the sewers or drain pipes and there were scars around the face. If you asked Stanely Uris how he saw Derry, you'd see his eyes glaze over as if he was reliving a harsh memory. He'd raise a hand to the scars on his face and he'd whisper one word, "Horrible..."

Richie Tozier was their humor. He was the heart of them and could make even stone faced Stan laugh with his crude words and Voices. Without him some liveliness was lost. He never entered the plaza where the Paul Bunyan resided and flinched at the sight of balloons. Ask him about Derry and you'd get a rambled answer of insults and curse words, but look closer and you'd see the panic on his face and the shaking of his hands.

Eddie Kaspbrak was their keeper. He looked small and non threatening but the boy had no issues putting any of them in their place if they stepped out of line. He was short but had a presence that filled the room. Although he knew he didn't have asthma he still carried around that plastic inhaler, only using it in true moments of panic. If you asked any questions about the small town, he'd become short of breath, give you a harsh look and tell you to fuck off.

Ben Hanscom was a voice of reason in their chaotic group. But he also was the one who brought their schemes to life with his brilliant mind. He was the one to make sure their plans and ideas were done safely, but never got out of hand. He always for them into trouble in the safest way possible. He was a kind soul, and always had his friends safety in mind when concocting ideas. He loved history but if you tried to ask him about Derry's history he'd shut you down. He'd place a hand on his stomach and change the subject so fast it gave you whiplash.

Beverly Marsh was the protector of the Losers. She'd stop any outside force from harming them, if it got by Eddie first and if they couldn't be stopped by scathing words then she'd heft the bat she carried everywhere onto her shoulder. She was by no means a weak girl, but she was a paranoid one, as shown by the bat she carried with her everywhere. When someone asked her what she liked about Derry, she'd look at you with a cigarette between her lips and give you no answer other than a haunted look.

Mike Hanlon was the peace maker. He calmed everyone from yelling with a few soothing words and stopped punches with a soft hand on an arm. He had such a peaceful aura to him and no one could remain mad in his presence. But he never strayed anywhere near Harrison Ave. and stared warily at any fire, even if it was controlled. Anyone who wanted his opinion on the town would get a strained smile and a small, "It's not a good place."

They were all right. Derry was a horrible place. One with a horrible past and an even worse present. The Losers Club knew that all too well. They experienced the horrible nature of the small town everyday. The people of Derry were some of the cruelest there ever were. There was a name for each of the Losers and more coming everyday. After several years of torture it took one summer to change them. No one in Derry knew what happened that summer but the losers came back to school different. Hardened. Something about them was unsettling. They no longer took anyone’s shit. But it didn’t stop whispers and words. And those probably hurt more than fists had.

The group of seven were desperate to leave Derry, to leave the memories behind. But they would never leave without each other. Never leave one of them behind. So when Richie was told to pack his bags, he was spending summer in Hawkins, the Losers packed their bags with him. It was all or nothing. They loaded themselves into Bill’s van and then they were off. Gone from the nightmare that was Derry, Maine. Of course not that they knew, they were getting pulled into something new.