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Taking Care of Spiderman

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Sitting on the stone edge of a housing block whilst chewing on a sandwich and drinking a can of pop, Peter contemplated the lack of criminal activity recently.
Not that he was upset by the lack of bad people to beat up or anything, but he sure was bored.
His patrols were now becoming more of a chore than anything, or just downright bizarre.
Over recent months, he'd hear a 911 call about a bank robbery or a gang-war in progress, only to get there and the bad-guy(s) be missing, and a terrified victim that would mutter about a 'shadow' or black mass that had eaten the would be assailant.
Of course, the clues could lead to anything, but there was one road Peter hoped it didn't lead down. Particularly, the road that lead to a certain sticky, black and white, out-of-this-world parasite, inhabiting some helpless shmuck that wouldn't be able to defend themselves. He had read the eye-witness accounts online, from the creature's first appearance in San Francisco, and although he was happy there were fewer criminals on his streets, he could only worry about the day the black alien turned its attention to innocent people.
Peter shakes the dark thought from his head, and thinks of better things, like his latest project to upgrade his suit, about that blue-eyed hunk he'd saved last year? The cute-butt, rugged-in-a-handsome-way man, who just happened to be the baddass freelance journalist known as Eddie-freaking-Brock!
That short barely 2-minute moment had been on Parker's mind a lot. The full chapped lips surrounded by dark stubble, the short ruffled black hair, broad solid shoulders, and those eyes. Eyes that seemed to shift from blue to green depending on the angle of the light. All these things had been on Peter's mind for months.
Peter only knew who the mysterious, would-be-victim was thanks to a news article that was on tv barely a week after their meeting. Something about how he helped blow the whistle on some Drake guy over on the West Coast, in San Francisco.
Since then, Parker had read up on the now-freelance journalist's work, and saw in him an everyday hero, someone who was trying to expose all the bad stuff that went on behind the scenes. Someone Peter could certainly look up to, now that he was venturing into the world of journalism himself, or at least journalism-photography for the Daily Bugle.
Peter had even seen Mr Brock at a distance a couple of times now, since the freelancer had moved to New York earlier this year, and even started working at the same newspaper as Peter! He would sometimes catch sight of the journalist in the Publisher's office of the Daily Bugle, presumably selling a recent story. Every time, Peter had felt a shiver of excitement, that almost felt like his Spidey-sense tingling. But that didn't make sense, so he ignored it.
In the rare encounters they'd had where they could speak, either Peter stumbled over his words or kept silent. Embarrassing to say the least, but Parker was no-where near confident enough to have a full conversation with his idol...and his secret crush. Instead, Brock usually made small-talk about the weather, or about how much of a hard-ass Jameson, the Publisher of the Daily Bugle, was, especially when it came to negotiate the price of a story.
Peter could understand that, he could barely make a living selling the few photos he manged to take between patrols, working at Mr Stark's lab, and going to college. Jameson was a stickler for a good bargain, and always offered the least amount of money for the most work.
Peter shook himself out of his reveries to finish his food and watch the sun set on his city, before swinging off the roof to resume his search for baddies.
An hour into his nightly patrol, Peter is passing near the warehouse districts for a change of scenery, when Karen chimes in, "Peter, I'm detecting gunfire and explosions 1.2km east of your current position." she says in her ever-calm voice. Focusing his suit's advanced audio receptors, Peter picks out the clamour of shouting, screaming and blatter of machine-gun fire mixed with the pop-pop of pistols.
"Finally," Peter says to himself, tired of only catching purse-snatchers and bag thieves.
"Shall I initiate Mr Stark's 'Safety Protocol-Alpha'?" Karen suggests, still perky and calm. Peter hums, wondering if it's worth having some back up. Deciding he could do with a challenge, Peter declines the offer, replying with, "No Karen, that's fine, I think we can leave Mr Stark outta this one. We need the exercise anyway."
"Very well Peter" she responds, almost sounding reluctant. But ever since he hacked the suit's systems, he knows he can trust the AI to follow his orders.
As the young Spiderman changes course, and following the sounds of conflict, he only hopes that there’s no one innocent in the middle of what sounds like an all-out gang-war.

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Eddie Brock, freelance-journalist, host to the alien parasite known as Venom, was walking down the street to a bar. He'd been to see Jameson today, and after dealing with his bullshit, Eddie needed a stiff drink...or five.
Ducking into a local joint, he ordered a double whisky and settled himself in for a few hours.
Venom grumbled at the toxins entering Eddie's blood stream, but did not overly object, he knew his human needed a drink today, and take-out had already been promised for later tonight.
The bar was a shithole, and that was being polite. The drinks were terrible, the bartender's attitude was worse, and don't even get them started on the restroom.
But it was the best place to get intel on the criminals that operated in the city.
Crooks and thugs loved to visit the place and share gossip, the establishment being conveniently close to the intersecting territories of the gangs.
Hence why Eddie and Venom chose to hang out here.
It had started around 10 months ago, when the freelancer had decided to permanently up and move to New York. Finding a decent apartment at a fraction of the cost in this district had been a breeze, and made the move happen that much quicker.
Why go to all this trouble you ask? Oh yeah, that’s right, because of a certain red-and-blue clad little Spider that's why. Just the thought had Venom twitching in Eddie’s gut, stirring up all kinds of feelings, along with a restive tendril of blackness snaking down around the host’s waist, stroking against his hip bone.
Having been in New York a week for a story Eddie and Venom had been taking a late-night walk. Being 'saved' by the friendly Spiderman had not been on the agenda, however. Instead he'd planned on eating out, so to speak, after a long day chasing leads that went no-where.
But along came a spider, who wiped out all his plans, and left a lasting impression on the dual minded man. His lithe, muscular body showing to advantage in that tight suit, his flexibility and strength impressive in the back flips and web swinging. Not to mention the smart-ass comment he dropped before disappearing just as fast as he’d appeared.
Eddie had been in denial about his attraction for a while. After all, he was still pining after Anne, and they were only in New York temporarily, doing some last-minute research that had required them to travel more than they expected. But in the end, Venom was the voice of reason, or stupidity. Suggesting a temporary move to the Big Apple, supposedly for a broader menu of criminals, but Eddie knew that Venom was hoping to run in to the Spider again. Their dual minds shared pretty much everything after all.
So, after he'd finished his story and gotten paid, Eddie put a deposit down on his current residence, and started doing freelance work here in New York.
He'd mostly been working with the Daily Bugle, selling stories to that hard-ass Jameson. A young photographer there had caught his eye once or twice, Peter-something. But any attempt to talk to the younger (much younger he guessed) man, had failed. The kid would barely say two words before stumbling over them. Eddie's symbiote didn't take much notice of the guy, except to note he was cute, in a nerdy kind of way, with his constantly tussled brown hair, and chunky camera always in his slender hands. Venom had suggested once or twice pursuing Peter, if only for some short-term fun. But there was only one man for them right now, and that mission had so far been unsuccessful.
Venom had slowly but surely been eating their way through the criminal world, literally. Partly for sustenance, but also to get the attention of their Spider, and to pay them back for the whole saving them last year thing. Spiderman probably didn't even remember, but they did, and they wanted to repay him. Taking out every criminal they came across seemed like a good start. Not only did it clean up the streets, but it would also mean the little Spider was in less danger and didn't have to work as hard.
Now all they had to do was find him, something that had been more difficult than anticipated, New York being such a large city didn't help. Which brought Eddie back to his current situation. Using Venom's heightened hearing, they listened out for anything that sounded interesting, or at least worth acting on. At first, they'd gone after every crook and thief they could find, but then they decided they need bigger fish to make an impression. That meant would-be murderers, attempted rapists, bank robbers, gang members and mobsters, and so on.
Still no sign of Spiderman, but maybe their luck would change tonight. Their eavesdropping had just picked out an interesting conversation taking place towards the back of the bar, in a booth barely lit by the dismal lighting in this place. Making out the details was difficult in the drone of general chatter. But the little they did pick out sounded promising.
"…gonna be guns, lots of guns"
Already an excellent start for the symbiotic pair, but the next couple of sentences are lost, as a rowdy group at the pool table start arguing about someone cheating, either at the game, or with someone’s wife. When it quiets down again, Venom just manages to catch an address and time. Midnight in a warehouse distract not too far from where they live.
The last few words spoken by the pair of criminals do make Eddie and Venom pause, however.
"Once this deal has gone down, we won’t have to worry about that…freak anymore!"
With that the thugs shake hands and stand up to leave. Eddie decides to have another drink before leaving, mulling over the information with his symbiote.
Venom was unusually fond of solving problems, especially ones that would most likely lead to a juicy meal.
Are they speaking about us, or Spider-Man? Silently asks Eddie, a sliver of worry passing through their bond.
Does it matter? We will feast on their headsss all the same. The symbiote replies, his excitement infectious through their connection.
Eddie huffs a small laugh, can’t argue with that logic.
On that thought, they quickly finish their next drink and slowly make their way across the city to their loft apartment to get changed. No point in getting dirt on their favourite pair of jeans after all.
Throwing on a pair of worn jeans and a black t-shirt, Eddie completes the ensemble with his dark brown leather jacket. He knows the symbiote loves seeing him in the snug-fitting leather, especially when said creature purrs in his head when they look at themselves in the full-length mirror, a tendril coming up to stroke Eddie's cheek, another reaching down into the tight-fitting jeans.
"Hey big guy enough, carry on like that and we'll miss the party." Eddies laugh, swatting away the wriggling tentacles.
"Fine, but after I'm going to fuck you hard." Replies the symbiote, giving one last caress before full retreating inside of his host.
Eddie blushes at the images Venom puts into his head, then mentally shrugs them out of mind.
It’s almost time for the meet to go down, so they head back out into the night, wrapping shadows and darkness around themselves, Eddie’s eyes practically glowing white as the symbiote hovers close to the surface, eager for the upcoming fight, and the juicy innards he’s sure to have.

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The yard must have had around 30 wooden crates of various sizes, from small 1 foot by 2 foot, right up to crates large enough to transport a rhino. Some were already open, exposing the various arsenal arranged inside. Everything from pistols to heavy machine guns, and a multitude of ammo for each. There was even a crate with what looked like grenades and flash bangs.
One of the larger crates stood out from the rest, being clearly marked with ‘TOP SECRET’ and ‘MILITARY’ in large stencilled letters, painted on in red. The surrounding buildings were all warehouses, no more than 3 stories high, but most abandoned now with windows void of glass. Graffiti decorated most of the brickwork; various artists having contributed over the years.

Strewn amongst the crates were around 60, tough-looking men, including a few women. All wearing assorted clothing in black. Most had gang affiliated tattoos visible, and just about all of them were carrying. The bosses were easy enough to spot, in their tailored suits, flanked by a pair of bodyguards who were most likely their lieutenants. Around the edges of the enclosed compound were the standard black SUV’s that criminals and black op teams seemed to favour these days. Someone had also been kind enough to set up a few spotlights, lighting up the area like Christmas morning, the congregation of criminals being the presents Venom would soon unwrap.

Venom perched on one of the smaller derelict buildings, taking in the sight, a grotesque black-and-white gargoyle.
That’s a lot of fire power V, even for us. Eddie points out to the symbiote.
Pussssy. Replies the parasite, in his usual gruff way. Eddie rolls his eyes inside the sticky armour, used to Venom’s customary response to Eddie’s cautiousness.

So, what’s the plan big guy? We gonna ring the doorbell or what?
Venom doesn’t reply, not that Eddie expected him to. He can see his darker half’s train of thought after all.
Instead the bonded pair simply leap off the building, landing heavily amid the 3 assembled gangs, and all their weaponry.

In the few seconds after the symbiote hits the ground, straightening up to his full 7 feet 6 inch of impressive height, the assembled gang members can only stand and stare in shocked silence.
That lasts for all of 5 seconds before weapons are being drawn, either from waistbands and holsters, or directly from the crates scattered around them. In no time at all, short swords, machetes, and daggers, pistols, sub machine-guns, heavy machine-guns and even what looks like a grenade launcher are all being pointed at the antihero. A few of the lesser thugs are even brandishing knuckle dusters and baseball bats.

Venom and Eddie roar their contempt at this display and begin decimating the mobsters.
Starting with a man and a woman behind them, each brandishing sub-machine guns. Venom turns whilst sending out 2 tentacles to grab the pair, pulling them towards the alien, using the momentum to launch the thugs across the crowded space. The pair land with a crunch against one of the SUV’S, smashing the windows and putting a considerable dent in the side. The woman groans once, her arm bent at a broken angle, ribs showing. The man lies still, his head having split open like a ripe melon on impact.

Bullets start hitting the symbiote from all sides, a little sporadic at first but soon levelling out into a storm of hot metal. Venom registers it as short little bursts of pain, nothing to worry about.
Someone fires off the grenade launcher, but the symbiote casually swats the canister to one side, the resulting explosion killing three more men, and five others get knocked off their feet by the blast.

Taking their time, the host and his parasite begin ripping into the rest of the armed gangsters. The bosses are shouting orders like there’s no tomorrow, everyone else is screaming and shouting a sundry of profanities at Venom. He roars his defiance right back. Blood, brains and viscera are now coating the cracked tarmac and crates, creating a gruesome impressionistic painting. Twitching bodies are starting to pile up, their heads being devoured by the ever hungry symbiote.

Eddie takes a back seat and lets Venom do his thing, but at the edges of their perception, Eddie notices a group of elite looking men frantically opening the specially marked crate with crowbars. The determined looks on the sweating faces, and the lack of fear begins to concern the human.
Hey buddy, be careful, something’s not right over there. Eddie tries to mentally nudge Venom’s eyes across the group, who are now pulling out a strange contraption.

The only way Eddie can describe it is if you stuck a satellite dish on the end of a mini gun. It’s a lot more complex than that, but Eddie’s mind is slowly filling with dread, as the heavy rig is pointed in their direction, a switch having been turned on, and a low hum beginning to fill the air, slowly rising in pitch.

In those few seconds, Venom has already killed half a dozen more men, on top of the 15 or so he's already incapacitated or outright killed. Deciding to forgo finesse in the face of bad odds, the symbiote has been swatting the humans like flies, throwing them against the walls, crates and vehicles, or flattening them to the ground. Bones and bodies crushing with sickening and delightful crunches. The smell of blood, guts and excrement thick in the air.

In a pause between butchering the gangs, Venom finally takes notice of Eddie's worry, and takes a second to look over to the group with the fancy gun. The hum is louder now and beginning to hurt Venom's head, his vision becoming blurry, his body shaking with the pressure. He roars again, a little fear mixed in with his anger this time.

Jumping over the cowering group in front of him, Venom starts clawing and ripping the felons apart, doing everything he can to reach the men holding that terrible weapon. But he's not quick enough. The soundwaves reach a crescendo and become too much. The symbiote screams as Eddie shouts "VENOM!" inside the failing parasite. Their bodies shaking and spasming with the pain coursing through their bonded flesh.

They start to take short, halting steps backwards, away from the noise. But the men just keep following. Seeing their advantage, the surviving half of the criminal forces start firing their guns again, bolstered by the symbiotes sudden vulnerability.

Venom backs up against a wall, trying to shield his head and host in his oversized claws. But nothing drowns out the sound reverberating through him, the agony of the symbiote slowly being ripped from Eddie's body the only thing either can feel or think about.

Crouching against the wall for what feels like years but is barely seconds, they vaguely register that something has just dropped down in front of them. Fearing another, more deadly assault, the bonded pair glance over to the figure in front of them. They must be dead already because what they see doesn't make sense. It can't be.

Venom voices the question for them both.


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Peter lands on a small derelict building, hardly believing what he's seeing. There's bits and pieces of bodies all over the well-lit yard, broken glass decorating the torn and ripped flesh like sugar crystals on a cake.
Well that's a morbid thought. Thinks Peter.
He takes in the rest of the scene in mute horror. Seeing a black seething mass of muscle ripping apart more men on its way to a group on the far side, one of the men holding a strange machine that's emitting an increasing hum.

"Karen," gasps Peter, his voice weak, "How-how many are...are there?" he finally asks.
"Scanning..." Replies Karen, the seconds ticking down slowly, the scanner highlighting bodies as it sweeps across his digital display.
"34 casualties, 15 injured or incapacitated, 29 still operational, not including the...organism." She finally responds. Peter nods to himself and draws his attention back to the fighting.

Bullets are hitting the creature in droves. Parker notices that black blood is oozing out of some of the wounds. The pitch of the machine suddenly peaks, and the ebony mass screams, actually screams! At the same time Spiderman hears a muffled voice from inside the monster shout "VENOM!", definitely a man's voice, and coloured with despair.

His mask lights up and highlights the alien, and the high-tech weapon currently being used against it. "What is that thing?" The Spider asks himself, almost forgetting about Karen.
"The device is emitting sound at a frequency of approximately 5,000 hertz." The AI responds. She brings up Venom's failing life-signs, the heart rate showing red. "The organism will not survive." Karen adds sympathetically.

The oversized quadruped begins to stumble backwards, trying to shield itself with its enormous claws. Blood is dripping more freely from it, evoking pity from the friendly Spiderman. The emotion surprises Peter, but he can't help it. The individual, Venom? It just looks so helpless, even though it easily towers above the armed men still firing at it.

When it finally backs up against a wall, cowering down and shaking so much the edges blur, Peter leaps into action without thought. Shooting webs at 3 of the nearest cronies to him, he pulls hard on the silken rope, pulling the men and smacking them hard against the building he's standing on. At the same time, he's swinging down across the yard, barely noticed as the criminals keep up their steady rate of fire.

Clinging to the opposite wall, he surveys scene, he hurriedly demands, "Karen, what are the options? How do we save him?" Spiderman lightly drops in front of Venom, stunning the armed men into halting their fire for the moment.
"Calculating..." the AI replies silently in his suit. In those few small seconds, Peter hears a gravelly voice behind him rumble "Spiderman?".
He quickly glances back, seeing for the first time the stretched up, colourless eyes, the large pointed teeth, and a tongue so long it's obscene. It's then that Spiderman truly notices just how tall the raven coloured being is, even hunched over as it is. So, this is Venom, the alien he heard about in San Francisco.

"Peter, if you destroy the device emitting the soundwaves, the organism's life-signs should cease to deteriorate and stabilise." He nods to the AI, already plotting his next move.
"But Peter," Karen pauses, "There are still a lot of operational enemies with superior firepower. Perhaps we should contact Mr Stark...?" She suggests. If a robot could be worried, she would be. "No Karen, we've got this" Peter replies, sounding more confident than he feels.

Spiderman turns his full attention back to the assembled gangsters. "Hey guys, did you forget my invite?" He quips, then quickly webs away as the bullets start to fly again, leading what's left of the gangs away from the injured Venom. With the buildings being so low, it's hard to get good momentum, but Spiderman manages it, and even takes a couple more guys along for the ride.
"Don't worry, there's plenty to go around!" He shouts, as the losers keep shooting at him.

He swings across the far side of the carpark, dragging the crooks behind him. Hurling his webbed captives just right, he manages to knock over the men holding the sonic wave emitter like bowling pins. The machine sputters and sparks as it forcefully clunks against the ground, the humming dies, the sudden lack of the droning feeling like a void in the air has opened, the silence deafening.

"Awesome, who's next?" Peter says breathlessly. Despite the obvious danger he's in, the young web-slinger is enjoying himself. The challenge of taking down so many bad guys is evaporating the build-up of lethargy, from months of no action.

The hero effectively incapacitates another group of felons, by firing a mass web ball that sticks them to each other, and to the SUV behind them, taking them out of the game. Back flipping into the middle of another group, he kicks, dodges and fires web like there's no tomorrow. Taking down another 5, leaving them bleeding and bruised, but alive, they're stuck to various surfaces with his web. Glancing around, he takes stock of the dozen or so men left standing.
Then his luck runs out.

His next attempt to fire his right web shooter fails, dramatically. It sparks and with a small puff of smoke, ceases to work. What's worse, he's in the middle of swinging away from the bad guys, trying to have a breather. Instead he falls. Hard.

With a yelp, his foot crumples under him at an awkward angle, very painful. At the least it's twisted, at worst he's broken it.
"Peter, perhaps now we should call Mr Stark?" Karen pushes again, panic colouring her voice. She brings up Mr Stark's face on his HUD, the call ready to be made.
"No, no, we're fine, just gimme a second to..." Peter trails off, panic beginning to settle deep into him, blossoming in his chest, each breath short and fast.

Backed into a corner with only one working web shooter, Peter frantically looks around for ideas, and notices that Venom is recovering quickly with the lack of attention. It's now upright, and all the more horrifying for the gore covering it's body.
The alien's vital signs briefly show on Peter's display again, already getting stronger and returning to green. Their eyes meet for a second, and it feels like the creature stares right at Parker through his mask. Impossible, he knows, but it doesn't stop the shiver that runs down his spine. Fear? Anticipation? He doesn't have time to work it out right now.

Turning his attention back to the guns being pointed at him, Spiderman throws up his hands as though in surrender. "Okay, Okay, guys you got me. Now why don't you..." Before he finishes his sentence, the injured teen fires a glob of webbing at the men to his left. Three of them dodge out of the way, but one is caught up in it and lands with a thwack against a stack of crates. Not a great shot, but better than nothing.

At the same time, he hears a 'pop-pop' noise and feels 2 punches hit him hard. One in his right shoulder, the other in his stomach. The force of the hits has him staggering back a painful step. Confusion crosses his face under his mask, the pain is extraordinary, more so than it should be. He looks down to see his gloved fingers coming away glistening and a dark shade of red. That's not right, why is he suddenly wet?

"P-P-Peter, can you hear me? Peter, your vital signs are d-d-dropping. My s-s-systems are failing. Peter, answer me." Karen's voice crackles from far away in Peter's head, then cuts out suddenly. His HUD goes dark, leaving his vision obscured by the mesh fabric covering his eyes.

His breath comes in short, harsh bursts, each one sending a wave of pain through his body. He hears a roar, or rather feels it reverberate through him. Looking up through a slowly darkening vision, Peter sees the monster called Venom charge towards him. He knows he should be afraid, but everything is starting to feel so distant now, like nothing really matters anymore. He feels like every breath is getting harder and harder to get into his body, the mask suffocating him, so he pulls it off, holding it in his good hand.

Lifting his head, he hazily tracks the movements of the large ebony mass, as it tears through the remaining men, biting heads off (gross but kinda cool) and eating them (good source of protein I guess). Peter looks down for a moment as he feels an impact on his knees shudder throughout his body.
Why am I on the floor? I'm so cold. Think I'll just lie down for a minute. A nap sounds great right now.
Looking up with eyes growing heavy, the injured Spiderman sees that things have progressed rapidly while he was distracted. There's only one man left standing, pleading for his life as the tar brute looms over him.

Spiderman counts each beat of his heart, it's hard not to, when every pulse sends agony through his body. The alien swallows the last man in the time it takes Peter's slowing heart to beat 3 times. All Peter can think of is, He ate the boots, he even ate the guys boots! That's gonna cause indigestion.
Peter huffs a small, excruciating laugh at the thought.

Gasping now with the pain pulsing through his flesh, he looks up, and up and up. Eventually meeting the white eyes of his would-be protector. His vision is reducing to a narrow tunnel rapidly now, the creature's face peels back, revealing a human's face, a human who looks incredibly like his crush, Eddie Brock, but instead of that easy smile Peter has fallen in love with, Eddie's face is a picture of surprise and concern. He feels hands on his face, his body, shaking him.

A voice that really does sound like Mr Brocks, shouts at him from far away. "Peter?!"

Then everything goes black.

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Seeing the red-and-blue clad source of their infatuation in front of them, Eddie and Venom think they must be dead, because there’s no way that Spider-Man, their spider, the one they’ve been trying to find since moving to New York, is finally here, and is actually standing in front of them, like a goddamn hero or something...oh right.
Spiderman had turned to look at them when they said his name, but now he turns back to the remaining forces. "Hey guys, did you forget my invite?" He jests, like this is some kind of party. Eddie pants a small laugh inside Venom, and Venom, despite the incredible pain they’re still experiencing, can’t help but smile. If a creature with a face that looks like it’s been nearly ripped in half can smile.
When they realise that what they are seeing is real, Venom and Eddie watch as the spider begins his hypnotic dance, but dancing could not describe the elegant manoeuvres, the smooth flow of movements taking the spider from one enemy to the next, using perfectly executed backflips, jumps, leaps, and of course his web-swing. Even through the unimaginable pain, the host and symbiote can appreciate the toned muscles bunching and stretching as the Spiderman takes down one asshole after another.
The skin-tight suit doesn’t leave much to the imagination.
With a particularly well-thrown pair of cronies, the spider destroys the sound gun, and as if by magic, their pain stops. Or at least it starts to ease off. The symbiote starts strengthening the bond to his host, repairing the areas that were torn, and building new connections. The process is taking up precious seconds, seconds that the spider is giving them. Eddie and Venom watch as the black ooze coats the human skin, amazed once more at how the symbiote’s sticky matter covers Eddie’s weaker flesh. The subtle web pattern reinforcing their natural armour.
They look up again to see things have progressed quickly, and not in a good way. Their little spider is now on the ground, one of his wrist cuffs giving off smoke, and he’s not putting his weight on one of his feet. Their eyes meet briefly, a spark of…something passes between them, and a tingle of excitement runs up their spine. Spider-Man is the first to break eye contact, speaking to the last few men in front of him, “Okay, Okay, guys you got me. Now why don't you..." he says, throwing a web ball at a small group on Venom’s right. It’s not enough, the web ball misses all but 1 guy, the others just dodging it.
A small double ‘pop’ sounds, and dark red patches blossom on the Spider's right shoulder and his stomach. He stands there, stunned, his left hand coming up to touch the wounds. Comprehension hits the spider at the same time as the symbiote.
Venom and Eddie roar like never before, something between a T-Rex and Godzilla, filled with unimaginable pain and hatred for the thugs. A black rage descends over them. They send out a thick spike, impaling the first man in front of them. Throwing the dying human against the wall, they charge at the others.
All rationality and logical thought has gone, their minds merge until they are completely one. Their claws rip into flesh like a paper bag, their jaws biting off limbs and heads as though a selection of screaming lollipops. They are Venom.
Rarely do they meld so perfectly as right now. Blood drips from their claws, colours their body and face, and coats their tongue in a delicious sauce. Taking their fill of dismembered body parts as they go, Venom turns to kill the next piece of filth that dared to hurt them, and their spider, and realises they’ve reached the last one. The one quite literally holding the smoking gun that shot Spiderman.
He begs for his life, crying how sorry he is, how he won’t tell anyone, he’ll just go home and never hurt anyone again. He’s even snivelling. A quick glance at Spiderman crushes any spark of pity Eddie might have had that would have saved the pathetic filth from his fate. The hero is now down on his knees, his mask in his hands, breath coming in short sharp gasps, and blood dripping down into a growing pool around his knees. Eddie notes tousled brown hair and a young face in the few seconds before Venom turns back to the grovelling piece of shit in front of them.
No words or smart-ass remarks this time. They artlessly eat the man, headfirst, boots and all. Fuel for the machine.
Turning away from the massacre they’ve just committed; they give their full attention to the teenager in front of them. Because Spiderman is a teenager, and one they know. Venom pulls back, sinking inside of Eddie now the danger has passed, and the human's emotions begin to overpower them both. Eddie rushes over to the young man, someone they have known in passing for a few months now, working at the Daily Bugle. Peter, Peter Parker. The nerdy little photographer who can barely string two words together before tripping over them. Sweet little Parker who piqued Venom’s interest.
Venom’s satisfaction is palpable through their bond, the mystery having finally been solved. Ah, this explains it. Venom silently voices, confusion crossing Eddie’s face, along with the concern over the spider's- Peter’s- injuries. What d’ya mean, V? Explains what? Venom doesn’t reply with words, instead he shares his memories with Eddie, of the times he noticed the young man coming into work, with fading bruises, small cuts and scratches, even the smell of blood from more serious injuries. Eddie's growing agitation with the situation halts when he fully takes in Parker's injuries.
Bending down after what has only been seconds since Venom was absorbed back into Eddie's body, the human of the pair roughly grabs Peter's shoulders, being careful not to jostle him, until the young man's eyes start to close. "Peter?!" Eddie shouts, shaking him to keep him conscious. But it's too late, the spider has passed out, either from blood loss or the pain, probably both. "what do we do, what DO WE DO?!" Eddie shouts, panic starting to engulf him. But Venom is there, as always, to comfort the host. We take him home, care for him until he is better, and then we can mate!
"Not helping V!" Eddie responds, having temporarily forgotten the symbiote's feelings on the matter of having sex with the spider. But Venom does have a point. They can't do anything for the hero out here on the street, where some of the still living thugs are coming to after being knocked out. "We gotta go V." Venom doesn't reply verbally, instead he covers Eddie once more, and carefully lifts the unconscious teen, holding him against their chest, using their black tendrils to hold him snug against their body.
Leaping towards the wall of the nearest building, they scramble up and over the top, taking a moment to survey the carnage they've just dealt. Aside from Spiderman getting injured so bad, they're pretty proud of the work they've done. But now they need to go home and start taking care of Spiderman.
It's times like this that the symbiotic duo are glad they're renting a loft apartment. The roof access that goes straight down into their bedroom is a godsend. The stairs down end at a door that helps to stop drafts being too big of an issue in the bedroom, or bedroom area. Not only did they find a kick-ass roof-access apartment, but it's also split across 2 levels, sorta. The bedroom is on a mezzanine that overlooks the living and kitchen areas, and the large, almost church-like windows that take up the south wall. If it wasn't for the curtains on their queen-sized four poster bed, the sunlight that streams in during the day would be a pain.
The top of the bed is pushed up against the half wall that gives a modicum of privacy from the floor below. Opposite the bed and on the right is the roof access, almost hidden at the back of the open closet, that consists of a wardrobe, chest of drawers and a full-length free-standing mirror. To the left of this is the on-suite bathroom, with super-large tub and built in shower. The bath is long enough that Eddie can lay down without bending his legs, and deep enough to easily cover his vegetables. Even drown himself if he wished. Venom has taken over their body to enjoy a long, hot soak a few times now. Usually this includes him pleasuring Eddie, although both parties prefer shower time for fun time.
A metal, industrial-style staircase to the right of the bed leads downstairs to the main floor, and is split into 3 sections with 2 landings, so that when you reach the bottom you're looking back under the mezzanine, down the short hallway to the front door. The first door on the right is to a guest bathroom, with a shower stall rather than a bath. The second bathroom is only used for relieving their bladder when they're downstairs, but it's still stocked with towels, just in case.
The second door leads to what should be a spare bedroom, but Eddie repurposed the space for his office. Opposite the door, a desk sits at an angle to the left of the floor-to-ceiling window, a large bookshelf to the right (Venom started pushing Eddie to read more months ago, when he realised how captivating the stories can be, especially sci-fi with gore), and sofa against the wall on the right, make up the basic furniture in the small room. A decent sized flat screen against the left wall, for when they decide to take a short break whilst writing or researching, but don't want to move to the living room area and completely lose focus. The tv is usually just playing the news when they don't have music playing quietly in the background.
Their motorbike made the moved with them too. Venom just loves the rush they get, speeding along black-top roads in the middle of the night, wind blowing through Eddie's hair. The bike isn't used as much as they'd like, but it's kept in top form. It currently resides in the main hallway, just outside their front door. The stairs that lead down to street-level are always locked, and the cargo elevator is controlled with a modern pin pad to get it moving. The only way to get it to open on a certain floor is to punch in your private code. Fancy, but perfect for them. Giving them that extra bit of privacy, and security, that they need to relax.
The kitchen is tucked between the open metal staircase and one of the ridiculously large south-facing windows. Comprising of well-stocked refrigerator, counters and oven down the right-hand wall, a sink sits in a countertop against the far window. A breakfast bar separates the kitchen from the living area, but also provides somewhere to sit and eat at mealtimes, with a couple of barstools tucked underneath. It might be a small space, but it's more than ample for the two of them.
A large 3-seater, low armed settee sits at a right angle to the left corner of the wall, facing a very large-screen tv on a low table, decked out with gaming consoles. A cosy armchair is to the left of the sofa, hardly touched except as somewhere Eddie sometimes throws a book or jacket in passing, or leaves a large woollen blanket he sometimes uses, when he falls asleep to a movie.
when the Venom encased Eddie make their way from the roof into the bedroom, only a small lamp on a side table downstairs is on. They gently lay Peter down on top of the covers of their bed, being careful not to jostle him too hard. Venom retreats inside of Eddie immediately, leaving only his head exposed, connected to Eddie's shoulder by a thick black tendril. “Call her.” Venom demands. Grabbing his cell phone from the nightstand, Eddie dials a number he's only used once since moving to New York.
After a couple of rings, the call is picked up and a woman's voice tiredly answers with "Claire speaking." It was pure coincidence that Eddie ran into an injured Red Devil (what's with him and meeting New York's finest? And not the cop kind...). The devil told him to call the night nurse when first aid just wasn't gonna cut it. After having an interesting conversation, mostly around how the poor woman always seems to get caught up in the antics of the local vigilantes, Venom suggested getting her number, just in case of an emergency. Boy are they glad they did. She was reluctant to give it at first, but the persuasive offer of a substantial payment for services soon convinced her, along with a grand up front. Not a cheap deal, but how often could you find someone willing to stitch you up and not tell the cops?
That night he also met a war-nut known as 'Punisher' or something. Seriously, how many heroes are living in New York anyways? Venom got on with the guy like a house on fire. Their shared love for all things vengeful and murderous helped the Punisher get past the fact that Venom was the scariest shit he'd ever seen, and that was saying a lot for the war-vet. The Punisher's iconic skull logo was a big hit with Venom, and he soon added a similar styled motif to their chest, except instead of a skull, they chose a stylised white spider. No guesses as to why.
Eddie, temporarily lost in reminiscing about the past, is shaken out of his reveries by Claire’s questioning, "Hello?"
"Hey, Claire. It's me, Eddie, Eddie Brock? We met a few months ago. I'm sorry for calling so late..." He squints at the bed side clock. Shit, it's like 3am, oops. A small groan from Peter puts determination back into Eddie, regardless of the time. "Look, I'm sorry to call, but about the service you offer… I need it, like right now. Can you come over?" He hears sigh over the phone.
“Please?” He adds, because manners.
A sigh rattles down the line. Claire being a nurse means that as much as she hates to get dragged into the mess of the vigilante world, she can't help but say yes. She became a nurse to help people after all. "Fine, tell me where. You're paying for the cab, and I expect a nice fat bonus for the out of hours call." He can already hear rustling of a bag, and the sound of keys in her door as she locks up behind her. "Uh yeah of course, thank you. I'll text you the address. Let me know when you're nearly here and I'll meet you downstairs." She hangs up without a goodbye, “Rude.” Venom comments. Eddie huffs in amusement and absently strokes the symbiotes head whilst sending Claire the address details.
"We should check his injuries." Venom rumbles, his floating head leaning towards Peter, peering at him curiously. His voice knocks Eddie out of his stupor, bringing the hurt spider back to his attention. "Right, yeah, let's do that." He mumbles, already feeling awkward, and a little excited at the thought of stripping back the spider-suit to check out Peter's body, and his wounds of course!
First, he goes into the bathroom and opens the medicine cabinet, grabbing anything he thinks that will help Claire when she gets here. He might heal super-fast thanks to his symbiote, but that doesn't mean he's stopped keeping a small first-aid kit, complete with bandages, alcohol wipes, and even those special scissors for cutting material. He grabs the kit along with a small bowl of hot water and a cloth and brings it all back out to the bedroom.
Peter's breathing is shallow and laboured, his face pale and frowning, clearly in pain. Taking the scissors, Eddie carefully pulls the fabric away from the stomach wound, and uses the hole made by the bullet as an entry for the scissors to start cutting. Venom watches, enraptured, over his shoulder, his excitement at getting to see some skin feeding through their bond to Eddie. The scissors struggle to cut the fabric, the material having been reinforced to help defend against scrapes and cuts, but not designed to stop metal flying through the air at 1,700mph. A bit of extra force, and the material slowly gives way under the sharp scissors. Eddie's grip is rough with impatience, and with some help from Venom, they end up ripping the suit apart.
Once Peter's chest is fully exposed, Eddie takes a sharp breath, the wounds are small, but blood is still sluggishly oozing out them. Cutting down the sleeves, one at a time, the duo take a moment to absorb the sight. It's hard not to notice the muscled, and well-defined chest and stomach of their saviour, and the bulk of his biceps and shoulders.
The blood that has partially dried around the wounds looks like a twisted attempt at a floral tattoo or painting. Taking the cloth and soaking it in the warm water, Eddie gently wipes away the stains.
His skin beneath is pale and bare, except for a few faint scars here and there, long since healed. The kid doesn't even have a happy-trail, at least one that’s visible. Cutting and ripping the rest of the top half of the suit off only takes another couple minutes. Eddie decides to leave the bottom half of the suit on the kid for now, for his modesty. Their breathing has increased, the only outward sign of his and Venom's arousal, pointedly ignoring the growing bulge in his jeans.
"We should take him, make him ours." Venom all but growls, a thin black tentacle easing out to stroke up Peter's hip, up his stomach, avoiding the wound, up his chest and neck, and stops to stroke the younger man's jawline. His tongue is waving in the air, almost touching skin…almost. Eddie is lost in the shared sensation, but his phone buzzing on the bed rouses him out of his fog-lust enough to smack the tendril away from the prone spider and stand up to move away from the bed altogether. A short message from Claire states she's outside and waiting.
"Awesome." Eddie sighs to himself, disappointed or happy at the interruption, he can't tell. The feeling of a promise to be 'relieved' of their desires later by Venom passes through their bond, making him smile. Venom disappears inside Eddie as he all but leaps down the stairs to the floor below, grabbing his wallet on the way. While he isn't loaded, he makes enough writing and selling stories to cover the basic bills, and the money he takes from the criminals Venom eats means they can afford to be a little extravagant now and then.
Going down in the elevator, they reach the bottom in time to see Claire paying the cabbie, who speeds off, clearly miffed at having waited so long. "You owe me 50 bucks." Claire snaps at Eddie as soon as he's close. He pulls out a wad of cash, way more than what he agreed to pay, and passes it over. She looks at the money like it will bite, then snatches it out of his hands, stuffing it into her bag. She's carrying a large medical bag, like what the paramedics use, and is still dressed in her hospital scrubs. She must have just gotten home from a shift when Eddie called. Oops again.
"Thanks again, Claire. I really appreciate this" Eddie says, trying to placate the woman. She may be smaller and weaker than him and Venom, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't suck up to her. Even with the money she's being paid, she could still have said no. He leads her back into the building, holding the main door open for her, and leading her to the elevator. As the box slowly lifts and moves up the floors, Claire glances at him from the corner of her eye, clearly wanting to say something. "Out with it." Eddie prompts. Claire looks away and shrugs.
With a deep sigh she starts. "Ok fine, what am I doing here exactly? You're clearly not in a bad enough shape to need me, so why am I here at 3:30 in the morning, when I could be getting some hella needed rest?" She looks at him properly whilst saying this, hand on hip, giving him an evil stare through tired eyes.
Oh, right, we didn't mention Peter. Eddie comments to Venom. How much should we tell her?
Just enough to help him. Is Venom's subdued reply. A clear indicator that he's worried about the injured hero upstairs, but not enough to out Spiderman's identity.
"A friend of ours got hurt bad tonight. Two bullet wounds, one to the shoulder, and one to the stomach. You're the only person I could call for help..." Eddie trails off, looking at the dark-skinned woman from under his lashes. She's still giving him a dirty look, one eyebrow raised. Her curiosity is clearly enticed. She shrugs again and faces forward. The rest of the ride up 5 floors is quiet. Only the sound of the mechanical parts moving the car up can be heard.
Once they reach their floor, Eddie wastes no time in letting them in to his apartment. He didn't bother locking it for the few minutes he'd be away. Gesturing to Claire to with a, "This way, he's upstairs." Eddie sprints up the stairs to his room, reaching the bed to see Peter isn't doing so well. His blood has soaked the bed sheets beneath him. His body sweating and giving off a high temperature. Even in unconsciousness, the brunette is restless. His lips moving as though talking to someone, his hands clenching the linens tightly, his whole-body twitching and shivering like it's trying to shake something off.
Eddie quickly covers the younger man's lower half, hiding the red and blue remains of his suit, whilst also kicking the cut-off top under the bed. Claire reaches the top of the stairs as Eddie is turning on the bedside lamps. Taking in the apartment quickly, her eyes then fall on Peter, and she swiftly moves over to her impromptu patient. She puts her hand on Peter's wrist and checks her watch for no longer than 30 seconds. Whilst taking in the man's wounds, she barks out orders. "I need a bowl of ice water and cloths, a bottle of vodka if you have it, or any spirit. We need towels, and..." She trails off as she rolls Peter slightly, exposing his back. "Crap, we need a small bowl too, and a sharp, really sharp knife, and tweezers if you have them." Eddie's confused looks prompts her to add, "There's a bullet still inside him, in his stomach. The shoulder is a straight through and through, but we need to get the other one out now, and clean both wounds" He's clearly not moving quick enough when she shouts "NOW! Goddamnit, or he's gonna die."
Eddie scrambles to gather all the things she asked for. Rushing into the bathroom to grab all the towels, he dumps them on the bed and heads downstairs to look for the rest of the items. She's very rude, perhaps we should eat her eyes. They will be juicy, and a snack soundsss great. Venom suggests, slightly ruffled at being bossed around by the nurse.
"Shut up V, she's just trying to help, and we need it right now." Eddie shoots back, frustrated at not being able to find tweezers. He does grab a bottle of whiskey off the side, a couple of bowls, one filled with ice, and some cloths. He digs in one of the kitchen drawers and pulls out a small flick blade. It's never been used for anything other than picking out dirt from under his fingernails, but sharp.
Rushing back upstairs, he sees Claire is well into helping Peter. She's already got some blue latex gloves on and is shining a torch in Peter's eyes. Eyes that roam without seeing, the worry in Eddie's chest grows, no matter how hard Venom tries to squash it. Dumping the rest of the stuff on the other side of the bed, Eddie leans over, watching Claire's movements. "I couldn't find tweezers." Eddie blurts, adrenaline spiking in him.
"it's fine, I have some. Pass me that bottle." She reaches out her hand, and as soon as Eddie passes her the alcohol, she opens it, taking a swig before pouring a generous amount over Parker's shoulder wound. The teen's body tenses up, his eyes briefly opening, but unseeing, before they close again and resume a dance under his lids. Claire also pours a small amount over a needle and some thread she's got in her hands. Once she's satisfied, she starts sewing up the torn skin. Luckily the wound is only small.
"Come ‘round here and lift him. I need to close the exit wound." She demands. Oh right, the bullet went out the other side. Eddie quickly moves into action, lifting the heavier-than-expected man onto his side, giving Claire the access she needs. The exit wound is bigger, and more of a shredded mess. Claire wastes no time in pouring more alcohol over it, then quickly gets to work stitching it up. The scar will be bigger, and more ragged. A twinge of regret courses through Eddie, surprising him until he realises it came from Venom. Sending a questioning thought, the symbiote responds, It's a shame such a beautiful creature will be marked.
Well shit, that's some poetic stuff right there. Eddie agrees with the sentiment, but thinks he may be reading too many books with how much of a leap Venom's vocabulary skills have taken. No more romance novels, that's for damn sure.
The exit wound closed, Claire wipes a gloved wrist across her forehead, leaving a small streak of blood. "Right, now for his stomach. Lay him back down and try to hold him. If he moves while I'm digging out the slug, he could cause more damage." She's already turning to grab a pair of what look like long, slender tongs. Putting the small torch in her mouth, she uses its light to see by as she makes a small cut with the flick knife to open the bullet hole further, then keeps it open with a pair of spreaders, before delving in with the tongs.
Peter immediately opens his eyes at the intrusion, and the pain it must be causing him. Eddie uses his weight but realises it's not gonna be enough. Peter is Spiderman after all! He's grabbing at Eddie's arms, his grip vicelike, his breath harsh. Venom slithers out from under Eddie's sleeve and pins the smaller man to the bed. Panic is clear in Peter's eyes as he struggles, moans escaping through his clenched teeth. Eddie moves one of his hands to Peter's neck, then his cheek. "Hey, Peter hey, it's ok, you're gonna be fine. We just gotta get the bullet out, Ok? You're gonna be fine I promise, it'll be over soon."
Confusion mixes in with the pain, as realisation crosses Peter's face. "Mr-Mr Brock? What..." He passes out again before he can finish the sentence, and Claire's "Gotcha!" draws Eddie's eyes to her. The bullet is clenched between the tongs, a look of victory on Claire's features. She drops the metal into the small bowl on the bedside table, along with the tongs. Venom retreats back into Eddie as Claire takes the clamp out of the wound, before starting on sewing the kid up. When she's done, she washes the wound, then starts taping sterile pads over the stiches. Eddie lifts the kid up again to give her access to his back. Once she's done that, she wraps bandages around his stomach, chest and shoulder, almost mummifying the poor guy.
When she's satisfied with her work, she pulls off her soiled gloves, throwing them in the small trash can Eddie keeps next to the bed. Reaching into her kit, she pulls out 2 small bottles of pills. Chucking first one, then the other at Eddie, she instructs him, "First one is antibiotics. He needs 2 pills, 3 times a day, preferably after a meal. Second is pain meds. They're not much, but they'll help. He can take as many as he needs. If his healing is anything to go by, he could probably down the whole bottle. I know a supe when I see one." She nods towards the prone man, one eyebrow raised, daring Eddie to disagree with her. "Since a blood transfusion is probably out the window, give him orange juice and plenty of food when he wakes up. It should help. More than that I can't say."
Squinting at Eddie, she asks "Hey, do you want me to take a look at that?" Pointing to his head she then taps at her own right temple. Eddie touches where she's indicated, and winces when his fingers brush over a small gash. He didn't even know he'd been hit. A bullet grazed you...when that...machine...was hurting us. I-I'm sorry…
Eddie is surprised at the regret and sadness in Venom's thoughts, but also touched at this sign of his love. "No thank you," he replies to Claire, "I'll be fine." A small smile touches his lips as he sends all the love and trust he can through his bond with Venom, reassuring him there's no hard feelings.
Nodding but clearly not convinced, she walks away and heads into the bathroom. The sink tap starts up soon after.
Eddie takes the opportunity to look at Peter's face. Its lines are more relaxed now, as though the removal of the bullet has started his healing process. Touching his cheek again, and then his forehead, Eddie again notices the increase in temperature. Grabbing a small cloth, he soaks it in the now half melted bowl of ice-water, squeezes out the excess, and dabs at Peter's forehead and face. The sweat has plastered his brown locks into interesting shapes. His lips are partly open, his breathing not quite as ragged as before, but still shallow. Eddie feels Venom looking at the man through his eyes. He will heal… is all the symbiote says before retreating.
When Claire eventually comes back to the bed, her face and hands are clean of blood, and she looks even more tired if that's even possible. She starts packing away her supplies, the used stuff she puts in a plastic bag and then tucks it away. Just as she starts to head downstairs, Eddie gently grabs her upper arm, stopping her. "Thank you, Claire." Is all he can say, his throat feeling thick as he thinks about what would have happened if she hadn't come.
"No problem E.T. Just don't make this a regular thing, OK?" She smiles knowingly. Surprise hits both Eddie and Venom. How does she know? Eddie asks. Venom takes a small moment to reply, amusement colouring his thoughts. She saw me help when you held our spider down, she's a smart woman, she knows what we are and doesn't care. Eddie relaxes slightly, a small smile touching his lips.
Showing her out and riding with her in the elevator, he's surprised again when she blurts, "You should tell him how you feel, sooner rather than later. Life is too damn short for regrets and words not said." She sounds like she's experienced this firsthand. The advice is unexpected but appreciated. Eddie nods, lost in thought, opening the door automatically for her so they can get out of the elevator car. He waits with her on the sidewalk until a cab rolls up. Reaching through the front passenger window, he pays the cabbie $100, holding back the money as he says, "Get her home safe, ya hear?" A flash of Venom's white eyes has the poor cabbie nodding quickly. Stashing the money in a pocket, the driver pulls away as soon as Claire's door closes. No time for a last farewell.
Eddie sighs to himself, and Venom. Their thoughts now turning to the spider they have upstairs, and what they're gonna do with him.

Chapter Text

When they finally get back into their apartment, they head straight upstairs to check on their Spider.
He's still sleeping soundly, and the symbiotic pair gaze at him for a while until they notice the small tremors of the hero's body, goose bumps on his skin.
"He's cold. We should tuck him in and give him a good night kiss." Venom's head has appeared again, his tongue waving in the air, noticing Peter's erect nipples and moving to lick them.
"No!" Eddie starts, "No," he says again quietly, not wanting to wake the injured teen. "We just need to clean up a bit and then leave him to sleep. He needs his rest." Venom huffs but doesn't argue, admitting silently that the sooner the Spider is better, the sooner they can play.
Eddie shakes his head and starts collecting the dirty bandages and cloths and bowls. The shredded top of Spiderman's suit gets bagged up, for the hero to do with as he likes once he wakes up. When it comes to the extracted bullet, Eddie hesitates, not quite wanting to throw it away. He can't explain why, but he decides to put it in a small trinket box on the bedside table instead.
Once the room is as tidy as can be, Eddie's-and Venom's-attention returns to their bed, and its current occupant.
"Help me strip the bedding, he can't lay on that all night." Eddie asks, already tugging at the corners to loosen it.
"Are you sure you don't want me to strip something else?" Venom nudges Eddie's focus to Peter's body, specifically to his still clad legs. The muscles showing to excellent advantage in the bright, red and blue skin-tight suit.
Eddie reaches out a hand to touch but stops himself before making contact. "No V, not like this. He deserves better." Venom subsides with a grumble but accepts his host's point of view. By then Eddie has the soiled bedding bunched up around Peter's prone form. "Little help, love?" is all Eddie needs to say before the symbiote extends a few thick tentacles, sliding them carefully under Peter's body. With slow deliberate movements, the smaller man's body is gently lifted a foot into the air, enough for Eddie to pull the bed sheets out from under him. The mattress is a mess too, so they shift the limp body across to the other side, closest to the stairs.
Eddie sighs at the large red stain, "Guess we need a new one V. Damn, I really like this one too." He shakes his head as he bags up the ruined bedding, chucking it towards the stairs to take down to the garbage shute later.
"We'll get a new one, maybe one of those remember foam onesss..." Venom hisses in anticipation. The TV adverts really did make it sound great. "Memory foam, V. Memory foam" Eddie chuckles at the symbiote's pout. He did have a point though, they had been thinking about getting a memory foam mattress for a while now, but always put it off with Eddie's insistence that theirs was fine for the moment. Maybe an online order should be placed soon.
Grabbing a clean set of bed sheets from the bottom of their wardrobe, the pair carefully reversed their earlier actions in picking Peter up to put clean bedding on the bed. The spider barely murmured when he was tucked in. No kiss, even with Venom's strong insistence.
Knowing that the kid will probably be out for hours, if not until midday at least, Eddie deems it safe to shower in the on-suite. Part of him thinking that at least they'll hear if the young man is in distress. With no more delay, Eddie and Venom duck into the bathroom, quickly shirking their soiled clothing. Venom tsks at the stains, but Eddie reassures him that he can clean the blood and dirt out of their favourite jeans, the t-shirt was just a cheap plain one, nothing to get upset about if they throw it out. Turning the shower on to warm up, Eddie takes a second to check himself in the mirror.
The blood at his temple stands out stark against his paler than usual skin. Testament to the fear they felt earlier, either for themselves or for Peter, Eddie isn't sure. A thin tendril appears over his shoulder and reaches up to caress the small graze at his temple, as Venom's head appears over the other. "I am sorry Eddie, truly. You should not have been hurt..." Venom looks as downcast as his big white eyes let him. Eddie turns slightly to pull the floating head to his lips, giving it a chaste kiss between his eyes. "It's fine V, there was nothing you could do, that gun-thing, it was killing you, killing us." Eddie continues to stroke the head, just as the tendril strokes his own, cleaning up the blood and making sure there was no permanent damage. The wound was small and would heal by morning.
The building steam on the mirror indicates the shower is at their preferred temperature. With a quick look out the door to make sure Peter is still sleeping, Eddie closes it so it's barely open a crack, before stepping in to the bath and pulling the curtain closed behind him.
The large shower head can be adjusted to change the pressure of the spray. Eddie puts it on full blast to clean off the muck and grime from the night, before turning it to a gentle shower as he soaps up his hair. Venom takes over this bit, loving how the soapy suds feel in the short black strands of his host's head. His tentacles massaging the human's scalp, eliciting small sighs from Eddie. Venom then moves on to his body, rubbing soap into his shoulders, giving a massage before he moves down his back and chest simultaneously. Venom manages to brush and rub Eddie's nipples a couple of times before the host realises what the symbiote has planned. "Really V? Peter could wake up and-" His protests are silenced with a gasp when he feels Venom grip his hardening cock with a tentacle. Moaning as the tentacle starts up a slow stroke, Eddie puts his hands on the wall in front of him and looks down, enjoying the sight as much as the sensation.
Venom is still playing with his nipples, with a large tentacle curling around his hip from his back and encircling his now-hard member. Moaning again, Eddie closes his eyes as he concentrates on sensations only his symbiote can bring him. "Shhhh..." Venom sighs in his ear. Pressing a thick tendril against Eddie's lips until they part, he quickly gags the humans. "You'll wake the spider; we can't have that. We don't want him walking in and seeing you like this, begging and wet for him." Venom teases, knowing the thought of Peter catching him likes this is a big turn on for Eddie.
Eddie moans again around the black gag, the idea of Peter's lithe body, wet and pliant under his hands causing his dick to twitch. The tentacle tightens slightly around him, stopping its rubbing motion. Eddie whines as the friction stops, but his breathing soon picks up again as he feels another finger thin tendril begin poking at his back entrance, rubbing at the puckered skin but not quite entering. "Poor, poor Eddie, so pent up. What is a Venom to do?" The head whispers into Eddie's ear, a shiver of excitement running up the human's spine. He tries to move back, searching for that first penetration, but the tendril just moves with him.
Eddie whines again in frustration, the noise muffled around Venom's gag. The alien licks along Eddie's throat, earning another moan as his drags his fangs along the thin skin over his Adam's apple. Pulling his gag out, he gives Eddie a chance to catch his breath. "Please V, please." Eddie begs, panting now with how much he wants to cum. "Such a good hossst." Venom hisses, moving his head to sit in front of Eddie's, his tongue darting deep into Eddie's mouth, effectively gagging him again. Kissing back for all he's worth, Eddie's enthusiasm is rewarded when the tendril at his hole slides in, inch by inch. As amazing as it feels to finally have penetration, it isn't enough, in size or movement. Thrusting his hips back, Eddie whines again, desperate for something, anything as the one in his ass and around his cock just sit there.
Venom finally takes pity, his tendril in Eddie's hole seeking out and rubbing that special knot of nerves, eliciting a moan from the human. As he feels his host struggling to keep his feet under him, Venom covers his human's legs, keeping them straight and upright. Finally, finally the tentacle around Eddie's hard cock starts to move, slowly at first but soon setting a rough pace, matching the one in his ass. Barely a minute passes before a groan builds in Eddie's throat. That delightful pressure beginning to pool in his gut as he rushes to his orgasm. Venom would usually tease and hold off giving him that sweet release, at least for another half hour. But tonight, he wants to give his host what he wants, what he needs, for being so understanding. "Come for me, Eddie..." The symbiote purrs, and Eddie obliges. His hot seed spurting out in thick globs as his hips keep thrusting, a moan rumbling around Venom's thick tongue. When he's spent and shivering with aftershocks of pleasure, Venom retracts his tongue and all his tentacles carefully, leaving Eddie gasping for air, his head joining his hands against the cool tiles under the shower head.
Venom finishes washing him up, not without teasing his sensitive areas, making Eddie shiver again. When the host is clean, Venom takes over his body enough to get them out of the shower and wrapped in a towel. Staggering out of the bathroom, they note that Peter hasn't moved an inch since they left him. Grabbing some pyjama bottoms and a t-shirt from their chest of drawers, the pair quickly dry off and change in the bathroom, then retreat downstairs.
Eddie turns the tv on, muted but with subtitles, for Venom to watch, as he grabs the super large blanket off the armchair, and covers himself on the sofa. He curls up, one hand on a tendril that Venom leaves out for this purpose. The symbiote's head rests on the back of the settee, watching the shopping channel with interest. Before Eddie completely drifts off, he gently tugs on the tendril, "V?"
"Yes Eddie?" Venom responds, already knowing what the human wants to say.
"Love ya V." Eddie mumbles, before closing his eyes and quickly falling into a deep sleep.
"I love you too Eddie." Venom replies, placing a kiss on his host's temple, just below the now vanishing graze. Eddie murmurs happily in his sleep, snuggling deeper into the blanket. Venom watches him for a little while, before glancing back up to the floor behind them, wondering how the spider will fit into their relationship, if at all.

Chapter Text

Eddie turns over only to have bright, glorious and god-awful sunlight pierce his eyelids. Groaning at the injustice of such large, un-curtained windows, Eddie rubs the sleep from his eyes. He feels like he only just got to sleep, but a quick look at his phone says it’s already past midday. Well shit, there goes breakfast. A mental check tells him that Venom is in his sort of half-sleep half-hibernation state inside his body, only alert for any danger or pain Eddie might suffer. It’s about as much privacy as Eddie gets since they bonded.
Standing up doesn’t feel quite so bad as he expected, his body having mostly been healed by his parasite.
Take that back! NOW!
Ok, okay, I'm sorry!
But his head still feels foggy. He definitely needs a good night’s sleep tonight.
Eddie ducks into the guest bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face, noting the dark bruises under his eyes from lack of sleep in the mirror.
Once he's washed up, shuffles into the kitchen area, Eddie checks the fridge to see what he can cook up. He sees meat, a lot of meat, and various vegetables…oh right, today’s stew-day Tuesday. Pulling all the ingredients out and putting them on the counter, Eddie rummages through the pan cupboard, and pulls out the largest pot he owns. It’s practically a cauldron. He's busy chopping up the steak into chunks, when Eddie feels the tingle that precedes Venom morphing out of his shoulder. A literal jaw-splitting yawn is Venom’s response to being sentient once more. “Morning beautiful. Sleep well?” Eddie chuckles at Venom’s scowl. He swears the symbiote loves to sleep more than a human.
Venom curiously leans over Eddie's shoulder to look at the gathered ingredients, sniffs and then scowls. “No need for that, V. Besides, this is for my stomach, not yours. You ate enough last night to last you a week you glutton.” Eddie mocks, a wide smile softening his words.
I can still taste everything you eat, and this will taste dead.” He grumbles, looking away from the chopped meat and waiting veg. Eddie doesn’t bother pointing out that he tastes everything the symbiote eats without complaint. Shaking his head, Eddie goes to make a start on chopping the onions, carrots and the rest of the veg, when he hears a cry from upstairs followed by whimpering.
Running upstairs, they see Peter has kicked off the covers, his bandaged chest and suit-clad legs bare and exposed. A flutter of want passes through the pair’s minds. Eddie makes his way to the side of the bed, noticing the pain etched on Peter’s face as he shakes his head, his fists gripping the covers underneath him as his legs continue to kick at an imaginary foe. Peter’s breath is coming in sharp gasps, sweat coats his skin. Eddie is about to try and wake him up when Peter’s voice stops him. “Anybody, someone, please please…I’m down here…please I’m stuck…please!” His voice breaks at the end, tears flowing down his cheeks. His movements become more violent and Eddie breaks out of his stunned silence, quickly moving to put one hand on the young man’s forehead, the other grabbing his hand, squeezing it lightly until Peter lets go of the bed sheet and grabs onto Eddie forearm instead, his grip tight and bruising. “Peter, you’re fine, you’re ok, you’re safe.” Eddie rambles, stroking the sweat slick hair back from Peter’s forehead, he makes shushing noises.
Eventually Peter calms down, subsiding into a more relaxed state, his nightmare over. Once his breathing evens out again, Eddie goes to grab the bed spread off the floor but stops, realising Peter still has a tight grip on his arm. Smiling slightly to himself, Eddie brushes his fingers over the back of Peter’s slender hands, before gently pulling away. Moving quickly to grab the sheets, Eddie covers the relaxed boy again, tucking him in tightly. One last stroke to his hair and then Eddie makes his way back downstairs.
Venom has been silent the whole time, but once Eddie is back at the counter chopping the remaining veg, Venom’s head reappears over Eddie’s shoulder. “Eddie…
“Mmm…yeah V? What’s up?” Eddie mumbles, concentrating on not slicing his fingers.
Are you happy, Eddie?” The symbiote asks. Eddie takes a second to process the question before studying the hovering head.
“Of course, V, why wouldn’t I be?” Eddie responds, a confused smile hovering around his lips. Venom looks away, his gaze wandering back upstairs for a moment. Eventually he turns back to Eddie, sadness in his eyes.
The spider would make a fine mate. Perhaps you want him more than me…” Venom’s gaze drifts again.
Eddie is stunned silent, then a short sharp laugh escapes, almost a bark. “V, what are you talking about? I love you babe, and only you. Why would you say something like that, huh?” He grabs the symbiote’s head, forcing the white eyes to look at him.
Because I know what you feel for the spider, what you want from him. You don’t just want to mate, you want to be with him…” Venom’s defeated tone pierces Eddie to the core, and then images and sounds are pushed into his mind from the symbiote. Eddie gently stroking Peter's hair. Eddie stopping Venom from touching the spider. Eddie telling Venom that Peter deserves better...better than them... Understanding hits Eddie like a punch to the face. He pushes his love through their bond, reinforcing his next words. “Whatever I want from Peter, it won’t replace us. No one can ever replace you, V. No-one, I won’t let them. If Peter can’t accept that…then he’s not the guy for us.” Eddie’s reluctance isn’t lost on the symbiote, but neither is his determination to not let Peter get between them.
I love you Eddie.” Venom sighs, his fears pacified for the time being.
“I love you too, V. Always.” Eddie seals the promise with a small kiss to the symbiote’s face where his nose would be if he had one and pushes all his love through their connection. Venom purrs at the affection and gives a small lick to Eddie’s cheek.
The symbiote then settles around Eddie’s shoulders and chest, spreading to cover him like a lover. Eddie sighs happily as he carries on chopping and throwing things into the large pot. Venom, enjoying the emotions being passed to him through his bond with Eddie, watches as the host then makes a start on homemade bread, something he never would have done before Venom.
Even though Venom doesn’t like the taste of a lot of human food, he does appreciate the smells; and the actions of making bread, specifically the kneading part, always makes Venom think of punching and ripping apart bad people. Eddie just likes the taste of fresh-baked bread, especially with stew. Leaving the dough to rise, he wanders into his office, booting up his all-in-one PC. It’s not technically a workday for them, but they had a few emails that needed a response yesterday, and some research into their next assignment from Jameson to start. Half an hour passes quickly, and soon they head back into the kitchen to finish preparing the bread dough, shaping it into a rough oval on a tray. They’re no Paul Hollywood, but it’ll do. After putting the loaf into the oven to bake, they set a timer for the bread, and Eddie makes his way back into his office.
Browsing through various websites, and with a few comments from Venom, they finally place an order for a new mattress. It's way more than they should spend, but they deserve a treat, even going so far to pay extra for it to be delivered the next day. By the time the order is paid for and delivery arranged, the timer goes off for the bread. Pulling it out of the oven to cool, they check the simmering stew, giving it a quick stir and then a taste. Adding some salt and a bit of pepper, Eddie is satisfied and adds some chopped potatoes and a couple sachets of cup-a-soup to thicken it up. The recipe is an old family one, and usually includes dumplings, but Eddie forgot to buy suet.
After some internal deliberations, Eddie decides to head upstairs to keep an eye on Peter. Pulling a chair over to the side of the bed, Eddie settles himself down with a book as Venom melds back into him. Nothing romantic this time…sort of, but it has shapeshifters and that always tickles Venom's literary taste buds. The lack of sleep takes its toll, and Eddie drifts off in the chair barely halfway through a chapter, Venom having already drifted off into his 'sleep' 3 pages ago.
Eddie jerks awake from the internal yelling of his name. "Wha-what's happening?" He mumbles, wiping drool from the corner of his chin and knocking the forgotten book off his lap.
Our spider is waking up. Venom replies, still inside of the host. Looking over to the bed, Eddie sees Peter's eyes fluttering as the teen struggles back to consciousness. Moving over to the side of the bed, Eddie strokes the hair back from Peter's forehead again, noticing his temperature has gone down now. "Hey, Pete. How ya feeling?"
His question is met with confusion until Peter's eyes properly focus on the older man's face.
Peter's eyes eventually focus on Eddie, his eyes scrunching slightly as he puzzles out the question. "Uh...ok I guess...Mr Brock? Where am I, and what-what are you doing here?" Peter struggles to sit up, as soon as he moves a sharp double pain flares through his shoulder and stomach. Gasping at the sensation, he clutches his stomach and collapses back against the pillows, taking shallow breaths as he fights the waves of pain.
"Whoah! Kid don't try to move, it's not even been 24 hours yet. You only got stitched up like..." He glances to the clock and does some quick maths. "12 hours ago. You need to rest. Here let me help you sit up at least." He moves the spider into a sitting position, with the help of a few plump pillows behind him, and a couple more gasps of pain. Peter takes a second to compose himself, glancing at Eddie from under his lashes whilst looking around the room. Eddie's small cough brings Peter's attention back to the older man. "To answer your first question, you're at my apartment, which should also answer your second question I guess." He smiles, one hand rubbing the back of his neck. "Look, I'll answer any and all questions you have, but you must be starving, right?" A small nod from Peter confirms this. "Let me go grab some grub for us and we can chat, ok? I've got some meds you need to take too. Be right back Pete." And with that he jumps up, almost running downstairs.
Peter follows Eddie's movements to the staircase, his gaze then drawn behind him over the half wall, to the giant windows letting in the evening sunlight. Peter tries to think back to last night, but all he can remember is trying to save that black monster thing, kicking some thug-ass, sharp and agonising pain, then nothing. Nothing to explain why he's in Eddie Brock's apartment, let alone his bed. Wait...he's in Eddie Brock's apartment...he's in Eddie Brock's bed...he's in EDDIE BROCK'S BED! What the hell?! Eddie-freaking-Brock, the freelance-journalist hunk he's been crushing over for like a year, and he- Peter Parker- is lying in his bed. He feels a blush bloom in his cheeks at the thought, and realises his chest is bare under the bandages. Checking under the covers, he sighs when he realises that his legs are still clad in his Spiderman pants.
His Spider-suit...he's wearing his Spider-suit, or what remains if it...Crap! Eddie Brock now knows he's Spiderman?! What happened last night? Panic starts to pulse through him, his distress clear on his face by the time Eddie returns with a laden tray, a small smile touching his lips as he concentrates on not dropping anything. When he looks up, Eddie realises the injured hero is practically hyperventilating, his face even whiter than before. Moving swiftly to put the tray down on the bedside table, Eddie looks Parker over for any obvious signs for the young man's panic. "Hey, what's wrong? Are you in pain? I have pills for that. Or is it something else? Talk to me Peter, what's up?" The concern is thick in his voice as he tries to make eye contact with Peter, who can barely meet his eyes.
"I-I-I... y-y-you..." Eddie just nods at these stuttered attempts at a sentence, the warmth Peter sees in his eyes calms him enough to blurt out, "Pleasedonttellanyoneimspiderman!" Eddie takes a second to process what is apparently a garbled sentence, before understanding hits him.
"Ah, that's what's worrying ya. Don't worry Pete, your secret is safe with me." Eddie smiles and winks at the flustered teen, a flash of white in Eddie's eyes.
Wait...That goop monster last night...Mr Brock was inside it! Peter suddenly bolts upright, "You! You were...that thing! I saw it, you...You ate that guy!" Eddie blushes in embarrassment and looks away. Venom slowly reveals himself out of Eddie's shoulder, Peter's eyes widening at the sight. "Hello, little Spider." Venom starts to move closer, stopping when Eddie says, "Not now V, please." Eddie passes Peter a glass of water and watches the teen down the lot before collapsing back into the pillows. His eyes darting between the large whites of Venom, and the greeny-blues of Eddie.
Eddie puts a tray with a bowl of stew and a chunk of bread in Peter's lap. "Eat, and we'll talk after. You need to build up your strength if you want to get better, and the doc said you should eat with your meds. Here, I made stew and bread. I uh...hope you like it." Eddie blushes again. The red in his cheeks is endearing, and just adds fuel to the simmering flames of lust Peter forgot he felt for the older man.
Peter is then distracted by the tray placed over his knees. The rich smells coming from the bowl of meat and veg making his mouth water and stomach rumble, as does the hunk of still-warm bread sat next to it. He digs in without another word, enjoying the peculiar but delicious taste of the thick stew, the meat melting in his mouth and the vegetables cooked to perfection. He soaks up the left-over broth with the bread, and is licking his fingertips when he finally notices that Eddie is staring at him, specifically at his mouth and where his forefinger is still between his lips.
Eddie, realising he'd been caught staring, quickly finishes up his own bowl, his cheeks burning with embarrassment at being caught. He can feel Venom's amusement at the silent exchange between the humans. His lips would look good around our-
Not helping V! Eddie stops him, not even wanting to think about how Peter would look on his knees and- Nope! Not going there!
Turning his full attention back to Peter, Eddie asks if he would like another bowl, but Peter declines. He's already starting to feel sleepy now his hunger has been sated, and Eddie realises Peter's eyes are getting heavy. "Hey, don't go to sleep yet, you need to take these first." Eddie passes him a couple of pills, "Antibiotics, to stop infection." Eddie clarifies. Once Peter has downed them with a gulp of water, not even questioning the fact he just accepted pills from someone who is essentially a stranger -His school teachers and Aunt May would be appalled at this, after all the warnings he had as a kid about accepting sweets from strangers- Eddie holds out a pill bottle. "Here, these are for the pain. Doc said you could take as many as you wanted, considering your...advanced metabolism." Eddie leaves the pills with Peter while he collects the bowls and takes the laden tray, now much lighter, back downstairs.
Peter checks the label and decides to take just two for now. The pain is starting to bleed into his thoughts. He can hear Eddie downstairs in what must be the kitchen. The sound of a tap running, and cutlery and bowls clinking confirm this. He can hear Eddie humming a tune and mumbling to himself, too quiet to hear specifics. Peter slumps down in the pillows more to get comfortable, his stomach and shoulder throbbing but not too badly, and waits for Eddie's return.
Eddie cleans up and stores the leftovers in the fridge before heading back upstairs, thinking that he doesn't want to have dirty dishes on his mind whilst talking to Peter. But by the time he gets back to the small brunette, Peter is fast asleep. His mouth is slightly open, and the colour has returned to his face. Eddie watches him sleep for a bit -I must look like a right creep, but he just looks too damn cute- he tries to justify himself, as Venom also watches the young hero sleep. "Spidey looks better already. When can we playyy?" Venom's tongue dances in the air.
"Soon my love, if he wants to." Eddie replies, moving to tuck Peter in, pulling the covers up to his chin. Eddie takes a guilty pleasure moment, stroking the hair back from Peter's head, especially when Peter hums in his sleep and almost nuzzles into the touch. Stepping back before he does something stupid like kiss the guy, Eddie heads back downstairs with his discarded book and leaves Spiderman to rest.
Eddie is just beginning to drift off to some boring shopping channel on tv (Venoms favourite as usual) when Peter’s screams jerk them both to full alert. Practically flying up the stairs, Venom has already started taking over Eddie’s body when they realise the teen is having a nightmare again. They relax for a second until another scream destroys the quiet. Rushing over to the bed, Eddie mumbles soothing words and strokes Peter’s sweat soaked hair as Venom retreats to just a head at Eddie's shoulder.
The hero opens his eyes slowly and comprehension sinks in as he realises, he was just dreaming. “Hey, Pete, it’s okay it was just a bad dream, you’re safe, promise.” Eddie murmurs, smiling at the youngster as their eyes meet. Peter takes a second to look around and confirm he’s not trapped under tons of debris, relaxing into the soft covers once more when panic starts to grip him as Eddie makes to move away. “Wait…Mr Brock, could you…I mean…” He looks away, his cheeks starting to redden.
“Okay, no more of this Mr Brock, call me Eddie, okay?” He smiles, the teen meeting his eyes and a small smile touching the plump lips. “What’s up Peter, what do you need?” Eddie continues, trying hard not to think about those lips too much.
“It’s just…could you…stay? I-I don’t want to be alone…please?” Peter looks so hopeful and frightened that Eddie’s heart aches for him. The fear in his eyes is awful, and something Eddie and Venom don’t want to see anymore.
Of course, little Spider, we’ll ssstay.” Venom answers for them both, Eddie’s brain still having trouble processing the fact that Peter wants him to stay. Peter is barely phased by the floating talking head, his eyes only slightly widening as the symbiote replies to his question.
Speaking of…not only has Peter relaxed, but he’s also shuffled towards the middle of the bed and pulling back the covers slightly, clearly making room for the symbiotic pair. Woah, he wants us to actually stay with him, as in the bed and not just the room!
Of course he does, we are his protector now.
Eddie doesn’t bother to respond, instead he lifts the covers enough for him to get under, fully dressed -no V, we are not going to be sleeping naked with him tonight- and lays down next to the kid. He’s barely pulled the covers over and laid down before Peter is right there and curling up against them! His arm resting lightly over Eddie’s stomach, and his head tucking under Eddie’s chin.
Eddie can hardly breathe with the emotions roaring through him, no thanks to Venom, who keeps pushing all sorts of dirty thoughts through their bond. Eventually he decides to wrap an arm around the youngster’s shoulders and is immediately rewarded by a contented sigh from Peter. Soon enough the kids breathing evens out once more as he drifts off. Eddie carefully pulls the covers up higher, and relaxes against the pillows, placing a small kiss to the top of Peter’s head.
Well this isn’t a bad way to end the day, right V?
I can think of better ways…much better waysss. The symbiote replies, but he doesn’t bother to elaborate, for which Eddie is grateful. Instead the symbiote wraps himself around Eddie’s and Peter’s shoulders, and with a contented sigh of his own, Eddie soon drifts off into a dreamless slumber.

Chapter Text

Eddie wakes up with a warm weight on his chest, not uncomfortable, just not something he's had in a while. It takes a second for the night before to come back to him, but when it does his eyes fly open and he glances down. Peter is still tucked up against him, one arm slung across Eddie's chest. Eddie's arm has gone a little numb under Peter's head, but he doesn't care.
Smiling at the Peter's sleeping face, he takes a minute just to enjoy the moment. The hero looks even younger in his sleep, all troubles wiped from his features., Then his bladder twinges painfully, alerting him it's reached capacity. A mental check confirms Venom is still in his own sleep state, the symbiote's mind a slowly shifting miasma of feelings and thoughts. Slowly, and with great care, Eddie extricates himself from under Peter, and from under the covers. Peter mumbles something and snuggles into the covers, taking a deep breath before drifting off again, his brows coming together briefly in a frown at the missing warmth. Regret fills Eddie and having to leave Peter, but he's really gotta pee!
Padding quietly into the on-suite, Eddie empties his bladder with a long sigh. He forgoes a shower this morning, instead just washing his face in the sink and brushing his teeth, glancing out the door to check Peter is ok every now and then. One last glance at the sleeping form as Eddie makes his way downstairs to the kitchen, his stomach now awake and grumbling at him. He can feel Venom slowly waking up too, hunger always being a wake-up alarm for the symbiote, regardless of how many heads he's eaten recently.
Leaving the coffee machine to brew a fresh pot, Eddie starts grabbing ingredients for pancakes, mixing the batter whilst black, delicious caffeine trickles into the glass jug. By the time the batter is lump free and ready to be poured, the coffee is ready. Filling a mug with the hot stuff, he takes a tentative sip, burning his tongue. Even Venom can appreciate a fine brew, the caffeine being an interesting mix of chemicals for the symbiote to taste. By the time Eddie is half-way through his first mug, leaning against the kitchen counter, Venom has appeared over his shoulder and is nudging Eddie's chin like a cat. "Morning sunshine, sleep well?" Eddie chuckles, placing a kiss on the symbiote's forehead.
"Of courssse, our Spider was with usss." Venom grins, his happiness bleeding through to Eddie. Eddie smiles, finishes his mug of coffee and makes a start on the pancakes.
Whilst the first one is sizzling in the pan, Eddie grabs the rest of the ingredients from the fridge, mainly bacon, but also blueberries, raspberries, a can of whipped cream, and a couple other bits from the cupboards like maple and chocolate syrups. Venom has a ridiculous sweet tooth.
Peter wakes up with the smell of food cooking, his mouth watering as his stomach rumbles loudly. Reaching out blindly with one hand, Peter isn't sure what he's searching for, until his fingers fail to touch a solid, warm body. Disappointment flashes through him when he realises he's alone in bed, but the thought of food has him opening his eyes and looking around blearily. Along with his rumbling stomach, Peter realises he has an insane need to use the bathroom, and a quick glance around tells him there's an on-suite. Thank Thor!
Wincing as his wounds twinge at sudden movement, Peter staggers into the bathroom on unsteady legs, and makes a deposit into the porcelain bank. Washing his hands and splashing water on his face, Peter feels better already, but the smell of food drags him from the bathroom and to the balcony wall. Looking downstairs he can See Eddie clattering about, putting out bowls of fruit onto the breakfast bar, watching a pancake sizzle with one eye whilst mumbling to the black head that's connected to his back like some strange conjoined twin. Not the strangest thing he's seen sure, but still pretty strange, at least in the top 10.
Peter's mouth waters again and he takes the stairs down one at a time, keeping a firm grip on the handrails as he doesn't quite trust his legs not to give out. As he makes it to the first landing, a noise must alert the man and the alien, as they both glance up at him at the same time, a little bit creepy he'll admit.
"Hey! How ya feelin' Pete?" Eddie asks, already coming out the kitchen to stand at the bottom of the stairs, ready in case Peter stumbles or falls.
"Umm...Better thanks." Peter goes to say more, but his eyes focus on what Eddie is wearing. Specifically, the apron he's wearing that says, 'Kiss The Chef'. Peter blushes and looks away, his mind and body reminding him of his superbigcrush on the journalist in front of him. Pushing away any and all thoughts along those lines, Peter shuffles towards a barstool, stealing little glances at the big white eyes unblinkingly watching him. Eddie's hand hovers behind his back for support should he need it, not quite touching him. Eventually Venom retreats inside Eddie, giving the pair a modicum of privacy.
Once he's seated, Eddie quickly moves back to the pancake currently frying, and flips it before it gets too dark. Whilst the other side cooks, Eddie moves the pot of fresh coffee over to the breakfast bar, along with another mug for Peter. He also grabs a sugar bowl and cream in case the kid wants extras. For himself, he forgoes another cup of coffee for now and instead pulls out a carton of OJ and two glasses, filling both up. By then the last pancake is ready to be added to a large stack on one of two plates, already stacked high with pancakes. The bacon has also finished frying and he transfers it to a plate with kitchen towel on to drain the fat. Turning the hobs off and hanging up his apron, Eddie moves the laden plates over to the breakfast counter before coming around to sit next to Peter.
Peter's eyes bulge at the amount of food available, and he quickly starts throwing toppings on his pancakes with Eddie's enthusiastic "Dig in!". Peter wolfs down the food like he hasn't eaten in a week, his metabolism having burnt up last night's meal to help with the healing. He only stops shovelling food down his throat to take a gulp of juice, coughing as it goes down the wrong hole. Eddie gently rubs his back as he struggles to regain his composure, and he's soon digging into the food again.
Eddie eats his stack more slowly, too busy watching the teen pack the food away like it's no big deal. When Peter has slowed down his attack on the food, Eddie coughs lightly, "So uh...Spider-Man huh?" He glances at the teen out of the corner of his eye, watching at Peter goes still, a fork full of pancake midway between his mouth and the plate.
Putting his full fork down, Peter takes a deep breath, trying to steady his nerves, briefly glancing up at Eddie from underneath his lashes, his face pale once again. "Umm yeah...about that, please, please don't tell anyone. I need to keep it secret, to keep my aunt and friends safe."
Eddie turns to fully look at the kid, noting his panic and the wild-animal-caught-in-headlights look. "Hey, don't worry about it, ok? We're the best at keeping secrets." Eddie responds, as Venom decides to come out again. "Your secret is safe with usss, little Spider." His deep voice rumbles.
Peter jumps and turns so he's fully facing the pair. His eyes dart between blue eyes filled with concern, and big white eyes that show no emotion as far as Peter can tell. "Wow ok, so he uh...he just lives inside of you, and pops out whenever he wants?" He asks, licking his lips nervously, his food completely forgotten.
Venom moves closer to Peter, "I can, little Spider. I am always with Eddie, he is mine." Eddie doesn't fail to notice the possessive note in Venom's statement. Mentally rolling his eyes he strokes the back of Venom's head, "Calm down V, of course I'm yours." When Venom is certain Peter gets the message, he retreats back into Eddie, placated.
Peter realises he's still staring when Eddie coughs lightly, and quickly looks away. "That is..." Eddie frowns in worry slightly, holding his breath as he awaits Peter's reaction to the symbiote, when he notices a blush creeping up into Peter's cheeks. "Dude that is so cool!" Eddie is stunned for all of 2 seconds, before a small laugh bubbles out of him, which turns into a full-throated laugh. Peter smiles at the older man and begins to chuckle himself but stops with a gasp as pain spasms through his stomach. "Ha, ha-Ow ow owwwww, forgot I was shot...twice. How am I not dead anyways?" Peter clutches his stomach, his breath coming in short gasps as he tries to inhale through the pain. Eddie has stood up, one hand suddenly on Peter's uninjured shoulder, the other brushing the bandages around Peter's stomach with a feather touch.
Even through the pain, Peter's brain points out how big Eddie's hands feel, how warm and strong they are. Not the time brain! He mentally kicks himself, instead focusing on Eddie's voice. "I called in a favour with a nurse, she stitched you up. Actually, that reminds me, she made me swore to make sure you take your meds." Eddie moves away to grab the pills and a glass of water. Peter already misses his hands, the strength he could feel under such a gentle touch. Wait what?
Handing him first one orange pill bottle and then the other, Eddie continues, "These should help with the pain, and these are to stop infection." He also passes Peter the glass of water. Humming in response, Peter quickly downs 2 pills from each bottle.
"Thank you, for...ya'know, saving me and all. Pretty sure I'd be dead if it wasn't for you." Peter looks away sheepishly, beginning to pick at his food again. Eddie smiles, and returns to his own plate.
"Don't worry about it Pete, you saved us first after all. If you hadn't jumped in and kicked arse, we would be dead. Or worse, separated." He feels Venom's sadness and anger at that, but also happiness and relief that it didn't come to pass. Don't forget last year, in that stinking cesspit that you humans call an "alleyway"
"Oh, and there was last year in the alley too." Eddie adds in passing.
Finishing off the remainder of his pancakes quickly, he stands up and collects the empty plates, taking them to the sink and running the hot water. "You-you remember that?" Peter asks from behind him. Eddie nods, his back still turned to the teen.
Peter is silent for another moment, before realisation slowly hits him. "Wait...was Venom with you then?" Another reluctant nod from Eddie, and Peter frowns in understanding. "So... you didn't actually need saving that night..." He sounds so deflated that Eddie takes pity on the younger man and turns to face him.
"No, but we appreciated it all the same. Besides, it's the thought that counts." Eddie smiles and winks at Peter when he catches his eye. Eddie turns back to the sink and starts scrubbing dishes, missing the blush that burns Peter's cheeks. He cost us a tasty meal that night...
Worth it for the view of him swinging away though, V.
Peter's heart thumps a little harder in his chest, and he feels a small flutter of hope. He watches Eddie for a little longer as he finishes up his last few bites of food, contemplating the recent events and revelations. When he's done, he moves the plate away, and realises he's still wearing his blood and dirt stained Spider-Man pants, and not much else. "Umm Mr Br- uh Eddie, could I uh...use the shower? I feel kinda gross." He asks, knowing he's already putting the guy out a lot, but seriously wanting to wash the dirt and grime off from the last couple days.
Yesss Eddie, and we could join him and wash him, and tease his h-
Not the time, V!
"Let me check with Claire!" Eddie bursts out, cutting off the thoughts that Venom had started to pour into his mind, and startling Peter with the outburst. He feels Venom's amusement, and mentally huffs at the symbiote. Grabbing his phone, he pulls up Claire's number and hits dial. A couple rings later and a grumpy, sleep filled voice asks, "Whaddya want now..."
Shit, she does not sound happy.
"Uh, hi Claire, sorry to call you again, just a quick question. Just need to know if it's ok for my uh, friend to have a shower?" He's started pacing in the area under the stairs, glancing at Peter every now and then.
"He's fine to shower, just no soaking in the bath or any submerging of any kind until he's fully healed. He won't need the bandages by now I guess, but if you have some adhesive pads or something, just cover the wounds with those. Oh, and the stitches can be left alone, I used dissolvable ones, like with wild animals. Saves him having to go to hospital to have them taken out."
Eddie blinks at that last bit. Huh, never even thought about that. "Thanks, Claire. 'preciate it." He hears a mumbled 'don't call me again' before the line goes dead. Looking up, he's sees the hopeful look on Peter's face. "Good news kid, a shower is in the cards, just no baths. I have some dressings we can use once you're dry too. Oh, and the stitches will dissolve over time." He knows he's sort of rambling, but he can't help it. "So, uh...I'll get you some towels." He heads upstairs and hears Peter shuffle silently along behind him.
When they reach the bathroom, Eddie starts up the shower and turns the temp down a bit, not wanting to give the kid 3rd degree burns. He suddenly remembers the last time he was in here, and all the traitorous thoughts he had, no thanks to Venom of course... Shaking his head, he pulls out a couple towels, and turns towards Peter. Eddie's breathing stops for a moment. Whilst he was busy getting the shower ready and finding towels, Peter had been taking off the bandages, and was just pulling the last one off with a grimace. Once again, Eddie is faced with a bare-chested Peter Parker and holy shit does he look great! Even with the bruises blooming in purples and browns around the red and puckered wounds, and the other minor cuts and scratches.
Peter's shoulders look broader without the spider-suit, the bright red-and-blue costume slimming on his figure. His chest is well defined and smooth of any hair. Further down and his stomach is muscled and gorgeous, even with the wound. His chiselled hips disappearing into what's left of his spider-suit. Amazing is all Venom says. Eddie quickly brings his eyes back up to Peter's, both blushing now after Eddie's thorough gaze. Silence starts to make things awkward between them, when Peter speaks up. "Crap, I need to phone Aunt May, she must be so worried!" Peter looks back into the bedroom for a landline or something, when Eddie coughs and holds out his cell-phone. "Here, use this."
Peter mumbles his thanks and quickly dials May's number. Eddie ducks out into the bedroom to give the kid privacy and goes downstairs to finish cleaning the kitchen. Once he's happy, he ducks into his office with another mug of coffee to check his emails, watching the news as his computer boots up and loads all his applications. A confirmation email from the mattress company has him smiling, and he goes back upstairs to strip the bed again. His cell-phone is sitting on the bedside table, the bathroom door closed and sounds of the shower in use drifting through the wood.
Dumping the used sheets in the laundry basket, he carries the old, soiled mattress -with Venom's help of course- downstairs to the apartment door. He contemplates letting the mattress company taking it away, but the big bloodstain would be hard to explain, instead he'll have to put it straight in the dumpsters tonight. Just as he's about to go back into his office, his intercom chimes. He buzzes the delivery guys up, and meets them at the elevator doors, signing the paperwork and reassuring the burley men that he can handle it from there. Shrugging, they don't argue and head back to the ground floor in the lift.
Venom once again helps Eddie carry the queen-sized mattress into their apartment. It's bulkier than their old one, but it's conveniently in a box, making it easier to grip and carry. As he reaches the top of the stairs, Peter emerges from the bathroom in a cloud of steam. His hair is wet and mussed up, water drips down his shoulders and bare chest, down along his stomach to his hands that are clutching a towel low around his slim waist.
Peter stops as he takes one step out of the bathroom, staring at the immobile Eddie, who's mouth hangs slightly open. Peter would be embarrassed if he wasn't busy ogling the older man. His arms are bulging in the slightly-too-tight black t-shirt he's wearing, that's lifted up with his arms, showing a sliver of toned, tanned stomach. Peter realises his own mouth hangs open when his eyes finally trail back up to meet Eddie's eyes. Both quickly close their mouths and look away, matching blushes on both.
He looks delicious. We should lick him and suck his-
Venom! Not right now man!
Moving over to the bed frame, Eddie starts to unbox the new mattress when a small cough brings his attention back to Peter.
"Umm, Eddie, sorry to ask, but uhh is there any chance I could borrow some clothes? I don't think my Spider-suit is wearable anymore..." He tentatively asks. Peter feels regret at losing the suit, but he was already working on a new and improved version at the Avengers HQ, so really it was gonna be retired soon anyways.
"Oh yeah sure. Not sure if any of my stuff will fit you properly ha-ha. But uhhh, I should have something for ya." Eddie rummages in his drawers for a bit and pulls out the smallest t-shirt he owns, which will still swamp the kid a bit, and a pair of jogging bottoms. They're miles too big but at least they can be tightened with the drawstrings.
Handing the folded clothes to the kid, he adds "There's sterile dressing pads under the sink, let me know if you need help putting them on." Peter mumbles a thanks and turns to head back into the bathroom. Eddie is about to turn away when he notices thick scars down the Peter's shoulders, they look almost like large scratches from a cat or bird. He has been in battle before. He is a warrior. A worthy mate for you, Eddie. Eddie hums in acknowledgement and turns back to the mattress, quickly unboxing it and settling it into the bed frame. He gives it a couple of test pushes before leaping onto it. Venom morphs over him just as they hit the bed, bouncing like a very large, monster-looking child. The symbiote spreads out his over-developed limbs, relishing in the softness beneath him, practically purring in delight. "This is perfect Eddie, thank you."
You're welcome, V.
He takes another couple of seconds to enjoy the sensation, before reluctantly sinking back inside Eddie, letting his host finish making the bed with fresh sheets. Peter comes out of the bathroom again as he's just smoothing out some creases. The kid has the t-shirt in his hands along with a couple of sterile pads.
"Feel better?" Eddie asks, briefly looking up and trying not to stare at the smaller man's bare torso.
"Yeah, thanks man. I needed it, and your water pressure is amazing!" Peter smiles, and Eddie smiles back.
"Do you umm...need help with those?" Eddie supplies, realising Peter isn't going to ask.
"Yes, please." The relief is obvious in Peter's voice, and Eddie quickly moves toward the kid, taking the pads and placing them gently over first the front shoulder-wound, and then moving around to place one on the back. His fingers lingering for a moment before he steps away.
After a short awkward silence, Eddie asks, "Fancy a game of Mario Kart?" A sly grin spreading across his face.
"Sure! Although I should warn you, I won't go easy on you, even if you are my elder."
"Ooh harsh, I was gonna take it easy on you with you being hurt and all, but not anymore. You're going down, Spider-Boy!"
"It's Spider-Man! Bring it on Grandpa." Peter retaliates, sticking his tongue out for extra effect. Eddie huffs a small laugh and heads downstairs, Peter following close behind. Loading up the game, Eddie passes a controller to Peter and selects VS mode. Venom decides to watch with his own eyes and emerges to hover over Eddie's shoulder. Peter only glances at him a couple times before focusing on the loading screen.
A few hours later, and evening is already darkening the sky, Autumn well in effect now. Eddie and Peter are on equal wins, and are becoming desperate, employing mischievous tactics to distract each other. Peter starts first, bumping his shoulder against Eddie's using a fraction of his super-strength to push the human against the side of the couch. Soon both men are laughing as they shoulder bump, trying to distract the other whilst also trying to focus on the TV-screen.
Venom decides to play dirty himself to protect Eddie's honour. Snaking around to hover just behind Peter's shoulder, he pushes his head against the other's, his tongue weaving in front of the kid. Peter is so focused on the screen that he doesn't notice at first, that is until Venom licks his cheek. Peter jumps and his eyes turn to the symbiote, who gives a cheeky wink before looking back at the tv. Peter blushes, the feeling of the alien's tongue not gross like he expected, but actually kinda nice. He looks back to the screen in time to see Eddie win the last race.
Eddie shouts, "Hell yeah! Take that Spider-Boy!" He throws an arm up in the air, not noticing when Venom retreats inside him. His grin is wide when he turns back to Peter, his eyes crinkling at the corners. Peter can't help but smile back and sighs dramatically. "Fine, fine you win old man." He laughs. Just then, both men's stomachs growl loudly, bringing their attention to the time.
"Well, guess it's dinner time. You ok with Pizza?" Eddie asks, already reaching for his phone.
"That would be great. I'll have a meat supreme with extra pepperoni." Peter replies, his mouth already watering at the thought of gooey cheese and spicy meats.
"Awesome, why don't you pick a movie while I call it in." Eddie replies, already moving away to make the call.
Peter gets up and looks through Eddie's collection, settling on Indiana Jones, because Harrison Ford.
The opening scene is playing as Eddie returns. "Good choice kid." He says, before settling on the other side of the couch. Peter has his feet up and is practically curled up against the armrest.
The movie is half an hour in before the doorbell chimes. Peter quickly pauses the movie as Eddie grabs his wallet and heads out. Rummaging in the kitchen for plates and glasses, Peter is just setting them down on the counter when Eddie returns with two huge pizza boxes. "I don't need a plate Pete. There's some Dr Pepper or juice in the fridge. The beers are off limits." He says, winking. Grabbing himself a beer, Eddie hands one of the boxes to Peter and drops back onto the couch, taking a swig of alcohol before opening his box and breathing deeply. "Ahhh that's the stuff."
Peter pours himself a drink and joins Eddie, pressing play on the movie before digging into his own slice of heaven. Eddie becomes temporarily distracted when he notices Peter holding a slice above his head, trying to catch an errant string of cheese with his tongue. Just as Peter catches it and starts sucking the golden goo into his mouth he moans, the sound going straight to Eddie's member. We can make him moan like that, Eddie...Make him moan as we thrust into-
Eddie inhales sharply, a piece of food getting sucked down the wrong pipe, and he ends up coughing, choking on his traitorous meal. Peter looks at him concerned but Eddie is already taking a swig of his beer, washing the food down. He can feel Venom silently laughing at him, enjoying this game he's started.
They finish eating and relax back against the sofa, both sighing at their full bellies. By the time the credits are rolling, Peter has been hiding jaw-cracking yawns for at least 10 minutes. Eddie silently passes him the meds again. "Take these then go to bed Pete, you need rest." Eddie gets up to start cleaning away the small mess. Peter nods tiredly whilst swallowing the pills.
"Wait, where are you gonna' sleep?" He asks, a sliver of anticipation lacing his words.
"The couch of course, you go on up Kid. I'll be here if you need anything." Eddie replies, moving into the kitchen, not seeing the flash of disappointment on Peter's face.
We should join him in our new bed, Eddie.
No, V. Peter needs to heal, and he'll probably be more relaxed without us in bed next to him. Besides, he probably doesn't even want us like that.
Venom huffs but doesn't bother arguing. His host can be dumb at times, but he won't push the matter. Not yet.
Peter heads up the stairs without another word, puzzling over why he feels disappointment. He slips beneath the sheets with a sigh, his whole body relaxing into the memory foam. Faint noises drift up from below, where Eddie is cleaning up and then settling onto the sofa. Thinking about Eddie has Peter wide awake again. Specifically, Eddie in the skin-tight black t-shirt, hefting the heavy mattress, his muscles bunching and bulging. Peter thinks about what it would be like to be held in those strong arms, the large hands touching him, on the shoulders, moving down across his chest, then his stomach before going lower to press against his-
Whoah, wait, hang on a moment!
Peter shakes the thoughts out of his head. He can't think like that, especially if he doesn't want to end up jerking off in the journalist's bed. Now that's a thought, knowing that he had marked Eddie's bed, leaving a part of himself, a stain, just waiting for Eddie to see...
Stop it brain!
Peter forces his mind to think about old ladies in bathing suits, his half-hard member twitching.
When he has control of himself again, he turns over, wincing when both his wounds twinge at the movement. Another couple of scars to add to his building collection. Peter sighs at the unhappy thought. Eventually he falls asleep to the quiet sound of the tv on downstairs, the noise soothing him as he thinks of Eddie and Venom watching over him while he sleeps. His protector, and a lethal one at that.