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us, until here

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September 17, 2019


1:29 am


i msis you
1:31 am


SO nuch
1:32 am


do yu msis me too?
1:36 am


i h ope you do
1:39 am









I'm sorry.
10:42 am


It won't happen again.
10:43 am

September 23, 2019


Jinhyuk and Sejin announced their engagement tonight.
11:22 pm


Just thought I'd let you know.
11:25 pm


October 2, 2019


kim WoOsks!! !n !!?'?
12:24 am


its octovber now
12:25 am

i habte ocktober
12:28 am


it remidnds me of you
12:31 am



October 11, 2019


I said it won't happen again, but
I have a confession to make.
9:32 pm


You know, I got you a ring too.
9:40 pm


9:41 pm


Saved a lot to buy you that one.
9:43 pm



Too bad I wasn't able to give it to you, huh?
9:47 pm



October 19, 2019


Saw a cat on the way home tonight.
9:30 pm


Oh, I'm not drunk by the way.
9:33 pm



October 27, 2019


Happy Birthday, Seok-ah.
12:01 am


12:04 am


First birthday we're not celebrating together.
12:05 am








1:47 am







Come back.
1:49 am







Baby please.
2:03 am







Come back to me.
2:04 am


October 28, 2019



Seungsik called me today.
8:17 pm


Told me I should stop doing this.
8:18 pm

Begged me to stop messaging you like this.
Said it's unhealthy.
8:20 pm

Should I stop?
8:32 pm


November 4, 2019


I can't.
11:24 pm



I don't think I'll ever can.
11:27 pm


December 24, 2019


It's been a year.
12:07 am


February 17, 2020


Tell me
Will it ever stop hurting?
3:37 am



August 3, 2020


Finally visited you today.
6:27 pm



September 2, 2020


Had lunch with your mom today.
Shared with me a few words.
4:41 pm


Told me those who are left behind are tasked to carry on with their lives.
4:43 pm


No matter how difficult it could be.
4:44 pm



And that I should try.
4:47 pm


She said 
You would've wanted me to smile again.
4:50 pm


September 15, 2020


I'll try.
5:09 am


April 17, 2021


I am trying.
8:43 pm


October 27, 2021


Happy birthday, love.
Hope you liked the flowers I got you today.
11:52 pm



October 28, 2021 


I'm sorry.
Those will be the last ones from me.
12:02 am


But I've grown some on my skin,
For all the flowers I want but will never be able to give you.
12:04 am


I'll carry you always with me.
12:05 am




Until our next lifetime together.
12:07 am