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It's Always Been You

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The creaking of their bed can be heard through these thin-ass walls. The moaning certainly doesn’t help. Almost everything can be heard from here. My eyes widen when I hear a third voice. Okay, so Mina’s in there, obviously Kirishima is, who’s the other guy?


Ugh, this is so unfair! That should be me getting rawed from the front and back!


I cup my chin in my palm as I slouch over in annoyance. Tetsu walks in and closes the door behind him with his foot. He plops down on the mattress beside me and shoved a large red bowl full of popcorn, not seeming to care that some kernels have spilled onto the carpeted floor. I take it and set it in my lap without glancing his way.


“I can’t believe you live with this every day,” I groan and set the bowl aside, flopping onto my back. “Fuuuuck, I can’t even eat! Those assholes made me lose my appetite!”


Tetsu reaches over me and takes the popcorn for himself, stuffing his face. I guess he’s so accustomed to the mess on the other side that he just doesn’t have anymore capacity to complain. Well, lucky him.


“Why can’t that be meeeeee?” I whine.


He loudly sucks the butter off his finger. I roll my eyes and grab his pillow as I drop it onto my face, screaming into it. His knee nudges mine, and I know he’s trying to comfort me, but now’s about the worst time to do so.


“What, getting stuffed on both ends? It’s probably not all that cracked up as people make it to be. Bet Mina’s gonna be aching for a week.”


I roll my eyes. How can he be so dense? Must be a virgin. Not that I’m surprised. I mean, hell, I am, too, but, still. “Easy for you to say. You’ve never been attracted to anybody, ever.”


“Uhhhh, not true, but okay.” He downs the rest of the bowl. There’s so much butter in the serving that it dribbles down his chin and Adam’s apple, just as he turns to face me. I gulp and avert my eyes.


“So you have someone in mind who you’d fuck into oblivion?”


He shrugs and sets the bowl on the desk across from him. “Not unless she wanted me to.”


I sit up. Okay, now he’s got my interest. I decide to pry deeper. “So, who’s the special girl? Did she go to UA?”


Tetsu side-eyes me. “Yeah.”


“Wh- What was that look for?” I lean back and place a hand on top of my chest, feigning offense.


He shakes his head and mumbles something I can’t quite hear. Just as I lean in to try and get a better listen, he says, “I don’t know why you think it’s any of your business, anyway.” He rises from the mattress and grabs the bowl with him.


Oh, fuck no. He isn’t getting away that easily. I enlarge my hand and jolt it forward so that it’s blocking the door. His shoulders drop with defeat.


“Just drop a name and I’ll let you go. I promise.”


“Let me go.”


I furrow my brow and start to walk up behind him. “Gimme a name, TT...”


He turns toward me, wearing an irritated expression on his face. The corner of his mouth twitches downward in annoyance. My eyes study his. I’m desperate to find any sign that he might give in and spill the deets.


“A name, Tetsu? You can’t even gimme that?” I allow my hand to return to normal size. Just when he thinks he has a chance to escape, I slam my hands firmly against the door on either side of his shoulders. “TET!”


But he doesn’t budge. In fact, he’s just growing more and more irritated. I can see it from the way his jaw tightens as he exhales loudly. When we go head to head like this, which isn’t in any way a rare occurrence, it’s like staring directly into the eyes of a dragon. His pupils are shaped more like very thin rhombus-shaped slits than anything else. The silver hue surrounding his brown irises are startlingly beautiful. I don’t really look at him very often, but - in a really strange yet unique way - he’s breathtaking.


“Answer me this: why do you wanna lose your virginity so badly?” He crosses his large arms over his wide chest and tilts his head to the side, some white tendrils of his hair resting against his cheek. It’s almost endearing.


Wait, did he really just call me out like that? The FUCKER! I smash my knuckles against the wooden surface behind him. “What makes you think I’m a virgin?!”


He rolls his eyes, tongue in cheek as an smirk fights its way onto his face. “Just a wild guess, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the fact that you know nothing about what sex really feels like, and you act like it’s all so great and only pleasure.” I gulp as Tetsu pushes away from the door, walking toward me while I keep taking steps back. “Sometimes, there’s pain.” His eyes rake up and down my body steadily. “If that’s what the partner wants.”


I feel the edge of his desk poke at my back. I grip it behind me for support as he leans closer. Sweat builds by my temple while the proximity between us has almost disappeared. Tetsu slams both hands against the surface of the desk, situating himself between my thighs.


“And sometimes it feels fucking great,” he growls. “But you have to be able to take the pain to feel the pleasure.”


I turn my head away and clench my fists, trying to steady my heartbeat. He moves back just enough so that his breath isn’t tickling my neck. My pride has been long swallowed.


“W-what’s with this shift in mood a-all of a sudden?” I stammer as I hop onto the desk, reeling my leg back so I can nudge him back a bit with my foot. “Are you really that incapable of giving a name? I was just curious! I’ll take even a letter, if it’s that serious to you! I won’t tell her, o-or anyone else for that matter!” Sweat rolls down the back of my neck and disappears in my shirt. “Please, just...”


I try to slide away, but he grabs my wrist. “Tetsu-!”


“It’s you.”


My breath hitches in my throat. It’s as though time itself has stopped. My feet slide off the wood and my legs drop down lifelessly. The intensity in his eyes leaves no room for so much as a trace of humor. Saliva runs down my system as I swallow heavily.


“You’re joking...” I wish I could wake up from this dream any minute now. “All this time...?” His gaze draws a blank. “Why didn’t you ever say anything?”


He stands upright, looking down at me. His brow furrows. “You didn’t want me. You made that specifically clear the moment we get even slightly close. You clearly said you would never want to have sex with me.”


I slide off the desk as I glare up at him, incredulous. “That’s when I was a prissy, prude-ass high schooler, you asshole!” I shove him against his chest. He doesn’t even budge. “I wish you would’ve said something at graduation. But you’ve waited up until now, of course, when my hormones are arguably at their highest peak!” I throw my hands in throw and let them slap down against my thighs. “When I say I wish that were me, I don’t mean with Denki and Eijirou!” I shove him again. “You fucking idiot! I was speaking in general!” I hit at his chest without ever drawing my quirk. “Dumbass!” I ram my shoulder up against his stomach, realizing just how much shorter I am compared to him. “I hate you!”


Tetsu grabs hold of my wrists to stop me. I try to catch my breath as he walks me back over to the mattress. Reluctantly, I sit down with him, yet refuse to look him in the eye, despite our knees touching. His large hands rest on my smaller ones.


“I’m not the brightest lightbulb in the closet, Itsu,” he begins as his hands slide away from mine. “You said it yourself—I’m dense. I’m one of the most dense motherfuckers you’ll ever come across. So, I can’t take a hint, especially not from you.” I slowly glare his way. “Your emotions have been all over the place for as long as I’ve known you. Back then, you were so afraid to be intimate with anyone...I couldn’t bare to push that boundary you set for yourself.”


I avert my gaze once more, clenching my hands into fists as they rest on my knees. “Well, I want you now. Isn’t that enough?” I don’t face him, but I can hear the mattress shift under his weight. His hand reaches under my chin to turn my head towards his. “Am I too much for you now? Do you only think of the timid, sexually repressed girl I once was whenever you look at me?”


Tetsu shakes his head steadily. “I see a woman. A grown, beautiful, strong woman. A woman who doesn’t need a man to please her every need.”


“It isn’t just any man I want!” I shout, not even trying to push him away. “It’s always been you.” I jerk my chin out of his reach and glare down at the worn-out mattress top. “Always.”


He gently grips my chin and forces me to look back at him once more. His eyelids fall halfway as he leans into me, head tilted. Part of me wants to fight it, but deep down, I know I’ve been waiting for this moment. I lean in, too.


That’s when the door gets knocked wide open.


“Y’ALL BOUT TO FUCK?!” Eijirou shrieks.


I place my hand on Tetsu’s chest and look down, pressing my lips into a tight line as I try not to laugh. Leave it to the sex addict himself to bust in during a moment like this.


To my surprise, my partner slips away from me and stands to his full height. I watch in confusion as he marches up to the door. Kirishima’s dumb grin doesn’t fade in the slightest.


“Yeah. We’re about to fuck.” Tetsu states it so casually, I almost don’t even bat an eye. But my thighs begin to press together tightly. “Real hard. And we’re gonna be loud. And it’s gonna be hot. It’s gonna get wet. It’s gonna get rough.” The heat between my legs gets hotter as I cross one over the other, boring my lip. He pushes Eijirou back with one hand. The latter scoffs. “And now you’re gonna know what it feels like to sit through that as you go on about your day.” Tetsu slams the door closed in the redhead’s face before he turns back to me.


I can’t find any words to speak right now, which he doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, he takes the opportunity to his advantage, by lifting me up and pressing me against the wall. My chest rises and falls quickly, in tune with my heartbeat, as he leans forward and pulls on the string that’s keeping my blouse together—with just his teeth. It falls to the floor as he lifts his head up to meet my gaze. Transfixed, I drape my arms over his shoulders and kiss him. Roughly. With a lot of tongue. His lips are cold and chaste, but they grow softer and warmer with every bite and lick I give them.


“Hang on,” he mumbles, reaching into his drawer. I place a hand on his wrist in protest. “Itsuka, I gotta have protection.”


I run my fingers through his hair as he presses me to the wall once more. “It’s okay. I’m on the pill. You can fuck me raw.”


The muscles in his jaw tighten as a shimmer of lust skims through his eyes. I smile and pull him close to me, continuing to kiss him lavishly. He supports my weight by gripping my thighs as he turns around back towards the door. He throws me down onto the mattress, and I can’t but giggle at his sudden desire to assert his dominance. He shoves my legs apart and settles between them, pressing his abs against the heat that soaks through my shorts.


“Don’t hold back,” I whisper, smiling up at him.


Tetsu pulls his shirt up over his head, allowing me the opportunity to marvel at his muscles. His body is already glistening with sweat, stirring my internal need for him. I pull him down on top of me and make out with him in such a needy manner for quite some time. He groans against my lips as he sits back and rips my tank top right off of me. Like it’s nothing, which - for him - it probably really is just that.


I can feel myself getting wetter with every move he makes. He presses me down against the mattress, his weight against mine, as he slams his lips onto mine. One of his strong hands cup and squeeze my breast, massaging it slowly. I claw my way up his back and throw my legs around his waist. I’m already a loud, moaning mess, which only seems to stroke his big ego...and awaken something even bigger.


Tetsu reaches one free hand down, yanking his sweats off as he pinches my nipple between two fingers. I throw my head back and squeal with delight, only to look back down and moan.


“Jesus Christ, you’re built like a fucking bull!”


He laughs uncontrollably and releases my sensitive bud with a harsh tug, as he tugs my shorts off effortlessly. I arch my back as I let out a moan. This guy’s got a stronger hold on me than I thought.


“I just—“ I speak up. He looks up at me and I start to giggle. “I wanna kiss it.”


“Kiss what?” He raises an eyebrow as he shifts positions, sitting next to me. The two of us, naked, about to have a casual conversation right before losing ourselves in each other. It’s almost poetic.


“Your Goliath,” I respond, nodding downward.


Tetsu smirks and leans back against the wall behind him. “You’re welcome to do so, among other things.”


My cheeks flush as I eagerly get on my knees. I grab hold of the tip and rub at it softly with my fingers. His body grows stiff, which essentially gives me the green light to keep going. I close my fingers around the base of his long...thick~...cock, biting my lip as I marvel as its length and girth.


“I still can’t believe you have it packing like this,” I murmur, staring in amazement. “Then again, you are a big guy.” I don’t even need to look up to know he’s smiling. But I don’t want him getting cocky. I want him getting horny. I poke at the small hole in the middle of his tip. “You ever have anything pushed in there?”


“What?” He laughs nervously. “No. Hell fucking no. Shit, that sounds like it’d hurt.”


I shrug and kiss my way down his shaft. “It’s probably no different than playing with a girl’s—“ I sit up on my knees and cock a brow at him. “You have had experience with this, right?”


Swiftly, Tetsu wraps an arm around my waist and lays me down. I can feel the heat in my cheeks spreading towards lower areas as he gives me the most simultaneously hot and deviant grin. His hands run up my thigh, giving it a firm squeeze. I moan quietly as I arch my back.


“Clearly more than you,” he retorts. “I haven’t even touched your pussy yet and you’re already a mess.”


I push my bangs aside and glare up at him. “If you’re so confident in making me come, then get to it.”


“Alright.” He twirls a finger around in a circular motion. “Turn around, then. On your hands and knees.”


My eyes widen as I close my legs slowly. “We’re doing it doggy style? So soon?”


Tetsu smirks. “You wanna come on this cock or not?” I nod in a begging manner and turn over to support myself on my hands and knees. “That’s what I thought.” He snaps my hips back as he grinds his forward. I can feel his length rubbing between my asscheeks. He can sense the tension in my muscles. “I’m not gonna fuck your ass for your first time. Chill. You couldn’t handle it, anyway.” He gives my ass a hard smack. “But you will come for me. And once you get used to it, you won’t wanna stop.” His lips brush along my shoulder lightly before he bites down.


“Tetsu,” I moan and grind my ass against his girth. “I wanna come for you.”


He bites down a little harder as he reaches down, pinching and tugging on my nipples harshly. My toes curl with immense pleasure and I exhale quietly through my lips. God, I want him inside me already. The sensation of his thumb rubbing up my slit causes me to moan louder.


“Look at that,” he groans as he gives my ass a smack. Fuck, it hurts so good. I wiggle my hips in approval. “You’ve already got your pussy wet for me.” He slides his thumb into my entrance.


It slips in and out of me with little effort. I can hear the precum making loud, wet, lewd sounds as he pushes his digit in deeper. Oh, god, if I’m already getting off this much to a single finger, I don’t know how I’ll take such a giant cock. My vagina quivers at the thought.


Tetsu finally pulls his thumb out. A wet smacking sound follows briefly after, and as I glance over my shoulder I can see he’s got it in his mouth, sucking it dry. I face forward again while biting my lip. This is going to be amazing.


“In...” I look back at him and raise my hips with a deep arch in my back. “Please ravage me.”


He stalls no longer. I feel his thick cock stretching me out as he plunges his whole length into me. Oh, my god, fuck, I feel like I’m gonna come already. Tetsu senses that and tugs on my hair.


“So wet I didn’t even have to use lube,” he mutters and trails his tongue up my neck, pressing a hand to my stomach. “You’re gonna feel it here in a few minutes.”


I nod. “Yes...” I want him to fill me. I hope his cum explodes inside of me and stains my walls. “I want to feel all of you.”


Tetsu moans as he starts to thrust back and forth. My stomach clenches and I close my eyes, throwing my head back once he picks up the pace. His thighs smack against my ass with such a delightfully painful force that I can’t help but moan again. He keeps a hand on my stomach while sitting up straight as he plunges deeper into me.


“Ah...ah...hnnn...” My mind is blank with nothing but bliss. The deeper he goes, the more I feel stretched. I don’t care. I want more. I want us to be like this all day. “Tetsu...”


He applies pressure to my stomach while ramming me from behind. My breasts bounce vigorously with every thrust he takes. That’s when I feel his cock dive even deeper than I thought possible. I cry out and grip the side of the mattress as I lower my head. I could end up getting impaled for all I care. It just feels so fucking right.


“You okay?” Tetsu asks in a voice so soft that I come a little. I nod and slam my hips back, my muscles quivering while I moan even louder. “Itsuka, fuck, you’re squeezing me too tight.” Despite his protest, his rasped, throaty groans betray those words. “Goddammit, your pussy’s so tight.”


He flips me over so that I’m lying on my back, gazing up at him. I can feel my mind sleep further and further into absolute ecstasy. No high quality kush will ever compare to this. He pushes one of my legs up over his shoulders, leaning in as far as he can before I throw my head back and squeal.


“You’re gonna break me, aren’t you?” I whine as I swivel my hips. “Then do it.”


Tetsu’s eyes glaze over as he suddenly pulls out, ignoring my whimper. “Ride me. You take the wheel.”


I end up sitting on his chest as he lies down on his back. He pulls my hips closer until his teeth latch onto my clit. My moans escalate into whimpers and whines as he tugs it back and forth, gently. It’s enough to get me off.


“Keep going,” I gasp as I grind into his mouth.


Tetsu’s breath tickles at my entrance as he twists his tongue around inside. I grab my own breast and lean back, massaging it as my eyes roll back. He moves faster and even slips a couple of fingers in while I’m already coming all over his tongue. I glance down and see the clear liquid trailing down his chin.


“How does it taste?” I tease, not giving him a chance to answer as I reach back and stroke his cock. His eyes partially open as a dark blush consumes his cheeks. “You like that, huh?” I turn around so that my head is towards his lower half, keeping my pussy still relatively close to his face.


Tetsu pushes my folds apart and eats me out like it’s his last meal. I moan slowly as I take half of his length into my mouth, bobbing my head up and down. He moans against my clit as he takes it between his lips, tugging back harshly before sucking tightly. I grind my hips while I messily lick up and down his length.


“In, in, in,” he chants as he flips me over and rams his girth right into me. “Ha-ah, nhn!” Tetsu thrusts into me mercilessly. I can feel the head of his cock slamming against my g-spot. I swear this entire room is gonna reek of sex by the time he’s done with me. “Squeeze me.”


I contact my muscles down below, moaning and crying out in pleasure as I feel his cock bulging just below my belly button. “Tetsu, I’m gonna break...”


“Oh, no, you’re not,” he growls as he slows down, grinding against me. “Daddy’s gonna take care of you. He won’t hurt you.”


I moan and grip his shoulders. “Daddy, please don’t stop.” I whimper as he bucks his hips erratically. “Oh, FUCK!” I glance down, seeing the blood, but my building orgasm overpowers the pain. I throw my head back as a wave of warmth washes over me. “I’m coming, Tetsu! Unh, Tetsu...!”


He gives one last thrust as he fills me with his seed. I wrap my legs around his waist so that he doesn’t pull out right away. From the expression on my face, he knows I want to savor this. His cock becomes cold and solid as he slides it out of me. It’s only then that I realize he’s been using his quirk. I tilt my head to the side, trying to catch my breath.


“Did I wear you out, babe?” He asks teasingly as he traces his pinky around my nipple.


I moan as I get on my hands and knees, crawling over to him. “Daddy, I came before you instead of with you. Should I be punished?” I can feel his cum slowly leak out of me as I whimper in protest.


He gestures for me to come closer and then pinches the tip of my tongue. “You did just fine, princess.” He kneels down and kisses me passionately. Our saliva mixes and builds to the point where I feel it gliding down my neck. “Mmm, you taste amazing. Everywhere.” Tetsu reaches behind me and rubs at my drenched heat. “So sweet~.”


I bite my lip and wiggle my hips in approval. “Thank you, daddy.”