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Relapse and Repeat.

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The strain of Logan's voice speaks not only for the words that escaped his lips, but for the trio's overall state- the logical side's hair appeared unkempt, no longer neatly slicked back as he normally presented it, instead falling into his eyes almost similar to how anxiety styled his own- his clothes were also rumpled, as if he hadn't found time to prioritise upholding his standard of appearance as he normally took pride in doing. This was not to mention the tense set of his shoulders, which went unnoticed at first glance due to his regularly good posture- yet roman had picked up on it.

"I understand it may be difficult to witness Thomas in his current mental state; however, you really must refrain from sending him to sleep simply because it upsets you."

Morality seemed to be faring a little better, simply emoting with watery eyes and a strained smile- although they'd all admit that he was usually the first one to burst into tears when it became too much for even them to handle, he appeared to be coping with the heightened workload and such well enough, even if he did seem a little put-out and less... himself than usual, Logan wasn't likely to notice- they were barely able to uphold their own duties in Thomas' current state, and whilst Roman was usually the unobservant member of the group, he was surprisingly alert as of right now- possibly a side effect of the situation - and he assured himself that it could just be stress taking it's toll on Patton in his own way.

"I'm sorry, Logan! It's just... distressing, is all!"

Last of all, Roman- the creative side himself was also lacking in the presentation department, looking and feeling thoroughly dishevelled: although, that happened to be a normality for an off day, when their host had hit a creative block, or things were just not going right in the imagination. The unease written on his face, however, was not something that often made itself apparent- the stubborn set of his jaw was, but not combined with a frown such as the one he'd usually try to keep internal, which had pretty much scrawled itself on his face in glow-in-the-dark sharpie pen- something he wasn't sure actually existed, yet sounded rather an intriguing concept- if only Thomas made markers for a living.

Gritting his teeth, he finally tuned in to the conversation at hand.

"it's distressing for all of us, padre, we must bear our suffering with honour and grace- Logan is right. He's never going to overcome his fears if you keep knocking him out!"

At the twist of morality's mouth, which he assumed could be taken for sorrow, he turned away, only to be faced by the strangely lost gaze logic had found himself sinking into- met with a mutual understanding, an unspoken alliance was formed- after all, Logan's speech was all bravado, much like his own tended to be in times of distress- he understood that they were on the same footing- out of their depth, thrown into the deep end of the swimming pool, just tall enough to keep their heads on the surface whilst standing on their tip-toes- if their efforts lapsed, they would surely drown, or so it felt.

When had his internal metaphors gotten so grim?

Nonetheless, the helpless feeling inside his chest hurt, as if his lungs were already filling with water- it hurt his ego, his passion, it hurt everything that made him who he was- and he was angry about it, because it wasn't his damn responsibility! Thomas's anxiety was, again, the thing hindering them all, and sure- Roman was seething that anxiety had ditched them to hole up in his room and hide away again, left them to deal with the aftermath of him ducking out- but this dealt more damage than him ducking out, it had to be him giving up trying to control himself- giving up filtering his emotions- and yes, roman was overwhelmingly worried for their friend, because something was /wrong/, and he could feel it pulsing through his veins, but he was also angry that Anxiety would allow Thomas to go through the turmoil that he was; he'd thought his honour was stronger than that. He'd thought Virgil was stronger than that.

"I shall tend to Thomas' dreams. Allowing him to run astray with his thoughts may be a little too much for his current mental state."

Unsaid remained the fact that Remus would surely prey on any opportunity he had to meddle with Thomas' dreams, even in his overwhelmed state. That was just Remus for you, no honour whatsoever.

"Indeed. Roman, you are, of course, excused- he could certainly do with some endorphins at this current point."


"Endorphins. Chemicals that, when released, improve the mood, to put it simply."

"Oh, right- happy chemicals. Got it."

He gestures a quick thumbs up in Logan's direction, running a hand through his hair even as left the commons, climbing the stairs and pausing outside Anxiety's door. He quickly notices Morality's eyes fixed intently, almost unsettlingly, on him, and refrains from doing the stupid thing he'd felt the urge to do, swallowing down the unease patton's look had sent shuddering down his spine and instead continuing down the hall to his room, where he'd be sure to distract himself with dream-duty.

He wasn't ready to be that observant, he decided.

Logan watched resignedly as Roman left the room, stifling a sigh as he did so and once again attempting to run through the situation in his head.

This had all started after the Duke's appearance, and whilst it may be true that correlation does not always equal causation, in this case, it was highly likely that Virgil had been spooked by his appearance- enough to admit that he had once been grouped with Deceit and Remus- and certainly, Logan had harboured his own suspicions from the very start, although he was hesitant to ever confront Anxiety on the matter- Logic was the closest to neutral any of the sides had been, after all, and he was well aware of the stigma labelling sides as 'good' or 'bad', or 'light' and 'dark', would bring about.

Not to mention the fact that he'd sunk down, before Thomas could ask any questions or express a reaction. That surely couldn't be good, for one who had come to care about what people thought of him so much.

Logan was almost certain he knew what the cause of this was, and he can think of many ways to remedy it- the one problem lying within-

"Logan... why do you act as if you don't care?"

The freckled side presses his index fingers together nervously, a habit that he rarely saw Patton do, unless he was sweet-talking someone- which didn't match up with his words, Logan notes- those had been rather jarring to hear. Patton knew that he had trouble emoting, he'd discussed this matter at length with him before- which either meant that Patton was simply not thinking, or he was trying to get a rise out of Logan; he decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

"Could you perhaps elaborate, Patton?"

"I just mean... well, you're only concerned- worried- because anxiety in excess prohibits productivity? Isn't that what you said before?"

Certainly, Logan had said something of the sort before- although the way Morality had said it left a sour taste in his mouth, and he finds himself fighting a frown- this wasn't like Patton, he thought- although, none of them were acting precisely as they would usually, and who knew the adverse effects stress could be having on the moral side?

"Are you possibly implying that I do not care for Thomas' overall wellbeing and mental state?"

That had sounded more sharp than he'd meant it to- he saw Patton wince, hugging his arms to his stomach and breaking eye contact. Still, he continued to speak.

"I should have thought that you would understand better than anyone, Patton, that I am trying to look out for Thomas- there is little I can do when it comes to situations such as this, nonetheless- temporarily rendering him unconscious does more harm than good, and I'm almost certain I explained the nuances of day-to-day consistency and an organised sleep schedule earlier. You know full well that the only one who controls Thomas' anxiety is-"

"-I know!"

Patton cut him off, something he'd done very few times in the past when it came to serious conversations- not to mention, the sharpness in his voice felt strangely alien.

"I know, Logan- it's just, we- talked a while back about personal boundaries and privacy, and- I know it's important, but if he needs the company, he knows he can reach out, right? I think it's important that he's given time to himself, and that means not bursting into his room, and trusting that he can come to terms with this in his own time. Until then, can't we just let Thomas sleep?"

That made sense, he supposed, and the softness had returned to Patton's voice- Patton, he reminded himself, was naturally more attuned to emotions than he could ever be- and he deserved more credit than Logan was giving him.

Adjusting his thick-rimmed glasses, Logan exhaled. He needed a break, his head ached horribly, and somehow he was finding morality intolerable today- he was fighting every single thing Logan said; certainly, with what seemed to be valid arguments, yet that didn't justify the annoyance that came from being wrong.

"Indeed, I suppose I shall trust your instincts on this matter for now- although, I suggest we both retire soon, to better cope upon Thomas' awakening- try to relax, Patton, I'm certain things shall level out soon, as you said."

Morality nodded mournfully, fiddling with the ends of the hoodie tied around his shoulders, not even finding time to respond as Logan vacated the room.