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Lover • Diabolik Lovers

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Rating: Mature

Warnings:  No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: Multi

Fandom: Diabolik Lovers

Relationship: Sakamaki Subaru/Original Female Character(s)Sakamaki Laito/Original Female Character(s)Sakamaki Ayato/Original Female Character(s)Sakamaki Shuu/Original Female Character(s)Sakamaki Reiji/Original Female Character(s)Sakamaki Kanato/Original Female Character(s)

Characters: Sakamaki SubaruSakamaki LaitoSakamaki AyatoSakamaki ShuuSakamaki ReijiSakamaki KanatoMukami KouMukami RukiMukami YumaMukami Azusa

Language: English

Stats: Published: 2019-10-03




Before there was the whole ordeal with Yui, there was Kayla; a transfer student who was kicked out by her parents and shipped to Japan so she was of no further bother to them. Upon arriving in the foreign country, she is taken to a mansion where six brothers live, and her life is instantly thrown further into disarray at learning they're immortal beings that feast upon human blood - not to mention the fact that she's intended to become their bride.

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