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Of Pirates, Doctors and Wanted Vulcans

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The bridge of the USS Enterprise was unusually calm, everyone was quietly going about their work as they didn’t know when they’d get the chance to again. The last few hours had been the first break they’d had in several weeks.

Just like that though, the peace was broken as the doors to the turbolift slid open and James T. Kirk sauntered out, followed by a less enthusiastic Doctor McCoy.

“Sulu, report,” Jim said as he sat down in the Captain’s chair,

“We’ve not detected any ships since the one we attacked this morning,” Sulu replied.

“Well that’s disappointing,” Jim said as he swung his legs over the side of his chair,

“Oh, I don’t know,” Bones chimed in as he headed over to stand next to the Captain’s chair, “A bit of peace and quiet never hurt anyone,”

Jim rolled his eyes, “Yeah, well, I’m bored so it’s hurting me,”

“I agree with Bones,” Uhura said, “with this quadrant of the galaxy preparing for war this might be the last quiet moment we get for a long while,”

Jim sighed and sat up slightly, “Exactly! With so many planets being on the brink of war everyone is moving about, meaning all the more ships for us to ransack,” he said, “this is the perfect time to be a pirate,”

“This week has been our most profitable by some margin,” Chekov weighed in,

“I know,” Bones sighed, “I’m just saying we should be careful, the last thing we need is to be dragged into a war between Vulcan and Earth.”

At that moment Sulu’s console stated beeping.

“Sir, there is a small ship approaching from the starboard side,” Sulu reported causing Jim to grin,

“Arm the phasers,” he said almost gleefully, “On my command fire on their thrusters.”

The bridge was silent as a small ship drifted onto their view screen. The ship looked like it had seen better days, there didn’t seem to be much consistency with the metal on the outside of the ship and there were sections that even looked like they had been welded together by hand.

Jim smirked then took a deep breath, “Fire!” he shouted,

Right on command the Enterprise’s phasers fired, precisely hitting the other ships thrusters.

There was an explosion and the ship stopped moving,

“Direct hit,” Sulu reported,

“Scan the ship,” Jim ordered, “check they have no more means of propulsion,”

“Yes sir,” Chekov replied,

“They look pretty stranded to me,” Bones remarked,

“You can never be too careful,”

“All their propulsion systems are offline,” Chekov announced after a second,

“Excellent,” Jim grinned, “Uhura, open a channel to engineering,”

“Aye Captain, channel open,”

“Mr Scott here,” came a voice from the communications console,

“Scotty!” Jim called out, “Capture the ship just off our starboard bow in the tractor beam,”

“Aye sir,” Scotty replied,

“Once it’s onboard come down to the shuttle bay,”

“Aye sir,” Scotty said again, and Jim signalled to Uhura to cut the communication. He stood up and grinned at Bones,

“Let’s go see what treasures we’ve brought in this time,” he said gleefully.

Bones rolled his eyes, “Whatever you say Captain,”

Jim walked over and clapped Bones on the shoulder, “It’ll be fine Bones,” he said, “you worry too much,”

“And you don’t worry enough,”

“Sure I do,” Jim replied before turning to the rest of the bridge,

“Uhura, Sulu, with me, Chekov keep scanning for ships and Bones, you have the bridge,”

Bones groaned but sat down in the Captain’s chair while Jim, Uhura and Sulu walked over to the turbolift.

The door shut behind them and Jim and Uhura drew their phasers, while Sulu drew a long, curved sword from his belt.

“Set it to stun,” Jim said and Uhura nodded.

The turbolift came to a stop and the three of them stepped out to find Scotty standing there waiting for them.

“The ship is onboard,” Scotty informed them.

Jim nodded and walked over to the entrance of the shuttle bay, “Capture anyone on board,” he ordered before he pressed his hand onto the locking mechanism next to the door causing it to slide open.

The four of them walked inside to find themselves face to face with the weird silver ship. However, to their shock, the door to the ship was open and there was nobody in sight.

Uhura frowned, “Somethings not right,” she said.

However, before anyone could reply an arm shot out from behind the entrance to the ship and fired an old-fashioned phaser. Sulu instantly hit the floor before anyone could react. The phaser was fired again in quick succession, this time hitting Uhura, sending her tumbling down too.

Everyone jumped into action as the phaser was fired for a third time, this time aimed at Scotty.

The engineer jumped out of the way just in time and ran over to check on Sulu and Uhura.

Jim fired his phaser at the visible arm however it withdrew before Jim could hit his mark.

“They’re just unconscious,” Scotty reported.

Jim nodded but he didn’t take his eyes off of the ship,

“Come out with your hands up,” he said, trying to sound more confident then he felt.

There was a flash of movement as the person dodged from one side of the door to the other and tried to hit Jim with his phaser.

Jim threw himself to the side then hurried over to the ship and slammed his back against it. Scotty joined him, standing so that the door was in between the two of them.

The shuttle bay was quiet as nobody moved for a few moments, there was just the sound of everyone breathing as they contemplated their next move.

Jim took a deep breath and leaped towards the door. He caught hold of an arm and yanked a tall man with a mop of messy, black curls out of the ship.

Scotty fired at the man however he spun out of the way, dragging Jim with him.

The man then aimed a well-placed kick to Jim’s stomach, winding him and giving the man the opportunity to escape Jim’s grip. The man drew his phaser again and turned to fire at Scotty, however when he pressed the trigger nothing happened. The man shook the phaser and tried again but still nothing happened.

Scotty’s eyes widened as he realised what had happened and he took the opportunity to raise his phaser and fire at the man however the man manged to duck just in time.

By this point Jim had recovered enough to get back into the fight. He launched himself at the man, knocking the two of them to the floor. Jim punched the man in the face causing him to bang his head hard against the floor.

The man gasped in pain then took a deep breath and pulled himself and Jim to their feet. The man then returned Jim’s punch causing his nose to start bleeding. He hit Jim hard on the head with his broken phaser.

Jim stumbled backwards as his vision went spotty as he fought a losing battle to stay upright.

The man took a step back and swiftly reached down and pulled a knife, that neither Scotty nor Jim had noticed, out of his boot.

Scotty raised his phaser again as the man turned to face him however before he could pull the trigger the man threw his knife and it buried itself in Scotty’s leg. Scotty let out a shout and dropped his phaser. The man marched over to Scotty and placed his hand on Scotty’s shoulder causing him to instantly fall unconscious.

Jim groaned and slowly sat up. His vision had cleared however his head was still pounding. He reached out and grabbed his phaser from where it had fallen on the floor.

The man turned from Scotty and started to advance on Jim.

Jim raised his phaser and fired.

The man ducked and the shot went over his head.

Jim fired again.

The man tried to dodge it again however this time he wasn’t quick enough, and the phaser grazed his side causing him to tumble to the ground.

Nobody moved for a few seconds then Jim took and deep breath and, using the wall behind him, pulled himself up so he was standing on slightly shaky legs.

He slowly walked over to the communications panel on the wall, “Bones come in,” he wheezed,

“Jim‽” cried Bones, “you sound terrible,”

“I need you to get down here, everyone else is unconscious and Scotty’s been stabbed,”

“Jesus Jim,” Bones huffed, “I’ll be right there.”

Jim closed the communication and took a few steps towards the man on the floor. His black curls were now fanned out creating a halo around his head, revealing two, pointed ear. So, the man was not a man at all, he was in fact a Vulcan.