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Here in Our Own Little World

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Rebecca was woken from what had really been a rather nice dream to her daughter’s face staring at her with a grin of glee. Jane’s mouth started moving before she apparently remembered that this was her Mama , and she repositioned herself so that Rebecca could see her better. “Mama, Mama, guess what day it is?” Her signing was a bit clumsy - Xander had just recently given Jane new parts to accommodate her growth and she hadn’t entirely gotten used to them yet, plus she was still a young child - but Rebecca didn’t mind a bit. Beside her, she could feel her wife stirring from where she slept by Rebecca’s head. Good. If Rebecca had to be up at the kind of obscenely early hour only someone who hadn’t yet hit puberty would think was normal, it was only fair that she wouldn’t have to suffer alone. Yawning, she held up a finger, asking Jane to wait for a moment. Giving her wife a good morning kiss, Rebecca sat up against the pillows and put on her hearing aids, the familiar, comforting weight of her wife crawling to her preferred perch on Rebecca’s shoulder bringing a soft smile to Rebecca’s face.

“What’s today, honey?”

Jane’s face fell into a comically exasperated expression. “You  don’t remember?”

“Mama’s tired, so her brain isn’t firing on all cylinders right now. Can’t you help me out a little?”

From her shoulder, Rebecca felt her wife clanking in the way she did when she was amused. She knew what was going on, the utter traitor, and didn’t even deign to tell her.

“It’s my birthday! You guys promised you were gonna  spend the whole entire day just with me and do whatever I want all day with cake and presents and parties and everything, remember now? Remember?” Evidently having gotten tired of waiting, she clambered off the bed and started tugging at her moms, urging them to get up.

Jane? How about I start making you breakfast while we wait for Mama to get ready, alright, sweetheart? her wife’s holographic projection read. Presumably she was speaking orally at the same time, seeing as how Jane couldn’t read all that well yet.

Okay, Rebecca took back everything she’d thought earlier. Her wife was a beautiful angel sent from above in order to let her nap for a little while longer. Just, uh, ten minutes and she’d be ready to go. Sure, her wife didn’t really need sleep, not like Rebecca and Jane did, but she enjoyed it nonetheless and it was super sweet of her to give that up so that Rebecca wouldn’t be exhausted the entire day. Twenty more minutes and she would be ready to get up. Just a super short nap. Honestly. She promised. Barely remembering to take her hearing aids off and take the batteries out so they wouldn’t be beeping the whole time, Rebecca pulled a pillow over her head to shut out the light Jane had forgotten to turn off and promptly fell back asleep.

She woke to light streaming through the windows, the heavy vibrations of Jane’s metal parts through the floor, comforting in their familiarity, and the sweet, sweet smell of coffee. After changing out of her pyjamas and putting on her hearing aids, Rebecca made her way to the kitchen, where Jane was just finishing up her breakfast, and picked up a mug of the aforementioned coffee. Once she was actually alert, nibbling on a slice of toast, her wife abandoning her perch on the back of a chair to climb onto Rebecca’s shoulders, nuzzling her cheek to hers, she watched as Jane picked up the story she was in the middle of telling, which apparently, if Rebecca was getting this right, involved a cat-lady, a ukulele, and that weird old west show that played weekly. Watching Jane sign animatedly, mimicking how the woman was holding the instrument, Rebecca started cleaning up - her wife had done all the work of cooking so it was only fair, after all - knowing that soon they would be stepping out the door, into whatever the day held for them, into whatever Jane decided she wanted to do, into an entire world (an entire park - Jane was scared of leaving her home, but still ) of possibilities. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth, the pure, simple fact of her family hitting her once again, a swell of love filling her. They were hers and she was theirs and nothing would ever separate them, take them away. She wanted to live in this moment forever, except there would be an entire life of moments just as happy as this one, and she couldn’t wait to see them, couldn’t wait to see her daughter grow and become whoever she would be, couldn't wait to see what bliss and wonder the future might hold.