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31 Days of Flufftober

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“Dazai-san, are you sure about this? I mean…I really don’t know how to and if I do something wrong, I could hurt you…” Atsushi mumbled, obviously flustered as he looked everywhere other than Dazai’s brown eyes. Letting out a fond sigh at his boyfriend’s fumbling hands as he wouldn’t meet his patient gaze, Dazai reached out and took Atsushi’s hands, keeping them tightly locked within his as he pulled the younger male closer so that their chests were pressed together. Sputtering out confused yet incomplete sentences, Atsushi bit his lip and stared down at their feet, feeling like his face was ready to explode from how warm it was. “D-Dazai-san…”

“Don’t fret, Atsushi-kun. I’m not the best at dancing either, but come on. Are we truly living life if we don’t try new things?” Dazai asked, gaining Atsushi’s attention from what he said. Arching a brow at how Dazai put his sentence, Atsushi nibbled on his lip until his boyfriend had enough and gently swept his thumb on the weretiger’s lip, pulling it away from his teeth before he bent down and pressed a soft kiss against Atsushi’s lips. Pulling away after a moment, Dazai pressed their foreheads together and smiled, making Atsushi’s cheeks darken but a small smile was also there on his lips. “Okay? Let’s start slow, yeah?”

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Atsushi nodded softly and let Dazai place his hands on his waist while he put his hands on Dazai’s shoulders. Well, it was true that there was no music playing, it seemed like Dazai didn’t need it at all since he was just beginning to hum and move Atsushi around in a nonexistent melody, swaying side to side and in circles. Trying to keep up with Dazai, Atsushi peered down at their feet just in time for him to accidentally step on the older male’s brown shoes and stumble, making Dazai gasp lightly at how Atsushi almost brings the both of them down on the wood floor.

“O-oh god. I’m sorry Dazai-san, I…” Atsushi yelped out, holding onto Dazai’s vest tightly while his boyfriend helped to keep them up and steady. Shaking his head with a small chuckle, Dazai pressed two kisses against Atsushi’s flushed cheeks and whispered for them to try again. Taking in a shaky breath, Atsushi nodded and they tried again. Keeping his gaze on his feet again, Atsushi tried to keep them in tune until Dazai suddenly brushed his hand up his body and cupped his face, bringing it up so they could stare into each other’s eyes. Blinking slightly, Atsushi moved his gaze down to Dazai’s lips and before he knew it, they were kissing again and he wasn’t thinking about how he was dancing or how his feet were easily moving with Dazai’s, keeping them in sync with each other. “D-Dazai-san.”

“Shh…” Dazai whispered against Atsushi’s lips, keeping their foreheads touching while he moved them around. Swallowing whatever words he was going to say, Atsushi nodded and slowly moved his arms around Dazai’s neck, making sure to keep them pulled together close. Lowering his hands back down to Atsushi’s waist again, Dazai squeezed the teen’s hips until he moved them again, going in slow circles as his humming disappeared for just the sound of their feet shuffling on the floor. Moving his kisses down to Atsushi’s neck, Dazai heard the choked off moan that Atsushi let out before he slowed them to a stop, pulling away to press their foreheads together again. “Atsushi-kun…?”

Feeling another squeeze to his hips, Atsushi cleared his throat and stared into Dazai’s darkening gaze, making his knees weaken slightly. Knowing the question that his boyfriend was leaving in the open, Atsushi bit his lip and tried not to show that he noticed the way Dazai’s eyes followed the movement. Keeping his eyes locked on Dazai’s, Atsushi pulled him down again and pressed their lips together, almost letting his legs give out as Dazai’s tongue licked along his bottom lip, asking for entrance. Pulling away when he felt his lower half responding, Atsushi nodded and tried to ignore the way his face was heating up as Dazai flashed his one hundred watts smile before tugging the weretiger towards his room. Atsushi just knew he was going to have a long and sleepless night.

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When class was cancelled for the day, Kit thought he was going to have a peaceful time, resting in his dorm and maybe studying for the next text he knew they were going to have sooner or later. However, his plans were ripped apart as a frantic knock had appeared at his door and when he opened it, he came face to face with his ecstatic boyfriend, who was grinning brightly and all dressed up for what seemed like he was ready to play in the snow. Blinking as he examined Ming, Kit sighed and leaned on his door frame, waiting for the younger male to explain what he wanted.

“My dear Kitkat, would you help entertain your boyfriend and come outside in the snow with me?” Ming asked, sliding into the other’s dorm before Kit shut the door on him. Pinching the bridge of his nose before a yelp escaped his throat when Ming’s cold hands slid up his sweater, pressing against his bare sides. Smacking Ming’s chest with a shiver, Kit grumbled and sighed, before pressing his hands against Ming’s flushed cheeks, rubbing some warmth into them with his thumbs. “Please, P’Kit. We both don’t have class and it would be fun. I promise!”

“…fine. But at least wear a pair of gloves, your hands are freezing and I really don’t want to take you to the hospital for frostbite,” Kit grumbled, squeezing Ming’s cheeks again before he moved away, walking towards the closet so he could pull out his winter clothing. Waiting for his boyfriend to finish getting ready, Ming rested against the wall and rubbed his hands together, breathing into them for warmth. Noticing Kit coming up to him, Ming glanced up and grinned, eyeing the gloves Kit was putting on his hands with a gleeful expression. “There. Now let’s go before I change my mind.”

Running after the older boy, Ming laced their hands together and swung their arms around, practically pulling Kit down the stairs and out of the dorm area. Once outside, Kit let out a breath and watched as it fogged right as it came out before he noticed that Ming had let go of his hand and was already scooping snow up with a mischievous smile on his face. Narrowing his eyes when he observed the snowball shaped snow in Ming’s grasp, Kit backed up and glared him down, basically daring him to throw it even though Ming would know what happened if he did. Arching his brows in a challenge, Ming snickered again and Kit could not stop as the snowball was flung at him and he was smacked right in the face with the cold ass snow.

“Ming!” Kit yelled before he scooped up some snow and a snowball fight was started. Hearing his boyfriend’s laughter as he flung rapid snowballs at him, Kit got closer and closer until he was finally able to tackle Ming down in the snow and shove some snow up the boy’s jacket, making Ming cry out in shock before he tried to roll them over. Fighting back for as much as he could, Kit couldn’t hold him down anymore and when he found himself on his back and staring up at Ming, Kit couldn’t help the cackle that left his mouth when he noticed how much snow covered Ming’s hair and neck. “That’s what you get for smacking me in the face with a snowball! I was only getting revenge.”

“Oh really, then I guess I’ll pay your revenge back now, huh Kitty?” Ming asked teasingly, moving down quickly to press their lips together, cutting off Kit’s complaint of calling him, ‘Kitty.’ Blinking quickly as Ming kissed him, Kit couldn’t help letting his eyes finally flutter shut before he raised his hands and placed his hands on Ming’s neck, forcing the other to press in closer. Teasing Kit’s bottom lip with his tongue, Ming was surprised when Kit groaned and opened his mouth, letting their tongues meet and dance around. Pulling away when he couldn’t breathe anymore, Kit laid his hot face in the snow and stared up at Ming, who was panting and as equally flushed as him. “Not bad revenge, am I right?”

Letting out a scoff, Kit pushed Ming off him and sat up, rubbing his mouth with the back of his hand while Ming stared at him with a soft expression. Letting out a huff, Kit threw more snow at Ming before the younger boy laughed and moved to stand up. Still sitting in the snow, Kit lifted his gaze up when a hand came into his line of sight. Grabbing Ming’s hand, Kit let his boyfriend help him up before he was brought into a hug, Ming clinging to him with his arms wrapped around his waist. Freezing up a bit at first, Kit swallowed the lump in his throat before he too wrapped his arms around Ming, burying his face shyly in the other’s shoulder.

“P’Kit, can we go inside now? I don’t want you catching a cold and I can feel the shivers you’re giving off,” Ming asked, pulling away so that he could cup Kit’s flushed face and press a kiss onto his forehead. Biting his lip, Kit nodded and glanced down at their boots when Ming’s beaming smile lit up on his face before his hand was taken and Kit was pulled back towards the dorming area. Once inside, the two kept their hands intertwined as they walked up the stairs, shaking off the excess snow that was still sticking to their clothing and hair. Reaching the door to Kit’s room, Ming waited for Kit to unlock it before he scooted them in, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s waist, pressing more kisses around his cheeks, making Kit whine. “I’m trying to warm my boyfriend, hold still Kitkat!”

“Warming me up my ass! Get off of me, Mihihing!” Kit sniped out, biting back his laughter when Ming nibbled on his neck, his irritation disappearing for amusement quickly. Slapping his boyfriend’s shoulders, Kit could help the way he opened his neck up for more kisses until Ming’s playful nips turned into light sucking and kissing. Shivering for another reason now, Kit tightened his hold on Ming’s shoulders before the younger boy finally pulled away with one last kiss, pressing their foreheads together softly. Noticing Ming observing him silently, Kit kicked his ankles softly and huffed. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Just wondering if you’re warm enough,” Ming whispered softly, stepping away so Kit wouldn’t feel like he was forcibly held against the wall. Taking off his winter gear and watching Ming do the same, Kit mumbled a ‘no’ and held out his hand. Blinking, Ming stared at him until he noticed Kit was looking at his clothes. Handing them to his boyfriend, Ming watched as Kit moved towards his bathroom before he looked towards his bed, stepping towards it until he was suddenly back first on the mattress, looking at the plain ceiling. Hearing Kit’s footsteps coming towards him, Ming glanced up and gasped when he noticed his boyfriend was wearing one of his own sweaters and since it was big on him, it practically pooled around Kit’s thighs. “P’Kit…you’re wearing my sweater.”

Turning his embarrassed gaze to the side, Kit kept silent and just moved onto the bed next to Ming, laying down until he was literally pressed against his side with Ming’s arm around his head and his hand in his hair. Raising his brows in surprise, Ming decided to keep silent and allowed Kit to shift around to find a comfortable position before he finally settled, his head in Ming’s chest and his arms around the younger boy’s waist. Holding onto Kit just as hard, Ming pressed a kiss to his hair before he tangled their legs together. Moving his gaze from Ming’s chest to his face, Kit couldn’t help the love he felt for the other boy leak through his eyes.

“You make me so happy,” Kit whispered, flushing heavily when Ming moved his head down to peek at him, letting a soft smile that Kit loved to see appear on his face. Pressing another kiss down on Kit’s forehead, Ming tightened his grip he had on him like he was trying to say what he was feeling without words. Burying his face in Ming’s neck, Kit sighed and shyly snuggled a bit closer to him, letting the other’s warmth surround his slightly cold body. “Thanks so much for loving me.”

Nodding softly, Ming rubbed his fingers through Kit’s hair and continued to do it, making Kit relax more around him as time went on. It wasn’t long until Ming realized that Kit had dozed off slightly and well…a small nap wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it? Smiling into Kit’s hair, Ming closed his eyes and hummed a random soft tune, scratching at Kit’s scalp lightly, letting a silent wish cross through his thoughts.

“Please never let this moment end…at least for a while.”

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It was just another Wednesday night for Forth and Beam. Beam was busy studying for his next test that was announced to be on Friday, while Forth just sat on his boyfriend’s bed, texting on his phone. It was a comfortable silence for the both of them, until Forth’s stomach suddenly grumbled loudly, causing Beam to glance at him from his notes. Blinking as it finally settled down, Forth chuckled and moved to get up, placing his phone back in his jeans pocket. Moving towards Beam, Forth wrapped his arms around him and pressed a kiss to his temple, making a blush begin to fill around Beam’s cheeks and at the tips of his ears. Reaching up to squeeze at Forth’s hand, they were both interrupted once again when Forth’s stomach gave out another loud screech.

“If you’re hungry, stop at the convenience store. Could you get me something as well if you go?” Beam asked, rubbing his tired eyes as he spun around in his chair to wrap his arms around Forth’s waist, pressing a kiss to his clothed stomach. Threading his fingers through Beam’s hair, Forth moved them down and cupped his boyfriend’s cheeks, bringing them up so he could press their lips together. Letting out a hum as he returned the act of love, Beam pulled back first and rested their foreheads together softly. “Go on, I have some money in my wallet.”

“No need. I can get it, save your money Beam,” Forth whispered, pressing another kiss to his lips before he backed away, moving towards the door. Slipping on his boots and a light hoodie, Forth glanced back at Beam and smiled, making the other flush again but in return, give him one of his own shy smiles. Grabbing the extra key that Beam had given him along with his wallet, Forth opened the door and gave one last look to Beam before he stepped out. “I’ll be right back okay? Lock the door!”

Rolling his eyes, Beam made a shooing motion with his hand, which made Forth cackle before the door was shut and he was left in complete silence. Observing the closed door, Beam sighed and glanced towards the bed, trying not to feel lonely now that he was alone. Forth would literally be back in just ten minutes, it’s not like he would disappear forever! Shaking the lingering loneliness out of his head, Beam turned his chair back to its place and moved his eyes back to his notes.

“Doc, I’m back,” Forth called out as he entered Beam’s dorm room, kicking his boots off and placing the bag of snacks he had gotten from the convenience store for him and Beam to enjoy while the other studied. Not hearing a reply back, however, Forth raised his brow and moved further into the room, pausing when he noticed his boyfriend’s form curled into his desk with his head on the wood. Letting out a snort, Forth tiptoed towards the other and gently placed his hand on Beam’s back, rubbing the slightly chilled cloth that was clinging to his back before he pressed a kiss to the boy’s head, frowning when he noticed the slight shivers that were racketing his frame as he napped. “Hey Beam? Wake up, it’s not good to sleep all slouched like that. And you’re shivering too. Come on, get up.”

“Mmm, why? Forth?” Beam sleepily mumbled, rubbing his eyes before he moved his gaze up to meet Forth’s amused look. Squinting his eyes slightly with a groan, Beam sat up a bit and leaned into his boyfriend, wrapping his arms around Forth’s waist while he buried his face into Forth’s stomach. Smiling softly down at him, Forth brushed his fingers through Beam’s hair and gently heaved him up, holding onto him tightly while he moved them around, placing Beam on his bed softly. Moving away to push in Beam’s desk chair, Forth froze up when arms were suddenly back around his waist and a face was pressed into his back. “Forth…don’t leave. Please stay here.”

Letting his hands drift down, Forth placed them onto Beam’s before he turned around and cupped his boyfriend’s face, letting his thumbs brush underneath Beam’s tired eyes while a smile formed on his face. Pushing Beam back down, Forth crawled over him and settled into the other’s bed, pulling his boyfriend until Beam’s head was under his chin and his arms were wrapped around Forth’s waist. Trailing his hand up and down Beam’s back, Forth tried to stop the cold shivers that were still making Beam tremble before he clung to him tighter and moved to pull the blanket up on both of them.

“If you’re so cold, why didn’t you say something before? Come closer,” Forth whispered, fixing the blanket around Beam’s body before he pulled him back, snuggling him closer. Letting out a mutter that Forth couldn’t understand, Beam pushed himself back into Forth’s embrace and sighed, tightening the grip he had around his boyfriend’s waist. Letting out a snort, Forth buried his face in Beam’s hair and sighed, pressing a soft kiss against his forehead. Doing the same against Forth’s neck, Beam snuggled closer and nuzzled Forth’s neck, his mind finally beginning to settle as he clung to the warmth of Forth’s body. “You look ready to fall asleep…it is pretty late. Beam?”

Not hearing anything come out of his boyfriend except for his soft breaths, Forth pushed him away a little to peer down, finally noticing that Beam had fallen asleep with a soft smile resting on his face. Letting out a fond sigh, Forth hugged Beam closer and fixed the blanket around them more firmly. Reaching back, Forth carefully clicked off his boyfriend’s bedside lamp before he snuggled back in, closing his eyes from where he rested his face against Beam’s head. Feeling their legs tangle together, Forth smiled into Beam’s hair and pressed another sleepy kiss to his forehead, letting his hand continue to slide comforting strokes up and down his back. It wasn’t long after Forth finally closed his eyes that he followed his boyfriend into a comfortable rest, with shared soft smiles resting on both their faces.

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Leaning against the wall of Aziraphale’s bookshop, Crowley watched through his shaded glasses as the angel was practically tearing his hair out, putting books away while watching the news for any bad news happening in the world. It’s been like this since the apocalypse was stopped and things have returned to semi-normal. Apparently, Aziraphale had noticed that there was still much to be done with the world and just happened to take it upon himself to complete said task and try to fix everything by himself. Which is honestly fucking ridiculous. Pulling at his own hair when he noticed the angel perform another miracle after a story of a little boy has gone missing shown on the television, Crowley got up and moved towards his partner, obviously having another.

“For Go..Sata…For someone’s sake Angel, stop with the miracles! Don’t you see how much they’re wearing you down?” Crowley hissed out, wrapping his hand around the angel’s wrist, pulling him back and frowning when he noticed how it was too easy to pull the celestial being to his feet from where he sat at his desk. Leaning into Crowley, Aziraphale slowly straightened himself up and dusted off his clothing, observing the demon with a wary look which made the frown on Crowley’s face grow. From where they were standing, Crowley could see the dark circles under Aziraphale’s eyes and it looked like the angel needed a thousand years rest, even if they didn’t have to sleep. “Come on Angel. You’re not fooling anybody. I can see how much you’re running yourself into the ground. I understand that the world has bad things but…what you’re doing is not going to help if you keep straining yourself to do it alone. You’re not alone, ya know?”

“Crowley, my dear. I’m delighted that you’re worried about me, but you don’t have to be. I promise you, I’m okay. I’ll stop once I feel like I’ve done enough, okay?” Aziraphale mumbled, pushing his fingers through his messed up hair before he pulled out of Crowley’s grasp and went back to his desk, stacking more books while paying attention to the television as well. Biting back a strong curse word, Crowley crossed his arms and tried to think of a way he could get the other being to relax for once instead of being a concerning workaholic. Biting his lip, the demon turned around and walked up the stairs, heading towards Aziraphale’s bedroom before he noticed the angel’s bathroom and huge tub. “Crowley? Can you be a dear and bring me some hot cocoa?”

Plotting a simple plan, Crowley nodded and moved back downstairs, observing the way Aziraphale’s hair was sticking up all over the place and how his clothes, usually proper, were now pulled out in places and not tidy at all. Letting out a sigh, Crowley walked behind the angel and wrapped his arms around Aziraphale’s shoulder, pressing a soft kiss to his temple before he grabbed his hands again and pulled him up. Letting out a hesitant whine as he was pulled away from his desk once more, Aziraphale couldn’t find it in himself to complain as Crowley pulled him up the stairs and towards his room. Placing the angel on his bed, Crowley muttered something about staying there for a moment before he turned and left, heading back towards the bathroom.

“Alright we need…lavender candles and maybe some slow relaxing music? Yeah, that will work and we should dim the lights too…okay, it’s ready…wait fuck, the bathwater!” Crowley muttered, turning on the water and letting the tub fill up with the perfect water temperature for ultimate relaxation. Once everything was perfect in his eyes, Crowley added some lavender bubble bath before he got up again and left the bathroom. Getting back into Aziraphale’s bedroom, Crowley crept towards the dozing angel and gently pulled him up, getting a sleepy complaint from his partner. Shushing him softly, Crowley pulled him towards the bathroom and sat him on the seat. “Go ahead and get in, I’ll give you some privacy.”

Seeing him nod, Crowley left the bathroom and shut the door behind him, walking back towards the bedroom to grab some pajamas for when Aziraphale was ready to get out. Bringing them back to where Aziraphale was, Crowley knocked on the door and walked in, letting out a sigh of relief when he noticed that his partner was in the tub and finally resting. Putting his pajamas on the sink, Crowley made sure the lights were dimmed, the candles were lit and the music was playing before he sat down beside the tub and gently wet down Aziraphale’s hair. Rubbing his fingers softly against his head, Crowley hummed along softly with the music as he began to wash the angel’s hair and took extra care to make sure to keep the soap from getting into his eyes.

“Crowley…I’m sorry,” Aziraphale mumbled, leaning into Crowley’s touch as he was carefully washing the soap out of his hair. Shaking his head, Crowley grumbled out about not needing to say an apology and before they knew it, the water was beginning to grow cool and the candles were just beginning to go out. Drying his hands off with a towel, Crowley stood back up and handed Aziraphale some towels before showing him where his pajamas were. “Where are you going, dear?”

“I’m going to go make some tea. Get dressed and meet me downstairs, okay?” Crowley muttered, strolling out of the bathroom and down the stairs towards the kitchen. Watching him leave, Aziraphale yawned and slowly dried himself before he reached out for his flannel pajamas that Crowley picked out for him. Downstairs, Crowley had just gotten the tea to boil and into the mugs when arms suddenly wrapped around his waist and a face was buried into his shoulder. Turning around carefully, Crowley grabbed the towel from his Angel and helped dry his hair. “The tea is ready, Angel. Go sit down and I’ll bring you your mug.”

Nodding sleepily, Aziraphale let Crowley miracle the towel away before he slumped towards the living room, not even aware that the demon had turned off the news and put all his books away for him. Picking up both mugs, Crowley carefully walked them to where Aziraphale was waiting and when he was in front of the angel, he slowly handed the honey milk tea to him. Blowing on it softly, Aziraphale sipped it and let out a sigh as his body finally relaxed for the first time in a while. Leaning against Crowley, Aziraphale murmured his thanks and by the time he was done with his tea, the angel was almost passed out against Crowley. Resting his arm around Aziraphale’s shoulders, Crowley continued to sip his tea in silence. After all, his angel deserved all the rest he could get.

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“Hm…it’s raining,” Kit thought out loud, turning his attention from where he was making himself some dinner to the window of his dorm room. Letting the food simmer on a low temperature, Kit moved towards the window and peeked out, letting out a slow breath as the rain created a calming atmosphere for him. Sure, rain ruined some of his plans most of the time but when he was up to nothing like he was now, it was quite nice to have it be the only sound he could hear, including the sizzling food on the stove. Moving back towards the oven, Kit took the top off the pan carefully and stirred the chicken stir-fry he was making before a knock on the door sounded through the dorm, diverting his attention from the peaceful feeling. Letting out a sigh, Kit placed the lid back on the pan before he moved away from the oven, heading towards the door and cursing as he opened it and came face to face with a soaking wet and dripping Ming. “Holy shit, Ming! What were you thinking? Get inside now!”

“S-sorry P’Kit. I was walking here and the rain just started d-down pouring…I didn’t even know it was going to r-rain,” Ming got out, his voice trembling with how much his body was shivering. Closing the door behind him, Kit reached out and touched his face, flinching lightly at how cold to touch his skin felt. Squeezing his cheeks fondly, Kit sighed and yelped when his boyfriend’s cold hands moved up his sweater and were placed directly on the skin of his sides, freezing up the once warm skin. Slapping at his arms with a snickering protest, Kit pulled Ming’s hands away from him and flicked his forehead with a huff. “Ow…why must the love of my life hurt me so?”

Rolling his eyes at the dramatic act he received, Kit shoved Ming towards the bathroom. Whining at the harsh shoves, Ming turned around to try to get Kit to shower with him, but just as he opened his mouth, Kit flushed and slammed the door in his face. Letting out a grumble, Ming pouted but slowly removed his wet clothing that stuck to him, letting it fall on the comfy rugs under his feet before he glanced around. Why did Kit shove him in here to begin with? Hearing a knock on the door, Ming opened it and grinned when he noticed Kit’s eyes trail down his naked chest and almost naked lower half before he cleared his throat and handed him some extra clothes.

“Take a warm shower, the last thing I need is for you to get sick,” Kit grumbled, shoving the clothes into Ming’s arms before he stepped out of the bathroom and shut the door again. Oh, so that’s why he was in here. Letting out a hum, Ming placed the clothes that he usually left over in Ming’s dorm on the sink before he moved towards the tub and started the shower. Hearing the water beginning to run from where he was waiting by the door, Kit sighed in relief before he pushed himself up, moving back towards the food, beginning to serve it into bowls for him and Ming. By the time he was finished, Kit noticed the water had stopped and not even a minute after, Ming had walked out in his pajamas with a towel still being ruffled in his hair. “Food is ready, you’re hungry right?”

“Oh? Food for me? Thanks Kittykat,” Ming teased, pressing a kiss to his already flushed cheek before he grabbed the offered bowl and moved towards the dining table. Rubbing his cheek, Kit muttered to himself about the nickname Ming had used before he snatched up his food and moved to sit across from his boyfriend at the table. It was mostly silent other than Ming talking about his classes and what had happened throughout the day when they weren’t together. Nodding and scoffing to show that he was listening, Kit quickly finished his food and took care of their bowls once Ming was done as well. “So yeah, today was pretty crazy. I’m just glad I get to see you again, Kitkat.”

Rolling his eyes from where he was washing the bowls, Kit heard the scrape of a chair against the floor before arms were suddenly wrapped around his waist and a face was buried into his neck, pressing light kisses against the skin. Shivering a bit as Ming’s cool hands pushed up his shirt once again, Kit turned to try to shake him off but froze up as his boyfriend leaned in and pressed their lips together, a grin obviously covering his face as he kissed him. Letting out a breath through his nose, Kit thought about pushing Ming off him but then inwardly sighed and slowly began to kiss back, turning around and wrapped his arms around Ming’s neck. Moving his hands from where they were placed on Kit’s sides, Ming squeezed his hips before he pulled away, letting their foreheads stay pressed together as they panted for breath, staring each other in the eyes with equally flushed faces.

“U-um…the rain is still coming down pretty hard. Stay here tonight?” Kit shyly asked, breaking their eye contact so he could stare at Ming’s heaving chest. Blinking as he heard what his boyfriend had asked, Ming smiled the smile that Kit secretly absolutely loved and pulled Kit closer, burying his face in his shoulder as he tightened his hold around the older boy’s waist. Letting out a grunt as he was squeezed tightly, Kit moved his arms away from Ming’s neck and patted his back. “Okay, okay! Let me go, can’t breathe!”

“Oh, sorry!” Ming chuckled, letting his boyfriend go slightly before pressing another kiss to his forehead, snuggling his face into Kit’s hair. Continuing to rub at his back, Kit sighed and glanced over Ming’s shoulder, staring at the pouring rain as a rumble of thunder sounded in the distance. It seemed like he made the right choice to let his boyfriend stay here. Noticing Kit looking out the window, Ming did as well and jumped slightly when a huge strike of lightning lit up the sky. “Woah…looks like you made the right decision. No take backs!”

Smacking Ming’s shoulder with a groan, Kit snuggled into his boyfriend’s arms and rolled his eyes, listening to Ming’s laughter blocking out the sound of the upcoming storm. Maybe Ming was right this time, it looks like he made the right choice after all.

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When Forth had told him to pack a light backpack and be out of his dorm by the time the sun was beginning to set, Beam had no idea what his boyfriend was up to but that didn’t stop him from doing what Forth had said. By the time he left his dorm and walked down the stairs to the lobby, Beam glanced up from where his eyes were trailing the floor to see his boyfriend sitting on his motorbike, glancing around before he too noticed him, a smiling growing on his face as Beam grew closer to him. Finally reaching Forth, Beam instinctively closed his eyes as his boyfriend leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. Pulling away slightly, Forth pressed a few more kisses to his cheeks and nose before he leaned back again, patting the seat behind him. Shifting the backpack he had on his back, Beam slowly pushed himself up the motorbike before he wrapped his arms tightly around Forth’s waist, burying his face in his back.

“Hold on tight, it’s going to be a bit of a far ride, okay?” Forth asked, tapping Beam’s hand lightly and grinning as he received a nod in response. Leaning into Beam for a moment, Forth kicked the kickstand back on his bike before he revved the engine, taking off slowly at first before he finally gained speed once he got out of the medical faculty parking lot. Peeking over Forth’s shoulder, Beam closed his eyes against the wind that was ruffling against his face and hair. Feeling Beam moved his face out of his back, Forth smiled softly and slowed to a stop once they hit a traffic light. “Doing okay back there?”

“Y-yeah…just drive safe. I really don’t want to die this way Forth,” Beam muttered, pressing a shy kiss to his shoulder as he tightened his grip around his boyfriend’s waist. Letting out a snicker and cackling more when he received a glare in return, Forth noticed the light turn green before he shot forward again, trying to hide his laughter when he heard the shrill shriek that left Beam’s lips as he was suddenly propelled forwards. Squeezing Forth’s abdomen as hard as he could, Beam kept his face buried in his boyfriend’s back for the rest of the ride until he felt Forth slowing to a stop and the wind was no longer whipping at his face and clothes. “W-why’d we stop?”

Hearing the sound of Forth’s bike engine being turned off, Beam slowly loosened his hold on his boyfriend’s waist before a hand pushed past his and their fingers were intertwined. Taking in a deep breath, Beam finally pulled his face away from Forth’s back before a gasp left his throat as he took in the environment around them. They were no longer on a cement rode but a dirt one and when Beam got off the bike shakily and gazed around, he couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the trees around them looked with a slight breeze ruffling their leaves. Feeling Forth move next to him and take his hand, Beam turned to look and blinked when he noticed the soft smile that was on his face as he stared at him. Flushing lightly at being caught looking so flabbergasted, Beam cleared his throat and moved his gaze away from Forth’s.

“If you’re wondering where we are, this is kinda like a date spot. The stars can be seen really well just up that hill,” Forth mentioned, turning Beam around slightly so he could see the slight hill that he had pointed out. Nodding softly, Beam smiled shyly at Forth and allowed himself to be pulled, both of them climbing the hill easily. Reaching the top, Forth briefly let go of Beam’s hand to take the backpack from his partner. Letting him do so, Beam continued to let his eyes take in the beautiful scenery as Forth got everything out and laid out the blanket that Beam was told to bring. “The snacks can stay in the bag and just in time too, the sun is finally going down. Come on, Wifey!”

“Shut up,” Beam sputtered out, kicking the ground with his toe before he moved towards Forth, who was grinning cheekily at him. Ignoring him as he sat down and then laid down, Beam stared up at the darkening sky and moved slightly when Forth laid down next to him. Staying silent as the sun finally disappeared and the stars began to slowly twinkle around them, Beam couldn’t help the breath that escaped him as he took in everything with wide eyes. Peering at him, Forth let his cheeky smile leave for something more soft and loving before Beam’s eyes finally turned away from the sky to look at him. “It’s beautiful…”

Smiling bigger at the praise of the location he picked for a date, Forth nodded and reached out, pulling Beam closer until his head was on his chest and Beam could hold onto one of Forth’s hands as they continued to stare at the night sky. Taking in the galaxies above them as he played with Forth’s fingers, Beam laced their hands together and moved his head back to look up at Forth, who glanced down at him as he felt his boyfriend move. Wiggling up a bit, Beam pressed their hips together before he was suddenly pulled up to a sitting position and was manhandled to be sitting in Forth’s lap. Flushing brightly, Beam pouted softly as Forth chuckled and tried all his might to force himself not to hide his embarrassed face in Forth’s chest.

“Hey Beam?” Forth quietly asked, moving his hand up his boyfriend’s side to cup his face, making him meet his eyes. Swallowing the lump that suddenly appeared in his throat, Beam closed his eyes as Forth kissed him again, deepening it slightly as his tongue teased his bottom lip. Letting out a hum, Beam shuffled closer to Forth and wrapped his arms around his neck, making them grow closer together before Beam finally pulled away, panting for breath as Forth pressed their foreheads together. Staring into his eyes, Forth couldn’t help but voice his thoughts with a gentle smile. “God, you’re so beautiful.”

“F-Forth!…D-damn you,” Beam sputtered out, feeling his face finally reach full potential for him to become the color of a tomato. Biting back the giggles that threatened to leak from his throat, Forth tightened his grip around Beam as the latter tried to escape from his lap, wanting to hide his face away from his boyfriend. Letting Beam turn around until his back was pressed against his chest, Forth nuzzled his face into his boyfriend’s neck and pressed a kiss to the skin, making Beam freeze and begrudgingly settle in his lap again, his arms crossed in a pout that Forth knew he had on his face. Feeling the chuckles that were bouncing around Forth’s chest, Beam huffed and smacked Forth’s leg. “Shut up.”

Cackling even more as the pout made itself known in his boyfriend’s voice, Forth took in deep shuddering breaths as he finally calmed down and pressed a kiss to Beam’s shoulder in an apology that Beam knew wasn’t real since he could still feel the smile that curved at Forth’s lips. Letting out a fond sigh at his boyfriend’s shenanigans, Beam relaxed against Forth’s chest and let a small smile rest on his face as Forth placed his chin on his shoulder and the two of them continued to stare up at the star filled sky. The couple were left in a comfortable silence until Forth noticed a shooting star and moved one arms away from Beam’s waist to point at it.

“Beam! Look! Shooting star! Make a wish!” Forth shouted, not even caring how loud his voice was. Shushing him quickly, Beam shot a tiny glare which made Forth grin apologetically before they both closed their eyes and made a wish. Once he was done, Beam snuggled back more into Forth and laced their fingers together in his lap when the arm Forth used to point out the star moved back around his waist. Letting out a hum as he playfully nipped Beam’s shoulder, Forth hugged him tightly before he pressed his chin back into his shoulder. “So? What was your wish?”

“I’m not telling you. Don’t you know that it’s bad luck to tell someone the wish after you make it?” Beam exclaimed, turning around slightly so he could flick Forth’s forehead. Burying his face in Beam’s shoulder as he whined, pleaded and begged for Beam to tell him, Forth continued to do this until Beam finally had enough and turned around to press their lips together, finally silencing his boyfriend’s whining voice. Pulling away once he was sure that he could speak without Forth interrupting him. “Stop all of that or else we won’t have you know what tonight like I know you wanted to.”

Observing the way Forth’s eyes dilated, it was Beam’s turn to snicker as he turned back around and grinned. Nodding against Beam’s shoulder, Forth finally quieted down his whines and let the atmosphere around them fade into another comfortable silence. Leaning his head back against Forth’s shoulder, Beam pressed a kiss to his cheek before he finally turned his attention back to the constellations above them. And to Beam, he had already gotten the wish he wished for as Forth’s arms tightened around him and he was practically smuggled into a warm and loving embrace.

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It was supposed to be a quiet Thursday night for both the couples sitting at the table, one of them practically gulping down his alcohol while the other just sipped at theirs. Forth and Beam didn’t have plans until Ming had invited them on a double date, claiming it was going to be fun. The sound of the music inside the nightclub was loud, but all Forth could find himself doing was observing Beam as he finished his third beer. Moving his gaze to Kit and Ming, who were also watching the scene, they all came to the same conclusion as Beam tried to reach for another bottle. Reaching out, Forth grabbed Beam’s hand while Ming grabbed the last beer on their table and split it with his boyfriend. All three of them knew that a drunk Beam was just like a baby in a way. He would just fall asleep and they would be left heaving him through the nightclub like they were dragging a dead body.

“Heeyy,” Beam slurred, giving his boyfriend a hazy looking glare before he grumbled something and leaned against Forth, snuggling his face into his neck while he wrapped his arms around his waist, clinging to him like a koala. Rubbing his fingers through Beam’s hair, Forth shushed him gently while Ming scooted closer and pressed his and Kit’s thighs together. Peering at him, Kit allowed Ming to press a soft kiss against his hair before he intertwined their hands together underneath the table. Watching them with his eyes squinted, Beam mumbled something which got everyone’s attention at the table. “Do you remember your second kiss?”

“Huh?!” Kit squeaked, almost spitting out his beer as he finally heard was Beam at muttered. Cracking up beside his boyfriend, Ming pressed a hand to his mouth to try and stop while Forth cleared his throat and shot them an apologetic look. Dismissing it with a flushed face, Kit glanced at Ming, who was watching him with a soft expression, and sighed. Everyone practically knew that they were a couple, so it would be okay to talk about it, right? As if he was reading Kit’s mind, Ming squeezed his hand gently and smiled. “Well…yeah I do and it was disastrous.”

“Did you kick Ming off your bed or something?” Forth question, pulling Beam closer to his side and humming lightly when his drunk as fuck boyfriend pressed a sloppy kiss to his cheek. Letting out his own brief laughter as Ming jerked a bit next to him as he remembered the kick, Kit shook his head and explained that they did it in the car right in front of his parents’ house and ended up getting caught by his brother. Letting a snort as he heard this, Forth leaned into Beam and grinned. “Our second kiss wasn’t as bad as yours, god Ming.”

Flushing brightly as he was laughed at by Forth and Kit, Ming whined and buried his face in Kit’s neck, finally getting his boyfriend to stop his laughter as he registered what Ming just did. Taking in a deep breath, Forth glanced at Beam and paused when he noticed that his boyfriend was looking at him quite closely, not even blinking which was creeping him out a little. Arching his brows, Forth ruffled Beam’s hair before a gasp left his mouth as Beam leaned forward and pressed their lips together. Shit, he could taste the alcohol on his boyfriend’s tongue as it pressed into his mouth and swirled around with his own. Feeling their jaws drop as they observed this from the sidelines, Kit cleared his throat and moved out of the booth, claiming it was going to get some water for Beam. Following his boyfriend since their hands were still intertwined, Ming gave one glance to them before he and Kit disappeared in the crowd of people dancing and flashing lights.

“Woah, woah, woah! Hold on Beam!” Forth gasped out, gently trying to push his boyfriend away as he moved his kisses down to his neck, leaving little nips and licks as he went. Swallowing the lump in his throat along with the wanting to continue, Forth took in a deep breath and proceeded to push Beam away, holding his shoulder with a firm grip so they could look each other in the eyes. Taking in the way Beam swallowed and panted softly, Forth sighed and squeezed his shoulders, moving them around until Beam was practically in his lap and his back was pressed against his chest. Wrapping his arms around Beam’s waist, Forth pressed a kiss to his shoulder and held him tightly, allowing Beam to lean against him. “As much as I would like to have you wreck me or the other way around, I don’t think we should do it here. Too noisy and uh…too many people.”

Letting out a whine, Beam leaned his head against Forth as his boyfriend placed his chin on his shoulder. Hearing Kit’s voice coming back, Forth gave his attention to the other couple and thanked him when Ming handed Beam the water along with some pretzels. Pulling Beam back to his side so he could help him drink without spilling it all over the both of them, Forth placed the glass down once it was empty and tucked Beam back to his side, allowing him to rest while his sobered up a little.

“You didn’t tell us what your second kiss was, P’Forth!” Ming suddenly said, grinning when Forth sighed and glanced at Beam who was barely paying any attention to their conversation at the moment. He wasn’t sure if he should even mention it since he knew that Beam still had some guilty thoughts about the hammer smacking him in the head. But…since Beam was drunk and probably wouldn’t even realize what they’re talking about…Forth guessed it wouldn’t hurt. “Weelll?”

“Well…it was right after I had a hammer come smack down right on my head,” Forth hummed, nuzzling his face into Beam’s soft hair. Blinking as they took in what Forth had said, Kit was about to shout out about a hammer being ‘thrown’ at him before Ming bumped their shoulders and shook his head, moving his gaze back to Forth to give him his full attention. Chuckling softly as he connected the dots to Kit’s thinking, Forth shook his head and squeezed Beam closer, pressing a kiss to his hair. “It was a total accident but I usually don’t mention it because Beam still thinks it’s his fault a lot of the time.”

Nodding their heads in understanding, the two glanced at Beam who had fallen asleep against Forth’s shoulder with his face hidden in his boyfriend’s shirt. Smiling softly at the sight, Forth wrapped his arms around Beam and glanced at Kit, who quirked his brow.

“Want to help me get him on my back? I think it’s time to get the Wifey home,” Forth asked, squeezing as quietly as he could around Beam before he kneeled down. Nodding, Kit glanced at Ming who grinned and both of them moved out of the booth and gently moved Beam until he was on Forth’s back. Pulling his arms around his neck as he heaved him up with his arms around his thighs, Forth lifted him easily and turned around. “Thanks for the help. We’ll leave first. Thanks for asking us on a double date. Have fun!”

Waving to him, Kit gave Ming his full attention and smiled shyly. Rolling his eyes as the two began to give each other heart eyes, Forth carefully circled around the people dancing and thrashing around before he finally made it outside, the cool night air smacking him and Beam in the face. Shifting against Forth’s back, Beam groaned and nuzzled his face into Forth’s shoulder, tightening his grip around his boyfriend’s neck. Moving his head a bit so he could peek at Beam, Forth noticed how his boyfriend’s eyes were opened slightly and were watching him with so much sleepiness clouding them.

“We’re going to take my bike back, so try to stay awake for the ride back, okay?” Forth whispered, bumping their heads together slightly as he got to his motorbike. Nodding slightly, Beam slowly got off Forth’s back and crawled onto the backseat of Forth’s back, wrapping his arms tightly around his boyfriend’s waist as he got on and revved up the engine. Making sure that Beam was still slightly aware, Forth squeezed his hand before he took off out of the nightclub parking lot, making his way back to Beam’s faculty so they could rest at his dorm. With the way that Forth was driving, it didn’t take long for them to reach the dorms and before long, Beam was back on Forth’s back as he walked them up the stairs and towards Beam’s room. “Do you have the key?”

Feeling some fumbling behind him, Forth heard the sound of the keys being jingled before they hit the carpeted floor. Letting out a soft yet fond sigh, Forth helped Beam get off his back so he could bend down and grab the keys. Opening the door, Forth threw the keys on the table beside the door and heaved Beam inside, kicking off his own shoes as he went. Once he got them to Beam’s bedroom, Forth pulled the blanket back and helped Beam get in, removing his jeans and shoes as he did so. Snuggling into the mattress in just a shirt and his boxers, Beam strained to keep his eyes open as he observed the way Forth threw off his own t-shirt and practically bounced out of the black skinny jeans that Beam secretly loved so much.

“Okay…I guess I’ll be left with making breakfast tomorrow since you drunk off your ass,” Forth snorted out, getting in bed beside his boyfriend, who grumbled something as a comeback. Rolling his eyes, Forth turned off the lamp and let the room finally get bathed in darkness, the only light coming from the half moon that was shining through Beam’s window. Feeling the bed shift, Forth turned onto his back and wrapped his arm around Beam, who snuggled into him just like he did when they were resting on the nursing bed. “Get some rest, Beam. I love you so much.”

Mumbling out that he loved Forth too, Beam snuggled into Forth’s chest a bit more before he closed his eyes, almost immediately falling asleep as his boyfriend’s warmth, along with the blanket, surrounded him. Smiling as the soft snores that were coming out of his boyfriend entered the once quiet room, Forth pressed a kiss to Beam’s hair and moved to play with his phone as Beam slept. He knew he wasn’t going to fall asleep any time soon but that didn’t matter since he had his boyfriend practically laying on him as he slept.

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Don’t get Beam wrong, he loved the season of Autumn. The colors of the leaves, the crunch of them when he steps on them and don’t blame him, but Beam really liked having the selections of seasonal flavors appear in the coffee shops around the campus. Not just all the pumpkin spice things, but also the maple stuff, the apple ciders and how could he forget the candy and caramel apples? It was all nice…except there was one thing he didn’t care about the entering season. And that was the weather. Blowing on his hands to warm them slightly, Beam sighed and rubbed at his arms, cursing himself for forgetting to wear a jacket this morning when he left for class. Noticing the way his friend was shivering slightly, Pha nudged Kit and pointed out Beam with his pencil. Feeling eyes on him, Beam glanced up from his notebook and stared at them.

“Beam, how about you head back first? I can see you shivering from here,” Pha asked, putting down his pencil so he could give his friend his undivided attention. Letting out a huff, Beam sat back before a shiver ran through him as a breeze swept passed them, chilling him even more than he already was. Giving him a look to prove that they were right, Pha crossed his arms and stared Beam down, not giving in. Moving his gaze from Pha to Kit, Beam tried to plead with him but when he saw the look he got, he knew that it was not going to work. “Go on. We can handle it from here. The last thing you need to happen is to get a cold. Go back to the dorm, okay?”

“Fine…if you need anything, text me,” Beam relented, knowing he wasn’t going to get anywhere with how stubborn his friends were. Packing up his things, Beam placed them back in his messenger bag before he waved them off, rubbing his arms as he made his way through the Medical Faculty. Walking towards the dorming building, Beam was brought out of his thoughts as his phone vibrated in his pocket. Taking it out, Beam slowed his pace and noticed he had a message from Forth. His boyfriend said that he was already in Beam’s dorm. Letting a soft smile rise on his face, Beam quickly responded before he quickened his pace again, practically jogging inside the building and up the stairs to his dorm room. Slowing down, Beam took in a deep breath before he opened the door and kicked his shoes off. “I’m h-home.”

“Welcome back!” Forth yelled back, appearing from the kitchen to greet his boyfriend, wrapping his arms around Beam before he yelped and pulled away in shock. Frowning as the warmth of his boyfriend’s arms left him too quickly, Beam tried to shuffle closer to Forth before he was suddenly held at arms length and a hand was cupping his flushed face. Narrowing his eyes at how cold Beam was, Forth squeezed his face before he let go of him and began to walk away. Blinking at this, Beam tossed his bag next to his shoes and tried to follow Forth but was stopped when Forth halted him. “Go get some pajamas and then meet me in the bathroom, okay?”

Arching his brows at this, Beam hesitantly nodded and watched as his boyfriend disappeared into the bathroom. Rubbing his arms again, Beam made his way towards his room and quickly decided what pajamas he would wear. Grabbing the plain navy blue long sleeved shirt and checked dark blue flannel bottoms, Beam folded them over his arm before he stepped towards the bathroom, knocking on the door and entering it when he heard his boyfriend’s voice. Hearing the water running, Beam felt his cheeks flare up as he noticed Forth preparing a bubble bath for him. Noticing the look on his face, Forth chuckled and stood back up, turning off the water before he took Beam’s pajamas and folded them, setting them down on the sink.

“I set up a bath for you. Did you forget to wear a warmer jacket or something? You’re literally ice to the touch, Beam,” Forth muttered, cupping Beam’s chilled face again. Rubbing his thumbs gently under his eyes, Forth leaned forward and pressed their lips together. Shifting closer shyly, Beam deepened the kiss and hummed when Forth’s hands went through his hair before he backed away, pressing another kiss to his nose before he headed towards the door. “Go on, I’m going to make some hot cocoa for us. It should be ready when you come out.”

Nodding softly, Beam watched as Forth left with a wink and he was suddenly left alone. Letting out a sigh, Beam stripped out of his old clothing and left them on the floor as he stepped into the tub, hissing as the slightly hot water stung his cold body. Leaning back further until he was almost completely under the water, Beam let out a contented breath before he closed his eyes, relaxing into the water. It wasn’t long before the water started to cool and the sound of Forth calling out to him broke Beam out of his pleasant daze. Letting out a small hum loud enough for Forth to hear him, Beam watched as the door opened and Forth peeked in.

“The hot chocolate’s ready…come on out, I can see the water’s not warm anymore,” Forth chuckled, handing his boyfriend a towel before he turned his back to give Beam some privacy. Rolling his eyes, Beam drained the water and slowly stood up, wrapping the towel around his waist before he used the other one to dry the rest of his body. It’s not like Forth hadn’t seen everything already. Stepping closer to his boyfriend, Beam wrapped his arms around his waist and nuzzled his face into his shoulder. Holding onto Beam’s hands, Forth moved his head and pressed a kiss to his hair. “I’m going to set up our mugs, hurry up and get dressed.”

“Alright, alright,” Beam whined softly, letting go of his boyfriend to reach for his clothes. Letting out a yelp as his ass was suddenly pinched, Beam whipped Forth with his free towel and grumbled when his boyfriend left the bathroom, snickering. Rubbing the area Forth had pinched, Beam turned his back towards the door to hide a smile before he began getting dressed. Placing the towels inside the dirty clothes hamper, Beam stepped outside and sniffed the air as the scent of hot cocoa wavered. “Forth?”

Hearing a call from the kitchen, Beam followed it until he made it into the kitchen, smiling softly when he noticed Forth holding out a mug with a grin on his face. Stepping closer to him, Beam carefully took the mug and blew on it, taking a small sip and letting out a hum when the sweet chocolate took over his taste buds. Smiling brightly as he observed Beam’s reaction to his cocoa, Forth took his own mug and sipped from it, closing his eyes as the warmth almost heated his entire body.

“This is good…is it a special recipe?” Beam asked, going in closer to Forth until he was practically leaning onto his shoulder. Letting out a hum, Forth nodded and explained how his Grandmother taught him how to make it when he was younger. After hearing the story of how Forth would be a reckless kid in the winter and how the hot cocoa would be made for him after would come back in his home, practically frozen, Beam let the comforting silence grow as they enjoyed the hot beverage. Taking the last gulp, Forth turned around carefully, while keeping his arm around Beam and washed out his cup. Doing the same once he finished his, Beam felt his eyes beginning to flutter as the warmth in his stomach settled and he was finally feeling warm. Rubbing his side softly, Forth lead his boyfriend out of the kitchen towards the living room of the dorm, placing him down on the couch before he pulled out a warm looking blanket. “What are you doing?”

“Shh, I’m just setting out a blanket for us. Let’s settle down and watch a movie or something, okay?” Forth whispered, sitting down on the couch beside his boyfriend before he threw the blanket over both their shoulders. Rubbing at his tired eyes, Beam nodded and leaned into Forth when his boyfriend’s arm went back around his waist and held him close. Pressing a kiss to his hair again, Forth buried his face in Beam’s hair and turned on a random movie. Yawning softly, Beam squirmed closer to him and wrapped his arms around Forth’s waist, settling snuggly against his boyfriend. About thirty minutes into the movie, Forth heard a soft snore come from Beam and when he peeked down at him, he held back a soft snort as he noticed that Beam had fallen asleep, wearing a soft smile on his face. “This can’t be comfortable…hold on.”

Shifting them around slightly until he was on his back with a pillow behind his head and Beam was on top of him with his head on his chest and his hands clutching at his sides, Forth fixed the blanket over Beam before he settled again, moving his gaze from his boyfriend to the movie again. He didn’t know how long he would have to lay there like that, but as his fingers thread through Beam’s soft hair as the future doctor mumbled his name in his sleep, Forth smiled and just focused on the movie, not caring if he was going to be in this position forever, secretly wishing the moment would never end.

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“Kit, here’s some more paint. I think we’ll be done after a few more posters are done,” Beam sighed, wiping his brow as he handed his friend a few more tubs of paint. Thanking him with a grumble, Kit placed the tubs of paint down and opened them, dipping his brush in the red paint before he continued to paint words onto a poster board. Chuckling at the irritation on Kit’s face, Beam took a few more poster boards and walked back towards Pha, who looked like he was having trouble putting the paint on the paper. “Pha, you literally have more paint on yourself then you have on the paper, need some help?”

Snorting when he glanced up to see what Beam was seeing was true, Kit moved his eyes back towards his project and moved to wash his paintbrush in the water before adding a different colored paint to it. They had all agreed to help out with putting up new poster boards up for different clubs around their Faculty. At first they didn’t think it wouldn’t take too much time, however, they thought wrong as they were literally there for almost two hours and their wrists were aching from how many times they had to twist and turn them with the brushes. Dipping the brush into the yellow paint next, Kit couldn’t help but think of Ming as the thought of his boyfriend entered his mind. He hadn’t been able to text Ming since he was working hard. His phone must be filled with texts from his boyfriend by now.

“Kitkat! There you are!” Speaking of Ming, Kit whipped his head up in shock as the sound of his boyfriend’s voice echoed around the courtyard, gaining everyone’s attention. Feeling a blush beginning to fill his cheeks as he observed the way Ming was smiling brightly at him as he jogged towards him. Sitting up a bit better as Ming finally stood in front of him, Kit offered a shy smile and nodded towards the spot near him, offering his boyfriend a chance to sit. Nodding like an ecstatic puppy, Ming threw his backpack to the side before he plopped down next to Kit, blinking as he stared at the work Kit was making. “Oh?! You’re painting posters for the new clubs coming up? Can I help?”

“Fine, but do not mess anything up, got it?” Kit muttered, trying not to show how much he was glad that Ming arrived, keeping his face lowered towards the paper. Smiling softly, Ming nodded and grabbed an extra brush, dipping it in the green paint before he began to add some to Kit’s paper. Watching the way their hands worked around each other, Kit felt a small smile rise on his face as he stared up at Ming. Not too long after they finished their third poster, Kit placed his hand down to straighten it before he yelped when something wet and cold dabbed up his hand towards his arms. “Ming!”

Pulling back when his name was called so harshly, Ming blinked and glanced down at Kit’s arm, biting back his cackles when he noticed that he accidentally drew a blue line up his hand and just above his wrist. Letting out a shaky apology, Ming gasped when Kit growled and basically splashed red paint onto him, before taking some in his hand and slapping his face with it lightly. Feeling his jaw drop, Ming stared at the smirk his boyfriend had on his face before he too smirked and picked up another jar of paint. Noticing the way Kit’s eyes widened, Ming snickered and flicked some of the paint from his fingers, causing purple splats to dot over Kit’s face and neck. It was a good thing they were wearing plain white t-shirts or else their clothes would be a mess from how they were looking at each other.

“You’re going to pay for that,” Kit growled, grabbing the yellow and orange paint jugs as he stood up, causing Ming to back up slightly, feeling threatened from the way his boyfriend was smirking at him. Grabbing the blue and red paint, Ming stood up quickly and backed up, trying to get away from the poster boards that were drying. The last thing they needed to do was mess up everyone else’s work. Dipping his hands in the paint, Kit dropped the jugs and stepped towards Ming, holding his hands out threateningly. “Come here you brat!”

“K-Kit, anything but that, please!” Ming pleaded, obviously faking it as he too dunked his hands in his own paint jugs and held them out, letting the paint drip on the cement below them. Peering from the sidelines, Beam nudged Pha and pointed towards the two, letting out a snort when Kit shot forward and smacked his hands right on Ming’s chest, causing the boy to yelp and clap his hands on Kit’s face. Jerking away, Kit rubbed at his face and groaned when the paint spread from his face to his hands and neck. “I got you! Now, what are you going to do, huh?”

Ooooh boy, Ming shouldn’t have done that. Leaning back against the benches, Pha and Beam observed the way Kit backed off slightly before he grabbed a whole tub of green paint and threw it at Ming, splashing it all over his neck and arms. Letting out a shriek at the coolness of the paint, Ming shook his arms slightly before he glared playfully at his boyfriend. Reaching down, Ming scooped out some red paint and smirked, moving closer to Kit who was starting to back away, not liking the look he saw on his boyfriend’s face. Moving as fast as he could, Ming shot out his hand and placed it right over Kit’s mouth, turning his cheeks and lips bright red. Waving his arms back and forth in shock, Kit pushed Ming away and before Ming could even laugh, Kit shoved his hand in blue paint and smacked it over the same spot Ming just got on him, covering his lips and cheeks with the shiny blue paint.

“Ewww! I ate some!” Ming shouted, spitting out little drops of blue paint, causing Kit to break out laughing before he covered his mouth when paint almost dripped inside. Rolling their eyes at their friends, Pha sighed and glanced at Beam, who was probably thinking the same thing he was. They should not have given the option for Ming to help if there was paint involved. They knew that he was a troublemaker and would do things just to get someone to have fun with him. Yet, Kit was the one who allowed him to help. Wiping off their mouths with the paintfree areas of the back of their hands, Kit sighed when he noticed that most of the paint on his lips and the rest of his body already dried…which means he’d need to take a shower. “P’Kit?”

“What do yo-…!” Kit sighed, turning around before he was suddenly brought into a kiss, Ming’s hands cupping his already paint filled face as he kissed him. Feeling his own eyes widen, Kit considered pushing Ming away before he slowly changed his mind and let his eyes flutter shut, returning the kiss before the both of them got the taste of paint on their tongues. Back away, the two sputtered out the dry flakes of paint and groaned when the taste didn’t leave their mouths right away. “God, why did you think that would be a good idea, Ming! Ew…”

“Hey guys. If you’re done being lovey-dovey, then go back to Kit’s dorm and clean up…” Pha sighed, finally making his way towards them once he deemed it safe and he wouldn’t be splashed by their paint fight. Crossing his arms, Kit nodded hesitantly and glanced back at Ming, who nodded as well. Reaching out, Kit shyly laced their hands together before he pulled his boyfriend out of the paint mess that was all over their feet. Jogging up to Pha to help him clean up, Beam gave them one last glance before he cackled and elbowed Pha. “Oh and um…you guys literally made purple all over your faces.”

Furrowing their brows in confusion, Kit turned to face Ming before he finally noticed what Pha and Beam were talking about. All over Ming’s lips, the blue and red paint had mixed and created the color purple. Putting his hand to his own lips, Kit flushed when his fingers came back purple as well before he pulled Ming harder, heading back to his dorm as he listened to Pha and Beam’s chuckles. They were so going to get it later! But first, a shower.

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Just letting everyone know that day 10 will be put together with day 11 today because yesterday night, I got back from a Pride Social Halloween Event and I was really tired. So expect two prompts in one for today! :D

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It was getting late in the night when Beam had gotten a text from Pha. Letting out a small sigh, Beam reached for his phone from where he was lying on his bed and typed in the passcode, opening the message as he rubbed his eyes. Sitting up as he read, Beam blinked when he cleared the sleep from his gaze before a smile rose on his face. It seemed like there was a Halloween themed party going down at the nightclub and everyone was going to be there. Pushing the blanket off his lap, Beam placed his phone in his pajama’s pocket before he stretched, moving towards the bathroom to hurry up and get ready since he didn’t want them to be waiting for him for too long. Brushing his teeth, Beam twitched when he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. Spitting out the toothpaste, Beam washed his mouth out before he grabbed his phone, and took the call.

“Hello? Oh, Forth. Yeah…I’m getting cleaned up now and I’ll be there soon…what? You’re outside…well come on in then, I’ll just be a few minutes,” Beam mumbled, fixing his hair before he hung up. Fluffing out his hair once more, Beam heard the door to his dorm open and his boyfriend calling out his name. Shouting to let Forth know he was in the bathroom, Beam nodded once he felt his hair was in its satisfied place. Feeling eyes on him, Beam turned and smiled softly when he noticed Forth, who was leaning against the door frame of his bedroom with his arms crossed, just staring at him fondly. “Hey. Thanks for picking me up. Sorry for making you get away from the party.”

“Don’t apologize, I wanted to come pick you up,” Forth chuckled, stepping towards his boyfriend before he wrapped his arms around Beam, pressing a kiss to his lips and nose. Wrapping his arms around Forth in a loose hug, Beam let himself be held for a bit before he pulled away, leaning into the hand that cupped his face. Pressing another kiss to his lips, Forth finally backed off and laced their hands together, pulling Beam towards the door to his bedroom. “Come on, we’re going to be late if we don’t leave now. The last thing I want is Pha on my back.”

Snickering softly, Beam allowed himself to be pulled before he kicked on his shoes and they walked outside the dorm, Beam turning back to make sure he locked the door. Once it was locked, Beam felt Forth pulling him away, so with his eyes rolling, Beam followed his boyfriend down the stairs and out of the dorm’s lobby to where Forth’s motorbike was waiting. Getting on it, Forth helped Beam get on comfortably and made sure his arms were wrapped tightly around his waist before he revved up the engine. Glancing back him once more, Forth gave Beam a smile before they took off, Beam burying his face into Forth’s back. With the way Forth drove, Beam was surprised they didn’t crash but at least they made it to the party place in record time…right? Feeling his legs shake under him as he slid off his boyfriend’s bike, Beam held onto Forth for a minute until he was sure his legs wouldn’t give out underneath him.

“We actually made it in one piece,” Beam muttered, smacking Forth’s chest when he had the audacity to laugh at his reaction. Rubbing a soothing circle around Beam’s back, Forth waited for Beam to stop trembling slightly before he laced their hands together and pulled him towards the building, grinning when he noticed the orange and black themed lights blinking from inside. Feeling his own excitement beginning to bubble, Beam tightened the grip he had on Forth’s hand and closed his eyes when they entered the nightclub. Hearing the song, ‘Monster Mash,’ playing from where the DJ was, Beam opened his eyes and gasped when he noticed how decorated the place was. It literally looked like they were inside a haunted maze attraction. “This place looks amazing…but so much fog, where is Kit and the others?”

“I know right. Hold on to my hand so we don’t lose each other and let’s just go to our usual table, yeah?” Forth asked, peering at Beam who looked through the blinking fog before he glanced back at him and nodded. Tightening his grip on Forth’s hand again, Beam took in a deep breath before both of them walked into the heavy fog, weaving through the crowd of dancing people before they finally made it to their usual table. Taking a look at all the people at the table, Forth squinted before he noticed someone waving him over and calling his name. “Well, I found Ming.”

Squinting, Beam snickered and moved towards where he could see Ming waving his arm, calling for them. Finally making it to the table, Beam let Forth sit down first before he scooted in, waving down a waitress that was dressed up like a witch to get him and his boyfriend some drinks. Once the girl was gone, Beam sighed and leaned into Forth, glancing over his friends before he broke out into laughter when he noticed the ridiculous costumes they were in. Pha and Wayo were dressed up like a doctor and a nurse while Ming and Kit were dressed like a dangel and a devil.

“Why aren’t you two dressed up?” Ming asked, spinning his devil tail around, almost smacking someone as they passed their booth. Flicking Ming’s forehead for this, Kit sighed and took a huge gulp of his beer. Grinning at Kit with a lovestruck expression, Ming leaned into him and laced their hands together when Kit didn’t push him away. Explaining the situation about how Pha called him and he didn’t exactly tell him they were going to wear costumes, Beam thanked the waitress when she arrived with his and Forth’s drinks. “That explains it. Nice one, P’Pha. I think they would’ve beaten us all with a couple costume.”

“It’s not his fault. I just kinda got his attention on accident when he texted Beam…and he forgot to text him to remind him about the costume thing,” Wayo sighed, moving to snuggle into Pha, smiling up at him when his boyfriend’s arm went around his shoulders and pulled him closer. Doing the same to Beam after he witnessed their PDA, Forth pressed a kiss to Beam’s face and threw a chip at Ming when he made a gagging noise. “Are any of you going to go dance? I heard that they’re giving out a cute little trophy for the couple who dances the best to this song.”

Glancing at each other, Ming gave Kit a small smile and shook his head. He was good at a lot of things but dancing? Yeah, he didn’t want to embarrass himself or Kit with how he was kinda clumsy on his feet when it came to it. Looking up at Pha, Wayo shook his head as well, which left…them. Peering down at Beam, Forth arched his brows when he noticed that his boyfriend wasn’t exactly saying, ‘no’ to the idea of them dancing. Giving Forth a look of his own, Beam went to say something but was paused when the DJ spoke up over the microphone and talked about how the contest was starting soon.

“I don’t mind…I guess, if you don’t?” Beam suggested shyly, pulling away from where he was laying his head down against Forth’s chest. Letting out a hum, Forth moved his gaze from Beam’s eyes to the dance floor where he could see all the couples dancing as the music got a bit louder. It didn’t seem like it would be a bad idea and even if they didn’t win, Forth knew that they would have a lot of fun. Moving his gaze back to Beam’s questioning eyes, Forth smiled and nodded his head, giving Beam the okay that he wouldn’t mind dancing with him. “Are you sure?”

“Of course! Excuse us boys, we have something fun to get into!” Forth cackled, practically shoving Beam out of the booth before they were both on their feet and heading towards the sign up table. Keeping their hands laced together as they signed up, Forth finished up and pulled Beam back towards the dance floor. Getting into the middle where there weren’t so many people, Forth pulled Beam close and wrapped his arms around his waist. Fumbling slightly, Beam let his arms hover a bit before he slowly wrapped his arms around Forth’s neck, bring them so close that their hips and chests were perfectly aligned. “Let’s just have fun, okay?”

Feeling the worry leave him immediately as Forth said this, Beam grinned and nodded, pressing himself closer to his boyfriend before he pressed their lips together. Hearing the DJ announce the start of the contest, the two pulled away with equal blushes on their faces before they backed up, keeping each other at an arms length. Their dancing was going to look awfully funny but as Beam stared into Forth’s cheerful eyes, he found that he honestly didn’t care. As long as they had fun, that was all that mattered to him.

Chapter Text

“Okay, yeah…I can see why you called me for help,” Beam muttered, stepping into Forth’s dorm to see dirty clothes all over the floor along with endless textbooks and folders with papers spilling out of them. It looked like the Engineer student didn’t bother to try and clean for months, even if it was only a few weeks since Forth had last picked up everything on his floor. Rubbing the back of his neck, Forth cleared his throat and stepped over the mess carefully, gesturing for his boyfriend to follow him into the abyss. Letting out a sigh, Beam stepped over a pile of what looked like shirts and closed the door behind him. “How could a dorm ever become this messy in only a few weeks…damn, Forth.”

“I was busy and I just put it off until, well…it became like this,” Forth sighed, shoving some of the mess that was on his bed onto the floor, gaining a glare from Beam for making the mess worse. Sitting down, Forth glanced around while Beam stayed standing, doing the same as they both wondered where they should honestly start. Noticing Forth’s dirty clothes hamper filled to the brim with more dirty clothes, Beam felt his eye twitch before he pinched the bridge of his nose and crossed his arms. “I know, I know. I haven’t exactly done the laundry either…should we start there?”

Nodding, Beam watched as Forth stood up and hopped around the messy floor, heading towards the bathroom where he heard cabinets being open and closed before his boyfriend came out, holding out black garbage bags. Blinking as he was handed one, Beam observed as Forth began to pick up the dirty clothes from the floor and throw them in the bag. Rolling his eyes, Beam slowly began to do the same and by the time they were done, both of them were out of breath and their bags were now too filled to add anymore. Looking at the floor, Beam noticed a few articles of clothing here and there, but he figured they could be stuffed in the hamper since their bags looked ready to explode if there was any more added.

“We can stuff the rest in your hamper. Come on, let’s get this over with so we can continue with the room,” Beam ordered, heaving the bag of clothes over his shoulder while Forth did the same while he closed his hamper. Picking up the hamper on both sides, the two nodded and lifted it, carefully stepping around the mess that was still on the floor before placing the basket near the door. Opening it carefully, Beam tried not to kick any garbage out of the room as he shoved the bag out and then helped Forth lift the hamper out as well. “Easy does it. Almost there.”

“Aaannddd we’re free,” Forth breathed out, once both bags and the hamper were out of his room. Giving him a look, Beam pulled the bag over his shoulder again and waited for Forth to do the same so they could carry the basket to the elevator and down to the basement where all the washers and dryers were. Waiting for the elevator, Beam felt himself beginning to sweat before a hand suddenly touched his forehead, wiping the sweat away. Flushing slightly, Beam swore at his boyfriend and huffed when all he received was a grin. Bumping their shoulders together playfully, Forth chuckled and glanced up when the bell of the elevator went off, signaling it was opening on their floor. “Come on, let’s go, yeah?”

Letting out another huff, Beam grabbed his half of the hamper and helped Forth drag it in just as the doors closed behind them. Shifting a little closer to Forth as the elevator rumbled in its descent, Beam hooked his finger around Forth’s and kept his eyes on the bags, trying not to look at his boyfriend, who tightened their fingers together with a smile. Feeling the elevator finally stop, Beam took in a deep breath and sighed in relief when the doors opened. Yanking the hamper out of the elevator, the two passed other students before they finally made it to a free washer. Opening the washer, Beam dumped one of the bags of clothes in before he was handed the soap that Forth used for his clothes. Pouring a cup in, Beam tapped the cup and shut the washer, choosing the right setting before finally starting the washer.

“This load is in. Are you done with the two other loads?” Beam asked, turning around to watch Forth dump in the last load in a third washer. Walking over to him, Beam observed as he placed the soap in and shut the lid, starting the washer. Shifting on his feet, Beam glanced around and made up his mind, deciding to step closer to his boyfriend and wrap his arms around Forth’s waist, burying his face in his shoulder. Blinking at this, Forth turned his head a bit and smiled when he noticed how Beam’s ear were turning a light shade of red. “You know that I don’t really mind helping you with this, right?”

“Of course. I’m really glad you’re here,” Forth whispered, leaning into Beam before he turned around, cupping his face as Beam’s hands fell down to his waist, clinging to his shirt. Rubbing soft curves underneath his eyes, Forth smiled at him softly while Beam felt his face grow darker as he took in the loving look Forth was giving him. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Beam shut his eyes when Forth leaned forward and pressed their lips together, letting Beam decide how far the kiss was going. Keeping it sweet and soft, Beam hummed and pulled away, smiling a little when Forth pressed their foreheads together. “I love you so much.”

Mumbling out his response as well, Beam glanced away from Forth as he grew flustered, making his boyfriend chuckle at his cuteness before the sound of the washers going off one by one made them jump and pull away quickly. Letting his laughter echo around the mostly empty basement, Forth winked at Beam and moved to take his damp clothes out of the washer, collecting them up before he moved them to an available dryer. Doing the same with the last two loads, Beam followed Forth and placed them in the next free dryers before they placed them on for thirty minutes. Stepping towards Beam, Forth cupped his waist and lifted him, making a squeak emanate from Beam as he was picked up and placed on the dryer, his legs being spread so Forth could stand in between them.

“Want to continue where we left off?” Forth asked, wiggling his eyebrows and grinning when the action made a snort come out of Beam. Peering around, Beam knew it was true that there weren’t a lot of people from the dorm down here, but the sound of voices and other washers gained his attention. Noticing Beam looking around, Forth did the same and frowned when he heard that they weren’t the only ones in the basement washing clothes and if they did not want to get kicked out for…doing things, then the only thing would be to wait and do it up in his dorm or something. “Actually, let’s give that a raincheck, yeah? We’re not exactly alone, huh?”

Shooting his boyfriend an appreciative look, Beam leaned in and pressed another kiss to Forth’s lips, wrapping his arms around his neck. Grinning into the kiss, Forth danced his fingers down Beam sides before he pulled away, rubbing his thumbs in soft circles against Beam’s shirt. Moving away, Forth leaned against Beam’s leg and the two talked until Beam felt the dryer stop shaking underneath him and Forth’s clothes were done in the rest of the dryers. Hopping off, Beam helped Forth gather the now dry clothes and placed them all in his hamper, letting out a hum as it was overflowing once more.

“How are we going to get these up without anything falling out while we’re carrying it?” Beam asked, trying to push the clothes down further into the basket. Biting his lip in thought, Forth glanced around before an idea came to mind. Moving Beam’s hands out of the way softly, Forth shoved the clothes down harder and slammed the lid shut, holding it down forcibly. Arching is brow as the lid stayed forced shut, Beam rolled it eyes playfully at the thumbs up he got before he helped Forth lift it, practically dragging the hamper on the floor until they reached the elevator again. Riding to Forth’s floor again, Beam kept his gaze lowered to the floor as they dragged everything out of the elevator and back towards Forth’s dorm. Opening the door, Forth took over and heaved the hamper back inside his room, almost dropping it all as they finally made it back to his bed. “Finally done…never forget to do your clothes this late in time ever again.”

“I know and I’m sorry,” Forth panted, falling back first onto his bed as he stared up at the ceiling. Doing the same, Beam laid down close to Forth and kept his gaze on his ceiling, ignoring the eyes he could feel taking him in. Finally having enough of being stared at, Beam turned his head and met Forth’s eyes, feeling a smile rise on his lips when he noticed that Forth was observing everything about him with his own soft smile. Scooting closer, Forth laced their fingers together and pressed a kiss to Beam’s cheek, nuzzling into his neck when he felt Beam shiver. “Is this okay?”

Nodding, Beam made sure to voice a ‘yes’ before Forth turned onto him, practically straddling him as he stared further into Beam’s eyes. Pressing a kiss to his nose, Forth bent down more and pressed their lips together, pushing his hands up and into Beam’s hair, gently scratching his scalp. Letting out a shy groan into the kiss, Beam squirmed around until they were sitting right on Forth’s bed. Resting back again, Beam furrowed his brows when he felt like something was digging into his neck from underneath Forth’s blanket. Pushing him off carefully, Beam swallowed back his pants and turned slightly, digging underneath the blanket before he pulled out a pair of dark blue and light blue striped boxers. Pausing at Beam’s expression, Forth broke out into laughter before Beam swore and threw his dirty underwear at his face. It was true that their kissing session was stopped but as he laughed and looked at the face his boyfriend was making, Forth couldn’t find it in himself to care as Beam shot up and swore, a heavy flush lighting up his cheeks.

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“Hurry up Joong! The movie’s starting!” Nine yelled, running towards the couch before he jumped and landed on the cushions, bouncing slightly as he settled. It was a Friday night and instead of going out like they usually did, him and Joong decided to have a night in and have a movie marathon. They had picked out all kinds of movies the day before and went to the store just to pick up some butter popcorn for the night as well. Grabbing the blanket that he had placed on the couch earlier, Nine wrapped it around himself and grinned when he heard the microwave beep and the sound of Joong swear as he most likely did not wait a minute for the popcorn to cool. “Wait a second for the popcorn! It’s hot!”

“No, shi…I know!” Joong shouted back, holding back a swear as he tried to grab the popcorn again. Hearing Nine laughing at him, Joong felt his cheeks flush slightly before he finally grabbed the bag and closed the microwave. Opening it, Joong pulled out a large green bowl and dumped the plain popcorn in it, smiling when the scent of the treat filled the air making his stomach growl a bit. Hearing another call coming from the other room, Joong rolled his eyes and grabbed the butter. “Do you want it buttered?!”

Giving him his confirmation, Nine settled back as Joong came into the room and placed the popcorn bowl on the coffee table. Sitting on the couch next to his friend, Joong pulled at the blanket Nine was crowding and covered himself with it too before he reached for the bowl, placing it in his lap as the movie finally began to start. Reaching into the bowl, Nine watched as the movie sequence started and the silence they had suddenly was broken when the loud sound effect for the THX appeared. Screeching in shock, Nine jolted back while Joong flinched and made some of the popcorn go flying as his friend knocked into it, scrambling for the remote with flustered hands. Lowering the volume quite a lot, Nine placed his hand to his chest before he glanced at Joong, who was holding the bowl to his chest and biting his lip, holding back laughter to what he had just witnessed.

“Don’t you dare laugh!” Nine growled threateningly, pointing at Joong who was trying hard to keep the laughter in as he observed the pout forming on Nine’s face. Clearing his throat shakily, Joong nodded and moved his gaze away from the huffy Nine to the movie that had finally started its opening credits. Leaning back against the couch with his arms crossed against his chest, Nine kept the pout up until a snort had come out of Joong and the bowl was shaking slightly from his attempts of keeping silent. “Joong, I swear to god.”

“I-I’m soreheheheherry!” Joong giggled out, finally breaking down as the pout refused to leave Nine’s face, handing the bowl to him as he broke down. Letting out a whine as Joong laughed at him, Nine paused the movie and glared at Joong, who was breaking down into full laughter from the look he was receiving. Letting a smirk lift on his own face, Nine buried his hands inside the bowl and pulled out a hand full of popcorn, lifting it so Joong could see it. Shaking his head, Joong covered his mouth and shot his friend a pleading look. “Nohoho! I will gehehet you back!”

Arching his brows from the dare, Nine smiled and whipped the hand full of popcorn at Joong, who squawked and ducked, grabbing a pillow instead and throwing it at NIne. Yelping as he placed the bowl on the table just in time before the pillow hit him, Nine narrowed his eyes as Joong did the same before they both grabbed pillows and a fight began. Letting out a battle cry, Nine launched off the couch and aimed for Joong’s head, getting a direct hit. Shaking his hair out of his face as he was pelted by Nine’s pillow, Joong cracked into laughter more before he stood up and wacked Nine right across the face with his pillow. Crashing to the floor, Nine broke out into giggles before he stood back up and threw his pillow. Ducking just in time, the two gasped when the bowl smacked the popcorn bowl, causing their movie night treat to go flying.

“Oh shit,” Nine muttered, looking at the hotel floor before he glanced back up at Joong, who was giving him the same look. Moving their gaze back to the floor, the two stayed silent until there was a knock on the door. Freezing up, Joong glanced at the door with wide eyes while Nine swallowed the lump in his throat and moved towards it, knowing that they were going to get caught one way or another. Opening the door slightly, Nine grinned sheepishly as he came face to face with Pavel and Dome, who had their brows arched. “Hi guys…”

“What is going on in here? We heard a huge thump from our room across the hall,” Dome asked, giving Nine a look that made the other grin. Letting out a hum, Nine glanced behind him at Joong, who was practically moving at the speed of light, trying to clean up their mess with a broom and dustpan. Moving his gaze back to their friends, Nine muttered some stutters before he heard Joong come up behind him and opened the door a bit wider. “Joong, what are you two up to?”

“Nothing much, we just got into a pillow fight over something that happened in the movie we’re watching,” Joong smoothly replied, laying his arm over Nine’s shoulder with a smile. Squinting his eyes slightly, Pavel glanced behind them and by the look of his face, the two knew that he knew they were fibbing but he decided not to tell Dome. Grinning, Joong squeezed Nine closer and nodded towards the movie. “We’re kinda in the midst of a movie night. Wanna join?”

“Nah, we were in the middle of game night with Ben and Earth. Whenever you guys are done, come and join us?” Pavel asked, wrapping his arm around Dome before he pushed the other boy towards their room again. Nodding their heads, the two watched as Pavel practically shoved Dome back into their shared room before he turned back around and gave them a wink. “Have fun you two.”

Rolling his eyes, Nine shouldered Joong back into their room and quickly shut the door, pressing his back to it with a sigh. Watching as Joong shrugged and headed back to the couch, Nine groaned and followed him, raising his eyebrows as he noticed that most of the mess was cleaned up except for a few crumbs that were buried in the rug floor. Sitting back down, the two stared at the paused movie before they glanced at each other, finally breaking into cackles as they remembered everything that happened. It was true that their movie night was put off by this but if they were being honest, it went exactly how they’d want. Now all that’s left is to make more popcorn and actually settle down to enjoy their movie night.

Chapter Text

“Are you really sure I could stay with you for a bit, Dazai-san?” Atsushi asked, sticking to Dazai’s side as they walked back to the apartment complex since they work day at the Agency was over. Rolling his eyes, Dazai chose to ignore the question as it was all Atsushi had asked him since they talked about the weretiger staying with him since his room was flooded. Dazai could tell that Atsushi didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before since the huge thunderstorm and down pouring rain decided to create a swamp in his room through the ceiling. How he slept in a wet ass room that night, Dazai did not know. But what he did know was that he couldn’t let Atsushi sleep on the wet floors again, so that’s when he told him he could stay with him until they could get something done about his flooded room. “Dazai-san?”

“I promise, Atsushi-kun. It’s perfectly okay. What kind of Senpai would I be if I let you sleep in a disastrous like yours at the moment?” Dazai chuckled out, turning his attention to the worried look Atsushi was wearing. Biting back his anxious reply, Atsushi bit his lip and just nodded, moving his gaze away from Dazai’s amused eyes so he could stare at their shoes instead. Letting the rest of their walk be silent, Atsushi moved his eyes off his boots to look up as they finally reached the complex. Staying close to Dazai, the weretiger followed him up the stairs, passing his own room quickly as they arrived at Dazai’s room. “Okay, we’re here!”

Swallowing the lump in his throat as Dazai unlocked his door, Atsushi kept his eyes lowered as they entered the room, Dazai shutting the door behind them. Watching him kick off his shoes, Atsushi toed off his own boots slowly before he placed his messenger bag down right next to them. Walking further into the room, Dazai moved towards the kitchen so he could prepare tea while Atsushi stumbled into the living area, sitting down on a cushion. Tracing the patterns in the wooden table with his finger, Atsushi silent watched as Dazai set out two mugs before he moved out of the kitchen, heading towards his room. Letting the silence thicken around him, Atsushi surveyed his surroundings before Dazai’s footsteps appeared back into the room.

“Here, you can use my white t-shirt for sleepwear. These pants may be long but I think they’ll fit you,” Dazai ordered, holding out the articles of clothing he listed off. Staring at them with a dumbstruck look, Atsushi moved his gaze back up to Dazai who had one eyebrow raised as he waited for him to take the offered clothes. Letting out a small squeak, Atsushi quickly took them and stood up, fidgeting on his feet as he tried to think about what to do next. Letting out a small cackle, Dazai patted Atsushi’s head and pointed him towards the bathroom. “You can get changed in there. Just hurry back, I think the tea’s almost ready.”

“Y-yes!” Atsushi yelped, practically stumbling over his feet as he raced towards the bathroom, accidentally slamming the door shut as he entered. Placing his back on the wood, Atsushi hugged the clothes to his chest before he let out a sigh, smacking the back of his head against the door as he thought about how he reacted. Why was he so nervous? Dazai took care of him in the past, so why is it so hard to act normal around him now? Taking in a deep breath, Atsushi stared at himself in the mirror before he placed Dazai’s clothes on the sink and began to undress. Once everything was on, Atsushi tugged the string in the sweatpants to make them tighter before he picked up his old clothes and folded them over his arms. “Dazai-san? I’m finished, um, let me just put my old clothes in my bag.”

Hearing Dazai’s confirmation from the kitchen, Atsushi took a deep breath before he walked out, heading towards where his messenger bag was, pushing his old clothes into it. Moving back into the living area, Atsushi heard the clink of mugs being set on the table before he turned and smiled shyly when Dazai had sat down and was waiting for him. Sitting down beside him, Atsushi carefully handled the mug and caught the scent of some kind of raspberry tea, the scent sweet to his nose. Watching as the weretiger relax a great fraction, Dazai smiled and quickly hid it behind taking a sip of the tea, letting the silence grow as they drank the hot beverage. It was going to be weird having Atsushi as a roommate for a while, but as he observed him drinking the tea with a soft smile on his face, Dazai couldn’t help but look forward to learning more about the weretiger as he lived with him for the next couple of days or weeks.

Chapter Text

It was just beginning to fade into the night time, the evening colors changing to dull greys and blues as Atsushi began his route back to the apartment complex. By the way the clouds were moving, the weretiger could tell that rain was going to be in the forecast, but it was no worry to him since he’d be inside his or Dazai’s room. Noticing the complex straight ahead, Atsushi smiled and took in the orange glow of the lights inside each of the rooms, telling him that most of the people who worked with him at the Agency got home before him. It’s not like it mattered, after all, Atsushi was in no rush. Feeling a light sprinkle of rain upon his skin, Atsushi glanced up at the sky and quickened his pace slightly, not wanting to get completely poured on. Passing a small and slightly dark alleyway, Atsushi paused midstep and furrowed his brows when a sound of something squeaking came from it. Letting out a confused noise, the weretiger glanced back towards the apartment complex before he heard the noise again.

“Hello? Is anybody there?” Atsushi asked softly, taking a small step into the alley before he stopped and listened again. All that greeted him was silence until another small squeal was heard and a plop of something wet against concrete. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Atsushi crept further into the shadowy alley before he heard the sound again along with some scuttering. Pausing around some wet cardboard and moldy newspaper, Atsushi heard another squeak before he glanced down and noticed a small grey and white kitten, peering up at him with soft greyish-blue eyes. “O-oh! Hi little guy…what are you doing out here when it’s about to pour?”

Hearing another squeak come from the cute kitten, Atsushi smiled softly and kneeled down, lending his hand out so he could gently brush his fingers through the dirty white fur, scratching just underneath the kitten’s neck. Feeling a vibration starting, Atsushi knew that the little kitten had just began to purr and by the way it stepped closer to him and was practically headbutting his arm, Atsushi knew that he couldn’t leave the poor thing out in this kind of weather. Picking up the animal with careful hands, Atsushi cradled the little kitten to his chest and nuzzled his nose into his or her head.

“Wouldn’t you like to be someplace warm? Come with me, I’ll get you some food and clean you up a bit,” Atsushi whispered, pressing a small kiss to the kitten’s head before he shielded him or her from the rain, fast walking out of the dark alleyway and back towards his destination. Feeling the kitten trembling from the cold against him, Atsushi tried to keep the animal warm as he finally made it to the apartment complex, running up the stairs before he finally made it to his room. Shuffling around, Atsushi held the kitten with one arm while he dug in his pocket for his key, opening the door once he found it. “Okay little guy, we’re here! Let me just put my stuff away and then we’ll get you your things.”

Placing the small kitten down, Atsushi watched as the wet animal stumbled around as he kicked off his boots and placed his messenger bag down next to them. Picking up the little kitten again, Atsushi hugged it to his chest and jogged further into the room, getting everything he needed for the kitten ready. Gently cleaning the small puff of fur, Atsushi made sure that every part was cleaned before he noticed the gender of the kitten. A little girl. Smiling softly, Atsushi took a towel and gently swaddled the kitten, drying her carefully before he placed her down on the counter, digging around for anything a kitten could eat.

“I have tuna…would you like some tuna?” Atsushi asked, releasing the kitten from the towel so she could sit nicely while he dug around. Hearing the kitten meow, the weretiger chuckled before he opened up a can of tuna and scooped out half, putting it on a little plate before he handed it to the kitten. Leaning back against the counter as he watched the kitten eat, Atsushi smiled and began to make himself some tea. “I’ll get you some water too.”

Finally finished with his tea, Atsushi poured it in a small mug before he got out a small dish, filling it with water. Hearing a chirp, the weretiger chuckled and turned around, placing the water dish down so the kitten could drink. Relaxing as he sipped his tea, Atsushi watched as the little kitten took some sips of water before she perked up and walked over to him, waving her paw in the air. Chuckling softly, Atsushi lent his hand out and watched as the kitten easily climbed it and nuzzled into his shirt once he could cradle her, her paws kneading into his sleeve. Drinking the rest of his tea, Atsushi put the cup into the sink and wrapped his arms around his kitten, pressing a kiss to her head.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired,” Atsushi mumbled, yawning heavily as the kitten pawed at his shirt playfully. Letting the kitten jump from his chest to his bed, Atsushi sluggishly removed his work clothes and just put on a plain white t-shirts with grey joggers. Rubbing his eyes, the weretiger yawned once more before he clicked off the light, moving carefully around the sounds of the kitten trying to attack his feet. Laying down, Atsushi chuckled tiredly when the kitten chased after his blanket when he pulled it up further before he snuggled into the pillow, his sleepy gaze watching the small kitten dance around until she suddenly stopped and walked closer to him, settling on top of his chest. “Are you tired too? Just be careful where you sleep, yeah?”

Smiling when he noticed the kitten yawn, Atsushi raised his hand and gently rubbed it through the kitten’s fur, rubbing his thumb softly up and down her head. Closing his eyes as her purring vibrated against his chest, Atsushi yawned and allowed the wave of sleep trying to tug him into unconsciousness finally take him. He knew he needed to give the kitten a name, but right now, he knew they were both comfortable with how things are now. A name could come tomorrow but now, it’s bedtime.

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Laying in his bed, Xzavier stared at the ceiling in thought. Ever since he had moved out of his Father’s house, he found that him and Zander haven’t had much time together. With Zander’s job at the space station and his own job as an artist, Xzavier noticed that he hasn’t thought about going back to his childhood home to visit with Zander. Letting out a sigh, the red head shoved the blankets off him and moved out of bed, stretching before he walked towards his dresser. Throwing off his pajamas, Xzavier checked the weather outside before he changed into his everyday clothes and walked out of the room, passing a glance at his empty easel that he got as a promotion gift at his job. He hasn’t painted in a while, but that could come later, first he needed to make sure this important mission of his got done. Slipping on his beige converses, Xzavier locked the door to his apartment room and waved goodbye to his neighbor who was getting her mail as he walked into the elevator. It was going to be a bit of a ride to get from San Myshuno to Oasis Springs.

“I wonder what Dad’s up to,” Xzavier thought, sliding into a taxi as he told the driver where he was heading. Like he had thought, traffic was bad and it was exactly a one hour drive to finally get to Oasis Springs. Pausing the driver once he was close enough to walk the rest of the way, Xzavier paid the nice man before he stepped out of the vehicle, watching as it drove away before he turned and stared up at the cloudless sky. Smiling softly as he remembered his childhood days in the town, Xzavier pushed his hands into his pockets and took a soft stroll, not exactly in a rush as he gazed around. Noticing some children playing on the playground near his home, Xzavier grinned before he turned his attention towards his home. It looked exactly how it did when he left. Walking up the path, Xzavier took in a deep breath and knocked on the door, opening it to poke his head in. “Dad? Are you here?”

“Xzavier! What a nice surprise!” Hearing his Father’s voice, Xzavier couldn’t help the shy smile that appeared on his face before he stepped in, shutting the door behind him as Zander came out of his room, wearing a huge smile on his face. Hugging him, Xzavier couldn’t help but notice how frail his Father had gotten since he left. Aging wasn’t something they could avoid…unless they were vampires, but they weren’t so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to see Zander’s once dark hair completely grey. Pulling away, Zander cupped Xzavier face and turned his face around, getting a good look at his son. “My, you’ve changed a lot. Have you been sleeping? I can see those dark circles under your eyes.”

Rolling his eyes with a soft chuckle, Xzavier wrapped his hands softly around Zander’s wrists and nodded. Sure, he was lacking in a sleep schedule, but what do you expect from an aspiring artist? The night hours were when he was most creative anyways. Nodding softly as he continued to look his son up and down, Zander chuckled and let him go, waving him further into the home. Kicking off his shoes, Xzavier followed his Dad and observed in awe as the house hasn’t changed a bit. Noticing his old room, Xzavier grinned and flushed when he noticed that he was caught staring. Rubbing the back of his head with a chuckle, Xzavier stared at the door of his room before Zander’s fond sigh caught his attention.

“Go ahead and take a peek. Nothing’s changed about it. I’ll go prepare something for dinner, so run along, yeah?” Zander chuckled, ushering his Son towards the room, patting his shoulder before he moved towards the kitchen. Hearing the sound of Zander getting everything ready for dinner, Xzavier sighed and glanced towards his door again. Opening it up, he stepped in and immediately felt like he was slapped in the face with more of his teenhood. His old bed was made just how he left it and even though there was some dust on his dresser and desk, Xzavier grinned and stepped further into the room, taking everything in. Noticing his old easel, Xzavier reached out and traced the old woodwork with a small smile. He used to paint on that so much that Zander would have to clean the floor constantly because of his paint messes. “Xzavier? Dinner’s ready if you’re hungry.”

“O-oh! Yeah, I’ll be right there,” Xzavier called through the door, turning around in a circle to gaze at his room one last time before he left it, making his way towards the small dining table. Noticing that Zander made his favorite dinner, a crown roast, Xzavier frowned and sat down. He knew how much effort it took to make this but from the way his Father was sitting there, looking happy as ever, he couldn’t find it in himself to scold Zander for doing too much. Taking their servings, the two ate in silence except for the occasional small talk about how things were doing in their separate lives. Once he was finished, Xzavier pushed his chair back and took their plates to the sink, quickly washing them before he moved back and started putting the roast away for Zander. “So, other than work being a pain, how’ve you been? I know it’s been a while since I visited, but it’s just so hectic at work and I don’t really have the time to do anything anymore.”

Shaking his head softly, Zander shot Xzavier a smile and glanced outside, noticing their shared chess table. Blinking as he noticed his Father’s attention elsewhere, Xzavier moved next to him and chuckled when he noticed that the chess table was still there. Closing his eyes as the memories of him and Zander playing chess when he was just a child entered his mind, Xzavier scratched at his cheek before a new idea popped in his head. Patting Zander’s shoulder, Xzavier nodded towards the game and grinned.

“How about we play a few games? I haven’t played in a while but I bet I can still beat you,” Xzavier taunted, grinning when he saw the mischievous grin appear on his Father’s face. Walking outside, the two took their respective seats and chose their colors. Setting up the board, Xzavier stared at all the pieces before he moved his gaze up to Zander, seeing he was already ready to go. Leaning back, Xzavier got his mind in the zone before they finally started. By the time they were finished, the sun had disappeared from the sky and Zander kicked his ass. Leaning back against the chair with a groan, Xzavier whined while Zander cackled. “I still can’t beat my old man, huh?”

“Who you calling old man, Kiddo?” Zander joked, kicking Xzavier’s leg under the table, making him yelp and flick a chess piece at his Father. Glancing at each other, the two broke down in laughter before they stood up off the chairs, heading back inside the home. Noticing how Zander was beginning to droop and yawn, Xzavier glanced at the clock and winced when he saw how late it was. Pushing his fingers through his hair, Zander glanced at Xzavier and observed as his Son was basically thinking through his options on what to do. Letting out a huff, Zander poked his shoulder and pointed towards Xzavier’s old room. “Go ahead. Stay the night. It’s too late to get back to San Myshuno now. I’m going to head to bed, I’ll see you in the morning?”

Blinking as he took in what Zander had said, Xzavier nodded and closed his eyes when Zander pulled him into another hug. Rubbing his Father’s back, Xzavier smiled when the thought of how he used to spin him around when he was a toddler and how much he loved him. Hugging him a little more firmly, Xzavier stepped back when Zander let go and shot him a smile. Watching his Father leave and disappear into his room, Xzavier rubbed his eyes and moved towards his old room, opening the door before he shut it softly. Staring at his old bed, Xzavier rubbed the soft covers before he crawled in, not minding that he was going to sleep in his everyday clothes. He could just change them when he got back to his apartment tomorrow morning. Letting out a heavy yawn, Xzavier cuddled into his pillow and smiled when he noticed the scent of his favorite laundry soap that Zander loved using. Letting his eyes slip shut, Xzavier wore a soft smile on his face as he finally drifted into an easy slumber, his dreams filled with all the memories of his childhood.

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Beam figured out that his boyfriend was not joking when he said there was going to be a huge amount of pranks going on. Flinching back as a fake skeleton fell out of his boyfriend’s closet, for the fourth time in the last few hours, Beam groaned and pulled the skeleton out, throwing it on Forth’s bed. He should’ve thought ahead since he knew about this since Forth had been mentioning it, but nooo, he had to stay the night and be the butt of all of his mischievous boyfriend’s jokes. Pulling out one of his shirts as he tried to get ready for the rest of the day, Beam tried to keep an open mind as he moved towards the shower. He hoped to god that Forth did not do anything to his shampoo bottle or anything in that sort of way. Getting through the said shower with no problems, Beam let out a sigh of relief and reached for a towel, pausing when he didn’t feel one.

“Oh shit…do not tell me,” Beam hissed, pushing back the shower curtain to see that his towel was in fact gone. Narrowing his eyes, Beam carefully stepped out of the shower and tried not to slip as he opened the door a fraction, meeting the smug eyes of his boyfriend who was also holding his boxers and his towel in his hands. Staring each other down, Forth grinned while Beam sneered and tried to snatch the his things out of his hands, missing by a great deal. “Forth, give me my boxers and towel or we’ll be late!”

“Hmm, okay fine. I know how you feel about being late,” Forth sighed, handing his boyfriend back his items before he turned his back, giving Beam some privacy as he left his bedroom. Getting a quick breakfast together, Forth glanced down at the rice balls and smirked, a sudden idea making itself known in his thoughts. Opening the fridge, Forth chuckled as he pulled out hot sauce and carefully squirted a few drops on the seaweed parts of the rice balls, making sure that Beam wouldn’t be able to see it unless he was really looking at his food. Hearing the door to the bathroom squeak open, Forth quickly put the hot sauce back and cleaned up, wrapping up their food just as Beam entered the kitchen, drying off his hair with an extra towel. “Beam, you should know that you could get sick like that. Here, let me help.”

Rolling his eyes at Forth’s persistence meddling, Beam let his boyfriend reach up and gently begin to dry his hair, ruffling the towel against his head as carefully as he could. Once Beam’s once wet hair was just slightly damp, Forth let the towel fall to his shoulders before he stepped closer to him, pressing their foreheads together as they stared into each other’s eyes. Feeling shy, Beam cleared his throat and tried to move away, failing as Forth just stepped closer, pinning him against the counter. Placing his hands on Forth’s waist, Beam swallowed the growing lump in his throat but closed his eyes as Forth leaned in, pressing their lips together into a soft kiss. Pulling away to press more kisses to Beam’s face, Forth chuckled when Beam whined and squirmed, but as he pulled away, Forth was happy to see a small smile forming on Beam’s blushing face.

“Come on, I’ll take you to the medical faculty so go get dressed,” Forth snickered, rubbing his thumb just under Beam’s eyes before he backed away, putting their lunches into his backpack before he left out the door, shooting Beam one last wink before he disappeared. Grumbling, Beam ruffled the towel through his hair again before he did as Forth said, moving back towards his bedroom to get dressed. Fixing his white shirt once he was done, Beam glanced at himself in the mirror for a quick moment before he moved towards the door, tying his shoes before he stepped out, making sure the door was locked as he left. Jogging down the stairs of the dorming hall, Beam covered his eyes as the slight sunshine blinded him for a moment. Hearing the sound of Forth’s motorbike, Beam winced before he walked further out, noticing his boyfriend waiting for him. “Come on. I promise to drive safe, just hold onto me, okay?”

“This isn’t a prank right?” Beam muttered, sliding onto the back of Forth’s bike hesitantly, wrapping his arms around Forth’s waist as he pressed his face into his back. Shaking his head softly, Forth patted Beam’s hands and revved up the engine, taking off at the right speed limit as they made their way to Beam’s faculty. Opening his eyes once he felt they were beginning to slow, Beam sighed when he noticed they made it without dying. He still didn’t care for riding on the back of Forth’s bike, even though he knew that Forth was somewhat defensive when he was with him on that thing. “Thanks for the ride…come visit me during lunch?”

Grinning softly, Forth nodded and let the smile dim slightly as Beam stepped forward slightly, pressing their lips together in a kiss before he stepped away, clearing his throat. Chuckling at his boyfriend’s shyness, Forth reached out and laced their hands together, letting his thumb rub gently around Beam’s knuckles. Noticing the soft look in Forth’s eyes as he stared at him, Beam offered a shy smile and squeezed Forth’s hand, stepped back when Forth let go and reached into his backpack, pulling out Beam’s lunch. Thanking him quietly, Beam stepped back as Forth revved up the engine of his bike once more before watching him as he took off, finally speeding like he knew he would.

“Beam! Come on, you’re going to be late!” Hearing Pha’s voice, Beam turned and noticed him and Kit watching him, grins on their faces claiming that they saw the whole exchange between him and Forth. Huffing slightly, Beam glanced back at where Forth had disappeared before he nodded and jogged towards his friends, rolling his eyes as their cackles and playfully shoving. When they got the class, Beam bit back a gasp as he felt his phone buzz in his pocket. Glancing up as the teacher had his back turned to them, Beam pulled out his phone and opened the message, biting back a snicker when he noticed the photo of a prank that Forth had pulled on Ming. The poor boy was drenched in what looked like flour and was giving the camera, and Forth, the middle finger. “Oh my god, poor Ming. Looks like you’re going to be stuck with helping him out of that flour mess, Kit.”

“Oh god…I am not looking forward to that,” Kit whispered, peering at the image on Beam’s phone before he turned his attention back to his work, Beam doing the same as he shot a quick reply and put his phone away. After what seemed like forever to the gang, the three finally sighed in relief as the teacher ended the class and finally dismissed them. Placing his things back in his bag, Beam pulled out the rice balls Forth had made for him and waited for Pha and Kit to pack up so they could go to the canteen for lunch. “Come on guys, I am going to have to help stupid Ming clean up, I can tell he didn’t do it yet just from the text he just sent me.”

Cackling at the look of murder Kit held in his eyes as they left, the three walked down all the stairs and headed towards the canteen where they knew that Yo and Ming were waiting for them. Finally getting there, Beam couldn’t help the snort that came out as he spotted Ming, who was pouting next to a barely holding it together Yo, who was obviously failing at hiding his amusement to the whole situation. Noticing Kit, Ming shot up and everyone finally lost it around them as a puff of smoke clouded around Ming, making Kit scold him to not move so fast or else they’d be the ones covered in whatever Forth had gotten him with. Sitting down as he watched Kit pull Ming by his hand towards the bathrooms, Beam took in deep breaths as Pha settled down next to Yo and smiled at his boyfriend who had clung to his arm just as he sat down.

“I have some extra rice balls if you guys want some. It looks like Forth made too much today,” Beam offered, opening the homemade rice balls and nudging them towards the two. Letting out a chuckle, Pha thanked Beam as he and Yo took one, biting into them as their stomachs growled in need. Doing the same, Beam didn’t think too much of it until Yo had suddenly bit into the seaweed, yelping out as his tongue suddenly began to burn. Blinking as he fanned his mouth with his hand, Pha glanced at Beam, who shrugged before they both bit into the area Yo had, feeling their eyes widen as the spiciness suddenly coated their mouths as well. “Holy shit! That’s fucking hot! Milk, milk, milk!”

Shooting up from the table, Beam quickly ran to buy three cartons of milk as Yo and Pha huffed out from the heat that was beginning to grow in their mouths. Coming back after a minute, Beam handed them their cold beverages urgently and guzzled the milk down, each of them sighing as the hotness finally dulled to a tingle. Staring at the rice balls as if they were the devil, Yo and Phan glanced up at Beam who was still looking at the food, trying to think about what went wrong with them. Forth had made them…oh shit, that’s right. Letting out a groan, Beam smacked his face against the table before he glanced up at his friends, shooting them an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry you two, Forth had did something to them. He probably added hot sauce…it’s his prank day. I should’ve known he would do something to the food,” Beam grumbled, carefully separating the seaweed from each of their rice balls, before he popped it in his mouth again, grinning when no more spiciness emanated from the food. Seeing the look of relief on his face, Yo glanced at Pha and munched on the rest of his rice ball, relaxing a fraction when the heat that almost burned his tongue did not come back. Watching his boyfriend eat happily, Pha nudged their shoulders together before he too ate, shaking off Beam’s muffled apologies. “As soon as I see Forth, I’m gonna scold him for what he did.”

“Ooh? I see you two had my special rice balls.” Speaking of the devil. Spinning around with a growl, Beam glared up at Forth, who wasn’t even looking quite sorry as he smirked at the group. Sparing a glance at Pha and Yo, who seemed like they too wanted a piece of Forth for making them almost melt. Standing up from the table, Beam let them have the rest of the rice balls for Ming and Kit whenever they got back from cleaning up Ming, before he moved towards Forth, practically meeting him chest to chest. Arching a brow at the look Beam was giving him, Forth didn’t protest as Beam grabbed his wrist and dragged him away from the canteen, barely saying a word of goodbye to Pha and Yo. “Not that I mind, but where are you taking me, babe?”

“I’m going to teach you a lesson for pranking my friends and me like that,” Beam snarled, tightening his grip around Forth’s wrist. Blinking as he took in what Beam had said, Forth couldn’t help but plant his heels into the ground, effectively stopping Beam from taking him any further. Turning around as he was stopped, Beam looked at Forth with a challenging gaze. Seeing the way Beam’s pupils were practically taking over the color of his eyes, Forth felt something inside him stir before he noticed the smirk that suddenly appeared on his boyfriend’s face. “By the time I’m done with you, you wish you wouldn’t have started this prank day to begin with.”

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If someone told past Beam that he and Forth would be a couple in the future, he would’ve just gave them one of his unamused looks and walk away, not thinking too much into it. However, as he sat on the couch, staring at his phone as he waited for Forth to shoot him a text, Beam couldn’t help but think about how they were in the past and when their feelings first started blossoming. It was obvious that it was majorly confusing since they basically jumped to sex right away, but he wasn’t going to go into it since it was partially his fault as much as it was Forth’s. Feeling his phone vibrate in his hand, Beam shook the thought away and checked the text, feeling a soft smile rise on his face as Forth’s name shined. Reading the text, Beam didn’t get enough time to glance up at the door of his dorm for it to open and his boyfriend to enter, wearing a tired grin on his face.

“Hey wifey, sorry for being late,” Forth chuckled out, throwing off his jacket as he kicked off his shoes. Stepping towards Beam with a yawn, Forth flopped down on the couch and draped his arm over Beam’s shoulder, pulling him closer so he could press a soft kiss to his rosy cheeks. Rolling his eyes at the tired affection he received, Beam snuggled further into Forth and leaned his head against his boyfriend’s. It was all quiet until Beam noticed that Forth’s breathing was starting to get slow, signaling that he was falling asleep. Nudging him awake slightly, Beam pushed himself off the couch and lent out his hand, waiting for Forth to take it. “Do we have to move? It was so comfortable…”

“We shouldn’t sleep on the couch, Forth and besides, you need to shower before bed,” Beam instructed, raising his eyebrows in a challenge when Forth pouted from where he was sitting. Staring at his boyfriend’s hand with a huff, Forth groaned before he took Beam’s hand, letting him pull him up and lead him to Beam’s room. Gently pushing Forth into the bathroom, Beam pressed a kiss to Forth’s cheek before he shut the door, making his way towards the closet so he could get ready for bed as well. Throwing off his shirt and jeans, Beam slid on a pair of flannel pajama bottoms before he pulled out a plain navy blue t-shirt that matched the color of his bottoms. Hearing the bathroom door open along with footsteps, Beam wasn’t surprised to feel arms wrap around his bare waist, a face being snuggled into his shoulder. “Your hair is still wet, come on and sit on the bed, I’ll dry it.”

Patting Forth’s hands as they departed from his waist, Beam gently moved his tired boyfriend to the bed before he took the towel from his shoulder, laying it across his head before he began to ruffle it. Letting the towel fall when he grew satisfied with how dry Forth’s hair was, Beam tossed the towel on the floor, making a mental note to pick it up later. Letting out a fond sigh as he noticed Forth’s eyes fluttering as he struggled to stay away, Beam handed him a pair of pajama bottoms before finally shrugged on his shirt. Once they were both dressed, Beam helped Forth get into bed before he got in too, shutting off the bedside lamp before he pulled the blanket up on the both of them.

“You’re so warm,” Forth muttered, pulling Beam closer to him so they could tangle their legs together and his face was practically pressed into Beam’s neck. Letting out a light laugh as a yawn interrupted Forth’s sentence, Beam wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s waist and pressed a small kiss to his forehead, pulling back with a smile when he noticed the slight blush that was rising on Forth’s cheeks. Nuzzling his head under Beam’s chin, Forth yawned again and tightened his hold on Beam. Letting his fingers brush through Forth’s hair, Beam held on tight and it wasn’t long before Forth muttered something sleepily as he finally passed out. “Love you…”

“Get some rest, Forth,” Beam whispered, feeling his own wave of tiredness beginning to make his eyes flutter as he tried to keep them open. Thinking about everything that was on his mind earlier, Beam hummed a soft tune as he buried his face in Forth’s hair, letting his eyes slip shut. Letting a smile rise on his lips at the thought of how lonely he would’ve felt if everything wouldn’t have happened the way it did, Beam sighed and hugged Forth tighter. Although things were a bit shaky at first, Beam found he wouldn’t change it for the world. He loved Forth and he couldn’t believe how far the both of them came since Forth started chasing after him. Letting his mind drift, Beam finally passed out into a peaceful slumber, the words he wanted to say resting on his lips. “I love you too.”

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Days 22 and 23 are coming right up! And it's for something that I never really wrote for before, so I apologize if they're not in character!

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It was around two am in the bunker, yet certain lights were still on. Opening the door as quietly as he could, Castiel closed it behind him and tiptoed down the stairs, making his way into the main area where all the bedrooms laid. Passing by Dean’s bedroom, Castiel peeked in and rolled his eyes when he noticed the hunter had fallen asleep on his couch, watching an old time cowboy movie. Knowing not to disturb him, since he really didn’t want another bullet hole or knife embedded in his body, Castiel silently shut the door before he walked further into the long hallways, trying to keep his steps light as a feather, no pun intended. Passing by Sam’s closed bedroom door, the angel immediately halted when the sound of a soft radio could be heard inside the room, along with some shuffling. Blinking as he cocked his head to the side, Castiel stood by the door for a moment before he gently knocked, waiting for the door to open.

“Cas? Is something wrong?” Opening the door as he noticed the angel, Sam glanced around the quiet and empty halls before he opened his door further, allowing Castiel to enter. Closing it behind them, Sam moved easily around Cas before he sat on his bed, beginning to clean up the mess he made earlier that involved tiny crate like boxes and a lot of folders. Watching the hunter do this in silence, Cas felt his eyes drawn to a little wooden box that Sam kept on his bed as he got up and moved to put the previous mess back in their place on his desk. Walking towards the bed, Castiel stared down at the box before he sat down and lifted it, feeling the old wood with his fingers. Turning back towards Cas, Sam noticed the box in his hand and swallowed the lump in his throat. “Oh, that’s…an old something. There’s nothing really interesting in it.”

“I can tell you’re lying Sam. What’s really in here?” Castiel muttered, staring at the hatch of Sam’s possession as the hunter shifted on his feet, biting his lip. Noticing the silence that greeted him, Cas drew his eyes away from the faded gold lock to Sam’s face. Not meeting Cas’ eyes, Sam sighed and walked towards him, sitting on the bed beside the angel before he gently took the box out of Castiel’s hands. Watching Sam playing with the edges of the wood, Cas bumped their shoulders together, gaining the younger Winchester’s attention. “Although, if it’s something you don’t want to talk about, I get it. No need to feel like you have to share it, okay?”

Smiling softly at the considerate tone Cas was using, Sam gave the angel a smile before his eyes found the box again, unbuckling the hatch and opening it, letting the angel see all kinds of folded pieces of paper littering the box. Handing it off to the angel, Sam watched anxiously as Castiel handed the wood with care before he gently took one of the papers out, unfolding it to see Sam’s handwriting. Furrowing his brow, Cas let his eyes shift over the writing before he turned and glanced at Sam, who was looking down at his hands, which were clasped together. Letting a frown turn his lips downwards, Cas moved his gaze back to the letter below and continued reading, picking up more of them from the box once he was done with the first.

“They were letters I wrote that I wanted to give to Dad and Dean when we were younger and I was out on my own…of course I couldn’t give it to them since they always moved around…” Sam mumbled, watched as Castiel shifted through the letter, looking at the dates that Sam had marked down. Noticing a few recent ones, Castiel’s frown deepened as he spotted some of the letters with his own name on them. It seemed like Sam continued to write to Dean and some other people that they had met throughout their tiring journey, hunting demons and such. Him being one of them, Cas couldn’t help the small smile that rose on his face as he thought about Sam thinking of him whenever he was away on his own mission. “Some of them are new…and some of them are written to you. I don’t know why I do this, I just think it, um, it clears my mind when you or Dean aren’t around. I’m sorry if it’s weird, Cas.”

“No, it’s not weird, Sam. A lot of people write to clear their minds and a lot of them make letters that never get sent out. You’re not the only one, I promise,” Castiel whispered, peering up from the last letter that was in the box so he could show Sam that he was being sincere with what he said. Moving his eyes away as Cas’ blue ones said nothing but the truth, Sam cleared his throat and helped the angel clean up, folding the letters back up and putting them back in their place in the wooden box. Closing the hatch, Castiel handed it back to Sam and watched as Sam moved and placed it back in its hiding spot, inside his clothing drawer underneath his many flannel shirts. “Thanks for sharing this with me, Sam. I won’t tell anyone about it, okay?”

Nodding softly and flashing Cas a thankful smile, Sam felt a yawn contract him as the tiredness he was trying to smack away started taking over again. Seeing the bags under the hunter’s eyes, Castiel stood up from the bed and gave Sam a calculated look, basically ordering him to lay down. Letting out a chuckle at the look he was receiving, Sam trudged towards the bed and sat down, pushing his fingers through his hair as he debated at going to sleep or not going to sleep and facing Castiel’s wrath. Rolling his eyes at the squinty eye look Cas was giving him, Sam sighed and shifted on the bed, getting under the covers and settling, giving the angel a look to prove he was going to try and sleep. Nodding, Castiel moved towards the door before Sam’s voice reached his ears.

“Um, Cas? Do you think you could maybe stay here until I, you know, fall asleep?” Sam asked, fiddling with the loose threads on his blanket so he wouldn’t have to meet the angel’s eyes. Pausing slightly as he thought over what Sam had said, Cas closed the bedroom door and moved back towards the bed, sitting down on it before Sam tugged him a bit further until he was practically laying on it as well. Leaning his back against the frame, Castiel stared down at Sam, who shot him a thankful yet shy smile. Closing his eyes, Sam nuzzled his face into the pillow and secretly scooted closer to the angel. Noticing this, Castiel averted his eyes and tried to hide the pleased smile as Sam held onto his hand. “Goodnight Cas.”

“Goodnight, Sam. I’ll be here until you wake,” Castiel whispered, squeezing Sam’s hand as he affirmed his presence. Letting out something that Castiel couldn’t understand, Sam finally let the sleep he was planning to avoid come over him and Cas could tell the exact moment that the hunter had fallen asleep, his breathing easing into a soft rhythm as the tense lines from his face fell and Sam seemed more relaxed. Listening to his friend’s soft breathing, Cas hummed a gruntish like lullaby, trying not to think about how his humming seemed to sound like a monster groaning. “This is going to be hard to explain if Dean comes in to wake you…”

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“When you said you wanted to go to the mall, I didn’t think you meant this,” Beam sighed, staying still as Forth hung the fifth shirt near his chest, stepping back a little so he could really see how it looked on his boyfriend. Earlier in the day, Forth had told him that he wanted to go to the mall and check some stuff out and plainly just walk around and enjoy themselves, but when they passed the current store they were in, Beam finally got a taste for what he was in for. Rolling his eyes as Forth made a face and put the shirt back on the rack, Beam watched as Forth spun in a circle, checking everything else around them. “Please, can we just leave. We’ve been here for almost an hour and all you have been doing is envisioning shirts on me.”

“Come on, Beam. A few more shirts, please?” Forth practically whined, reaching out for his boyfriend before he wrapped his arms around Beam’s waist, stepping close to him. Practically nose to nose with Forth, Beam felt his cheeks lighting up like a tomato before he sighed and nodded, breaking their shared gaze so he could look anywhere else then Forth’s beaming face. Grinning happily, Forth pressed a quick kiss to his lips before he let go, grabbing his wrist so he could tug them somewhere further in the store, checking out the sleeveless shirts. Furrowing his brow as Forth glanced at all of them before he pulled out a navy blue colored one. “Oh! What about this one? I know you like wearing darker shades of blue.”

Swallowing the lump in his throat as Forth pressed the shirt up to his chest yet again, taking a step back to really observe and imagine what Beam would look like in it. Seeming to be satisfied about something, Forth hummed before he handed the shirt to Beam, shoving him towards the dressing rooms. Shuffling the both of them in, Forth locked the door behind them and stood back with his arms crossed, waiting for Beam to try the shirt one. Staring down at the shirt in his hands then back up at Forth, Beam sighed when Forth raised his eyebrows before he obliged and unbuttoned his shirt, taking it off as he tried not to put too much thought into how he felt his boyfriend’s eyes practically raking up his bare frame. Shrugging the shirt on, Beam pulled it down a bit before he glanced in the full length mirror, turning side to side to see how it looked on him.

“It really shows off your upper body, Beam,” Forth whispered, stepping closer to his boyfriend before he wrapped his arms around his waist, pressing his chin into his shoulder. Staring Beam up and down through the mirror, Forth chuckled when Beam shuffled slightly before he pulled away turning his boyfriend around so he could really see how it looked. Noticing the way he was getting spun around, Beam finally planted his feet to the ground and checked himself out. The shirt really was kinda tight and it did show off the slight muscles he had. But was it really his style? The way the shirt was kinda reminded him of Forth’s style. “What are you thinking, hun?”

“It does look nice but…it seems like it’s more of your style than mine,” Beam muttered, turning around so he could face Forth again. Letting out a hum, Forth nodded and stepped back, letting Beam pull off the shirt and replace with his own shirt. Helping him with buttoning the shirt again, Forth pulled Beam close on the last button and pressed their lips together. Hearing a knock on the dressing room door, along with a voice asking if they were okay, the two pulled away and chuckled. Picking up the shirt and putting it back on its hanger, Beam nodded for Forth to open the door, dismissing the worker at the door who blushed when she noticed they were in the room together. Putting the shirt back on the rack, Beam turned to Forth, who seemed like he was starting to get a little bored as well. “How about we get out of here now? I’m kinda getting hungry.”

Nodding softly, Forth reached out and laced their fingers together, swinging their hands as they finally left the store, walking amongst the crowd as they continued what they came to the mall to do. Pausing as he noticed something, Forth tugged Beam around the crowd and Beam arched his brow as he noticed he was being pulled towards a photo booth. Standing in front of it, Forth checked the prices for a few pictures before he grinned and gestured for Beam to step in the booth with him. Letting out a sigh, Beam glanced around before he slid in, shutting the black curtain behind him so they were bathed in a small light that was coming from the photo booth screen. Pressing a few buttons as he picked out the filters and potential frames the photos would be encased with, Forth finally grew satisfied with what he had chosen before he placed a five dollar bill into the machine.

“Get ready, there’s a five second timer for each picture. We’re taking five of them!” Forth whispered, pressing his lips to Beam’s ear as he pulled him closer to him by the waist. Flushing slightly at this, Beam shyly leaned into Forth’s touch before a flash went off, signaling that their first picture was taken. Letting out a gasp at the bright light, Beam glanced towards the camera in the booth just as Forth leaned in and buried his head in his neck, letting his face turn towards the camera. Hearing the second click, Beam smiled and tried not to wince as the flash made dots appear in his vision. “Three more, Beam!”

“Okay…” Beam whispered, leaning into Forth before he pressed his lips into his neck, kissing the skin around the tattoo that he secretly loved on Forth’s neck. Letting out a gasp as he felt a sign of teeth on his neck, Forth nuzzled his face into Beam’s hair just as the flash went off. Now there were two pictures left. Pulling away slightly, the couple pressed their foreheads together and stared into each other’s eyes just as the fourth picture was taken and by the time the fifth and last picture was taken, both their lips were pressed together in a love filled kiss. Pulling away when a robotic voice sounded around them, saying that their pictures were getting ready to pop out the side, Beam smiled shyly at Forth and pushed the black curtain opened, both of them wincing with the fluorescent bulbs of the mall blinded them. “I think your pictures are printed.”

Stepping out first, Beam helped Forth out of the booth before they both took their respective pictures. Looking at them together, Beam couldn’t help the smile that rose on his face as he noticed the last two pictures. Wrapping his arms around Beam’s waist, Forth pressed a kiss to his temple before he pulled away, placing both their copies into his wallet for safe keeping. Taking Beam’s hand, Forth tightened his grip and pulled Beam towards the food court, knowing by now his boyfriend had to be hungry. Seeing the happy smile on Forth’s face, Beam quickly fell into pace with him, a similar smile resting on his own face as they finally made it to the food court.

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Day 26 is coming right up and for once, this one will be by itself!

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“Are you quite done with whatever you’re doing?” Hearing Kit’s snippy tone, Ming couldn’t help the playful grin that grew on his face as he marked down yet another coupley pet name into a notebook he was carrying. Kit did not think that what Ming was doing with all the pet names he was trying was going to last long, but to his surprise, Ming was not giving up on it. The names varied from the too cute and fluffy names, to the ones that Kit did not want anyone else to hear Ming calling him. Hearing another mumbled pet name come from Ming’s lips, Kit felt his eye twitch as he turned his glare from the notes he was supposed to be studying, to his boyfriend who was grinning behind his hand that was hiding his mouth. “Ming, I swear to god. If I hear another pet name come from your lips, kissing will not be allowed for a single week.”

“Aw, P’Kit! I think we both know you wouldn’t be able to keep your lips off me,” Beam snickered, shooting his boyfriend a challenging grin which had Kit’s eyebrows fly up into his hairline. Ming serious had the nerve to counterattack his threat? Wow. Letting his own smirk rise on his face, Kit pushed himself off his desk chair and stepped in front of Ming, who was sitting on his bed with the grin still resting on his face. Pulling Kit until he was able to stand in between his parted legs, Beam pressed his face into his boyfriend’s stomach and raised his face, staring Kit in his eyes. “See what I mean? You couldn’t help but come over to me!”

Reaching up, Kit cupped Ming’s face and rubbed his thumbs carefully under his eyes. Leaning down Kit pressed their foreheads together while Ming’s hands tightened around his waist, practically pulling him closer until their foreheads were touching and their lips were barely pressing together. Staring into Ming’s eyes, Kit let the smirk fall off his face the same time Ming did before Ming slowly tried to press up, trying to get their lips to touch. Letting a devious smirk rise on his face yet again, Kit pulled back and got out of Ming’s hold all together, going back to his desk before he sat down, hiding back a snort when Ming gasped and practically launched towards him, wrapping his arms around his neck.

“Baabbeee,” Ming whined out, forgetting what Kit said about hearing another pet name. Letting out a growl, Kit shook Ming’s arms off him and practically shoved his boyfriend back towards the bed. Finally noticing what he did wrong, Ming whined and flopped back against the mattress, staring at the ceiling just knowing that Kit was keeping his word and there was no way he was going to be able to kiss his own boyfriend unless Kit broke the promise he made earlier. Letting the only sound of a pencil being the only thing in the quiet room, Ming continued to stare at the ceiling until the squeak of Kit’s desk chair broke the pencil sounds. Not saying a word as Kit’s clothing shuffled and a thump of his clothes being thrown into the hamper met his ears, Ming didn’t move as Kit climbed onto the bed, moving so Ming could stare into his eyes instead of the ceiling. “P’Kit, I’m sorry. I promise not to call you any of the pet names I came up with instead of your usual ones.”

“Ming, did you learn anything in the last few minutes?” Kit groaned, moving away from his pouting boyfriend so he could get under the blankets, reaching out so he could turn off the bedside lamp. Wiggling around so he could get under the blankets as well, Ming snuggled closer to Kit, who allowed him to pull him close until his head was pressed under his chin. Wrapping his arms shyly around Ming’s waist, Kit blew out air through his nose before he grinned when he felt his boyfriend shiver as he nosed his neck. Tightening his grip around Kit, Ming pushed him back a little until they could stare into each other’s eyes. Noticing the soft look Kit was giving him, Ming flashed him a small smile that grew a bit as Kit’s eyes left his and went to his lips to watch the movement. “Damn it, Ming.”

Not saying a word, Ming stayed perfectly still as Kit lurched forward, pressing their lips together into a hurried kiss. Holding Kit closer, Ming rubbed his thumbs around Kit’s waist before he finally pulled away, pressing their foreheads together as they panted for breath. Seeing the smirk on Ming’s face as he registered that he broke his own promise, Kit punched Ming’s chest and turned so his back was facing his boyfriend, burying his flushed face into the pillow. Rubbing the spot Kit had punched, Ming found that he couldn’t erase the smile that was lighting up his face. Moving closer to Kit, Ming wrapped his arms around Kit’s waist and pulled him until they were spooning.

“I love you P’Kit,” Ming whispered into Kit’s blushing ear, grinning as he felt Kit’s chest shudder as he pressed a kiss against the sensitive skin. Snuggling further into Kit, Ming let out a sigh and hugged him harder, letting his eyes flutter shut. Noticing Ming’s breathing beginning to even out, Kit pressed himself further into Ming’s embrace and smiled shyly when Ming’s arms tightened again. “I love you so much.”

“…” Staying silent as Ming’s breathing finally evened out, Kit stayed still until he was sure Ming was asleep. Moving around as carefully as he could, Kit buried his face in Ming’s chest and sighed, snuggling closer as his boyfriend’s arms tightened back around him in his sleep. Closing his eyes, Kit yawned and let out a small sigh, secretly comfortable as Ming’s burning body heat warmed his body. “I love you too, Ming.”

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Days 27 and 28 will be combined, so look forward to that sometime soon!

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It was just another normal, or semi-normal, day at the coffee shop where Tharn worked. He had seen some of the regulars that came in along with some new people. It was quite hectic during the morning hours but now that it was the early afternoon, the wave of people that came in started to settle and he could finally hear his own thoughts. Settling for wiping down the counter as the other workers dealt with anything the customers that were currently in the shop needed, Tharn finished up and went to head in the back but was halted when the bell of the cafe jingled, telling him that someone had just entered. Turning back around with a smile to greet said customer, Tharn froze up as he noticed the new customer. It was Type, a fellow classmate at their local university. They had rarely spoken but Tharn found that he couldn’t stop thinking about the other boy for a while and it frustrated him sometimes since he tried everything to get Type’s attention. He was either really dense or not interested and was too polite to say so.

“Hey Tharn, can I get my regular?” Type asked, shooting him a small smile as he stepped towards the counter, carrying a soccer ball under his one arm. That was another thing. Tharn should’ve known that he would come in. Apparently Type was on the soccer team at their university and he always liked to stop in for a cold ice coffee whenever he was done with practice. Not noticing that he was just standing there, observing all of Type’s features, Tharn snapped out of it when Type called his name just a bit louder, a small flush rising on his cheeks which interested Tharn. “Tharn? Are you there? Is everything okay?”

“O-oh, yeah! Sorry, so a large iced coffee with two shots of mocha espresso?” Tharn mumbled out, writing down the order he knew by heart. Flashing him a brighter smile, Type nodded and quickly paid for the beverage, their fingers touching softly as he handed him the money. Giving him another look, Tharn sorted out his change and made sure his fingers touched Type palm, watching as he twitched and the flush seemed to grow brighter before he pulled away and started to work on Type’s order. Moving his eyes from the cup he was preparing, Tharn silently watched as Type moved to his regular sitting place, observing as he placed his soccer ball back inside his bag and laid it on the ground underneath his chair. Finishing his order quickly, Tharn stared at the empty cup and sighed, deciding to just get it over with. Grabbing a sharpie, Tharn wrote Type’s name on the plastic before he wrote his own number, doing the same with a napkin that he would end up placing on the table. “For Type? Your iced coffee is ready!”

Snickering softly as he watched Type practically tripping over his backpack just to get towards the counter, Tharn flashed him a bright smile and handed the beverage and napkin to him. Leaning back as Type thanked him softly, Tharn watched him carefully as Type moved to sit back down. Keeping his eyes on him as Type glanced down at the writing on the cup, Tharn observed with raised eyebrows as Type almost upchucked his drink as he took in what he had written on the cup. Hiding a chuckle behind his hand, Tharn turned his back to continue his work as Type stared at the napkin with squinted eyes.

“Again? Why does this guy keep putting his number on my stuff? What does he want?” Type muttered, examining the number before he traced his finger over it, feeling his heart beginning to beat just a bit faster in his chest. Glancing up from the napkin so he could secretly watch all of Tharn’s movements, Type swallowed the growing lump in his throat and sighed, moving to continue drinking his drink. He liked it when Tharn worked because whenever he made his drink, it always tasted wonderful and no offense to the other workers, but Tharn’s style always seemed to taste just a bit better. Letting out a hum as he thought, Type pulled out his phone and decided to send a text to Techno, telling him all the things that have been happening with Tharn leaving his number. “And send…”

Moving his gaze from his phone, Type let his eyes follow Tharn’s every movement as he began to clean up again before his phone vibrated, letting him know that Techno probably texted him back. Reading the message, Type felt the blood rise to his cheeks as he examined what Techno had said. He claimed that Tharn had a crush on him and was trying to get him to go out with him for weeks. He was also called an oblivious douche. Rolling his eyes, at the name calling, Type made a mental note to thump Techno at the side of his head before he sighed and stared at the number that was written on his cup and napkin. He had been getting these numbers for a while now...has Tharn been really trying to ask him out? Biting his lip in thought, Type fiddled with the napkin before he noticed someone walking up to his table, wearing a white smock like apron.

“Type? Can we talk for a minute? I’m on break,” Tharn asked, shooting him a hopeful look that made it hard for Type to say no. Taking in a deep breath, Type nodded towards the empty chair, and kept his gaze on the table as Tharn sat down across from him. Staying silent as he watched Type fiddling with the napkin, Tharn sighed and reached out, gently placing his hand on Type’s, not moving it even when Type twitched and finally looked up at him. Seeing the sincere shine that Tharn had in his gaze, Type relaxed a fraction. “I’ve been trying to do something for a while now, but it seems like my attempts haven’t really been noticed and all. I was just wondering would maybe like to go out with me some time? We can go out to eat or maybe see a movie? Whatever you’d like to do.”

“O-oh...I um...I noticed everything but apparently, I’m an oblivious douche…” Type muttered, keeping his eyes lowered to their hands, finding his nerves beginning to disappear as Tharn’s thumb rubbed soothing circles into his knuckles. Snorting at what Type said, Tharn shook his head and squeezed his hand, gaining his attention back to the soft look Tharn had in his eyes. Feeling his heart flutter in his chest again, Type swallowed all the words he wanted to say and nibbled on his lip. Flushing brightly as he noticed the way Tharn watched the movement, Type licked his lips and met Tharn’s eyes head on. “I...I think I would like that...I have your number but you want mine?”

Grinning brightly, Tharn nodded and gently handed his phone to Type, watch as he typed his number in before he handed it back. Staring at the phone with a huge smile, Tharn observed as Type read the napkin and placed his own number in his phone. Moving his gaze up to Tharn, Type shot him a soft smile before he noticed the time. Getting up from the chair, Type pulled the bag out from under his chair and slung it over his shoulder, watching as Tharn stood up as well, still wearing the bright and adorable smile on his face. Clearing his throat, Type shifted on his feet before he offered Tharn a shy smile.

“Oh and Type? I really don’t mind how oblivious you are. I like you for you, yeah?” Tharn asked, stepping a bit closer to Type before they were literally almost chest to chest. Noticing how close Tharn was to him, Type held back the urge to step back in embarrassment before he watched Tharn lean in. Slamming his eyes shut, Type stayed perfectly still as Tharn observed his reaction. Knowing they were in a public place, Tharn smiled softly and pressed a soft kiss to Type’s cheek, pulling away with an understanding smile. Opening his eyes, Type shot him an appreciative smile before he reached out and shyly squeezed his hand. “I’ll text you later? We can go over the details of our date later, if that okay?”

“T-that’s fine,” Type whispered, feeling how soft Tharn’s hands were before he came back to Earth, letting Tharn go so he could get back to work. Shooting him one last smile, Tharn winked at him before he walked away, heading back behind the counter since he break was officially ending. Staying still for a moment, Type continue to observe Tharn, Type shook himself out of it and quickly jogged out of the cafe, pausing once he was out. Pulling out his phone, Type stared at Tharn’s number as butterflies developed in his stomach, Type couldn’t help the smile that rose on his face before he clicked off his name and moved to type Techno to tell him what happened. “Oblivious my ass, dude. You will not believe what just happened.”

Walking away from the coffee shop, Type couldn’t help but notice how he kept the napkin that had Tharn’s number on it. Holding it close to his chest, Type swallowed back the developing smile that was trying to take over his face before he moved quickly back towards the university, looking forward to placing the napkin where he kept the others. Unknown to everyone else, Type kept each and everything thing that Tharn wrote his number on like it was his own personal souvenirs, and no one but him and maybe Tharn later on will ever find out.

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This was so boring. Letting out a sigh as he sat near the island in Beam’s dorm kitchen, Forth stared at his phone as he watched the time go by so slowly. It was a cold day and Beam’s stupid professor had decided to have a test this late into the afternoon? Letting out a grumble, Forth slipped off the stool and made his way into the living area of the dorm. He knew that he would be waiting for a long time for Beam to come back, so they could spend some time together. But he honestly didn’t think he would be waiting this long. And if it was his choice, he would’ve tried to keep Beam at the dorm since the weather wasn’t exactly the best for walking around the campus. The last thing he and Beam needed was for any of them to get sick. Sitting down on the floor near his boyfriend’s television, Forth gazed over the countless movies Beam owned before the sight of The Nightmare Before Christmas caught his eye.

“I…didn’t think Beam would like these kind of movies,” Forth mumbled to himself, picking up said dvd to look over it. Biting his lip, Forth glanced out the window and sighed when he noticed that it had started to rain. Now Beam would get wet since he didn’t exactly take an umbrella when he left. Tapping the dvd case against his leg as he thought, Forth grinned as an idea developed and he quickly got to work. Placing the movie down on the couch, Forth jogged around the dorm, heading towards Beam’s room so he could grab some pajamas for his boyfriend. Placing Beam’s favorite navy blue bottoms and t-shirt over his arm, Forth moved towards the bathroom, throwing them in the dryer and setting them for thirty minutes. “Okay, warm clothes are going to be ready…now I need to think about what to make him to drink that’s warm…”

Walking back into the living area, Forth hummed as his eyes circled around, pausing as he noticed his backpack placed near the entrance of the dorm. Earlier, some friends from the engineering faculty had given him some wine and even though it really wasn’t his cup of tea, it was alcohol and when warmed, it could make someone feel warm. Wait…could you warm wine? Grabbing his bag, Forth carefully pulled out the decent sized bottle of wine before he placed his bag back where it was, bringing the wine to the kitchen and placing it on the counter. Digging through the cabinets for a pan, Forth googled how to heat wine properly so that he wouldn’t make a mess of his boyfriend’s kitchen. That was the last thing he wanted to do. Following the instructions, Forth let the wine simmer at a lower heat while he jogged to the living room, setting up the movie to be ready to play for when Beam got back.

“Hm?” Hearing his phone ping, letting him know that someone texted him, Forth strolled into the kitchen and checked it, feeling a smile rise on his face as he noticed the text was from Beam. It seemed like they were finally finished and he was heading back to the dorms now. Glancing out the window as he passed the living room, Forth’s frown deepened as he noticed how bad it was coming down now. Taking Beam’s pajamas out of the dryer, Forth made sure to grab a blanket from his bed before he stepped into the living room, throwing the blanket on the back of the couch. “Okay, last thing is the wine…”

Keeping the clothes over his arm as he checked on the wine, Forth watched as the alcohol beverage steamed slightly before he turned off the burner and carefully poured the hot drink into Beam’s favorite mug. Hearing the sound of the door to the dorm opening, Forth quickly placed the pan in the sink before he hurried to meet Beam, feeling his worry elevate as he noticed how his boyfriend was wet and shivering. Noticing Forth, Beam shot him a shy smile and kicked off his wet shoes, reaching for him. Doing the same, Forth cupped Beam’s face and sighed when he felt how chilled his skin was. Pressing a kiss to his lips, Forth pressed their foreheads together before he pulled away and directed Beam to his room, handing his warmed up pajamas to him.

“Go ahead and get dressed. Meet me in the living area once you’re done,” Forth whispered, rubbing Beam’s arms in an attempt to warm him up. Feeling the heat of his clothes in his cold hands, Beam shot Forth an appreciative smile before he closed the door, living Forth on the other side of it. Rubbing the back of his neck with a sigh, Forth moved towards the kitchen, fetching the warm wine he had set up for Beam before he walked into the living room, smiling softly when he noticed that everything was ready for them to finally relax together. Hearing the sound of Beam’s bedroom door opening, Forth turned around and smiled when he noticed how Beam’s hair was messy but at least he looked a little better than when he first came back. “Here, it’s warm wine. I got some from a friend at my faculty. It should warm you right up.”

“Oh, thanks…what’s all this for?” Beam asked, taking the hot mug carefully before he noticed the blanket that was missing from his bed and the movie title screen playing on his television. Furrowing his brow when all Forth did was grin, Beam allowed his boyfriend to lead him towards the couch with a warm hand pressed against his lower back. Sitting down, Beam observed Forth as he walked around before a blanket was wrapped against his shoulder and Forth was finally sitting down next to him, pushing the play button on the remote so the movie can finally play. Fixing the blanket around his boyfriend, Forth leaned back and wrapped his arm around Beam’s shoulder, pulling the blanket over so they could share it. “This…feels nice. I’m sorry for leaving you for so long here…it must’ve been boring.”

Shaking his head softly, Forth tugged him until Beam settled back against his chest, cuddling to Forth’s warm body. Taking a sip of his wine, Beam sighed happily and squirmed closer to Forth. Smiling brightly, Forth pressed a kiss to Beam’s hair before he turned his eyes to the movie, hearing the song, ‘This Is Halloween’ beginning to play. Hearing Beam humming along to it, Forth chuckled and pressed a kiss to Beam’s finally warm lips as he turned to show him his adorable pout. Burying his head into Forth’s neck, Beam continued to pout but kept his eyes on the movie, his pout finally beginning to leave for a soft smile as warmth finally took the chill away from his body and the only sound being the movie playing. Maybe going out in the cold was worth it after all.

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“Come on Joong, hurry up! I want to get digging into these pumpkins!” Nine called out, setting the newspapers down on the floor, making sure the rug around them were covered generously so they wouldn’t have to clean up a huge mess later. Hearing his friend’s whine coming from where they kept the two pumpkins they had bought, Nine snorted and finished up the papers just in time to see Joong heaving both pumpkins into the room. Rolling his eyes, Nine stood up and helped Joong but grabbing his own pumpkin, placing it down gently as Joong almost dropped his own. “You should’ve just grabbed one at a time, not two at the same time.”

“Didn’t want to make two trips,” Joong panted, sitting on the newspapers as he tried to get his breath back. Giving him a look, which received a smile, Nine rolled his pumpkin around as he tried to find the perfect position to carve it in. Crossing his legs in a pretzel style, Joong did the same and didn’t think much of it as Nine stood up and walked back into the kitchen. Hearing cardboard being ripped open, Joong raised his brows but grinned when he came back in the room with two sets of carving tools. “Oh yeah, I forgot about those! Come on!”

Letting out a fond sigh ast how excited Joong sounded, Nine hurried back to where they were sitting and handed his friend the neon green set of carving tools, saving the neon orange set for himself. Handing Joong a black sharpie, Nine picked up his own before he pulled the pumpkin on his lap, both of them beginning to draw their designs on the bumpy orange skin. Letting out a hum as the sound of markers squeaking were the only thing between them, Joong put his sharpie down and grabbed his phone, going through an online playlist so he could find something with a Halloween theme they could listen to as they worked. Watching Joong, Nine chuckled when the theme song for ‘The Addams Family’ started playing before Joong placed his phone back down, letting the music surround them as they got back to work making their designs.

“Okay, I think I’m done with mine, what do you think?” Nine asked, turning his pumpkin towards Joong, giving him a good look at the design. Blinking in shock at how good it looked with the marker, Joong smiled and tapped the end of his marker on his pumpkin. Seeing the smile and nod from his friend, Nine blushed and turned the pumpkin back towards himself, reaching out for the big carving tool so he could start by opening the top of the pumpkin, removing the seeds and guts. “Oh god, here comes the messy part.”

“Shouldn’t we get a bowl for the pumpkin seeds? I mean, if you want to help me make them,” Joong muttered, his foot tapping to the next song playing on his phone. Facepalming as he realized that Joong was right, Nine tsked and bounced up, making his way towards the kitchen to grab a random big bowl before he walked back in, placing it down in between the both of them. Shooting him a smile, Joong finished up the last marks on his pumpkin before he turned it towards Nine. “I’m done too, do you like it?”

“Woah, that’s so good! Just be careful around the teeth with the carving tool, yeah?” Nine praised, grinning as he noticed the silly design Joong had picked out for his pumpkin. Nodding softly, Joong picked up his own big carving tool and the two got to work, cutting the top of the pumpkin open. Once Joong thought the lid would come off easily, he put down the carving tool and grabbed the stem, pulling the lid off carefully. Doing the same with his pumpkin, Nine pulled the stem off and yelped when a piece of pumpkin guts flew out and planted itself right on Joong’s shirt. “Oh my gosh…I’m so sorry.”

Hearing the tone of Nine’s voice as he tried not to laugh, Joong flicked the gut off himself and glared playfully at the chuckling other. Rolling his eyes, Joong got back to work as Nine finally stopped snickering, doing the same. Silence got back to them as the music played and their carving spoon pulled out the guts and seeds of their pumpkins. Pulling some seeds apart from the guts so he could place them in the bowl, Joong slowly moved his gaze from where they were focused on the orange guts to Nine, who was too busy cleaning out the rest of his pumpkin to notice the mischievous smirk that was developing on Joong’s face. Separating a good sized gut from a mound of pumpkin seeds, Joong aimed for Nine’s face before he flung the gut, hitting his mark right on point.

“Ew! Joong! Damn!” Nine cried out, screeching as the cold pumpkin gut stuck to his cheek, slapping it off before he wiped his face with the back of his hand. Hearing his friend break down into his loud yet adorable laughter, Nine growled and glanced down at all the guts they had cleaned out. Letting his own smirk rise on his face, Nine let Joong laugh a bit longer before he scooped up some of the guts and slapped them right on his chest, making them stick to the plain white t-shirt Joong was wearing. Gasping as the cold goop spread through his shirt to his skin, Joong sat up and tried to wipe it off, failing as it only made the stain and goop of guts worse. “That’s what you..get…Joong don’t you dare!”

“Revenge!” Joong screamed, scooping some guts in his hand as he got up, shoving it towards Nine. Letting out a yell, Nine kicked himself up and scattered around the hotel with Joong hot on his heels. Running past the pumpkins, Nine yelped as his foot slid on some of the free pumpkin guts before arms suddenly wrapped around his waist and a hand filled with guts slapped right into his chest, pushing them further up his neck, making his skin sticky. Waving his arms around with a scream as Joong laughed, both of them grew silent as a pounding knock sounded at their door. Pausing their play fight, Joong glanced down at Nine, who looked up at him and shrugged. Letting Nine go, Joong stepped over the guts and walked towards the door. “I wonder who that is…?”

Letting out a hum, Nine grinned and scooped up some guts before he followed Joong, stopping at the door as his friend opened it, both of them coming face to face with no one other than Pavel and Dome, whose faces were painted like the joker. Blinking as they took in each other, Dome looked over the two of them with a confused look while Pavel tried and failed to hold back his own snickers, burying his face in Dome’s shoulder.

“Um…sorry to interrupt whatever you two were doing but it sounded like someone was getting murdered or attacked in here,” Dome muttered, patting Pavel’s back as he cackled. Letting out a shy chuckle, Joong dismissed the apology and glanced at Nine just in time to be slapped in the face with pumpkin guts. Feeling the air around them grow tense and silent, Dome swallowed the lump in his throat and turned towards Pavel, pushing on his back so they could go back to their own hotel room. He really did not want to get involved with whatever was about to happen to Nine. “Okay, well…try to keep it down? The last thing we need is to get in trouble, yeah?”

“Sure, we can do that,” Joong muttered, thanking the now laughing hysterical Pavel before he backed Nine into their room again, shutting the door behind him. Laughing nervously, Nine glanced around them for a way out before Joong stepped closer, his face screaming that he was planning to get revenge and more. Squeaking as he stepped in more pumpkin guts, Nine swallowed the lump in his throat before he darted away, turning around just in time to see Joong grabbing two handfuls of pumpkin guts before he chased after him. “You are so going to get it, P’Nine!”

After being slapped in both cheeks with the pumpkin guts, both Joong and Nine ended the war with both of them looking like a pumpkin had eaten them and spit them out. They knew that they had to clean up the floor and walls of the hotel room since a lot of their throws missed and smacked against the once clean walls. By the time they were done cleaning and they finally showered, the two restarted Joong’s Halloween playlist before they got back to work on their pumpkins, finally finishing without an incident like before happening. It make take some time for the seeds to be ready, but as Nine put them in the oven, he couldn’t help the grin that rose on his face as he remembered the war he and Joong had earlier. It was the most fun he had ever had carving pumpkins and he hoped Joong felt the same.

Chapter Text

It was Halloween night. To Mundanes, it was supposed to be a night full of fun. People dressing up as the monsters the Shadowhunters would most likely hunt while getting candy from going to houses for trick or treating. Others threw supposingly fun parties but it all seemed a bit much to Alec…until he met Magnus. The Warlock was known for his extravagant parties and it being Halloween, Alec just knew that the Warlock was most likely planning something for the special night. Or…so he thought. Letting out a sigh as he passed more young Mundanes, Alec strolled into Magnus’ loft and raised his eyebrows at all the decorations his boyfriend had put on his door. It included flashing orange and purple lights along with what looked like zombies and mummies plastered on the word door. Rolling his eyes fondly, Alec took out his key and opened the apartment, reeling back in shock as he got blasted in the face with a cloud of fog from a fog machine.

“Magnus? What the hell?” Alec grumbled, waving the fog out of his face before he entered the loft, closing the door behind him tightly. The last thing they needed was to have the smoke get into the hallway and cause a panic among the Warlock’s neighbors. Glancing around the heavily decorated loft, Alec rubbed the back of his neck as the song, ‘Monster Mash’ was loudly playing around the room, literally vibrating the floor. He really hoped that Magnus put up a silencing spell or else…yeah. Stepping further into the loft, Alec called out for Magnus again until a voice called for him from the kitchen. “Magnus, is this much fog really necessary? It seriously looks like there’s a fire in your loft.”

“Aw, Alexander. Of course it’s necessary! It’s Halloween, ya know?” Magnus cheered, finishing up the last of the ingredients he needed for his special spooky punch. Stirring the liquid with a ladle, Magnus snapped up a little spoon and took a sample of it, humming as the sweet beverage coated his taste buds. Letting out a fond sigh at this, Alec moved closer to his boyfriend and pressed into his side, staring into the plastic black cauldron as he examined the orange and fizzy concoction. Holding out the ladle, Magnus raised his brows as he waited for Alec to give the punch a taste. “Go on, it won’t bite!”

Staring at Magnus, Alec knew that his boyfriend wouldn’t give up unless he did what he said, so with a grumble, Alec allowed Mangus to give him some of the punch before he swallowed and closed his eyes, letting the sweet flavor come over him. It wasn’t that bad! Opening his eyes, Alec huffed when he noticed the smirk on Magnus’ face before he shyly leaned in and pressed a kiss to the Warlock’s face. Placing the ladle back in the cauldron, Magnus placed his hands on Alec’s waist while Alec wrapped his arms around his neck, bringing them closer while deepening the kiss. Pulling away with a pat to his boyfriend’s waist, Magnus pressed another kiss to Alec’s nose before he smiled at the flush that filling Alec’s cheeks.

“Come on, let’s have a little fun. Just you and me, okay?” Magnus asked, rubbing his thumb across Alec’s hips, hoping that his boyfriend would say yes. He knew that Shadowhunters typically didn’t really celebrate many holidays and Halloween was including one of those holidays. Pulling Alec closer, Magnus pressed their foreheads together and gave his boyfriend a puppy eyed look, not feeling sorry for basically begging him. Rolling his eyes at the look he was getting, Alec sighed before he nodded, stepping back in shock as Magnus cheered and gave him a grin. “You won’t regret it! I have so much planned! But first, let’s decorate a little more okay? I have some fake spiders I’d love to hang around!”

“Okay…but if one fake spider ends up in my hair while we’re decorating, I swear I will punch you,” Alec muttered, shooting his boyfriend a warning glare that made the Warlock chuckle. Alec was a Shadowhunter and he fought many terrifying things, but spiders? Shaking the thought away, Magnus nodded and reassured him that he wouldn’t let him handle the spiders. Keeping his word, Magnus took all the spiders out of the bin while Alec handled the rest of the things. Using magic to have the spider hang from the ceiling, Magnus turned around once he was finished and noticed that Alec was tapping his foot to his spooky playlist while he finished up putting the jack o lanterns on the tables and plugging them in. “I think I’m done…what do you have planned next?”

Clapping his hands excitedly, Magnus cleared his throat before he summoned two pumpkins from who knows where, along with some pumpkin carving tools and a large bowl for the seeds. Arching a brow at this, Alec stood still as Magnus scattered some newspapers on the wood floor before he plopped down next to a pumpkin, looking up at Alec with a sparkle in his eyes. Blinking, Alec glanced around before he slowly moved towards Magnus, sitting down next to him as he pulled the free pumpkin towards himself. Handing Alec a marker, Magnus got one for himself before he got to work, making a cute design on the pumpkin’s bumpy skin. Peering to his side, Magnus frowned as he noticed that Alec hadn’t started and was only staring at him as he worked.

“Aren’t you going to carve it? Unless…do you know what we’re doing?” Magnus asked, capping his marker for a moment so he could give his boyfriend his undivided attention. Flushing slightly as he was caught, Alec bit his lip and shook his head, staring at the marker in his hands as he fiddled with it. Frowning, Magnus hummed before he scooted closer to Alec, placing his chin on his shoulder as he thought about how he should explain it. Pressing a kiss to said shoulder, Magnus smiled and reached for Alec’s hand that was holding the marker, stopping the fidgeting. “Well, we’re going to carve these pumpkins. We’re going to separate the seeds from the guts and after we’re done making designs on the pumpkins, we’re going to clean and bake the seeds.”

“Oh…okay, I can do that,” Alec mumbled, shooting Magnus a thankful smile before he pressed a kiss to his lips, picking up the marker as the two of them finally got to work. Not really knowing what kind of face to make on his pumpkin, Alex furrowed his brows as he worked before he came up with an okay looking face. Turning his eyes to his boyfriend, Alec observed as Magnus grabbed the big carving tool and started cutting around the stem. Doing the same, Alec let the ends meet before he pulled the stem, watching as the top came out and the gooey orange cuts dangled from it. Cracking up at the disgusted look Alec let slip, Magnus grabbed the carving spoon before he got to work. “Do we really have to put our hand in that…stuff?”

Chuckling, Magnus shot Alec an amused look before he nodded, turning his attention back to his pumpkin as he spooned the guts out, separating the seeds with his own hands before he tossed them in the bowl. Shuddering slightly at the thought, Alec swallowed the lump in his throat before he grabbed the spoon, slowly slipping his hand in the pumpkin. Biting his lip to hide his laughter, Magnus watched as Alec scooped the guts and seeds out, hesitantly touching the slimy guts so he could get the seeds. It wasn’t long before the guts finally didn’t phase the Shadowhunter as he dropped the spoon and scooped the rest of the seeds out with his hand, sliding them into the bowl just as Magnus finished up cleaning out his pumpkin.

“Okay…now what do we do?” Alec asked, flicking the guts that stuck to his fingers onto the newspaper as Magnus stood up and picked up the bowl. Waving Alec into the kitchen, Magnus told him to quickly wash his hands while he took care of the seeds, letting cold water rinse over them, getting rid of any of the pumpkin guts that were stubbornly still sticking to them. Once he was sure the guts were cleared from the seeds, Magnus placed the seeds aside and washed his own hands, shooting Alec a smile once he noticed his boyfriend was waiting for him. Lacing their hands together, Magnus pulled Alec back into the living room and allowed him to lift the pumpkins off the dirty newspaper, snapping them away and into the garbage. “Do we start to carve now?”

“Yep, we start carving. Now be careful, and make sure to stick to the lines of the design you made,” Magnus instructed, putting more newspaper down before they sat back down, pulling their pumpkins close as they grabbed their tools. Letting out a hum as he listened to Magnus, Alec grabbed the small carving knife and began to slice around the design he drew on earlier. Doing the same with his own, Magnus squinted his eyes in concentration, letting the only sound around them be the music and the sawing noises from the tools they were using. It took a bit, but after he finished, Magnus put the tool down and wiped the sweat from his brow, pushing the pumpkin back to examine his work. “Not bad if I do say so myself! What do you think, Alexander?”

“Woah…that’s amazing, Magnus! While mine is um…” Alec mumbled, scratching his cheek as he compared his pumpkin to Magnus’. Cocking his head to the side, Magnus scooted towards Alec and got a good look at the design Alec had carved out. Looking away from the pumpkin as Magnus looked over it, Alec expected to hear his boyfriend laugh at him but when nothing came out of him, Alec slowly turned to face him again. Seeing the soft smile on his face, Alec sighed in relief before hands cupped his face, gaining his attention. “M-Magnus?”

“Your pumpkin carving skills are kinda low, but don’t worry it was your first time, okay?” Magnus whispered, shooting his boyfriend another smile as he pressed a kiss to his lips, blue eyes meeting yellow cat-like ones. Pulling away after a moment, Alec grinned shyly and nodded, turning his attention back to their pumpkins. If he was being honest, he was actually quite proud at how his pumpkin turned out. Letting go of Alec, Magnus stood up and nodded, snapping away the newspaper again before he picked up his own pumpkin. “And if I’m being honest, your pumpkin’s face is such a mood. Now come on, let’s place these out in the hallway near the door.”

Chuckling softly, Alec nodded and stood up, picking up his pumpkin as he followed Magnus. Putting their jack o lanterns outside the door on each side, the two stepped back and chuckled as they examined Alec’s pumpkin. Wrapping his arms around Alec’s neck, Magnus pressed a kiss to his boyfriend cheeks before he pulled him back inside the fogged up room. It was time to have some punch and get the seeds ready to be put in the oven. Letting Magnus pull him, Alec couldn’t help the soft smile that rose on his face. If he was really being honest, Alec knew that he wouldn’t mind celebrating Halloween as long as Magnus was with him.