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The Betrayed

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Harry's Pov:
I watch as a guard throws a plate at my feet, it's some kind of mashed up raw meat with a glass of murky water. I can hear the guard laughing when the water cup splashes over and the glass shatters, cutting the edges of my feet. I let my gaze drift up to the guard and a sneer on his face as he walks off. His sneer reminds me of Malfoy, who reminds me of my life before Azkaban, I can still remember that day…


My eyes frantically dart around, Aurors are surrounding the area I had just woken up in. I call out to one, hoping that they'll be able to explain how I got here. To my surprise, an Auror turned to me and said, “Harry Potter, you are now under arrest for the murder of 17 muggles” while putting magical suppressing handcuffs and a Silencio spell on me. The next thing I know I'm in court, facing the ministry, they just called up Hermoine and Ron. Hermione sobbing into her hands and Ron has his arm wrapped around her shoulders, they give their confessions, and to my horror, they talk about how I was “drifting towards the dark arts, and spending even less time with them and disappearing to who knows where.” All I could do was stare in despair as the minister took a chance to try to talk about me lying about the dark lord because I wanted to join him, and they agreed! I was forced to watch as all my friends and family stepped up to testify against me, I watched trying desperately to keep back the burning tears as Sirius, a now free man, go against me with such hatred in his eyes. Whenever I tried to defend myself they interrupted, and after my fourth attempt, a silencing spell was cast upon me. The minister was now turning towards me, a small yet wicked smile on his face, “Harry James Potter, you have been found guilty in a court of law and will now receive 10 life sentences in Azkaban, and if new evidence is found against you for other crimes stated against you, a dementor's kiss will be administered.” Two guards yanked me onto my feet and I feel the silencing spell release and I try to get help, “Hermoine, Ron, Molly, Please! Sirius, Remus! You… you can't do this, interrogate me under veritaserum, take a look at my memory, anything, just… Please! PLEASE! Don't please-” *My cries were cut off as a hand was slammed into my face, there are tears streaming down my cheeks as I look up at Remus. His eyes have a yellow hue to them and a slight snarl is on his lips, “I'm glad Lily and James aren't here, they would be disgusted to ever be associated with someone like you.” He growls and I turn to Sirius, “Please, your my godfather, you know that-” he cuts me off with a hard tone filled with loathing and hatred “You're no godson of mine” he spits at me and I'm dragged off; my last look at my family being the hatred and disgust that easily took over their faces, and Dumbledore's disappointed eyes.

*End of Flashback*

I look up and sense the Dementors coming as a smirk slips on my face, I was going to get out of here soon, one way or another.