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Never Enough

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The first “official” time Stan and Wendy broke up, it had been 4th grade.

Stan claimed he didn’t care, telling Kyle that they broke up almost every week, which was true. They always broke up, but Kyle knew Stan cared. He could tell.

Kyle received a call that night from Stan. Stan wasn’t crying, but was close to it. He explained that he was worried about it being official this time, but Kyle reassured him they’d get back together within a week. He promised Stan they would.

And about a week later, they did.


The second time Stan and Wendy broke up, it was 6th grade. Stan had cried to Kyle as he was seated on Kyles bed.

Kyle had spent hours comforting him, telling him it wasn’t his fault, and that girls were dumb. Stan only cried more, claiming Wendy wasn’t dumb, and that she was the smartest person he’d ever known.

Kyle was sad about that.

But, despite his feelings, he agreed. He had told Stan that if Wendy was as smart as they say, she’d be smart enough to get back together with Stan.

Stan claimed he didn’t care, and didn’t even want to be with her. He said all he’d ever need was his “super-best friend”.

They got back together the next day.


The third time Stan and Wendy broke up, it was 10th grade. Stan didn’t expect Wendy to lash out, considering they hadn’t fought since their 6th grade “break-up”.

She complained that he spent too much time with Kyle, and Wendy accused Kyle of being in love with Stan.

Kyle disagreed.

He claimed he was only trying to look after Stan, not take Wendy’s place, but she didn’t believe him.

Stan cried, apologizing to Kyle for what Wendy had said. Kyle promised Stan it was fine, and that he didn’t mind, because as long as they knew it wasn’t that way, it didn’t matter what other people thought.

Stan and Wendy were apart for about two weeks, until Wendy approached Stan on a Tuesday morning. She made a deal with Stan. If he ignored Kyle and stopped being friends with him, she’d get back together with him.

They got back together the next day.


The last time Stan and Wendy broke up, it was 12th grade. Kyle hadn’t known until he heard from Kenny.

Kenny explained that “Stan broke up with her last week.” and of course, Kyle didn’t believe him. Kyle couldn’t believe him.

He didn’t want to.

He didn’t want to believe that Stan ignored him for four years, just to dump Wendy in the end. He didn’t want to believe that it was Stan who broke
up with her, not the other way around.

He just didn’t understand.


“I don’t understand why you’re telling me this?” Kyle slammed his locker shut, and Kenny sighed. “I figured you’d wanna know.”

“Well, I don’t ‘wanna know’, alright?” He walked away, Kenny following closely behind him.

“Talk to him Kyle, he’s messed up.”

Kyle stopped outside the door of his last class, glaring at Kenny. “That isn’t my problem anymore.”

“But it was,” Kenny leaned against the door frame.

Kyle looked at his feet. “If he talks to me, I’ll make conversation, but I’m not going out of my way to talk to him.”


“My god Kenny. I’m not having this conversation again.”

He walked to his desk and sat down, ignoring Kenny’s annoyed huff. The bell rang, and class started.

He didn’t focus during class. How could he? All he could think about was what Kenny said. It has nothing to do with him, but Kyles still worried about Stan. How could he not be?

Even after 8 years, Kyles still painfully in love with him.