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Cupid's Gamble

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Running around was surely easy for Sonic to do, but he had to hear the wails and yells of his two friends behind them, Amy and Knuckles. Why exactly would they be running around the state park was a good thought, and it was because of playing a game with one of the most upfront mobiles in town. ‘Cupid’s Gamble’ was more of a game of child’s play, daring a friend to try to peck a stranger for a shilling, but Knuckles and Amy were offering quite a salary for the blue hero’s embarrassing task.
“Sonic! I know you want to hurry and get this over with, but I’m not the best runner okay!?” Amy yammered, trying to drag along Knuckles who honestly went his own pace. The two were offering a good pocket or two upon hearing that he would like to take up the challenge of something so small, maybe he had nothing better to do, or maybe he was just as immature (which was most likely the case).

As the trio ran their way down the streets and crowds to find a good area, there was Espio, going out on his own for the afternoon to find some quiet to himself. He hung around the city parks rather early, but since the team went on a mission a couple of hours late, they decided to relax and dwindle for the day. He sat by a lone bench near a bridge that let a small rivulet pass under, he had found this certain place rather relaxing from the sounds of the water and the simple gentle breeze. The chameleon often recorded his dreams in a notebook which was what he decided to update today, wearing one of Vector’s smaller jackets with the hood over his head from the blinding sun, leaving his identity vaguely sealed.

“Hmmm, there seems to be a whole party at the park today, I wonder what’s going on over there?”

“I have no idea, but it’s a good spot!” Knuckles answered back, eventually making his way so that Amy wouldn’t have to drag him by the elbow, pointing to the bridge. “We could probably pick a good sucker out from that bridge, I would feel bad if they’re not a fan.” To which Sonic gave a huff.
They made it to the entrance to where Amy looked around excitedly to see if she recognized anyone there, Knuckles stayed with Sonic to finally finish up this minuscule dare. Sonic, seemed to keep his eye on the map of the trail to get to a good spot to start out.

“Okay, who’s the lucky person, Knux?” Sonic said rather impatiently, fidgeting with a loose plank from the floorboard with the tip of his sneaker, he wasn’t worried at all and was in fact, rather excited.

Knuckles stammered, looking about. “Give me a moment, just making sure it isn’t someone who looks like they will hold a grudge.” His range of sight was only so far, and his judging by appearance was rather strong to his liking, he scanned the park. There were mostly children, mothers, businessmen, and elders looking around the park talking about who knows what, but the Echidna gave a good look at a Mobian in an oversized jacket. What seemed to him was that the person was trying to get out of the sun without moving, writing what seemed to be small sentences which Knuckles couldn’t read, their shoes were scratching the ground, a good target.
Sonic looked to his friend which only gave him a subtle smirk and perhaps a quiet wheeze.

“What’s so funny, Knucklehead? You’re not going to make me go for an old grumpy guy are ya?” He said with a teasing manner, poking at the Mobian’s shoulder to which he only got a sigh in return and a point to a lone Mobian who seemed to be spacing out.

“You see that one right there? They seem like a good target, minding their own business when you’ll swoop over and snog them.” Knuckles almost let a giggle of pure mischievousness slip out. Sonic only smiled at them, looking at their attentive gaze to their surroundings. Something about them almost got passed off as recognizable..

“I guess I gotta be quick, you still have that money right, Knux? I’m not doing this without pay!” Sonic handed his hand out while Knuckles put a good ten rings into his hands, the hedgehog doubtfully swiped his hand away when all of them plopped down on his palm. Giving a childish raspberry. “How should I do this, kind commissioner?”
Knuckles had a smile on his face, one that told of absolute chaos, then, he whispered into Sonic’s ear. He sped off...

Sonic felt like he had to move quickly to make sure the supposed stranger wouldn’t notice him, possibly try to go from behind. Espio showed no signs of noticing just yet until something fast and blue came into view for less than a half-second. It swept up his papers for a moment, a soft slam fastened them back down until he was suddenly swooped up from his seat.
With Knuckles laughing in the background, poor Sonic couldn’t pay attention to the stranger he was holding in a dip pose before quickly dipping down with him and planting a longer kiss directly on the lips. Knuckles wheezed, Amy awed, but soon did they know that wasn’t a stranger at all, the hoodie fell and reveal the dignified.
Espio turned into a light red color, being both shocked and flustered beyond comprehension. Sonic let go too soon, he was faced with an astonished chameleon, and two friends shocked but giggling at the same time. Sonic eventually let go after, studying Espio’s face, red as a peach, spooked, and embarrassed.

“I-I am so sorry, Espio! ``I thought you were—…” The blue and red tinted hedgehog squinted at Knuckles, he only gave a slight shrug before laughing. “Espio?..”

Espio couldn’t say anything but faded back into the pink color previously and clearing his throat. He mumbled out a quick “I didn’t know you felt that way, good day.” Before putting that hoodie back on and speeding off without anything else said.

Amy rushed down to go track down Espio, but he had vanished into thin air after that. “Aw no, he isn’t going to forget that, is he?..” He wasn’t going to forget that for a while certainly,

and that’s what happened, and why the two haven’t talked much… until now.


‘C’mon, you’re the Sonic the Hedgehog, knocking a door and asking someone a simple question can’t be this hard! They’re only the person I tried to make out within the park, no, it sounds bad if you put it that way…’ He was stumped, nervous and strangely hyper at this very moment, his foot tapping on the grounds of the Chaotix Detective Agency. The blue blur already felt bad about how he publicly humiliated his distant friend and himself in front of Amy and Knuckles who now won’t stop talking about it, but now confronting it all would be even harder after Amy gave the idea for Sonic to take Espio to lunch. ‘If I do this and tell him everything that happened over a cup of coffee and some snacks isn’t bad if you put it that way! Let’s go!’
Without thinking twice, Sonic went up ahead to knock on the door of the agency to have it quickly yanked open by a very angry crocodile.

“I SAID NO SOLICI- oh, it’s just you! Sorry, it’s girl scout season and I can’t afford cookies..” Vector admitted bashfully, who could blame him, they are cookies.

“No worries, Vec! I.. I Uhm, came here to ask Espio a question, is he around?”

“Is this about yesterday.?” Vector spat out those words faster for Sonic to chew, the hedgehog tensed immediately and sighed.

“Yeah,.. I just want to tell him why I even did such a thing.”

The large croc suddenly bellowed; “ESPIO, ITS FOR YOU!!” Sonic swore his ears ring for a second or two before trying to look behind Vector to witness his chameleon friend somehow not showing signs of being at all embarrassed by yesterday.
He had his hands together, giving Sonic a certain look he couldn’t make out, he took in a sigh and tilted his head.

“So, what is it?”

“Would you perhaps like to come to the cafe with me and talk for a second? I know you think I need to clean some things up about yesterday..”

Espio’s funny look faded as he decided to muster a smile and a nod, something about the way he can subtly show his emotions like that seemed charming in Sonic’s eye. “That would be wonderful, thanks for trying to stick up for yourself on it, let me get ready.”

‘So far so good, Sonic, only stumbled once when asking Vector, don’t make it worse…’