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Split Perspectives

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It was incredibly cozy in bed, Alec thought sleepily, as he yawned and turned to his right side, stretching out his arm. 

It has been awhile since he had slept this comfortably at the Institute.  Usually the alarms would ring at 5am, and everyone would have to be up for breakfast and training.

His arm landed on something. “Oof! What the hell?” a muffled voice complained.

Alec opened his eyes.  There was someone in the bed next to him!  His sleepy mind registered. Well, at least a mess of unruly black hair.  The other individual, having been inadvertently smacked in the face, lifted his head, and returned his wild eyed look of surprise. A man?? Alec thought, shocked. He didn’t look happy.  Alec just stared at him. And a beautiful man at that, thought Alec idly, admiring the man’s carefully sculpted goatee, large almond shaped eyes, elegant sharp nose, and caramel skin. He saw the man give him the once-over, with a look of unbashed appraisal.  His gaze was piercing, and it unnerved Alec.  He flushed.


“Who are you?” Alec asked. The man who was staring back at him seemed equally shocked.


“I might ask you the same,” the man said in a guarded voice, yawning. “This is my place, after all.”  His voice was melodious, and Alec almost swooned. He shook his head, as he realized his gaze had fell on the man’s perfectly shaped lips as he was speaking.  Dammit, it is not fair how gorgeous this man is. Ugh, he thought.


Across from him, Magnus, although still sleepy, was thinking similar thoughts.  This Shadowhunter was just his type too, he mused. Wild black hair, and hazel eyes…His eyes flew immediately to the guy’s neck, which had a rune on it.  So hot!  the man thought. Then more thoughts registered in his head. A Shadowhunter?  And his chest, omg, muscular as hell, with sexy chest hair…wait, he himself was shirtless as well.


Wait, were they both…??


It appeared as if the two men simultaneously put two and two together.  “Oh what the fuck!” they both yelled, moving apart, each covering themselves with a sheet and a blanket respectively.

“I slept with a Shadowhunter??!” the man yelled. “I can’t believe this. Oh my god I must have had way too much to drink last night! Oh man, the warlocks will never let me live this down.”

“W-Warlock??” Alec stammered.  The man was a Downworlder?  Visions of his parents, looking angry and disappointed in him, flooded through his mind. “You tricked me,” he stated, getting angry with the Warlock. “Did you do any magic to get me into bed with you?”  he asked, then flushed.  Wow, he thought, what a way to lose my virginity.  Ah well it was about time anyway, at age 21. And man, the guy was hot.  He could have done worse…

Wow what was he thinking??!  He needed to get out of there. Before he embarrassed himself further.

“uh, I gotta go,” he stammered.   He quickly scooped up his clothes, trying to get dressed quickly.

“What’s your name?” the man asked. That made Alec stop in his tracks..

“Alec. Alec Lightwood,” Alec stated.  The man paled, then seemed to compose himself.  An amused smile crept onto his face.

“Ah, not just any Nephilim,” he murmured. “The Head of the New York Institute.  Wow, Bane, you really did it this time.”

Alec flushed, and then the name registered. “Bane?  Magnus Bane?” he sputtered. “The High Warlock of Brooklyn?”

Magnus sat up straight and looked at him with a smile. “I don’t believe we have been formally introduced,” he said in a dulcet voice, full of musical tones. The words just rolled off his tongue so silkily smooth.  Alec was just mesmerized, and he could not speak.  Magnus seemed amused by this.  At your service,” he quipped with a flourish, practically preening himself. He paused. “Or was it you who was doing me a service?” he couldn’t help teasing.

Oh my god, Alec thought, flushing even more.  “Uh, I gotta go,” he said, trying not to look at that megawatt smile on that gorgeous face. He jumped out of bed and ran out the door of the bedroom.  Magnus stared after him, ogling the way the Shadowhunter’s ass had looked in his cargo pants. 


“What is this??!” a shocked voice suddenly yelled from the living room.  That was the Shadowhunter, Magnus’s mind registered.  Slipping his arms into his silk robe and tying it tightly, he made his way out of the bedroom.  He found the Shadowhunter gawking at photos on the wall.  Magnus’s mouth dropped open.  There were photos of the Shadowhunter and Warlock together…walking together, laughing, another one they were by the Effiel Tower in Paris and the Bridge of Eternal Love, kissing.  And another photo taken at a sushi restaurant in Tokyo. 


They turned to look at one another.

Alec spoke first. “Uh, what are we to one another?” he asked slowly.


Magnus was just as perplexed.  “These photos highly indicate that we are, most likely, a couple,” he stated slowly, the wheels turning in his head.  Then he looked pensive.


“Then why don’t I remember you?” he asked plaintively.  


Alec shook his head. "Your guess is as good as mine," he said, shrugging helplessly. 


A strip of photos tucked into the frame of the frame of the photo at the sushi restaurant caught his eye, and he walked over to inspect it more closely.  It was a roll of four photos, like the type you would take at one of those stand alone photo booths.  It was of him and Magnus, and each one held a different yet loving pose.  Alec peered at the photos closely. He looked -- so carefree. So happy.   A guy that could smile like that, with a heart so full. Actually, if he were to admit it to himself right now, he could not even recall any day at the Institute in any day of his life up unti now, where he could recognize that guy in the photos.  


That carefree, wide eyed, smiling guy.  Who was draped over a ridiculously gorgeous, smiling dastardly warlock.


He sighed and closed his eyes, leaning his head back on the wall.


"I need my memories back.  I need him. This Alec, back," he muttered.