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L'ena's Kinktober Collection

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L’ena stopped for a moment, leaning against the Quicksand’s railing as she caught her breath. Once she was steady again, she looked down and caressed her swollen belly lovingly. Many things had changed since the lucky suitor’s seed had quickened within her. For one, she felt much more front-heavy, and her cat-like balance was often thrown off when she forgot the new weight she was carrying. Second, her modest breasts had firmed up, in preparation for the meals they would soon be providing. And of course, she had to stop more often to rest. The baby herself reminded L’ena of this, as the pregnancy was far enough along to kick whenever she over-exerted herself.

But some things had not changed. She had stubbornly clung to her own wardrobe, even as her belly had grown. Her short skirts and tight tops remained, and she was proud to let her pregnant belly remain brazenly exposed for any passersby to admire. And smallclothes were still out of the question. If anything, the rush of hormones brought on by the pregnancy had pushed The Miqo’te’s already healthy libido into overdrive, and the thrill of walking around town with nothing beneath her skirt had her wet practically all day.

And men and not stopped lusting after her either. As she leaned against the railing, she sensed somebody step up behind her, and felt a bold hand on her shoulder.

“Begging your pardon, young miss, but you looked as though you needed some assistance.”

She glanced over her shoulder, saw the grinning face of some handsome Highlander she’d never seen before. The Miqo’te lifted her tail, letting it tease against the stranger’s chest as he fondled her bare shoulder. “Aren’t you a gentleman?” she said, leaning harder against the railing, letting her skirt rise higher up against her hips. When she pressed her butt back against him, she could feel his stiffness already straining against his pants.

“Aye, there’s no way that I would overlook the need of a pretty mother-to-be such as yourself,” the Highlander said, letting his hand move from her shoulder to her pregnant belly.

L’ena smirked back at him, pushing her belly out a bit more. “And yet I think I shall be the one relieving you of your burden, won’t I?” she teased him.

The straps of his pants came undone quickly, and he squeezed closer as L’ena felt the heat of his cock press up against her buttocks. The Miqo’te nuzzled against the stranger, slick feminine juices already dripping down her inner thighs in anticipation. Behind them, the daily crowd of the Quicksand pressed by, unnoticing of the act of debauchery taking place in their midst; or perhaps noticing and not caring. Such wanton displays were not altogether unknown in this place.

The man’s lips brushed against the fur of her ears as he began to grind his cock against her. “The father must be proud to have laid his seed in such fine breeding stock,” he whispered to her, his hand still caressing her swollen belly. “Surely he wouldn’t mind sharing, now that he’s already won the prize.”

At the mention of her baby’s father, L’ena could only smile secretly. If only people knew, she thought to herself. What a scandal it would be.

But her thoughts were interrupted when the stranger’s head pressed urgently against her tight entrance. Leaning forward as best she could, L’ena braced herself against the railing and raised her ass up to give him better access. For a moment his grip on her tightened, and he grunted with effort as he pushed forward. Then the first three inches of his manhood slid into her velvety-soft hole, and she felt him throb within her.

“You don’t have to be gentle,” L’ena told him. The walls of her pussy clenched down around his shaft to accentuate the point.

Still holding the pregnant Miqo’te’s bare belly, the Highlander grunted, “Wasn’t planning on it.” Then he began to fuck her with stiff, deep strokes, his cock slamming in all the way to the hilt in one go before pulling back a few inches and slamming in again. L’ena bit her lip and fucked back against him, her body responding to the rough rhythm, her inner muscles squeezing down around him with matching intensity. Each thrust pushed her rounded belly up against the railing, the weight of her pregnancy caught between the cold stone and the stranger’s warm body.

L’ena’s stiff nipples were visibly poking out of her tin top now, and she could already feel the spasms of impending release building up between her loins. The potent rush of hormones had her on a hair trigger as it was. “I’m going to cum,” she whined, her voice already unsteady.

“Pregnant slut,” the man hissed, slamming his cock all the way inside of her. She felt a familiar throb run through his thick shaft, and then he was shooting her full of cum. It filled her over-stuffed pussy and began to splatter down on the floor beneath them. Then L’ena too joined him in orgasm, her body stiffening and her muscles going taught as her needy pussy clamped down and massaged the stranger’s shaft, her body begging for each milky drop it was willing to shoot into her.

“Breed me,” she begged, trembles of lust running through her body. “I’m such a bad little mommy, fuck me and fill me up!”

He did just that, draining his balls inside of her while caressing her swollen belly. It wasn’t until he’d emptied his balls completely that he finally pulled out of her. “Gods, what I wouldn’t give to knock you up a second time, miss,” the man groaned.

A waterfall of excess cum dripped from her well-fucked pussy and onto the floor, where a milky puddle had formed. Once the man stepped away from her, she turned to face him, hands on her belly as she gave him a demure smile. “Perhaps next time,” she said to him. “Thank you very much for the assistance!”

Then, as he fumbled to get his softening prick back into his pants, L’ena continued onward, letting her swollen belly lead the way as fresh cum dripped from between her legs and left a sticky white trail behind her.