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I'm Going To Hell: Kinktober 2019

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When a giant, blonde man who resembled a lost golden retriever puppy, with the softest baby blue eyes and a chiseled jawline came to your front door, asking for you assistance, you couldn’t turn him down. Legally, yes Peggy could, but she knew damn well it would not sit well on her conscience at all. It would bubble in her throat like hot, white guilt and she wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, constantly worried about the man with a lost look in his eyes. And well, how could Peggy say no? Not when he spoke so calm and gentle, yet unable to look her in the eyes. Any other man wouldn’t look her in the eyes if she answered the door in nothing, but a pair of white panties that hugged her hips. Instead, this blonde man looked down at her feet, hands behind his back, like a good soldier.

And that was what he was, or at least used to be. The perfect soldier.

And Peggy couldn’t turn down a veteran, not one as soft and gentle as him. “You’re safe with me,” she promised in a soft tone, slowly holding out her perfectly manicured hand for him to take. “Say no more, I’ll take good care of you. How did you find me?”

Steve regarded her hand for a few seconds before slowly taking it and letting Peggy pull him inside. Peggy smiled down at him when he didn’t answer right away. The way his brow pinched together, he was thinking over the question.

“I’m not sure,” He mused, sounding very lost and confused. “I think someone told me about you. A...A...Sam Wilson?” His brow rose, trying to decipher if this was true or not.

Peggy’s head was nodding, leading Steve past a moderately decorated living room and towards her bedroom, turned sex room. “Ah. Wilson, I know him. I do work for veterans. If he sent you my way, then you must need the assistance. Well, Mr. Rogers, if Sam thinks I can help you, then you’re not as hopeless as you say you are. I believe he’s already sent your information…”

The sex room was a thing of beauty and terror. Sex toys lined the walls, like various whips all clustered together. Some had tipped ends to leave welts, some to even make you bleed. A few horse crops [help] were beside them. An IV line that was set up with a rubber, red enema bad, a jug of water, being warmed by a heater sat beside it. A saline drip was on another line right next to it. Various size dildos and butt plugs lined the shelves. A sex swing was stationed in middle of the room. A breeding table was pushed against the wall. And yet, the most normal looking bed, with ropes and bounding materials was pushed right against the shelf of toys. A desk sat in the middle of the room, holding a laptop and beside the laptop was a strap on. The room was painted a light purple, a few soft LEDs lighting the room up to give it a warm glow.

“Here we are. We’ll do most of my work here. Please, take a seat in front of the desk, while I look over the paperwork and we’ll begin. You can strip if you’d like.” Peggy dismissed him before sitting behind the desk and busying herself with the laptop. While she pulled up Steve’s file that Sam had sent over, she often glanced up to the veteran.

Steve had taken his time in stripping and folding his clothes, like it had been bred into him by the military. To Peggy, Steve was very attractive, to Steve himself, he was disgusting. He had bulked up in his time during the military but had long lost it due to PTSD and unable to care for himself. Scars lined his body, a cluster of them starting at his left hip and working up over his pec and cascading down his arm in beautiful lines of angry, pink, puffy marks. It looked like burn scars and Peggy was right when she read over Sam’s notes. Bomb had gone off, Steve was trapped under the rubble, using his body to protect the kids stuck inside the building. They managed to escape, but barely.

“Well,” Peggy cleared her throat, nodding for Steve to sit down on the metal chair in front of the table. “Sam had taken your vitals for me, says you’re clean. So that’s wonderful. Sam’s a good man. Now, I must ask...are you sure you want this? I won’t press you beyond your limits, not this early, but I will meet them. I will take control and you won’t have to think, but it won’t be easy. The last thing I want to do is trigger an episode.”

Steve wasn’t looking at her again, he was gripping the arms of the chair and rubbing the heels of his feet against the hard floor. “Yes,” he mumbled. “Because you’re my only hope. I-I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. All I can picture, all I could hear was their screams and I-I just want it to stop. I need it to stop…”

There were tears in his eyes and despite the fact that she didn’t show it, Peggy’s heart was breaking. She walked around the table to cup his face, throwing her cascading curls down her shoulder. “Look at me, soldier,” she whispered, tilting his head up. “I can’t solve all your problems. I can give you a distraction. I can dominate you and make you forget for one minute all the horrible things that had happened to you. And together, we can work through your problems, but it won’t be through sex alone. You’ll need therapy, your medications and I need your promise that you’ll continue them under my care.” When Steve nodded, blinking a few tears away that clung to his thick lashes, Peggy smiled. She pressed a soft kiss to his lips, tasting the salty tears. “Then we’ll start simple. A good spanking always lightens things up. Do you think you deserve one?”

The question was simple and Steve knew it was. Most people would simply say yes and bow their head in submission. But Steve wasn’t most people. He just nodded his head. For Peggy, that wasn’t good enough. “Then tell me why you deserve one. Without mentioning the past, darling.”

The way she said darling, it curled in the air and Peggy saw the reaction in Steve. His cock twitched, soft against his thighs. So, the man suffered from a praise kink. When Steve didn’t answer, he just shook his head, not looking at her even though she had his face in her hands, Peggy sighed. She let go of his face and leaned into the desk, arms crossed over her chest.

“Soldier, I asked you a question. When I ask a question, I expect an answer. Not a shake of your head. I understand if you’re having trouble thinking, so take all the time that you need. But don’t tell me simply no when I ask you why.” Her voice had a stronger tone to it, demanding.

Steve’s mouth opened, but no sound came out of it. His pink tongue darted out to lick across his pink, full lips. “I didn’t go to therapy yesterday. Told...Sam I was feeling sick. I just couldn’t...couldn’t get out of bed. Wondered Brooklyn for hours, till it was midnight. Left my phone at home cause I didn’t want to be bothered. Sam had...worried all night about me.”

Yes, that warranted a good spanking and a talking to. Steve knew he did wrong, given the way the shame filled his voice, but it was a wrong that could easily be corrected and prevented. And besides, Steve seemed to have a good reason.

“Good boy.” Another twitch of the cock and a small smile from Peggy. “Follow me.” She sat down on the bed and instructed Steve to lay across her lap, his ass perfectly suited in her lap. She stuffed his cock between her thighs and marveled at the beautiful, pale skin, mirrored by small burned marks.

“I want you to count out loud how many I give you, okay? I’ll stop when I think you’ve had enough. If you feel triggered, then I want you to simply say red. I use the color system. Green for good, yellow for teetering on edge, and red for stop all at once. If for whatever reason you’re unable to speak then give me a thumbs up.” When Steve seemed to understand, Peggy laid one solid smack onto his right cheek.

She watched the skin and muscle jiggle, barely holding back her own groan at both the sight and skin meeting skin sound. She felt Steve tense under her and felt his cock twitch again. He was responsive, so that was good. She laid another smack to his left one, careful about where her nails hit given the scars.

And Steve was a good boy, a very good boy. He counted the spankings out loud. Twenty on each buttock, until his beautiful, pale ass was a nice bright and red color. Until he was half hard against her thighs, her thighs damp from her own arousal and him starting to leak pre. She rubbed over the skin and massaged as gentle as possible.

“Good boy,” Peggy praised him, moving her hand to stroke his soft, blonde locks. She let him adjust his position, moving a pillow so he could rest his head on. “Now, let’s try something a little harder. You did make Sam worry. And you were out so late at night, Gods’ knows how barbaric this town is.”

Picking up a paddle, that had holes drilled through to ensure that it would slice through the air with ease. It was a little harder than her own spankings and much, much lighter than the studded paddle. Those were reserved for very naughty boys and Steve wasn’t one.

Peggy had Steve count again, with each whack she gave of his ass and slowly moving towards the back of his thighs. She was careful, however since Steve was new to this. Every two whacks, she gently rubbed over the tender skin before adding two more to the other side. She did this again and again, leaving pretty red marks in her place, until he was warm to the touch. Satisfied with how red his pretty behind was, Peggy was pleased and hummed as she rubbed over the skin.

Steve was silent the entire time, beyond counting. She heard the odd gasps and groans from him, but that was it. The worst thing he did was tense up every so often. Was she not hitting him hard enough? Did he think he deserved this punishment? Her lips formed into a pout as she rolled the paddle in her hand.

The idea struck her as she moved her hand to rub over the back of Steve’s balls. A real healthy set, if you asked her. Nice and thick in her fingers. She tapped them just a tad bit hard with the paddle and was rewarded with a deep moan from Steve, a shudder runs through him.

“There we go. Now was that so hard to ask for, Stevie? A lady likes to hear how good of a job she’s doing.”

She tapped Steve’s testicles again and again, lighter compared to his ass, but enough for him to feel the sting of pain. Her thighs were growing warm and wet…? It took Peggy a moment, until she smelt it, to realize Steve had pissed on her thighs. And a glance at his reddening face, with eyes closed, and an almost blissful look compared to the shameful one earlier, he was enjoying this.


“Hm?”  One eye opened to look at that annoyed face.

“Did you just piss on me?”

Almost at once Steve’s face flushed with a darker shade of red, matching the beautiful shade on his ass. He tried to move, but Peggy’s hand on his backside prevented it. A whine escaped the back of his throat, where he looked actually ashamed. He wiggled, which only caused his wet cock to brush along her thigh and fuck did that feel good. “Y-yes, ma’m. Yes. I did. I’m so sorry.”

Was he really sorry? Because a man who looked like Steve currently did, was not sorry. Not with face flushed and his cheeks tinting redder. Not with the way he moaned. “Well, I don’t believe you. Up.”

Getting Steve off of her, Peggy grabbed a towel from the end of the bed and cleaned her thighs up for now, and blotted the bed. Piss wasn’t the worst thing her covers saw, so she was okay with it. Now Steve stood before her, cock standing at full attention. And my, that was quite the specism. Nearly ten inches and curved, with a head the size of a mushroom cap. All she wanted was to get that in her, but not now. This was about Steve.

“You do understand you must be punished, correct? You didn’t tell me you had to pee, no warned me.” When Steve nodded, arms behind his back, eyes down, Peggy continued. Good. He understood. “Now Sam’s files mentioned you’re able to...please yourself. Am I correct?”

“Yes, ma’m. It's the only thing that gives me feelin’. He says it's normal.” God, Steve’s voice sounded so small. Almost broken. She’d fix that.

“Yes, its normal. It's actually a good sign. Now, I want you on your stomach, ass in the air like you’re presenting to get fucked, because that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. If you’re gonna piss the goddamn bed and make a mess, then baby, we’re making a mess. And you’re lucky I have a large bladder.”

Steve’s facial expression was one Peggy was fond of when she mentioned bladder. Confusion, yet arousal. The poor thing did not know what was coming. Peggy owned many, many toys, including strap ons. And she loved to tease and fuck her clients with these said strap ons. Her favorite was a double ended one that she could maneuver, specially designed by Stark Industries, so she could fill the chamber with just about any liquid she could imagine. Her favorite was to piss in it and let the piss drain into her clients at the touch of a button. Something told her Steve would adore it.

Grabbing the black harness, after throwing her panties aside, Peggy slipped it on, letting Steve see the blue, stiff silicone slip inside of her wet cunt, giving a small groan as it filled her. God, that was a feeling she’d never get used to and she loved it. Her toes tingle and for a moment, she stilled, because the last she wanted to do was orgasm at this moment. There were many promising orgasms to come.

Kneeling behind Steve, Peggy pulled the man’s cheeks apart and saw a promising, worn ring of muscle. It looked like he pleasures himself just this morning with how wet it still felt when she brushed her fingers over it. She chuckled to herself, feeling how Steve leaned into the touch. “Easy, easy,” she soothed. “I’m not going to hurt you. Not going to force this into such a small hole. I want to open you up first.”

Peggy wasn’t barbaric. She’d never resort to such issues and hurt someone in this manner. That would not only hurt them physically but leave a mental scar that would most likely never heal. When her clients came to her, they put their trust in her, to help them and she wasn’t going to use it to her advantage.

Easing two lube-coated fingers into Steve’s warm, spongy walls, Peggy thrust gently inside. There was no need to be that gentle, the man was so beautiful stretched open. She loved it. She loved every sound leaking from his lips, loved listening to him moan. She loved the way his breath hitched as she rubbed over his prostate. Loved the way her trembled and that beautiful cock of his leaked cum onto the sheets. Steve was very responsive and she was going to have fun with him.

Coating her cock in lube, Peggy lined the silicone up to his beautifully stretched hole. She gently eased the beast inside of him, pausing every few inches to let him adjust. If she ever wanted a cock, now would be the time. Listening to his moans and and the way he clung to the sheets as she bottomed out was a beautiful sight. Rows and rows of his back muscles tense as she pulled out, just to slam her hips back in. The sound of skin-meeting-skin, the way his back arched into it. Steve was the perfect fuck.

Leaning over the man, her slender frame brushed over his. She bit down onto his shoulder, suckling a bruise while her hips thrusted over and over again. Fucking into him like the perfect toy he was. The blue silicone disappeared into his beautiful fleshy, rose bud with each thrust. Each thrust causing the double end to fuck back into her. It was a beautiful mixture of sounds, of hers and his.

Her nails raked over his spine, leaving trails of red. Steve responded by raising his shoulders, offering more skin for her to mark. His back covered in bruised by her lips at this point. She could spend all night with him and never get enough. But they were playing it safe. She did promise him a proper punishment for him pissing the bed, pissing on her.

And it was coming.

Reaching down, Peggy squeezed his balls hard, in the same movement, she adjusted her hips onto her strapon and let go. Steve’s shocked groan and the way he shifted caused Peggy to just let go. She filled the dildo with her own piss and squeezed Steve’s cock once more before pressing the button on the side. Piss drained into Steve, warming him from the inside out.

The blonde shudders under her and he whimpered, biting into the pillow. Never in his life did he think he’d get off on a woman pissing into his ass, but here was. Cock throbbing from the warm sensation of piss splashing in him, to his balls aching from her squeeze. He couldn’t last long. He couldn’t. He couldn’t. He couldn’t. Oh God, he was going to cum. She was squeezing his balls over and over and his cock was twitching. And---


Her name was screeched out in pure ecstasy, Peggy watching as Steve’s rim tightened around the cock. She watched as he gripped the sheets and in her hand, left his cock twitching as long ropes of cum sprayed from him and onto the sheets. A truly beautiful sight.

The best part wasn’t happening yet. It didn’t happen until Peggy pulled out of the blonde and watched the piss drain out of his ruined hole. She watched him whimper and relieve himself, emptying what was left of his bladder onto the ruined sheets below.

Out of breath, Peggy smiled as she walked around to the foot of the bed, the cock dripping piss as she stood in front of Steve. His face was flushed, he looked relieved and relaxed. A state she loved her clients to be in. “I think,” she breathed, reaching out to scratch him behind his ear. “I think we should make this a daily thing, at the very least. Until you get back on your feet, at least.”