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I'm Going To Hell: Kinktober 2019

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“Peggy…” Steve was whining, his lips barely moving. He looked down at his beautiful wife, cupping her high cheekbones and pulling those red-stained lips against his. He groaned, the sound muffled as he thrusted into her tight, hot cunt. His one arm supported himself above her, never wanting to break eye contact as he fucked her into the mattress.

They’d been at this for hours, Peggy had already had a combination of seven and a half orgasms and Steve was well onto his third. That’s the great thing about this serum and Peggy’s sex drive. They could go for hours. Of course, when they had the time. And damn it, did they make time. Peggy had gotten them a hotel room for the week and they had planned to never leave this bed until his balls were empty and she was bloated with cum.

“Go on, darling. Go on.” Peggy’s words were whispered, soft on her tongue. She cupped his face to pull him into a kiss, tongue down his throat. Her cunt tightened around his well endowed length, feeling it throb inside of her as he spilled his seed. Her legs, her thighs trembled as they wrapped around his waist, drinking down his broken moans.

Pulling away from his beloved, Steve whimpered as he pulled his sensitive cock from her. The sheets were soaked with body fluids, the room smelled pleasantly of sex, and it wasn’t even three in the morning yet on their first night here. And by the look Peggy was giving him and Steve’s flushed face, they were far from over.

“What’s that look for?” Steve cooed, grabbing at a cold bottle of water and passing it over to her. He practically drained his own in three swallows. “I’m not done yet. Gotta rehydrate. You don’t want me to die of dehydration, do you? Terrible way to end my life, dying from dehydration from sex.”

“If you didn’t die when you crashed that God-forsaken plane, you’re not going to die from lack of water for a few hours. Still…” Clambering out of bed, Peggy had forgotten how to walk. Her legs buckled and she caught herself on the edge of the chair. Cum dripped down her thighs, feeling the cool air brush over her soaked cunt. “I do have something special planned. I asked James to join us. I know how much you’ve been wanting him to fuck me too.”

Steve’s face was a shade of pink and he choked on his drink. “I-I-”

“Don’t lie. You’ve moaned his name while humping my thigh plenty of times.” She fixed him with a pointed look. And just on time, there was a rap on the door followed by Peggy opening it.

Bucky stood outside wearing just a pair of heart patterned boxers. The room was dimly lit, the only light from the street lamp outside. Despite this, Steve could see there was a thick bulge in the man’s boxers as he entered the room. “Aren’t you two a welcome sight? Do you know how long I’ve been waiting?”

“We’ll make up for it,” Peggy promised, wrapping her arms around James’ shoulders. She pulled him down for a kiss, the taste of Steve lingering on her tongue. James complied, moaning down her throat.

Steve couldn’t believe he was watching his best friend and his lover make out. And how achingly hard that made him. He crossed the room without a second thought and wrapped his arms around Peggy from the backside. Her skin was warm and smooth under his touch. Bucky’s was rough and hairy. And he didn’t want it any other way. His lips found Peggy’s neck, biting down and groaning as he rutted into her like a horny dog in rut.

Peggy gasped at the sensation, legs parting, with Bucky supporting her. Until the metal-arm man picked her up around the waist and let her wrap her legs around his waist. She felt his cock throb against her cunt, lightly thrusting against him to gain some friction. Somewhere between point A and B, Bucky had discarded the silk boxers. “B-boys…”

Peggy was anything, but patient.

Bucky grinned at his best friend, over Peggy’s shoulder. His hand slipped down to hold her ass, to pull her perky cheeks open, and expose the winking, rim of muscles.

Steve’s breath was taken away by the sight of his own work, two fingers slipping inside of her tight, warm hole. Peggy moaned again, as he scissored his fingers into her. Teasing her. “Gonna ruin you, baby.”

“I’ll be highly dis-disappointed if you don’t, Steven. If both of you don’t. Now stop teasing and fuck me before I fuck you.”

“Is that a promise?” Bucky purred, before obliging. He shifted Peggy, so she sunk down onto his nine inch cock. She was still warm and tight, despite Steve fucking the life out of her. She was soaked from his cum and fuck that turned him on more than it should. His cock throbbed in her and he thrusted.

Steve didn’t hesitate, pulling his fingers out and lining his cock up with her fluttering ring of muscles. Peggy was no stranger to pain and what she wanted, she got. He slowly pushed the rude, bulbous tip into her ass, watching with glazed-over eyes as her hole willingly sucked him in, and he bottomed out inside of her. His hands tightened on her hips, feeling the pressure of Bucky’s cock by just a thin layer of muscle.

Peggy’s moan was broken up by a half sob. She had never been this full, never in her entire life. Her boys, blessed with such endowed lengths, and heightened sex drives. Why hadn’t they done this sooner? Her nails dug into Bucky’s shoulders, groaning when they both moved.

It was an uneven, harsh pace. The way she liked it. The way the three of them liked it. Bucky fucked her with wild abandonment. Each thrust sending her tits to jiggle against him, to break up the moans escaping her lips. His nails dug into her skin, sure enough to leave bruises in his wake. Steve fucked her like he cared. Like he wanted to fulfill her every desire, but he couldn’t let go of the sensation that he loved her too much to truly hurt her.

And yet, it worked for both of them. Each thrust followed by the sound of someone moaning, of her wet cunt and ass squelching. Bucky was grunting with every thrust, biting her neck and shoulders, pulling her into hungry kisses. He’d already cum three times in the span of ten minutes, but he didn’t stop. He had to let his balls drain somehow and this was a long day coming.

Steve was already nearing his orgasm, feeling his balls smack against Bucky’s cock as he fucked her. That’s when Bucky moved them. Taking slow steps, thrusting into her until they were on the bed. Until Bucky was under her and Steve was above her. And Peggy was pressed between them, like how they were always meant to be.

“F-fuck..fuck…” Peggy couldn’t stop the curses escaping her lips as her orgasm neared. Her insides felt like they were on fire, burning. She could feel their cocks throbbing inside of her, each breath tightened her holes around them.

Bucky was the first to cum. To properly cum, that is. His orgasm was harsh and he threw his head back, chest pushed out to push her further onto his cock and onto Steve’s. His nails dug into her skin and didn’t let go, fucking hard into her. It was enough to cause the bed to tremble and splinters to be heard. He left a bloody bite mark along her shoulder, near snarling as he started to come down from this orgasmic high.

Steve was second. It was a pleasure to watch Bucky come, like it was a favor. To watch his eyes glaze over and turned almost black from the orgasm itself. Steve’s own was almost more subtle. His cock throbbing, the heat pooling. He threw his head back and moaned, finally finally letting go. At least enough to fuck Peggy hard into Bucky. The sound of skin-hitting-skin, his balls swinging as he finally emptied out what had to have been the last bit of cum in his entire body.

The bed gave no warning as it collapsed, mattress pulling to the side, with half of the headboard still along the wall. Splinters lined the floor.

That didn’t stop Peggy from cumming. From her scream of intense pleasure filling the room. From her holes tightening around her boys and her body to tremble in a near-seizure like state from the orgasm. She collapsed against Bucky’s warm, sweaty, hairy chest and let out a shaky breath.

Steve laid over her, not daring to pull out. Not wanting to move. They could sleep like this for all he cared.

“I think…” Peggy whispered, after a few short minutes of heavy breathing and her boys rubbing over the beautiful bruises they left on her body. “I do believe that we’ll need a new bed, boys.”