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Mindless Ink

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The first time she felt the burning sensation on her fingers was when she made a pact of life and death with him.

Sparda had said that the pain was just temporary as the ring binded its user to the contract. And Eva had laughed at the pain, ignoring it as she captured his sweet smiles with her lips.

And she never felt that prickling pain for more than 15 years of her life.

Until that day.

When the ring started to burn on her finger. When she felt as if her finger had been pricked by millions of needles, Eva knew something was amissed. The ring would never hurt its wielder

Unless the pact was broken.

And Eva knew very well what had transpired.

The pain lasted longer than she could had ever imagined. Even after the prickling feeling were gone, her heart felt empty.

But she needed to be strong. She couldn't break down now. Her sons need them and she swore to her grave to not caused them to worry.

So she swallowed the aching pain of her heart, and kissed her ring as a form of farewell.