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2019 - RNM Ficlet Collection

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The room was dark and empty; his combat boots made a barely audible sound on the tiles as he moved into the deserted showers. He reached into his pocket to search for his flashlight then remembered he didn’t have it on him. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end and he stood to attention, more out of habit than anything else.


He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he waited in the dark for his companion to move closer. He remained perfectly still even when he felt the arm slide around his waist, the warm solid body press against his back followed by the brush of lips upon his neck.


Alex’s eyes stayed closed, heart racing, body tingling. He could feel the tears prickling beneath his lashes and squeezed his eyes tighter.


“Relax, Manes” the voice hissed in his ear.

“Yes, Sir” Alex replied.

“At ease, soldier”

“Yes, Sir”


The voice chuckled against his ear and Alex felt a shiver brush down his spine. He swallowed and leaned back into the embrace. The arm around his body reached for the waistband of his pants. There was no warning as his pants were roughly yanked down to his knees.


Alex gasped as the cool air of the room hit his naked flesh. 


“You know what I like” Alex whispered into the darkness. “What I want”


A hand brushed up his arm, a fist closed around his throat and he hissed as his heart skipped a beat. He knew it was fucked up, how badly he wanted this . It was even more messed up that he wasn’t even sure who was touching him right now. 

The hands of his fellow soldiers all felt the same in the darkness and that’s exactly how he preferred it. It was easier to get off when he didn’t have to see them, when he could just be someone else's means to an end.


He felt the fist tightening around his throat and he groaned. It was messed up. He’d lost count of the times his father had wrapped a hand around his throat in a violent, threatening way. Somewhere along the way, his mind had twisted in on itself and he’d needed to find a way to erase the dark memories, replace them with others. So now he wanted it; craved it.

Alex felt his cock stirring and he released a low whimper.


“Shhh” his companion hissed. “Do you wanna get caught?”


Yes; he did.

Alex wouldn’t admit it out loud but yes, he wanted to get caught. He wanted the gossip to spread. He wanted word to reach his father back in Roswell. 

Jesse Manes had forced his son into the Air Force, to become a real Manes Man. Alex could only imagine the reaction when he learned how sexually active this Manes Man had been since enlisting.


“You know what I like” Alex whispered again. “Make me feel it”

“You know what to do” the voice hissed in his ear.


He was pushed forward towards the wall and he reached up, placed his hands upon the tiled wall and parted his legs as far as his pants would allow.


The hand slowly tightened around his neck while his companion’s other hand caressed his naked ass. Alex’s body trembled with anticipation. The fingers stroking his cheek disappeared only to return a moment later in a swift slap.


“Ugh!” Alex gasped.


The grasp on his neck loosened then shifted to cover his mouth and silence his whimpers. Alex closed his eyes then waited, waited, waited.


Smack; smack; smack;


His hand connected with Alex’s exposed ass in quick succession and caused Alex to cry out. His scream was muffled by the hand covering his lips but the effects on his body were instant as his cock was already beginning to weep.


Smack; smack; smack;


Alex groaned low and guttural in his throat. Fuck, he knew this was wrong. For years his father had beaten him and now he was getting off on being spanked? What was wrong with him?


Smack; smack; smack;


“Do you like that, soldier?” The voice hissed in his ear.

“Yes” Alex gasped when the hand released his mouth.

“So do I”


He swallowed when he felt the other officer press his clothed hard cock against his naked ass. His own cock was throbbing with need but he always came last; that was part of the agreement they had.


Smack; smack; smack; 

Smack; smack; smack;


“Stop” Alex whispered “please? I… Too much”


The hand eased and softly caressed the exposed flesh of Alex’s ass. His heart was thumping and his cock was throbbing but the hands on his body were gentle now.


“My turn?” He asked Alex.

“Your turn” he agreed.


Alex removed his hands from the wall then slowly turned around. He dropped to his knees then waited for the familiar sound of the officers pants being dropped. Alex continued to wait until he felt the officer’s fingers in his hair, guiding him towards his cock.


His fellow officer was already hard and Alex knew he wasn’t going to last long. He relaxed his throat and proceeded to work the man’s cock with feverish enthusiasm. 

For several minutes he feasted upon the officers hardness, sucking him down while jerking himself off. The officer came without a sound and Alex swallowed every drop before licking his organ clean.


“At ease, soldier”

Alex collapsed on the floor, licking his lips while panting for breath. 


“You’re gonna be a real Manes man one day” the officer said to him.

“Yes, Sir” Alex agreed. “I’m sure my father would be proud”

“You’re the best I’ve ever had. Same time next week?”

“Yes, Sir”


He heard the ruffle of clothes being adjusted then the sound of retreating footsteps. Alex stayed on the floor, unable to touch himself or to even stand up. He stayed there for a long time… until he saw the flicker of a flashlight.



A new voice filled the room and Alex hastily climbed to his feet, pulling his pants up as he stood up and stood to attention.


“Yes, Sir?” Alex whispered.

“At ease, Soldier”


Alex relaxed as he looked at his fellow officer in the dim light of the small flashlight. Their eyes locked and Alex’s heart began to race.


“You didn’t start without me, did you?” The officer asked him.

“No, Sir” Alex replied.

“Good… Because you know what I like”

“Yes, Sir”

“And I know what you like”


The officer moved towards him, wrapped an arm around Alex and pulled him close.


“Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” He asked.

“I’m always happy to see you” Alex replied as he felt the man’s hand sneak around his neck.


Alex closed his eyes and held back his tears as he slowly slid his hand inside the officers pants.

Fuck he needed help… And this wasn’t the way to get it. 

But it was just the distraction he needed to not have to think about the life he left behind.