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He Protects What's His

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Chapter 1 - Normal is Strange


It’s startling, how it has become almost…normal…to her.


Sure, she knows Lucifer is weird, and quirky, and really has a lot of issues, and probably…overprotective…but to think this is normal? That’s not normal!


Yet, try as she might, it has become…somewhat a routine…to see Lucifer standing looming over the random stranger that tried to talk to her daughter, possibly harbouring dangerous intent. Looking at the manic eyes of this particular reprobate, crazy she imagines, but still easily cowed by Lucifer’s threat.


And that’s what it was, wasn’t it? The growling, and looming, and practically invading his personal space. It’s a threat, a promise of what is to come, if any harm comes to herself or her daughter by his hand. He’s threatening him.


They were in the park, Lucifer joining the mother-daughter combination after an impromptu barging in of their house. Somehow, that is normal now too. But it’s Lucifer, and he would never hurt them, both Trixie and the detective, so he can barge into their house at any time, and she will pretend to be annoyed and irritated at him, but she will not tense and grab for her gun like how she does whenever a stranger rings the doorbell.


Trixie is oddly content at the situation as well, not to the detective’s surprise. She launches herself at Lucifer every single time he appears out of nowhere, and when he is like this, growling at a stranger, holding her tight against his chest but slightly angled away from the guy - who is unluckily holding Lucifer’s attention - she appears strangely content to let him handle all the hard work of ensuring her safety, and just bask in the rare occasion where he picks her up without her asking.


This is a very strange dynamic, she knows, but she’s gotten used to all of it…and now, it is normal.


Lucifer is not your average playboy type of guy, and though her mind tells her to not be pulled into his charms and oddly sweet persona - though still a little crazy - Chloe’s heart seems to have a mind of its own. Yes, he is a playboy, but ever since her poisoning, he seemed to have had a crisis of some sort, then he sort of…mellowed. He hasn’t mentioned any escapades with other people, ladies or otherwise, he hasn’t given her a reason to be upset with him other than the usual Devil talk and childish tendencies or insensitiveness. But those are kind of endearing when she got used to it, and somehow figure out that he really is ignorant on that front, and she just couldn’t blame him for being socially inept outside of the bedroom.


And it is unnerving, to say the least, because why is he so very, very focused on pleasing Chloe? He’s been coming in earlier than before, strutting into the precinct with two mugs of coffee - excellent quality mugs by the way, like he brought them himself - and puts one of them on the exact space she leaves open for her coffee, the mug filled with the exact concoction only he could get right. He’s also been hanging onto her every word. When she said she saw a new restaurant she really wanted to try but somehow never finding the time to, the next time he barges into Trixie’s and her relaxing day, he brings them to that restaurant for lunch or dinner. Actually, ignore those times, how about that time where he just stares at her at work, or at home when they’re watching a movie and he’s…well…watching her.


Something happened, and now…he’s sweet and protective and she supposes that…he has wormed his way into her heart…


“Lucifer?” She ventured, going for a tentative warning in her voice. He calmed almost instantly, turning sideways to include her in his vision, before slowly shifting his sight entirely to look at her. The random stranger, released from the “glare of doom” and Lucifer’s cute dangerous growling, scurried away like a startled squirrel. The image gave her a sense of hilarity in the situation, even though her daughter was almost conned and probably taken away, but eh what the heck, Lucifer’ll keep her safe anyway.


“Lucifer?” Trixie looked at Lucifer from her position perched on his arms, “I wanna eat some ice-cream.” Trixie, the little hellion, and Chloe just couldn’t stop from using the same endearment Lucifer uses, because the little manipulative child is manipulating the self-acclaimed Devil right in front of her. The deliberate insecure but brave look, the slight pout, the puppy dog eyes, and Chloe, as the mommy, had some imperviousness regarding that look, but the Devil apparently didn’t. Because he furrowed his brows, frowned, then hugged Trixie to his chest before muttering: “Let’s go get some ice-cream.”


Damn it all but…he’s so adorable when Trixie tricks him like that. The trio walked into the ice-cream parlour just by the park, where the detective immediately find a table and sitting in one of those chairs with winding wires as backing, and Lucifer went off to the counter to order the ice-cream after depositing Trixie in one of the seats gently.


Trixie and her mother shared a look, the one that they do whenever the both of them think “Lucifer is such a dork”, before they both angled their heads searching for Lucifer’s back. Lucifer came back with 3 cones of ice-cream, a cookies and caramel one for Trixie the sweet tooth, a coffee and caramel one for Chloe because everyone knows she’s addicted, and a honey and caramel one for the biggest sweet tooth ever. Looks like today’s theme is caramel, and that’s another thing he does, apparently. Because whenever Lucifer invites himself on a family excursion, he tends to insists on cooking dinner. And throughout the day, he would drop hints on one of the dish he is cooking.


Oh, Lucifer does not do anything by half. Dinner, meaning he will cook starters, entree, desert, even the beverage is catered for carefully and thoughtfully. If Chloe didn’t know better, she’d think he was courting her, courting both her and Trixie if she looks at all the things he does for them both. She tries to think of all the food that features caramel…and really, how can anyone not think about popcorn? But it’s one of those things that Lucifer considers comfort food that is “suitable for a relaxing sit at the couch, Detective, but not a meal.” He is adamant that they not mix the two, though if Chloe protests a few times, he relents anyway. Like how he does with everything with her. In fact, if she thinks about it closely, he relents far too easily whenever she protests. He only does what he pleases when she doesn’t stop him. Again, such a sweet guy.


Okay, okay, she realises she is totally falling for him…but who wouldn’t? When he lavishes attention and praises upon you and you cannot help but fall for his charms? Well, she can’t help it, okay?


They finished the ice-cream, and headed home, and Lucifer got to work preparing their meal while Trixie and Chloe looked for a movie to watch before settling down to play while they waited. On days like this, she could almost feel the domesticity of it, if only Lucifer cares for her the way she does for him. But no, he sees her as only a friend, if his silence on the moment they had on the beach is any indication at all. (She doesn’t know Lucifer pines for her way harder than she thinks about him.) They haven’t spoken about that at all, and whenever she mentioned it, he runs away with some nonsense excuse like “sorry detective, family troubles.” Chloe sighed as she thinks about all the times that happened.


He called the Deckers over after a good couple hours, placing a bowl of tomato basil soup, a plate of roasted salmon with artichokes and a glass of wine for the two adults (lord knows where he gets them, but he’s provided all the alcohol for these meals and Chloe now cannot drink anything without thinking how much better what he’s given her before is), plus a cup of orange juice for Trixie. The food is amazing, as always, everything is perfect as always. He jokes around, and makes disturbing but sort of funny comments, and they talked so comfortably nowadays. Of course, the innuendos and attempts to climb into Chloe’s bed never ceases. But it is always fun when he is around.


When it’s time for Trixie to go to bed, she carried her up to her room, and tucked her in, kissing her on the forehead before leaving and closing her door behind me. As she walked down the stairs, Lucifer is walking around the house, looking out every window, and checking the locks.

Chloe thinks: What is going on? He’s awfully jumpy and alert today, and now he is…what? Checking the perimeter? Did he think someone would break in and kill us or something? Okay yea, I’m a detective, I know how dangerous LA could get, but this is a new behaviour for him, and it’s always weird when he develops new habits, or at least show some that I’ve never seen before.


She sat on the couch, and called Lucifer over, and he gave the door one last shake before sitting beside her.


“Lucifer, are you alright?” Chloe asked.


“Yes, Detective. Why wouldn’t I be?” He replied, shooting her a confused look. She sighed.


“Maybe because you look as if you’re expecting some bad guys to swoop in and knock us all out before capturing us and shipping us over the oceans to sell as slaves?” The detective raised her brow at him.


He looked at her sheepishly, before sighing. “I suppose I was overreacting…but it was because I needed to keep the both of you safe! I don’t understand it, but your safety and your spawn’s safety is very important to me, Detective.” He stared back into her eyes intensely, making sure Chloe saw his determination, before looking away. It was a glimpse of what he felt inside, and it has been so long since he last revealed that part of him, and she revelled at it, but also felt disappointed at how brief it was. He’s hiding his feelings again, and even though he has been around more, and showing them this softened side so often, Chloe could always tell he’s been hiding his more vulnerable side from her since the poisoning. He doesn’t tell her his problems anymore, now it seems he focuses on solving hers.


They parted ways, Chloe to her room, and Lucifer went back to Lux, and before she knew it, Chloe was squinting in the morning light after a whole night of tossing and turning.


Right, another day.


And what a hectic day. There was a bus accident, and brawls broke out in the middle of the road, and it was a freakish but very irritatingly cumbersome affair. The beat cops gained everyone’s sympathies, but the detectives themselves are bogged down by the whole event as well. In fact, when it came time to pick Trixie up from school, it seems both Dan and Chloe are too busy to do it. Chloe looked towards Dan table, and yep! Still buried in paperwork. She searched for one particular British, trustworthy man, spinning around before finding him by the vending machine. He abhors that thing, why he spends so much time there is beyond her. She called out to him, and he strutted over.


“Detective! If this is about your paperwork…” Chloe cuts him off before he could run off escaping “boring work” as he says it.


“No, no Lucifer. I know you’ll…split…if I tell you to do paperwork. I was just wondering if you could pick Trixie up from school today? Dan and I are way too busy right now, and you’re the only person I trust.” He looked around at Dan, before turning back to her, but before he could say anything, Dan had to ruin an already bad day.


“Well, I don’t trust him, Chlo. Just let me quickly wrap this up and I’ll go.”


“Would that be tonight or tomorrow, Detective Douche? No actually, maybe you would like a splash of mould on your offspring in the future Detective? Because she would definitely grow some on her body by the time Douche here gets around to picking her up.”


Chloe gets it, she really does. Two alphas in a room, both protective of the same little girl, clashing is inevitable. But can they not be so childish?


“Alright, stop it! Lucifer, just go, don’t antagonise Dan okay? And Dan, I trust Lucifer okay?” Lucifer looked at her favourite detective for a moment, before nodding and left. Dan stayed by her table though, and expressed his annoyance at the whole situation, leaving her irritated, unable to focus, and just bone tired. Whatever happened since they found out about him and Martin, it has caused Dan to become so nonchalant towards Trixie lately, and he disagrees with Chloe’s every decision. It’s made it so difficult to ignore him and just do her own work. Especially when he’s literally scolding her like a miscreant child.


Dan! Just stop! Lucifer can be trusted, and I will trust him however I want, okay? If you’re free, then go and fetch Trixie now, and I’ll call Lucifer to tell him he doesn’t have to anymore. If not, then shut up and go back to work.”


He huffed and went back, and what a relief it was. She really didn’t need that on top of everything else today.

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Chapter 2 - Bullies, the lot of them


Lucifer drove to what he considered the urchin jail as he contemplated on the Detective’s words. She trusts him. That’s a first. His own family couldn’t trust him at all. In fact, they don’t even trust him to not lie. Point of pride or not. But Chloe Decker, the light of his life, just said that she trusted him, like it was normal. The warmth he could feel running down his stomach and filling the rest of his body keeps his hands tapping on the steering wheel cheerfully.


He spins into the turn the leads up to the school, then stops right in front where he had the perfect view of the entrance and everyone who comes out of it. Beatrice Decker walks out of the entrance only a little while later, but seemed oddly subdued. She dragged her feet, and her head bowed. He was going to call out to her when two boys, twins it would seem, just walked straight up and pushed her from behind. Beatrice fell with a yelp, and glared at the two boys, but got up and continued her walk out the school. She looked up to search for her ride, and her eyes lit up the instant she caught Lucifer’s form. Her frown turned upside down, quickly forming a grin as she abruptly raced forwards and launches into the Devil’s waiting arms. 


Lucifer is beyond angry at what he had seen, but his attention was solely on his charge, and his anger at the boys gave way to empathy and warmth. He left his arms slightly open in anticipation to her barreling into his body, and he scooped her up like she was merely as heavy as a feather. Even her dad had trouble carrying her these days, but never Lucifer. She hid her face in his neck, and waited for her favourite person to whisk her away in his corvette and drive off. But it didn’t happen exactly like that. She waited and waited, but he didn’t move. She pulled herself away a little to look at his face, confusion winding its way over her eyebrows. 


“Lucifer?” She asked. But Lucifer was glaring at the two boys that pushed her just now, in what it seems like white hot fury. His eyes were almost burning, but she knew they could be redder then now. She’s seen it before after all. Lucifer stalks over to the boys, intent on making the situation right, or at the very least, go away. He couldn’t shake the urchin’s despondent look when she walked out, and he just knew who were the cause of that. 


The two boys, still waiting for whoever it is who picks them up, were laughing at some sort of mundane joke, and that made Lucifer seethe even more. How dare they cause his child’s distress and still enjoy laughter? Lucifer stopped right in front of them, and the two boys stood straight up, on the upper step in front of the school, to appear taller for all the good it does them. Lucifer remains looming over them, managing to look intimidating even with little Beatrice perching on his arms. 


“Hey! Who are you? What are you doing, scaring my kids?!” A stout woman wearing the most hideous checkered blouse paired with plain black jeans came and stood right in front of Lucifer, not managing to squeeze in between the kids and the Devil, but gaining Lucifer’s attention successfully it seems. Following behind her is a man of seeming importance, considering his branded suits, and shoes and watch, but his tastes leave much to be desired. He is wealthy, but only in greed and a matching ego. He pulls his height, and stood beside his apparent wife in an attempt to appear supportive, but he fails spectacularly in the face of Lucifer’s taller stature and particularly well-put-together fashion. No wonder the two boys are such imbeciles, Lucifer thought. The parents are no better than idiots. 


“It seems your kids as you put it, is bothering mine. I was going to give them a piece of my mind, but I’ve changed my mind. It is clearly no fault of their own.” 


“Right and…” The woman started, but Lucifer continued on as if she never opened her mouth.


“It is their parents’ fault, obviously. I mean, look at what they have to live with, it’s no wonder they’re as uncivilised as they are.” He looked at the man and woman as if he despised spending any time amongst them, which is kind of true. He holds the detective’s daughter closely against his chest, never forgetting to soothe her with is right hand carding through her hair as he sneers at the couple in front of him. 


“Now see here! You can’t just scare our children and expect us to be okay with it!”


“I can, and I will. Because the principal and the board owes me several favours, and if you know what’s good for you, you will demand your offsprings (the way he says it here is with such contempt Beatrice jerks in his arms. He has never said it like that before when he was speaking to her.) leave my child alone, or you will find your business ending sooner than you think, and they will find no school will accept them, Mr. Garrington.” He growls lowly, before continuing.


Garrington blanches at Lucifer’s apparent familiarity with his name, not knowing that the Devil could just…know. But he puffs out his chest subconsciously anyway, not wanting to seem weak when he is supposed to be one of the most important people around here. And he’s checked the school, and made sure no one here has parents who would dare cross him. So what if this girl’s father knows his name, he is still no match for him!


“I’d like to see you try.” Garrington sneers. Lucifer clenched his fists behind Beatrice’s back, but releases them almost instantly, not wanting to make the little Decker uncomfortable. He growled again, then stalked off towards his car. 


“Expect to hear from my lawyer, Garrington.” Lucifer says as he turns, walking back to his corvette, prowling like a jaguar, except he’s carrying his favourite child. The shouts and demands of the family serving as a contrasting noise to the content expression Beatrice had on her face as she leans into Lucifer’s shoulder. 


Someone came up to him and stopped him with an arm, panting and out of breath.


“Mr Morningstar! Wait!” Uncharacteristically he waited for the lady to catch her breath, her gasps unable to cover the abrupt silence from behind him. Oh, guess the Devils out of the bag then. The family obviously having heard what the lady called him, and is now probably in shock. 


The lady smiled shyly, enamoured by his charms unknowingly, “Trixie forgot her card in the classroom. She said she wanted to give it to her favourite person. Here Trixie, be more careful next time.” And she walked away. Trixie held the piece of paper the lady handed her, then gave it to Lucifer.


“Here, for you!” She said, as if it’s what people normally say, as if he should be used to anyone gifting him anything. He accepts the paper, thinking about how the lady said the little one wanted to give this to her favourite person, and opened it. 


My favourite person is Lucifer

Of that I’ve never been surer

He protects me and makes me laugh

But I wish he is happier


An admirable attempt at a rhyme, with uncomfortable insight, but sweet nonetheless. Lucifer stared at the piece of paper longer than he normally reads anything, then seemingly shaking himself out of his reverie, he clears his throat and shifts the urchin in his arms. He folded the paper almost reverently, then carefully slides it into his suit pocket. 


“Thank you Beatrice.” Lucifer said while he busied himself with opening his car’s door, then deposited the little girl into the passenger seat without giving her a chance to respond. 


He drives them both back to the Detective’s house, thinking how much trust the Detective had in him that she didn’t even bother giving him a key, simply knowing he would be able to let himself in without effort. He nudged the lock open with his mind right as he placed his hands on the doorknob, and let himself and the urchin in. Little Beatrice raced forward straight into her room, to change into more comfortable clothes he assumes. He patted his pocket that contained his gift, oddly concerned about its dignity and fragility. He stares at the empty photo frame sitting on the detective’s shelf innocently, tempting him with its firm, protective structure. His fingers twitched, then he reaches and lifted it from the shelf. 


He takes out the piece of paper he kept in his pocket, then compared it to the frame. It would do nicely. It turned the frame over and started the process of inserting the paper into the frame, securing it carefully before placing it back on the shelf, upright this time, proudly displaying Beatrice’s handwriting, but he couldn’t help but feel it is the nicest looking decoration in the house.


He looked towards the urchin’s room, and the door is still shut. She’s taking awfully long. He whips his phone out, and dialled a number. 


“Get ready, I have some information for you, I want you to do exactly as I say.” He speaks into the phone, then starts relaying so much information about the Garrington Co., the corrupt practices and the illegal activities the company engages in. Carefully, and calculated, but Garrington Co. is no match for the Devil, especially the Devil who could receive the information of whoever he wants just by looking into a person’s eyes. He sets his lawyers a number of tasks, including but not limited to utterly destroying the company. Then he dials the principle’s and the school boards’ numbers, as well as the education minister, ensuring the family will be unable to place anyone into the education system with the state.


When he was done making the calls and calling in the favours, he looks at the little one’s room door again, but it remains resolutely shut. He walks over and knocks softly, gently, like how he is whenever he is around his Decker women, and feels shock ripple through him as no response came about.


“Spawn?” He tried, but no no avail. 


“Beatrice? Are you okay?” He’s worried now, and he strains his ear, trying to hear any movement inside. Maze has taught Beatrice well, however, for he didn’t hear anything for a while. But there was this one small sound that caught his attention, it sounded suspiciously like a sniffle, and he couldn’t stay outside the room any longer. He announces his intention to enter, then twists the doorknob, casually unlocking the door as if the lock was never there, and opened the door to see the Beatrice lying face down on her bed, burying her face in her pillow and quietly sobbing.


He frowned, wrinkling his nose at the atrocities he sees in her room, particularly that ragged doll lying slightly ajar on her little desk. He moved silently towards the bed, and sat on the edge, placing a hand on the little one’s back. He rubbed his hands up and down in an attempt to soothe, unsure what he should do, but wanting to make sure she was okay all the same. This isn’t why he stayed with the two most important women in his life. He stayed, despite his father’s ministrations, so he could keep them happy and safe. But he keeps seeing them being torn apart by monstrosities like a crappy father and/or husband, and bullies in school like his brothers were to him. He sighed as he listened to Beatrice’s sobs. 


“If it is any comfort to you, I’ve made sure they will not appear in your vicinity anymore.” She lifted her head at that, angling her head so she was looking at him through her bleary eyes. 


“What do you mean?” She said mid-sobs. 


“I called in some favours. They won’t be bothering you anymore, I can assure you.” He elaborated, without actually explaining what he did. He essentially manipulated, and threatened, and orchestrated the demise of a whole family for this little girl in front of him, but she didn’t need to know that. Beatrice stares at Lucifer intensely, searching for something he’s not sure is there. But she looks away after a moment, and accepts his comfort, burying her face into her pillow and turning her face left to right, as if she was wiping her face, before sitting up and beaming at him.


“Okay. I wanna watch a movie!” Lucifer sighed as he stood up, letting the little hellion walk around him and pulling him and pushing him onto the couch, choosing a very-loved DVD, and starting the process of putting it into the player.


“Well, I guess it’s better than Frozen.” He muttered as The Lion King starts playing on the screen.

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Chapter 3 - She cries, and calms in the arms of the Devil


“Hey Lucifer? I think I’ll be a little while before I can leave. Can you get Trixie some dinner and put her to bed?” Chloe called, voice tinged with annoyance, to ask for Lucifer’s help again. But before Lucifer could answer, he heard Chloe’s voice start again.


“No, Dan. They’ll be fine. Are you seriously telling me to make Lucifer leave when Trixie is at home alone?” She wasn’t talking to him, but she was still holding the phone to her ear and what she said is transmitted clearly to the unsuspecting Devil. The call ended right after, to prevent him hearing anymore derogating remarks from Dan, the Devil assumes, and Lucifer sat back on the couch in thought.


“When’s mommy coming home, Lucifer?” The little urchin questioned, looking at him through her overly cute eyes.


“She said she’ll be home late.” Lucifer stated. Beatrice looked imploringly at him then, plopping into his lap like he’s the most comfortable seat, and latched on to his waist.


“But you’ll stay here right?” She asked. Lucifer haven’t the heart to disappoint her, so he might as well stay the night. He did want to make sure the Detective ate her meals though. She tends to gravitate towards the vending machine when she is too busy but still too hungry to forgo a meal. What to do…what to do…could he bring the little spawn along?


“Hey Beatrice, do you want to go on an adventure with me? Cruise the streets in the wind and enjoy LA’s view?” The devil tries to make the offer as enticing as possible, hoping she would see things his way and be excited about the impromptu outing. Well, not so much an outing…it could be called a…trip. Yes, a trip to the precinct, which is fifteen minutes away…


“Huh?” Lucifer sighed at Beatrice’s response, lamenting the level of education the urchin jail is heaping upon the child daily. He rephrased his question after an eye roll, and a huff.


“I mean, do you want to go with me to the precinct so I can bring your mother her dinner?” The little girl sat up straight, however she did that in the devil’s lap, no one would ever know.


“Ohhhhhh! Coooooool! Can I help? I wanna help with mommy’s dinner!” Amused at her excitement, Lucifer felt a smile tugging at the edge of his lips. He asked the little girl what she would like, and without surprising, a resounding “chocolate cake!” was suggested.


“No, urchin. Your mother wouldn’t approve. Try thinking of something more healthy, like pasta. You like pasta right?” Beatrice pouted at his words, not liking how he seems to defer to her mommy whenever they are discussing things about her. He isn’t so fun anymore when he is like that. But she thinks it will make her mommy happy, and that is what she really really deep down really want, isn’t it. So she supposes she could tolerate it, just because he makes her mommy happy.


She crossed her arms across her chest, looking down and letting out a whine, before harrumphing, “Fine!” She felt a soothing warmth on her forehead, and she looked up to see Lucifer pushing her fringe out of her eyes tenderly.


“I’ll make you brownies. Brownies are okay right? They’re still chocolate, and we can make a lot if we wanted, that way you can bring some to school tomorrow as well. How about that?” Her eyes lit up, but she valiantly refrained from jumping up in joy. So there’s still a bit of rebellion residing in her favourite Lord of Hell. She tried very hard to keep her excitement in as she stated that “alright, but I still want a chocolate cake in the weekend, when we go to the park. And I want tomato soup today, because I’m sad I didn’t get cake. ” What’s a little bargaining, especially when you might get even more cake out of it?


Lucifer sighed amusedly, knowing the urchin means to make her mother question him for making the child sad when they deliver the tomato soup, and agreed to her terms. Brownies today, and a chocolate cake for the weekend. He supposed he could convince the detective the urchin deserved a reward, especially seeing how she dealt with the situation this afternoon. He wrapped his arms around the little girl, and stood up with her perched on his arms, and headed towards the kitchen. He rummaged through the cabinets and found the ingredients for the tomato soup, and found some others as well for some light aglio olio, so he started to prepare the meal. He lets the urchin grate some cheese, keeping an eye on her lest she grates her own skin, and lets her stir the soup while he is beside her at the stove, cooking the pasta, all the while carrying her on his arms so she could reach the equipment on the counter. He served the pasta on a plate, and scooped some soup into a bowl, before letting Trixie down from his arms and letting her climb up onto her chair. He sat across her and they both ate, and Lucifer basked in the domestic and enjoyable atmosphere. How could simply eating with a child bring about that warm feeling up his chest? He likes it though, so he lets it be, and stopped thinking about it.


He packed the food up in containers, and put them in a thermal pouch the mini detective found for him. He picked the child up with one hand, holding the thermal pouch in another, and walked out the door to his beloved corvette. He loved carrying the child, even if he would never admit it out loud, the way Beatrice leans into him, and how she smiles at the contact, made him feel wanted, and he treasures that. Just for the obvious expression of the child’s like for him, he would go to hell and back for her. Well, her and her mother of course.


He carried the urchin the same way as he was leaving as he walks down the precinct to the Detective’s desk. She was still buried under loads of paperwork, it seems, and very annoyed by the situation as well, judging by her furrowed brows and clenched jaw. The lieutenant was standing over her, saying something that Lucifer and Beatrice couldn’t hear, but is obviously making the Detective agitated. They walked nearer, and heard him say, “If you cannot do the paperwork properly, then maybe I should reconsider your career. Carelessness is what caused deaths in this line of work.”


The Detective was never careless, if Lucifer thinks back to the time he had been with her. In fact, she is meticulous to a fault in these matters. As if agreeing with him, the elder Decker woman raised her eyes to glare at her superior, and spoke through her gritted teeth, “I was not careless, Lieutenant. You were, when you edited my report without consulting me. Don’t pin this on me.” She is close to losing her temper, nerves frayed as they are. Lucifer swiftly stepped into the conversation, successfully derailing the Lieutenant’s next words, while dramatically complaining about the urchin.


Detective! You must take your offspring back. She is simply too much hassle! Look at the crinkles she put in my suit! It’s Armani, I’ll have you know, and difficult enough to maintain without someone creasing it!” Lucifer placed the urchin right onto the detective’s lap, before turning to Lieutenant Pierce, seemingly surprised at his continued presence.


“Oh! You’re still here? Aren’t you done speaking already? It sounded like you were done!” Then as if dismissing him from his thoughts, he waved his hand in a shooing motion, before turning back to the Detective. Chloe smacked his arm for his actions, but her eyes held the amusement she felt at the moment. Lucifer came at the right time, saving the precinct from her rant there is sure to come if Pierce doesn’t stop going at her soon. Pierce glared at the both of them, before stomping back into his office to fume in private.


Daniel Espinoza came over though, right after Pierce walked away, for he heard what Lucifer said. Unlike Chloe, he took what he said seriously.


“If our daughter is such a bother, then maybe you shouldn’t be around her.” He shoved Lucifer a little, before reaching for his daughter. Trixie, for all her moral education, made the Devil proud when she glared at her father instead of accepting his offer to carry her.


“He didn’t say I was a bother daddy! You’re putting words in his mouth!” Her adorable glare made Lucifer unusually happy and cheered.


“Well, she isn’t wrong Douche. You’re putting words in my mouth. Care for something else in my mouth? I can make it worth your while!” Dan jerked back in disgust, and the detective sighed in mock frustration. She is dealing with three kids, she’s sure of it. She stood up, letting Trixie clamber down her lap, supporting her slightly before fully straightening her back.


“Can the two of you just stop? Seriously? You have to start every time you meet?” She glared at the two men.


“But Detective! He started it!” Chloe simply gave him her best mom look, and he subsided into a petulant almost-pout, falling into his chair positioned by her desk with a loud plop. Chloe intensified her glare, and he shifted in the seat uncomfortably, before mumbling something about getting her some better coffee and walking away.


Chloe shifted her glare to her ex-husband, and Dan glared right back, feeling righteous in his belief that Lucifer is an unsuitable baby-sitter. Suddenly overcome with the ridiculousness of it all, Chloe sighed and looked away, preferring to focus her attention on her daughter.


“What have you got there?” She gestured to the thermal pouch Lucifer left on the table. Dan lingered, hoping to resume the argument, but he finally concede that Chloe has clearly dismissed him from her mind. He sat in Lucifer’s chair and Trixie started rambling about everything they’ve done today, including the incident with the Garringtons and how Lucifer let her prepare dinner. Soon, Chloe was multi-tasking between her meal and the never-ending paperwork, and Daniel drifted back to his desk to continue his work.


Beatrice, having nothing to entertain herself, started exploring the station. She walked around, stretching her neck when she tries to peep at the different desks in the precinct, and before anyone notices her, slips into the forensic lab. There wasn’t anyone in the lab, and she takes her time to look at everything. She marvels at the equipment and cool machines in the lab, but when she looked at the table, she realised this place must be an adult place and she had no business being in there. So she turned around and slipped out of the room, heart beating like when she stole some chocolate cake last month, and ran towards her mother’s desk.


But she barrelled right into Lieutenant Pierce, throwing off both their balance, the lieutenant spilling the food he was carrying and Trixie falling onto the floor in a sprawl. The Lieutenant got up swiftly, and his features twisting into a glower. He took a deep breath, and started berating the child, bordering on violent words, and his aggressive body language scares Trixie into crying.


“What the hell were you doing? Do you know how difficult it was to find time for this? Are you going to pay me back now? Huh? You just had to ruin my day didn’t you?” He went on and on, and he quickly gained the attention of everyone in the precinct. Chloe, bless her heart, did not shoot the lieutenant right in his face, but she did march right up to him and pushed him back, giving her space to slide in between her daughter and her boss.


“Pierce! It was an accident!” Dan appeared this moment as well, a silent support for his ex-wife and his daughter. Pierce, having noticed the attention he has attracted, only glared at them furiously, before striding off with a parting “make sure she doesn’t mess anything up!”.


Cause of stress gone, Chloe turned to pick Trixie up, bouncing the child and carding her fingers through the hair on her daughter’s little head. Dan rubs his hand on Trixie’s back, attempting to offer as much comfort as possible. But Trixie’s hiccuping sobs did not stop, in fact, they got worse, if that were possible.


Ella walked past the trio, and saw the situation, so she offered to try calming the child down. It was no use, however, because Trixie continued on and on, wailing and pitifully dropping tears. It was this scene that Lucifer walked into, carrying a mug of coffee, and a packet of juice he bought from the convenience store across the street. He strode straight to the three adults, and the crying child in Ella’s arms, handed the mug and the juice carefully to his favourite Detective before holding his arms out to Ella.


Dan stepped out at his actions, and grabbed his daughter roughly from Ella’s arms, “Oh no, you don’t. You’re not going to make this worse.” But Trixie wailed louder, if that was possible, because of the manhandling she was subjected to. Chloe narrowed her eyes at Dan’s actions, disbelief colouring her features at his callousness in the way he handles Trixie. It was uncalled for, totally unnecessary and definitely not good parenting.


“Dan!” Chloe started, but Lucifer was faster, for he stepped into Dan’s personal space, and glared at him, determination and anger emitting from him in waves. Dan faltered, and loosened his arms when Lucifer, gentler than Dan did, transferred the crying child into his own arms.


Lucifer kissed the little urchin’s temple, murmured right into her right ear, “It’s alright, you’re safe. I’m here.” Then he hugged the child close to his chest, cradling her head against his neck, humming a soothing tune as he paced to and fro. To everyone’s surprise, the crying girl slowly calmed, and after a few minutes, the wailing reduced to hiccups and quiet sobs before quietening to a sniffles.


The precinct stared in disbelief, unable to accept that the man they all deemed irresponsible and reckless could calm the child so easily. Poor Daniel could only clench his fists in denial, feeling the stab of betrayal his daughter unwittingly caused in his heart. Lucifer kissed the little urchin’s temple again, asked her if she was alright, eliciting a slight nod and a sniffle against his neck, before walking back to her parents.

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Chapter 4 - His Decker Women


Daniel Espinosa glared at Lucifer as he tried transferring the little girl to her mother. Beatrice gripped Lucifer’s suit tightly, refusing to budge. She’s staying in the safety of the Devil’s arms period. She is not going to move. Here’s someone she trusts to protect her no matter what, and she knows that this Devil is the strongest person out there, and the best protector.


Chloe Decker is okay with it though. She trusted Lucifer with her own life, why wouldn’t she trust him with her daughter’s? She stroked her daughter’s back soothingly, keeping her hand there and making sure little Trixie knows she’s there for her as well. Dan, however, would not stand for it. It’s enough his ex-wife is caught up in his British fancy schmancy personality, his daughter has to like him too. It is ridiculous, and he didn’t understand it. In fact, he wouldn’t want to understand how this…Devil…charmed his way into his ex-wife’s home. He never knew his ex-wife could be so shallow, a few high-end dinners and suddenly she’s falling all over him.


Ella was mostly amused at the whole event. She never doubted Lucifer was a big softie on the inside, especially when Chloe Decker was involved. It goes to reason that Chloe’s daughter would fall under the umbrella of who-Lucifer-cares-about. She smiled to herself, lightly gave Lucifer a friendly punch on his arm, ruffled Trixie’s head softly and headed back to her lab.


Marcus Pierce, however, cannot seem to be content with fuming in his office for so long. He had to let it out, and right now, the target for his ire is still huddled together like the pathetic family they are. He banged his office door open, and strode out. He stopped right on the edge of the family circle, and growled, “If the family reunion is over, will someone take the little shit out and start working.”


Little Beatrice whimpered at the sound of his voice, and tightened her hold on Lucifer’s neck. Spinning into action at his little girl’s reaction, he turned around and pinned the Lieutenant with a glare of his own.


“How dare you!” He seethed, emitting dangerous vibes and a light growl underneath his softly spoken words, “how dare you, a sorry excuse of a human, hurt my charge. You know what I’m capable of, Cain, and if you know what is best for you, you will cease your incessant trivial little vendetta against my Decker women, or I will show you how I can make someone who cannot die a living hell. I’m sure dear old Dad couldn’t care less what I do with you anyway.”


Beatrice’s parents listened as he literally threatened their boss, and neither felt the need to convene. Although, they did feel it is slightly inappropriately hilarious Lucifer thought his threats would be taken seriously, considering all the rubbish he is spouting. To their surprise, the Lieutenant paled rapidly, smoothed his shirt in an attempt to keep his composure, and walked off with a less-than-convincing glare coupled with a soft “just keep her out of here”, before stomping, albeit a little unstably, back to his office.


Lucifer glared at Marcus Pierce’s back for a moment, before shifting his focus back to the little urchin, continuing his ministrations and humming to calm her back down. Chloe Decker, feeling slightly disoriented after all that has happened, between her boyfriend, her daughter and her best friend, just couldn’t stand the amount of animosity Marcus had against her daughter. She stomped into his room, intent on rimming him out.


“What the hell was that?” She let the door slam shut and rounded onto him, fuming and barely keeping her anger in.


“Your…partner just threatened me, and you’re asking me?” He responded in disbelief.


“You terrorised my daughter!”


“So what! She lacks discipline. A little shouting is not going to give her nightmares. Less! When compared to who she has carrying her around!” As self-righteous as the Lieutenant is, he should have realised he was talking to a mother. Because at his words, Chloe Decker flinched back, and saw her boyfriend in a whole new light. Has she been this blind the whole time she was dating him?


“I cannot believe this…I cannot believe I didn’t see this. This whole attentive-sweet-boyfriend thing you had going, it was an act wasn’t it?”


“What? Chloe…” Marcus rallied himself as he realised what he has said and done.


“We’re done.” She said with finality.


“No, Chloe, what are you saying. We cannot be done! I need you!” He starts towards her, hand reaching and wanting to stop her from leaving. He needs her to break his curse, he cannot be in this hell of a life anymore.


“Well…I don’t.” She turned, intending to leave the room, but she was roughly pulled back by the Lieutenant.


“No…no no no no! Come back here!” He stepped in between Chloe and the door, blocking her exit. His hold on her upper arm tightening, he pushed her back towards his table, and too afraid of losing the only real opportunity he has had since the beginning of his curse, he restrained the Detective with his arms, and no matter how angrily she tried to shake him off, he held fast and hard. In his panic at the prospect of losing his one chance at liberation, he was overcome with an angry haze, and focused only on making the Detective his.


He pulled at her clothes, one hand holding on to both her hands, and pinning her down with his body, and tried removing his own when her clothes wouldn’t give. He neglected something though, because the Devil is in the building, and his hearing is a lot better than humans, even with sound-proof walls. Chloe yelped at the Lieutenant’s first attack, and shouted as he proceeded his attack, and being always tuned to the Detective’s voice no matter where he is, Lucifer immediately reacted to her distress.


He coaxed Beatrice into letting him go, not willing to walk into a fight with a fragile bundle in his arms, and she went willingly, but only because he said her mommy needed his help. He walked as quickly as he could towards Marcus Pierce’s office and nudged the door open with his mind before letting himself in. He saw Pierce pinning the Detective on his desk and saw red. He took one large stride into the room, pulled the first murderer off the Detective, and pinned him to the wall behind him with a strangling hold on his neck. His eyes burnt with hate and anger, and he stared right into Pierce’s panicking eyes.


He slammed Pierce hard into the wall with a furious growl, hard enough to knock him out, then turned around to see Chloe huddling at the table, holding her shirt tightly at the collar, breathing deeply and rapidly. Lucifer strode towards her and took down his vest, covering the Detective with another layer before wrapping her in his arms.


“You’re alright, I’m here. You’re safe.” He repeated over and over, rubbing his hands over the trembles of her arms and back. She released her breath, and buried her face into his chest, letting tears fall silently. She was a detective, and her training prepared her for many situations, including this one, but she had never thought she would be subjected to it in a place she considered safe. He boss assaulted her, almost raped her, and she couldn’t escape. She felt so helpless. She was lucky Lucifer was around. She tightened her hold on his waist, and closed her eyes, keeping herself blissfully hidden from this dangerous and unforgiving world. She has endured so much in this precinct before, but never to this extent, and this has shown her how cruel men can be.


Lucifer held her tightly, not only to reassure the Detective, but also himself of her safety. To see the Detective in that position has loosened his tight rein on his inner monster. He has never allowed the Detective or anyone close to see his violent side, but at this moment, he wants to rip the Lieutenant limb by limb so much, his hold on the Detective is the only thing holding him back. His eyes flashed red above the Detective’s head, looking out the window, and he felt the heat before clenching them shut, breathing shallowly to calm himself.


He heard Chloe sniffed one last time before straightening herself, and he let her go, unwilling to restrain her in any way. He took one step back, not nearly far enough to let the Detective stand up properly, their bodies still entirely too close to each other, but somehow that gave both of them the comfort they so clearly needed right now. Choe discreetly pulled her blouse straight, while still keeping Lucifer’s body close, took a deep breath, and lightly pressured Lucifer’s hips so he’ll step further back and allow her to walk out the room. Lucifer complied, and they both walked out of the office, and they were immediately swept into the aftermath of a Lieutenant breaking a law right in the precinct.


Lucifer went straight to the mini Decker in sure long strides, and picked her up right away, bringing her back to her mother so they could comfort each other, and led them to a quiet corner to sit. He then told another detective what happened, requested the CCTV footage and foresaw the process of taking the Lieutenant into custody and making sure he doesn’t escape or worse, attack the detective again. It didn’t sit right with him that Cain, also known as Marcus Pierce, is not receiving punishment the way Lucifer likes to deliver it, but he also didn’t want to scare the Detective anymore, so he refrained from taking a more…personal issue with his punishment.


When all is settled and somewhat back to order, he walked right back to his beloved women, ready to take them and escape this place. Nothing is going right however, because he saw Dan looming over the two of them, the Detective oddly subdued and only silently absorbing whatever Dan is spitting out, even though Lucifer could see the anger building at the back of her eyes. His little hellion tried her best to be there for her mother, but it seems it is out of her hands, and she could only stare wide-eyed at her father as she listened to his deprecating and slightly insulting views of her mother.


“You hang out with a delusional man, refuse to safeguard your daughter, and now…now you just had to do your Lieutenant in. Are you trying to ruin our department here? I cannot believe you! It’s like you’re turning into another Lucifer! Is it not bad enough you let him walk all over you, now you’re siding him when he’s jeopardising our family too? I thought you were a good mom Chlo, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in you. I’m taking Trixie away, I’m going to court if I have to.” The spiel he’s spouting, Lucifer can only feel resentment and fume, but he knew the Detective can handle it herself. But when Daniel said that last bit, and all the Detective did was jerked her head up and stare at her ex-husband in disbelief, tears gathering in her eyes, Lucifer realised how wrong he was. She wasn’t strong enough at this time, she just went through a traumatising incident, how could he expect the Detective to defend herself?


He speedily walked over and stepped between his girls and the douche, forcefully pushing the sorry excuse of a man back a few steps, before turning around to face the two Deckers. He picked the little one up easily, put a hand at the Detective’s arm and pulling her up gently as well, and guided her, with a hand on her lower back, out the precinct. He really wanted to punch the douche in his face and pummel into him with abandon, but the Detective was looking at him with trust he didn’t feel he deserved but will do his damned best to do right by it, and the spawn was silently imploring his inner softie with her eyes, and he just couldn’t get into a fight with the douche when the girls needed him to be something else entirely.


He settled them into his car, and drove them to LUX, thinking they might not want to be in a house where the douche or anyone could appear at the doorstep easily, and guided them into the elevator to his penthouse. He clicked on the lock of the elevator to prevent any other people from just barging in, and texted his bouncers, guards and security to tell them not to let anyone up, yes even Maze, and nudged them into his penthouse when the doors open. He let them be for a moment, going into his bedroom immediately to search for some blankets and pillows. He knew the little girl likes to make a fort, and the Detective will be most comfortable when she is close to her daughter, so he gathered everything he had and brought them all out.


“What are you doing?” The Detective asked.


“Letting the spawn build a fort. She likes that, right?” Lucifer said, looking at Beatrice. Beatrice, still subdued, only nodded, but stepped forward to take the pillows and blanket he was holding and headed to his living room to start on her new project. Lucifer followed the little one and started moving his furniture, before going into the bedroom to search for more pillows and cushions, bringing them out to Beatrice, before turning to Chloe and giving her a once-over, told her to go take a shower.


“You’ll find everything you need inside, and I’ll leave some clothes hanging on the door for you. Use the tub, you’ll like it.” He said, then breezed off to grab his phone to order some things he knew he would need in the near future.


Chloe stepped into the bathroom, still feeling totally out of it, a tiny part of her couldn’t believe that all of those horrible things actually happened, but a larger part of her wants to take action and strike out in anger. It’s no use, however, because there isn’t an outlet, so she numbed herself, took all her bad feelings and bundled them into a ball before throwing it into a room within the recesses of her mind before slamming the door shut. She looked around, and saw a giant tub, one side taller than the other, perfectly shaped for relaxing and supporting her neck while she was at it, and she saw a metal tray of bath bombs and other luxurious things in it right beside the tub.


Lucifer must have done all this preparation for her while he got the cushions. Chloe thought warmly. Well, even if the whole world seemed to just want to swallow her up whole then spit her out, at least she knows Lucifer will always be behind her.

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Chapter 5 - Secrets


Chloe relaxed in the tub, having decided to take Lucifer up on his offer. He did provide a myriad of luxurious products and placed them all nicely beside the tub. It would disappoint him if she doesn’t make use of his efforts.


“Detective? Are you alright?” A muffled voice woke her up from a light slumber. Chloe looked around, and realised with a start that’s she’s fallen asleep in the tub. It says a lot for the tub that she didn’t feel a creek in her neck after all that time in the position.


“Detective?” Lucifer tried again from the other side of the door, knocking twice softly.


“Yup! Yea I’m fine!” She managed to voice as she hurriedly got up and look around for something to wear.


“No no, Detective, there’s no need to rush. I just wanted to make sure you’re fine. The water would be cool by now. I left some clothes at the door. I’ll be outside with Beatrice.” Lucifer told her, and Chloe heard footsteps walking away, and she breathed a sigh of relief. As much as Lucifer’s protectiveness becoming very constant in her life, she still didn’t think he’s stopped trying to get into her pants, and she would like to avoid that kind of intimacy with him as long as she’s unsure of his feelings.


She knows she’s likely to fall head over heels in love with him easily, and she’ll have to protect her heart as fiercely as he’s protecting their well-being. She stepped out of the tub, and wrapped a bathrobe around her, before opening the bathroom door just a little smidge and peeked out. She made sure no one was there before stepping out into Lucifer’s bedroom, absent-mindedly grabbing the clothes Lucifer placed by the door to place them on the bed so she could change comfortably.


She put on the t-shirt and shorts - lacking underwear, but you can’t have everything right? She wore her previous ones - not unlike the ones she prefers at home, but with much better materials and quality. It’s so different from what Lucifer’s bedmates normally wear that she pauses and looked at the clothes for a minute before continuing. They fit perfectly too. Whoever this person is, she liked her better than the rest already.


She walked out of the room to see her daughter sitting atop Lucifer’s stomach as he lay on the pile of pillows comfortably. Well, as comfortable as someone could be with a child sitting on top of him. She smiled a little as she walked towards them, stopping right beside Lucifer’s shoulder and looking straight down at him.


“Nice clothes.” She commented. He opened his eyes to look her in the eyes, smiling up at her when he saw her pleased expression, “I’m glad you like them. I wasn’t sure what brands you like, but I tried to get clothes similar to what you normally wear.” Chloe’s relaxed face flickered for a moment, before settling on a frown, and Lucifer’s smile vanished as a result.


“These weren’t clothes from your…night activities?” She asked, and he raised an eyebrow.


“No, I got them delivered just now. I haven’t had any…night activities…for a long time, Detective.” And his trademark smirk found its way to his face. Chloe gaped at him at his revelation, shocked he would admit anything like that, and surprised he bought clothes for her. She doesn’t quite know how she felt about it. Part of her balks at the notion that Lucifer spend money on her like she’s one of the girls hanging on his arm, but another part of her recognised the sweetness of his actions. She’s willing to bet none of the other girls had Lucifer buying clothes for them, probably just jewellery. Of course, Lucifer just had to derail her thoughts with another blasting revelation, that he’d bought “a whole wardrobe of clothing for you, Detective!”


“What?!” She choked, a whole wardrobe, “What do you mean?”


Lucifer, unable to move due to a little girl sitting on his stomach, waves his hand in his bedroom’s general direction, coupling his action with a sweet “take a look in the wardrobe”, an excited smile making him look younger and more like a boy than the Detective would like to admit. She narrowed her eyes at Lucifer, thinking his words a challenge, she turned and walked into the bedroom and veered right into the wardrobe, which can only be called a wardrobe due to the amount of clothes, but is essentially a large room, and stopped short at the entrance. She’s been in here before, raiding his clothes when he went off to Vegas with Ella, and the room in front of her has drastically changed.


Before, it looked like a high-end retail store for tailored suits, there were suits, blouses, pants, ties, shoes, socks, watches, loads and loads of formal wear in different brands and different styles. Now, the right half of those in the room were gone, on the left, on the rows of hangers near the entrance, they were filled with little dresses and shirts and shorts and comfortable jeans fit for a little girl Trixie’s age. On the hangers at the back, she could make out dresses and female designer suits. She walked in, and randomly opened a drawer only to see socks for a child, all in Trixie’s favourite pink and white, as well as a myriad of stylish colors. She gasped and pulled open a door as she walked further in, and she saw rows and rows of shoes, sneakers, heels, boots, and it was all she could do to close the door and simply stare at that half of the room.


“I didn’t get underwear…” Lucifer’s voice startled her, and she whirled around, catching sight of him hands in his pockets leaning against the entrance in forced casualness. She opened her mouth, but realised she didn’t know what to say, and pressed her lips back together.


“Forgive me Detective, I didn’t think you’d be this disappointed. I thought you’d like to get the underwear yourselves. Would you like me to order some now?” Once again, Chloe was struck by how different he was in regards to her compared to when he interacted with everybody else. She shook her head in disbelief, but Lucifer misinterpreted her response, furrowing his eyebrows and telling her he could bring her shopping, or she could just tell him her preferred brand, or he could go to her house and grab her clothes for her if she insists, going as far as to assure her that he’ll promise not to have any lecherous thoughts at the sight of her bras and panties.


Now she’s sure he’s misinterpreting her silence now, because he suddenly deflated and told her he’d drive her home if she’s angry now. She blinked in surprise, unsure why he’s so upset about her going home, but wanting to alleviate it anyway. It’s not a hardship to stay, and she’s still unwilling to be in a place Dan and Marcus could get at her easily.


“No, no Lucifer. I’m just shocked. You don’t have to…I mean…yea I’d like to go home.” Lucifer’s expression switched rapidly throughout her sentence, from confusion, to hope, and then to resignation. Why is he unhappy about her going home?


“But…Detective…the urchin is still watching her cartoons!” He swallowed nervously, “Maybe…you could stay just a little while longer?” Chloe is confused at Lucifer’s reaction, surely he couldn’t be upset she wants to go home and grab her underwear herself? But it appears she has been silent for a moment too long, because Lucifer visibly wilted, and sniffed, turning and walking out saying “Very well…”.


Chloe furrowed her eyebrows, unable to discern what the matter with Lucifer is. She chased after him and grab his arm, jerking him back.


“Lucifer! What are you talking about?” She asked, feeling anxious to dispel whatever notion is upsetting her overprotective partner. Lucifer let her pull him back to her side, and slowly turned to face her, looking lost and like he’s going to cry.


“Lucifer, Trixie can stay here and watch her cartoons, nobody’s stopping her.” Chloe told him, and he took one step back to look at her eyes.


“S…She can?” He looked as bewildered as he sounded.


“Of course she can. I trust you with her. I’ll be back really quick anyway.” And he visibly perked up, his eyes widening.


“Y…you mean you’re coming back?”


“Lucifer, I’m just going back for my underwear. I prefer to get them myself.” Chloe told him with exasperation. What was he thinking? Now it’s his turn to look exasperated.


“But the whole point of you staying here is so you won’t have to deal with Pierce and the Douche!”


“I can handle them, okay?” Chloe walked towards the elevator now that Lucifer seemed okay. Lucifer followed after her, sticking to her back as close as he could while walking.


“I…alright, alright! I’ll get Maze to do it! I won’t go near your clothes, alright? You don’t have to go!” Chloe spun around, getting into his face, and crossed her arms as she took a step back.


“Okay, what is this about? This is not about my clothes.” Lucifer slid his eyes away, unable to meet hers, making it obvious there were other things going on here. Chloe tapped her leg, and gave him her best mom look when Lucifer glanced back at her, and he swallowed.


“I…I just want to buy things for you…I want to get you new things. I don’t want you to get your old stuff…” She raised her eyebrows, and thought about it, realising what he meant. He was going to get someone to take a look at her underwear and then buy her new but similar - or better - ones.


“Did you lie to me, Lucifer?” He looked like a deer in the headlights, eyes wide in discomfort and refusing to look at her. He swallowed compulsively, and opened his mouth a little before snapping them shut again. Chloe prompted him again, just like how she’d prompt her daughter when she’s trying to make the little girl confess.


“Lucifer?” And he shuffled his legs before he answered reluctantly.


“N…no…not really…I just…I was going to…” He looked to the side and muttered softly, “I’m sorry…” Again, Chloe was shocked at how different Lucifer is with her in comparison to when he is with other people. He’s softer, less controlling, and a lot more humble when he’s alone with her. For one, Chloe knows he would never apologise to any other person this readily.


He shuffled a little more, rubbed both his hands on his pants before fiddling with his cuffs. Chloe peered at him intently, and he swallowed, looked at the ground before speaking again, “I’ll…be here…with Beatrice…” He glanced at Chloe for a second, “Sorry…”


Twice now, he’s apologised, and the Detective’s mom stare has long become one of shock. Lucifer didn’t catch it though, too busy avoiding her gaze. Chloe shook herself out of her reverie, and stepped forward into Lucifer’s personal space, and he stiffened. She looked up into his eyes, putting a hand behind his neck and forcing him to look at her, and he swallowed again, she told him, “You said you never lie.”


“I…” I didn’t technically lie, he thought, but he knew the Detective wouldn’t accept that, so he cut himself off, feeling the urge to apologise again, but if the Detective haven’t accepted it yet, then there isn’t a point, is there? Instead, he gave her his word, “I…I won’t do it again.” His shirt is wet with perspiration now, the Detective too good at making him squirm. With her making him look at her, he felt a lot more terrified of her reaction to his lie now. He’d hate it if he screwed his friendship with the Detective up.


“No half truths anymore?” The Detective clarified, and the Devil begged her with his eyes to let him go, softly tried to move his head out of her grasp, but she held tight and he closed his eyes.


“Yes Detective.” He whispered in agreement. But she didn’t respond, and he opened an eye tentatively. She stared back at him sternly, and he responded with a better promise, “I won’t hide anything regarding you from you anymore.” He whispered. She furrowed her eyebrows, and his heart skipped a beat.


“Only things regarding me?” She wasn’t satisfied with his response, and that made him more nervous than ever.


“I…”  He licked his lips quickly, “I’d like a little privacy…please?” And Chloe frowned. She contemplated for a bit, unsure why she is being so controlling towards Lucifer. Weirdly, he is letting her walk all over him as well. He should be allowed to keep some secrets. She doesn’t own him. She released him, “Alright.” and he breathed a sigh of relief, and she realised how nervous he had been after telling her he would like some privacy. Her frown deepened, and his eyes slid away from hers again.


“I…when I…I won’t keep anything from you after…after you know…my secret…if you’d still like to know. I’ll tell you everything. But not now…please?” He is practically begging, and making concession after concession, just to please her. It’s making her slightly off-balance, so she did the only thing she could. She said okay, and told him she’s going home to collect her stuff, and escaped.