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He Protects What's His

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Chapter 1 - Normal is Strange


It’s startling, how it has become almost…normal…to her.


Sure, she knows Lucifer is weird, and quirky, and really has a lot of issues, and probably…overprotective…but to think this is normal? That’s not normal!


Yet, try as she might, it has become…somewhat a routine…to see Lucifer standing looming over the random stranger that tried to talk to her daughter, possibly harbouring dangerous intent. Looking at the manic eyes of this particular reprobate, crazy she imagines, but still easily cowed by Lucifer’s threat.


And that’s what it was, wasn’t it? The growling, and looming, and practically invading his personal space. It’s a threat, a promise of what is to come, if any harm comes to herself or her daughter by his hand. He’s threatening him.


They were in the park, Lucifer joining the mother-daughter combination after an impromptu barging in of their house. Somehow, that is normal now too. But it’s Lucifer, and he would never hurt them, both Trixie and the detective, so he can barge into their house at any time, and she will pretend to be annoyed and irritated at him, but she will not tense and grab for her gun like how she does whenever a stranger rings the doorbell.


Trixie is oddly content at the situation as well, not to the detective’s surprise. She launches herself at Lucifer every single time he appears out of nowhere, and when he is like this, growling at a stranger, holding her tight against his chest but slightly angled away from the guy - who is unluckily holding Lucifer’s attention - she appears strangely content to let him handle all the hard work of ensuring her safety, and just bask in the rare occasion where he picks her up without her asking.


This is a very strange dynamic, she knows, but she’s gotten used to all of it…and now, it is normal.


Lucifer is not your average playboy type of guy, and though her mind tells her to not be pulled into his charms and oddly sweet persona - though still a little crazy - Chloe’s heart seems to have a mind of its own. Yes, he is a playboy, but ever since her poisoning, he seemed to have had a crisis of some sort, then he sort of…mellowed. He hasn’t mentioned any escapades with other people, ladies or otherwise, he hasn’t given her a reason to be upset with him other than the usual Devil talk and childish tendencies or insensitiveness. But those are kind of endearing when she got used to it, and somehow figure out that he really is ignorant on that front, and she just couldn’t blame him for being socially inept outside of the bedroom.


And it is unnerving, to say the least, because why is he so very, very focused on pleasing Chloe? He’s been coming in earlier than before, strutting into the precinct with two mugs of coffee - excellent quality mugs by the way, like he brought them himself - and puts one of them on the exact space she leaves open for her coffee, the mug filled with the exact concoction only he could get right. He’s also been hanging onto her every word. When she said she saw a new restaurant she really wanted to try but somehow never finding the time to, the next time he barges into Trixie’s and her relaxing day, he brings them to that restaurant for lunch or dinner. Actually, ignore those times, how about that time where he just stares at her at work, or at home when they’re watching a movie and he’s…well…watching her.


Something happened, and now…he’s sweet and protective and she supposes that…he has wormed his way into her heart…


“Lucifer?” She ventured, going for a tentative warning in her voice. He calmed almost instantly, turning sideways to include her in his vision, before slowly shifting his sight entirely to look at her. The random stranger, released from the “glare of doom” and Lucifer’s cute dangerous growling, scurried away like a startled squirrel. The image gave her a sense of hilarity in the situation, even though her daughter was almost conned and probably taken away, but eh what the heck, Lucifer’ll keep her safe anyway.


“Lucifer?” Trixie looked at Lucifer from her position perched on his arms, “I wanna eat some ice-cream.” Trixie, the little hellion, and Chloe just couldn’t stop from using the same endearment Lucifer uses, because the little manipulative child is manipulating the self-acclaimed Devil right in front of her. The deliberate insecure but brave look, the slight pout, the puppy dog eyes, and Chloe, as the mommy, had some imperviousness regarding that look, but the Devil apparently didn’t. Because he furrowed his brows, frowned, then hugged Trixie to his chest before muttering: “Let’s go get some ice-cream.”


Damn it all but…he’s so adorable when Trixie tricks him like that. The trio walked into the ice-cream parlour just by the park, where the detective immediately find a table and sitting in one of those chairs with winding wires as backing, and Lucifer went off to the counter to order the ice-cream after depositing Trixie in one of the seats gently.


Trixie and her mother shared a look, the one that they do whenever the both of them think “Lucifer is such a dork”, before they both angled their heads searching for Lucifer’s back. Lucifer came back with 3 cones of ice-cream, a cookies and caramel one for Trixie the sweet tooth, a coffee and caramel one for Chloe because everyone knows she’s addicted, and a honey and caramel one for the biggest sweet tooth ever. Looks like today’s theme is caramel, and that’s another thing he does, apparently. Because whenever Lucifer invites himself on a family excursion, he tends to insists on cooking dinner. And throughout the day, he would drop hints on one of the dish he is cooking.


Oh, Lucifer does not do anything by half. Dinner, meaning he will cook starters, entree, desert, even the beverage is catered for carefully and thoughtfully. If Chloe didn’t know better, she’d think he was courting her, courting both her and Trixie if she looks at all the things he does for them both. She tries to think of all the food that features caramel…and really, how can anyone not think about popcorn? But it’s one of those things that Lucifer considers comfort food that is “suitable for a relaxing sit at the couch, Detective, but not a meal.” He is adamant that they not mix the two, though if Chloe protests a few times, he relents anyway. Like how he does with everything with her. In fact, if she thinks about it closely, he relents far too easily whenever she protests. He only does what he pleases when she doesn’t stop him. Again, such a sweet guy.


Okay, okay, she realises she is totally falling for him…but who wouldn’t? When he lavishes attention and praises upon you and you cannot help but fall for his charms? Well, she can’t help it, okay?


They finished the ice-cream, and headed home, and Lucifer got to work preparing their meal while Trixie and Chloe looked for a movie to watch before settling down to play while they waited. On days like this, she could almost feel the domesticity of it, if only Lucifer cares for her the way she does for him. But no, he sees her as only a friend, if his silence on the moment they had on the beach is any indication at all. (She doesn’t know Lucifer pines for her way harder than she thinks about him.) They haven’t spoken about that at all, and whenever she mentioned it, he runs away with some nonsense excuse like “sorry detective, family troubles.” Chloe sighed as she thinks about all the times that happened.


He called the Deckers over after a good couple hours, placing a bowl of tomato basil soup, a plate of roasted salmon with artichokes and a glass of wine for the two adults (lord knows where he gets them, but he’s provided all the alcohol for these meals and Chloe now cannot drink anything without thinking how much better what he’s given her before is), plus a cup of orange juice for Trixie. The food is amazing, as always, everything is perfect as always. He jokes around, and makes disturbing but sort of funny comments, and they talked so comfortably nowadays. Of course, the innuendos and attempts to climb into Chloe’s bed never ceases. But it is always fun when he is around.


When it’s time for Trixie to go to bed, she carried her up to her room, and tucked her in, kissing her on the forehead before leaving and closing her door behind me. As she walked down the stairs, Lucifer is walking around the house, looking out every window, and checking the locks.

Chloe thinks: What is going on? He’s awfully jumpy and alert today, and now he is…what? Checking the perimeter? Did he think someone would break in and kill us or something? Okay yea, I’m a detective, I know how dangerous LA could get, but this is a new behaviour for him, and it’s always weird when he develops new habits, or at least show some that I’ve never seen before.


She sat on the couch, and called Lucifer over, and he gave the door one last shake before sitting beside her.


“Lucifer, are you alright?” Chloe asked.


“Yes, Detective. Why wouldn’t I be?” He replied, shooting her a confused look. She sighed.


“Maybe because you look as if you’re expecting some bad guys to swoop in and knock us all out before capturing us and shipping us over the oceans to sell as slaves?” The detective raised her brow at him.


He looked at her sheepishly, before sighing. “I suppose I was overreacting…but it was because I needed to keep the both of you safe! I don’t understand it, but your safety and your spawn’s safety is very important to me, Detective.” He stared back into her eyes intensely, making sure Chloe saw his determination, before looking away. It was a glimpse of what he felt inside, and it has been so long since he last revealed that part of him, and she revelled at it, but also felt disappointed at how brief it was. He’s hiding his feelings again, and even though he has been around more, and showing them this softened side so often, Chloe could always tell he’s been hiding his more vulnerable side from her since the poisoning. He doesn’t tell her his problems anymore, now it seems he focuses on solving hers.


They parted ways, Chloe to her room, and Lucifer went back to Lux, and before she knew it, Chloe was squinting in the morning light after a whole night of tossing and turning.


Right, another day.


And what a hectic day. There was a bus accident, and brawls broke out in the middle of the road, and it was a freakish but very irritatingly cumbersome affair. The beat cops gained everyone’s sympathies, but the detectives themselves are bogged down by the whole event as well. In fact, when it came time to pick Trixie up from school, it seems both Dan and Chloe are too busy to do it. Chloe looked towards Dan table, and yep! Still buried in paperwork. She searched for one particular British, trustworthy man, spinning around before finding him by the vending machine. He abhors that thing, why he spends so much time there is beyond her. She called out to him, and he strutted over.


“Detective! If this is about your paperwork…” Chloe cuts him off before he could run off escaping “boring work” as he says it.


“No, no Lucifer. I know you’ll…split…if I tell you to do paperwork. I was just wondering if you could pick Trixie up from school today? Dan and I are way too busy right now, and you’re the only person I trust.” He looked around at Dan, before turning back to her, but before he could say anything, Dan had to ruin an already bad day.


“Well, I don’t trust him, Chlo. Just let me quickly wrap this up and I’ll go.”


“Would that be tonight or tomorrow, Detective Douche? No actually, maybe you would like a splash of mould on your offspring in the future Detective? Because she would definitely grow some on her body by the time Douche here gets around to picking her up.”


Chloe gets it, she really does. Two alphas in a room, both protective of the same little girl, clashing is inevitable. But can they not be so childish?


“Alright, stop it! Lucifer, just go, don’t antagonise Dan okay? And Dan, I trust Lucifer okay?” Lucifer looked at her favourite detective for a moment, before nodding and left. Dan stayed by her table though, and expressed his annoyance at the whole situation, leaving her irritated, unable to focus, and just bone tired. Whatever happened since they found out about him and Martin, it has caused Dan to become so nonchalant towards Trixie lately, and he disagrees with Chloe’s every decision. It’s made it so difficult to ignore him and just do her own work. Especially when he’s literally scolding her like a miscreant child.


Dan! Just stop! Lucifer can be trusted, and I will trust him however I want, okay? If you’re free, then go and fetch Trixie now, and I’ll call Lucifer to tell him he doesn’t have to anymore. If not, then shut up and go back to work.”


He huffed and went back, and what a relief it was. She really didn’t need that on top of everything else today.