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Izuku's Kinktober 2019!

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Shouta knew he shouldn't. It was wrong on so many levels, but he couldn't help but admire the green haired angel that was his student.

The way his beautiful laugh resounded throughout the classroom. The way he smiled happily with ever praise, regardless of who it was praising him. The way his eyes brightened whenever he was learning about Heroes.

And, Dear Lord, the ass on that boy was to die for. It was thick and firm. It had the perfect curve that lead to thick thighs. God, Shouta desperately wanted to worship that ass with his tongue.

He wanted to worship Izuku's whole being.

Of course, Shouta couldn't and shouldn't let himself think like that. The boy was his student for God's sake. It was hard though, especially when the cute freckled boy drew in everyone's attention with just how adorable he is.

A beautiful angel.

Shouta couldn't help but let out a long sigh as he watched Izuku blush at something Katsuki said to him.

Izuku would probably end up with Katsuki. It was such an obvious mutual crush, even to Shouta.

That's why, when Izuku ends up bent over a desk in class 1-A, high needy moans leaving his lips as Shouta slapped his hand down on the boy's perfect freckled ass, Shouta wasn't sure it was real.

Was he dreaming?

"S-sensei..." Izuku turned to look back at Shouta, eyes wet with tears and cheeks a rudy red. "P-please, more!" He arched his back, pushing his ass out into Shouta's hand.

Even if this was a dream, Shouta didn't care. He would give this boy his life.

"What do you want, baby?" Shouta smirked as he ran his hand over Izuku's red ass, the shape of his hand a distinct red mark against the pale freckled skin. "Want me to spank your ass some more?" He chuckled when Izuku nods his head quickly.

"Who knew you were a little slut, Izuku." Shouta leans down to whisper in the boy's ear.

"Please, Sensei!" Izuku whined, hiccuping as tears slipped down his face. "I want more, please!"

"Okay, baby. I'll give you more."

Shouta slapped the boy's ass until his legs were trembling and he could barely hold himself against the desk. He switched between moans, sobs, and hiccups; silently begging for more.

Shouta wanted to taste. And bite. But taste first. He kneeled down behind Izuku, grabbing a handful of the boy's ass in each hand, spreading his cheeks.

The sight of the pink pucker, twitching lightly, had Shouta groaning, his already hard cock, straining. He dived in, moaning at the taste of the boy on his tongue.

"Sensei!" Izuku squeaked, surprised but loving the attention to his hole.

Izuku moaned, melting against the desk as Shouta feasted on his ass. His dick twitching, precum drooling from the tip.

Shouta made sure Izuku was dripping with drool, his hole loose from Shouta's attention before he delved inside his treat once more.

"So good, Sensei! I'm gonna cum, gonna cum!" Izuku whimpered, his body trembling in pleasure.

Shouta smirked, sucking at the boy's rim. He leaned back, taking a breath and admiring the mess he made.

Izuku was breathless, on the verge of coming, his cute dick twitching, his legs trembling, his ass a beautiful bright red, like an apple.

of course, Shouta had to take a bite.

He took several, wanting his mark to stay on the boy's body.

"Please! Lick me more, Sensei! Please!" Izuku was begging, crying, in desperation. 

"Oh?" Shouta grins. "Baby doesn't want my fingers? My cock?" He asks.

"No, no, no!" Izuku shakes his head. "Want your fingers! Want your cock!" He whines, turning to look at Shouta, his face a mess of drool and tears. "Want everything Sensei gives me." He whispers, biting his bottom lip.

Shouta growled, taking on more bite of Izuku's juicy ass cheek before going back in, his tongue slicking the way as two of his fingers slipped in.

"Yes! Yes! Oh, God!" Izuku moaned and Shouta was thankful no one was around the school at this time.

Shouta spread his fingers, spitting into Izuku's hole before fucking his fingers in and out of the boy's ass.

"Sensei! Sensei!" Izuku pushed his ass back, fucking himself on Shouta's fingers.

As soon as Shouta found the freckled boy's sweet spot, Izuku screamed, his mouth open as drool trailed down his chin, his eyes rolled back, his come splashing onto the classroom floor.

Shouta kept massaging into Izuku's sweet spot, his body convulsing with overstimulation, little "Ah, ah, ah's" leaving his plump red lips.

Shouta pulled his fingers out and Izuku melted against the desk. Shouta stood up, unable to hold back anymore as he unzipped his pants. He pulled his cock out, spitting into his hand before grabbing it, stroking hard and fast, already on the cusp of orgasm.

He came with a long groan as soon as Izuku arched his back, grabbing his ass cheeks, spreading them apart to show Shouta his loose, pink, wet hole.

His come hit the mark and both of them moaned, Shouta at the sight and Izuku at the feeling. Shouta made sure to spread his cum around, the tip of his cock pushing some of his come into the boy's warm, tight hole. 

Izuku turned toward Shouta, a mischievous grin appearing on his lips.

"Sensei?" Izuku pushes his ass against Shouta, moaning as Shouta's still hard cock bottoms out inside of him. "More?" Izuku blinks at him sweetly, biting his bottom lip sensually.

Shouta sighs, grinding his cock further into the boy's ass.

His sweet little angel turned out to be his slutty little demon.

That was okay with Shouta though.

He pulls out of Izuku until only the head of his cock is left inside the boy's tight heat. He grabs the head of green curls before slamming right in. Izuku lets out the sweetest moan, pushing himself backward to meet Shouta's thrusts.

Shouta couldn't help but smirk as he fucked Izuku, watching him whine, wither, and mewl.

Shouta was a demon himself, after all.