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Link Us Together Part 1

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 Third Person POV

Link, the hero who wielded the sword that seals the darkness, started his long awaited journey to Hyrule Castle to save the beloved princess Zelda. Anxiously, he summoned in his divine beast, Cycle Zero, with his Sheikah slate and embarked on his trek down the Hyrule fields. On his journey he avoided every encounter with a monster if he could because he knew if he defeated Calamity Ganon the cursed beasts would slowly decline in numbers without their blood moon to save them from the grip of hell. So in other words his attempts would be futile, until Ganon was sealed away for good. Fortunately, he successfully thwarted every attempt to stop his escapade without retaliation. Now that the easy part was over he was approaching the entrance of the courtyard, which was crawling with the powerful Ancient Guardians. He dismounted his divine beast and treaded lightly to the entrance of the sanctum, the place in which Zelda is fighting back Calamity Ganon. At last he managed to make his way to the castle sanctum entrance, when he heard the tender whisper of Zelda in his head and heard something he was not expecting.


Link’s POV

Zelda calmly said, “I don’t want you to come to my aid, not yet anyway.”

I was dumbfounded by sound of the voice I treasure so much say the words I thought I’d never hear. When I recovered back to a state of reality, I was pissed. Usually one of few words, I replied, “Well, excuse me princess! I just brought my ass all the way up to this hell to save you and then you tell me not to save you!”

Zelda returned rather quickly with, “Link I never thought you could arouse to such an emotion as anger. Also didn’t you hear me say ‘not yet.”

I felt like a crap now that I realized my actions. I momentarily shot back with, “Ok then what do expect me to do while I boringly waiting till’ it is time?”

She answered sternly, “Link first of all I am not liking this cocky attitude of yours, this is a serious issue . Secondly, you have no right to complain, I waited 100 years for your awakening and then on top of that I had watch you save the champions from their spiritual prisons in the divine beasts. Also, in the time you wait I have a quest for you and once you accomplish your goal you may save me.”

Now she just bumped down to level of douche bag. Great how worse can this day possibly get? I hoped I could settle this by apologizing, “Sorry Zelda for my harsh tone towards you, I just was really looking forward to seeing you again.

She said, “Oh there’s my sweet Link and yes I forgive you. Let us think of it as payback of how many times I pushed you around in my frustration.”

My spirits were lifted at the sound of her forgiveness. Oh how I love this wonderful angel. I spoke attentively to Zelda saying, “Thank you princess, your forgiveness means the world to me, but I must confess I ask this in great eagerness, what is this assignment you are asking me to do?”

Zelda explained that she could sense the stress and turmoil among the heroes of another world. She told me I was to be sent there to aid them and help them in any way I could.

I thought this was going to be a walk in the park, until she said, “Link I must warn you I can also sense a great evil lurking there and unfortunately, I can’t give you guidance after you cross the dimension barrier.”

I could deal with this so called great evil, but hearing Zelda voice for who knows how long was torture. I don’t totally understand this whole dimension thing but, I will do it for her.

With the slight straightening of my posture I nodded and a swirl of yellow light opened what looked like tunnel of glowing dust. It was truly a remarkable sight, but I had one last thing to say to my princess, “Zelda, If don’t come back I—“

My words were cut off by the force of being sucked in the rift by a supernatural force.

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Third Person POV

With a swirl of gold, Link was in modern Paris, France.


He didn’t land that gracefully though, but too be fair he didn’t expect to be sucked into the portal. He stood up and straightened his tunic. Once finished, Link leaned over the edge of the balcony, curious to learn about this new world. He was mesmerized by how symmetrical everything was. The perpendicular streets, to the luminescent street lamps, and the grand Eiffel Tower, he was awe struck. Link knew one thing for sure, he wasn’t in Hyrule anymore. “Where am I exactly?”, was the question that was running through Link’s for the past few minutes. Unfortunately, Link knew when it was time to get to work. So resisting the urge to explore, he was looking for a way down from the building he was currently on, so he could start his search for these two “heroes”

While searching for a silent exit, Link saw a figure in red coming in his direction. He was urgently looking for an escape, when he saw a glass trapdoor. He opened the trapdoor and landed in a dark room. He let out a sigh of relief, because he really wanted to stay under the radar until he knew where he was and learned about its inhabitants. He was snuck across the room (because he didn’t know if somebody was sleeping in the room or not), until he someone land on the balcony above him. He looked up to see if he could get a glimpse of who was up there. All of a sudden the trapdoor flung open and a feminine silhouette drop in. By instinct Link ran and hid behind a door. He peered through the crack of the door. It was the red figure he saw earlier, and apparently this “figure” was a girl. She was wearing a red adorned with several black spots and had her hair up in pigtails. She proceeded to the door he was hiding behind and shut it. He closed his eyes tight, hoping by some chance she wouldn’t see him. Surprisingly enough she didn’t see him. The room must’ve been dark enough to hide him not be seen.

After giving a breath of relief, he heard her say, “Tikki, spots off.” After Link heard those odd words he saw a beautiful flash of pink form around her. He blinked several times from being exposed to that much light. Once his eyes adjusted again, he saw a that the girl was no longer wearing red. Then on top of that she was handing something circular to a fairy like creature. Which wasn’t to odd to Link because he seen many fairies in Hyrule. 

After talking to the fairy thing she headed to a table. She reached out to something on the table

Link’s POV

The was room was lit up in a matter of seconds. I was so shocked I said, “What the hell!”, in an accost tone. Noticing what I did I stood as stiff as a log and covered my mouth.

All she did was turn around very, very slowly and screamed, but before she could I ran and covered her mouth. In retaliation she bit my hand, I probably had it coming for spying on her, but still it hurt like shit. 

I was just about to say something but, then she punched me in face. Ok, this has not been my day. Holding my hand on my face I said, “What was that for!”

After an awkward pause she whispered, “That was for sneaking up on me you bastard, and would you be quiet. Also, who are you.”

I folded my arms and responded quietly, “The name’s Link, and what’s yours might I ask.”

I was significantly at least a head taller than her, but holy crap was she intimidating. She looked up at me and said, “Link, huh, that’s a strange name. So how long have you been hiding in my bedroom?”

I gave her a very straight forward answer, “I got here a few seconds before”, Until I notice I got played, “...wait a minute you didn’t answer my question.”

She glared at me and huffed, “I don’t quite trust you. I don’t mean to be a jerk, but what did you expect sneaking up on a girl in her room.”

Well that was understandable. I guess she doesn’t really have any point in trusting me, but if she’s hero I think she is I better at least try to find a way to make peace here. I sat down on a chair with wheels, ok, now that’s cool, why don’t we have anything like that in Hyrule. She saw how fond I became of the chair. I spinning in it like a little kid, until she grabbed the chair and it stopped spinning. 

In a soft caring voice she said, “You like the chair, huh. Sorry to break it to you Link, but you can’t do that. My parents are sleeping.”

I understood and didn’t start spinning again (that night). After some thinking I thought ‘Why do I keep getting myself in these situations?’ In knight training they didn’t teach about public relations. I’ve been dealing with that a lot lately, because in my opinion they should’ve put that in the job description. In those moments of silence I just couldn’t find anything to say. Talking sucks.

Thank god she broke the awkward silence between us, “So how much did you actually see?”

I replied, “Oh not much, besides the fact that I saw you glow pink for a split second and a little fairy thing that you were talking to. Hey now that I think about it, where did the fairy fly off to?”

For some weird reason her face went pale. What was it something I said? She seemed to have froze. I snapped my fingers and said, “Hello, little lady, you in there. What did I say or is it something I did?”

She shook her head and snapped back to attention and not in the way I expected, “Oh my god, you can’t tell anyone I’m Ladybug. Please, Link.”

I tried to hold back a laugh, but I mustn’t of hid it very well, because she stared at me very menacingly. ‘Why do all the women in my life have to be so intimidating?’, I pondered. First Zelda, now little lady. Well at least Zelda was a bit more manageable, she didn’t bite and hit me. Little lady on the other hand was a force to reckon with, but lucky for me she hasn’t hit me yet. 

Sporting a scowl she said, “What’s so funny?”

I responded with, “Well, little lady. I don’t see the reason you needed to get so rowled up over people knowing your a hero?” It seemed to work. She calmed down. I think.

She huffed, and said, “What rock have you been living under? Well now that I think about it, you don’t look like your from around here.”

I laughed, “You don’t know the half of it, little lady.” 

Eagerly she asked, “What’s that supposed to mean?”, Making quotations with her hands, “And what’s with you calling me ‘little lady’?”

I gladly answered by saying, “Well you haven’t given me your name, so I had to call you something.”

Unexpectedly she didn’t answer. What was so important that she had to sit there and think about it? Not that long after, I heard, “Marinette, my name is, Marinette.”

“Marinette, that’s a beautiful name. Does this mean you trust me now, little lady.”, I said with a smirk.

”Thank you, glad you think so, and yes, Link that means I trust you.”, she said drowsily.

Yes, I did it. I’ll see Zelda in no time. All I  have to do now is meet this other hero and help them take out the dark presence Zelda mentioned. Now that I think about it, Zelda wasn’t exactly clear about what I’m supposed to actually help them with. Oh, well I guess I guess I’ll figure it out sometime. 

After the feeling of sleepiness set in, I saw Marinette. She was out. ‘I guess tonight was an eventful night wasn’t it?’, I mused to myself. I picked her up and set her on her bed and threw the covers over her.

I was just about to go up to the balcony to sleep up there when I heard, my name being called by the most adorable voice ever. I headed over to where I thought it originated and as luck may have it I the little fairy hidden in a basket of fabrics. I smiled and said, “Why hello there, you called.”

She flew up and said with kindness in her voice, “Why yes Link, I did and I’m Tikki by the way.” She was way different than any other fairy I’ve ever seen. She was small and red with on black spot on her forehead. She had the cute blue eyes and two thin antennas. She looked like a little ladybug.

“So Tikki, I thought that was probably your name, I must say it is a pleasure to meet you at last.” I said. 

Tikki only smiled in response. She then landed on Marinette’s computer desk. I followed her and sat in the office chair, resisting the urge to spin. Once seated I looked down at the little creature. Tikki perked up at me and said, “I know your from another dimension Link. I have seen this once before over ten thousand years ago. It wasn’t you of course, but I would know that sword anywhere.”

Finally, someone that understood me. She seems to have met my kind before, over ten thousand years ago of course. That was when Calamity Ganon was sealed away last. So that could only mean that the hero held the Master Sword ten thousand years ago traveled between dimensions too. Cool. All I said was, “So you’ve met a Hylian before?”

She said, “Yes, your people are an extraordinary race. I met your predecessor. He was an exceptional Hylian.”

“I’m starting to doubt that your a fairy, Tikki.” I replied, totally off topic.

She giggled and said, “Of course not, I’m a kwami, a little god that grants the powers of the ladybug miraculous.”

We talked for another thirty minutes or so until she insisted I go to sleep. Tikki also told me that she would explain everything to Marinette. I fell asleep on the roof as soon as my eyes closed. 

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Dear Readers,

  I’m give my dearest apologies for keeping you waiting. I just haven’t been able to write lately. Like I’m having a mental block or something. 

  Also I will not be writing anything in December. You know Family traditions and stuff. Just throwing that out there.

  Lastly, I have the general idea of how the Link Us Together Series will go. So bear with me I will complete it gradually.

         Sincerely, Elysium_Entropy