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Good Boy

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Izuku swallowed thickly as he readjusted his kneeling position. 

A hand reached down and combed through his hair, fingers rubbing into his scalp. Izuku’s eyelids fluttered at the sensation, his mouth going slack. He leaned forward into the touch. 

The gesture paused, hand gripping at hair and tugging. 

“Sir?” A woman’s voice rangout. Izuku paused, eyes blinking as he was brought back to the present.

“Hmm?” A male’s voice answer back. 

“You seem a bit preoccupied.”

Fingers continued to stroke through Izuku’s hair, coaxing him.  

“Nah, I’m okay. Please continue with the agenda,” the man replied. 

The woman continued listing the list of appointments and engagements he had for the rest of the day. 

“Thank you Ruby. Can you clear the next two hours though? Something’s come up.” 

“Yes, Hawks-sama,” she replies, retreating out of the door, bowing as she shuts it. 

It’s silent for a beat as Hawks’ hums contentedly. He rolls his chair back and Izuku squints as light floods his vision. 

“Such a good boy Izuku,” Hawks strokes Izuku’s hair, the young man relaxing into the touch, “such a good cocksleeve for Master.” 

Izuku traces the underside of Hawks’ thick cock with his tongue, hollowing out his cheeks as he slides up ever so slowly, and then descending again, never breaking his slow tempo. 

“Keep it up baby boy, I’ll reward you soon. But, first, I gotta work ‘kay?”

Izuku bobs his head as acknowledgement while working his way up and down Hawks’ dick.

He listens to the clicking of keys and a mouse. Closing his eyes again, he focuses on giving Hawks a blowjob. He drags his tongue along the smooth underside of his cock, paying special attention to the hooped ring pierced at the head. Izuku loves the feel of it in his mouth, the contrast between the soft flesh and the hard metal. He alternates between tonguing it and pulling on it before he goes back down. 

The office chair creaks as Hawks leans back, Izuku’s eyes open halfway to see amused honeyed eyes watching him. 

“Enjoying yourself?” Hawks leans his elbow on the armrest, palm supporting his neck as he watches Izuku with smirk.

Izuku hums an agreement earning him more head pats. The hand shifts to the back of his head, and Hawks’ hips starts to shallowly thrust into Izuku’s mouth. 

“Tell me Izu, did Enji enjoy your mouth as much as I do?”

Izuku nods enthusiastically earning him a laugh, “I bet he did.”

Hawks pulls Izuku off of him, pulling his hair, craning his head up to meet his gaze as he leans down, “You do love having your sweet mouth fucked.” 

He rolls the chair back and stands up, pants sliding down to the floor. A red feather casually floats to the door, pushing a lock button. Izuku takes a seat on Hawks' desk facing him, thighs spreading, enticing the number two hero towards him. 

“You know how much I like being filled, ” Izuku replies coyly. 

Izuku’s gloved hand reaches out and wraps around Hawks and strokes him. The older man leans down, his lips taking Izuku’s for a lazy make-out session. His wings wrap around them creating a more intimate space, a feather pushing down the zipper on the back of Izuku’s costume. Izuku removes his gloves, and shimmies out of his costume as feathers continue to undress him. Once his arms are free they wrap around Hawks' neck and draws the older man closer. 

Wings pull him off the table to stand, the rest his jumpsuit slips off with the help of more feathers. Hawks pushes his bare hips against Izuku’s, they’re dicks rubbing against each other. Izuku moans into Hawk’s mouth, when hishand wraps around their lengths and strokes both of them simultaneously. 

Hawks pulls away from Izuku’s lips, peppering kisses against a freckled neck. 

“Eager today are we?”

“Always eager for you Hawks-san,” Izuku replies breathlessly as wings glide along his bare skin. 

The blonde chuckles, “I guess you do need a reward for seducing Enji.”

Izuku giggles, “I seduced you the exact same way. I just went for it. No holds barred; and it worked on you didn’t it?” 

“I suppose it did. But we know who’s really in charge here. Now be a good boy and bend over for me,” Hawks whispers into Izuku’s ear, as he leans back, wings unfurling. 

Izuku smirks, turning over, resting forearms across polished wood, sliding forward until his stomach rests atop the surface. He arches his back, popping his ass up, spreading his legs wider to present himself with a wiggle.  

Hawks takes out a bottle of lube from his bottom drawer with a false bottom. He drizzles it down Izuku’s crack, tossing the bottle off to the side. 

“You don’t need any prep right Izu?” Hawks says as he spreads Izuku’s cheeks wide, sliding his cock along it, smearing the viscous liquid, “Look at your pretty hole, still nicely stretched out from Enji. Did you have fun baby boy?”

“Mm hmm,” Izuku hums in response, “Enji was a lot of fun.”

“Good boy.”

“He’s rough too, just like you said,” Izuku moans out when he feels Hawks’ dick catch on the rim of his muscle

“You do like rough.” Hawks says as he lines himself up. 

Izuku looks back over his shoulder with a tilt of the head, “There’s a time and place for it.”

“Yeah?” Hawks cocks an eyebrow, “So, this time and place calls for..?”

Izuku smiles at him, “Slow, sensual fucking. I wanna feel all of you.”

Hawks slides in with little resistance and they both groan. He eases himself in inch by inch, and Izuku drops his head to the table, biting down on his lower lip with a lowly whispered, "fuck.”

Hawks' grip on Izuku’s hips tightens as the man slides deeper, “Such a good boy, look how well you’re taking me in. How does it feel Izu?”

“Ah,” He gasped when Hawks bottomed out, “Feels so good. Fuckkk, more please.”

Hawks drew himself out slowly, before repeating his motion again. After slow torturous thrusts that had Izuku’s legs shaking, Hawks shallowly pumped in and out of his ass.

Izuku whimpered and whined as red feathers touched and caressed his skin. Rough hands roaming up and down his back. He knew better than to complain and plead, he had asked for this. 

“Hmm,” hummed Hawks, “are you ready for more? As much as I love watching you shake from pleasure, I’d much rather hear you moan for me Izu.”

The man pulled out and Izuku groaned, “What do you want next Izu? Continue this way or…”

Izuku didn’t hesitate to get up, only to reposition himself so that he was flat out on his back.

Hawks smirked as he stepped in between Izuku’s legs, “That’s right,” he said as hands spread wider and wings lifted his knees up comfortably, “ You love having your legs wrapped around my waist.” 

His wings hooked under Izuku’s knees, dragging him down Hawk’s cock with his hand steadying his shaft. Soon Izuku was slowly filled once more; his hands gripped the edge of the desk as Hawks drove in and out of him. His mouth dropped open with ragged pants of air as he tried to stifle the moans that threatened to give away their tryst. 

Izuku’s head would drop to the table as he squeezed his eyes shut at the sensual pleasure that overrode his system. His knuckles white from the pressure he exerted into his grip as Hawk’s tempo increased. Izuku was keeping himself busy, wanted to be a good boy. If he kept his hands where they were he’d surely be rewarded. 

Izuku opened his eyes and watched has Hawks drew his shirt up with his hand exposing his taut abs that flexed and extended with each thrust. Izuku bit his lip as he watched those hips drive into him as his own leaking flushed cock bounced against his abs. 

“Good Boy Izuku, so well behaved, not touching yourself like I’ve taught you.”

Izuku whimpers a small acknowledgement.

“The longer you wait, the sweeter the release. Isn’t that right?”

“Y-yes.” stutters Izuku through the tears that slip down his face.

“You like being brought to the edge right? You like to cry when you’re so close to coming.”

“Yes!” Izuku cries out in response. While being fucked thoroughly and roughly was fun, there was something cathartic about being brought so close to the edge of release. When pleasure his body experienced was so overwhelming he couldn’t help but cry at how good it felt. 

“I’ve taught you well, isn’t that right my pet?” 

Izuku’s crying turns into sobbing when he feels like he’ll combust from the overstimulation. Hawks ups his speed, his feathers grazing over Izuku’s cock. Izuku’s back arches off the desk with a drawn out low moan. Izuku’s legs wrap around Hawks' waist and the blond smirks.

“Close huh?” Hawks lays his hands flat on the table aside Izuku’s head, “You like to pull me when you’re on the verge of coming for me.”

Izuku tucked his lips between his teeth as his eyebrows furrowed, head nodding furiously. 

“Good boy, you’ve behaved so well for me today. It’s time for your reward.” 

Izuku feels a rough calloused hand wrap around his shaft. He gasps at the touch, Hawks’ thump swiping his pre-come across the soft fleshy parts of the head. Izuku tries to restrain from bucking his hips into that hand; his control is slowly breaking as his body starts to shake. 

Hawks’ slow and steady pumps pull Izuku closer and closer. Hawks’ wings slide under his body and prop him up enough for the man to lean down. Half lidded amber eyes peer down at Izuku, before kissing him deeply. He wraps his arms around Hawk’s neck pulling himself closer to the man. 

His lips trail down Izuku’s face and neck. Puffs of hot air ghost the shell of his ear, causing the hair at the back of his neck to stand on end, goosebumps prickling over his skin. 

“Izuku, you’re such a well behaved pet. I’m so lucky to have such a good boy.”

Izuku’s fingers dig into Hawks’ shoulder as he lets loose a broken moan. The praise sends Izuku even closer to the precipice. His chest heaving as Hawks pumps him faster. 

“Now,” he starts, turning his head to kiss Izuku’s cheek before resting his own against Izuku’s. 

“Come for me Izuku,” Hawks said in his deepest voice, low enough to be a whisper. His command sends a rippling effect down his body before finally releasing his seed into Hawk’s palm. As Izuku’s mouth fell open to moan, Hawk’s captured his lips, tongue invading his mouth, stealing the air from his lungs. His legs wrapped like a vise around Hawks' waist, body going rigid, fingernails digging even deeper to break through skin. 

When Izuku’s body starts to go lax, strong arms wind around Izuku’s back, pulling the smaller man against his body.  Hawks thrusts into Izuku’s ass a few more times before reaching his own climax, pumping Izuku full of his cum. Red floods his vision again as wings encapsulate them yet again, inciting a more intimate setting within the office. 

Izuku loves the aftercare that Hawks provides before they pull apart. Hawks’ wings are so warm and inviting; soft and comforting; like floating on a cloud just below the sun. Izuku can feel Hawks' cock slowly softening inside him, as the man’s hips undulate into him. They stay connected as they lazily share kisses. Hawks' hands glide and massage Izuku’s supple body; while Izuku’s hands glide over hard planes and ridges. When they pull apart, Hawks cleans the both of them up and his wings cradle Izuku in his lap after they get dressed again. 

Hawks pats Izuku’s thigh, gently reminding him they still have the rest of the day to work through. They exchange more soft kisses, Izuku finds it hard to pull away from his lover. 

“Izuku,” Hawks chuckles as he tries to pull away, “you’re so cute after a good fuck. Like a puppy that needs love and pets, or a cat that loves to rub up against their owner.”

Izuku shrugs, “In all honesty, I like being affectionate with you the most.”

Hawks cocks an eyebrow, “Oh? Is that right?”

A smirk grows on Izuku’s lips, “Yeah, you’ve trained me real well. If submitting and listening to you gets me fucked and praised like that on the regular, you bet your ass I’m going to do what it takes to properly behave.”

Hawks laughs and ruffles Izuku’s hair, “Good boy.”