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Sensual Endeavors(Sans X OC's)

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Wheaty(Farmtale Sans) X OC (Ruby Dracarius)

The sun was beating down on her from above making her wipe the top of her head with her sleeve. The days were starting to get a bit cooler making her wear the flannel shirt. It was a light gray coloration done up with various darker grey to black and red stripes that would overlap one another making various squares. The material was thick to keep her from getting too cold but with the weather warming up later in the day it was leaving her scalding. 

Undoing the bottom three buttons of her shirt she tied it just below her pert breasts. Making her frown that she didn’t have anything to properly show off. Maybe she wouldn’t be into the neighbors cucumber garden for… science yeah, science. Moving her hand to stroke through her chestnut colored hair yanking out the thick red scrunchie out. Allowing her hair to spill gracefully down her back curling just above her curvy cheeks just at the ragged shorty shorts. 

Taking off her sunhat she placed it on the ground knowing it was doing nothing but make sweat pour down her light tanned skin. Looking down at the beets that needed to be pulled up. Her light greenish brown gaze focusing on the green leaves that were sprouting above the dark soil. Small nimble fingers digging up the deep purplish red vegetables from the ground. 

Bringing it up to her nose she inhaled the earthy scent that made her groan. Making her close her eyes at the ecstatic reaction she had to it. Something about the fresh produce she could grow just made her feel all giddy. The only vegetable she couldn’t get to grow was cucumbers for some reason.

When her eyes opened she found a figure standing in front of her with their hands on their hips. Their stocky figure looking familiar but she couldn’t quite place it. They leaned down out of the sun’s path that they were standing in and got right about a foot away from her face. Ruby swallowed while staring up at the grinning skeleton from next door. 

“well howdy there darlin’. hows the day been treatin’ ya?” Wheaty spoke with sweetness that was a bit too much for her to stomach.

“Oh hi Wheaty. Days going by what with it being the first of October. Trying to get these beets out of the ground.” She explained digging into the ground to pull out another beet from the ground. “To what do I owe the pleasure of you coming over here?”


She missed the way that his eye lights flicked over her bent over frame. Making him admire the curve of her ass in them skin tight shorts that she wore. He had felt blessed that he had gotten a neighbor that liked to grow things much like himself. What he hadn’t expected was the neighbor being a cute tiny thing that had him often straying from his work. 

But then he noticed quite a depletion in his prized cucumber patch. Now he assumed it was someone pulling a prank on the skeletal brothers. Wheaty had taken point to watch over the patch himself at night. And he found himself rather surprised that it was his little neighbor. It wasn’t a lot just one every week or so. Sure it would have been fine but… she had specifically plucked them before they were ripe. Leaving them a bit firmer than he usually liked them. 

So he had followed her after one of her little endeavors. Sure it might have been wrong for him to peer in but what he had seen had left him speechless. Yet here he was about to spill the dirty little secret he had been holding since last week. If his timing was right then she would more than likely trek her way to his property and snag another one. 

“so noticed your doin’ an amazin’ job on your garden here. but i’ve also noticed a thick green vegetable missin’.” Wheaty started off hoping it didn’t come off suspicious. 

“Broccoli hasn’t come in quite yet.” Ruby spoke thinking that was the green vegetable that she was missing. Not noticing the way the skeletal farmer shifted nervously.

“heh well that is one of them green veggies. not quite the one that i have in mind though.” Wheaty hummed at her trying to get those eyes look up at him. Shoving his hands in his pockets feeling the little gem’s surprise awaiting to see her. 

“Well…” She lifted her head to look up at him and he grinned wider. “What vegetable that you mean? There are quite a few green vegetables there’s broccoli, zucchini, cabbage-”

“cucumbers?” Wheaty grinned from cheekbone to cheekbone as her eyes went wide at the mention of the thick curvy green vegetable. 

“W-well can’t s-seem to get them to g-grow.” There went the nervousness in her voice. He moved closer to her getting her back up slightly. 


“well i have a healthy patch in my garden. maybe i could give ya some tips?” Wheaty chuckled stepping closer wanting to see how far he could push her. Especially when her cheeks were turning a brighter shade of red the closer he got.

Shit, why would he bring up cucumbers all of the sudden? Was there something that she had missed? The closer he got the more she stood straight till she fell back into the dirt the skeleton moving down in front of her his sockets hooding. Emerald eye lights skimming over her body in excitement. 

“in fact darlin’, i have one right here we can do some experimentin’ to help ya learn.” Wheaty hummed reaching over to grab her hips pulling her back towards him. “an’ ya don’ have to walk across the properties to get it tonight.” He chuckled huskily while he slid his phalanges in the hem of her shorts at her hips. Sliding  them down to the button. 

Ruby was still in shock about what was happening to her. Just as she felt his fingers press into the button she felt him lean closer to her. It had her inhaling the scent of fresh soil after a light rainstom. It made her moan out softly his teeth moving to claim her lips. Locking her into a deep kiss while he tugged her shorts down her body. 

Out in the garden was the last place that she expected to have sex. But as he pulled back she could feel his fingers move up to press against her bottom lip. Opening her mouth for him she figured that was what he wanted her to do. Something blunt and stiff slid past her lips as the farmer chuckled. “told ya i’d give ya a tip.” He snickered.

Brownish green eyes narrowed on the skeleton making him spill out in laughter. His hand moving to the base of the green vegetable moving it slowly in and out of her mouth. The motion reminding her of how she worked the the faux play toy. Something rough was pressing between her thighs which were bared due to lack of shorts. The sight of those crinkling sockets hindered her view of what he was doing. 

The cucumber was removed rather abruptly from her mouth making her teeth clack together rather painfully. “stars darlin’ best be careful with them teeth. ya might injure some rather delicate cucumbers with them chompers.” She heard him chuckle while a hand moved to slide her panties aside. “so ya burgled my cucumbers for your pleasure. surely ya had to know that i would have noticed.”

Ruby looked up at him her cheeks turning a brighter shade of red while he slid the cucumber against the folds of her sex. “it’s okay darlin’ i can help ya feel just as good as ya can do at night.” And to make his point he thrust the cucumber into her making her back arch in response. A soft moan escaping her while he leaned over to press his teeth into the side of her neck. “the fun’s just beginin’ here. soon as i get ya to cum here we can head into your home an’ continue.”