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Take the Wheel

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Back in the Hallway

They all jumped when they heard the flatline alarm and hospital staff yelling orders and running to hopefully save the flatlining patient. The staff was running right towards them. They moved out of they’re way thinking the worst. They go into the room across, room 118. They all sigh in relief.

Eddie approaches the door again and pushes the doorknob in.

There he lay.

Evan “Buck” Buckley laying so still. Not moving, not breathing on his own, not awake, and looking so pale.

“Oh, Buck,” Maddie gasped. She approached the bed. She stared down at her little brother. The muscular man looking so small in the bed. Maddie sat down in the chair and grabbed her brother’s hand.

She stared at her brother with tears threatening to spill. She hesitantly brought her brother’s hand to her mouth, kissing it she let her tears fall. She silently prayed that he would pull through.

Bobby looked at the man he considered his son. Bruises on his face, made him want to hold him close and protect him from the horrible world-shield him from any dangers. Seeing Buck in the hospital again after the bombing, the pulmonary embolism, and catching as he collapses from exhaustion after the tsunami makes Bobby want to cry.

Eddie sits on the other side of Buck and holds his other hand subtly, although the others already heard what he said in the car. Eddie just stares at Buck for a while and falls asleep with Buck’s hand still in his.

“I’m going to call Hen and update everyone on Buck’s condition,” Athena announced quietly as to not wake the sleeping man. Maddie and Bobby nod at her and she exits the room.

“What are we going to do with you, Buck?” Maddie softly questions no one in particular. “Why does it have to be you that is in this hospital bed tonight?” She continued. Bobby hummed in agreement with her, thinking, “why does it have to be you?”

After a little while, more Athena comes back in the room. Maddie having fallen asleep soon after Eddie. Athena looks at Bobby and shakes her head as she approaches him. They come together in a hug, Athena starts to shake and Bobby knows she’s crying. Bobby puts his face in her hair kissing the top of her head as he sheds tears for his son.

With Hen, Karen and the kids

Hen sits and stares at her phone hoping for a call soon but for good news. It’s been three hours since they left. Left the house, left Hen and Karen to watch the kids, left to go help Buck.

Hen continued to stare at her phone when Karen approached. “Hey…” she greeted. Hen just looked up at her worry obviously written all over her face. Karen walked closer and put a hand on Hen’s shoulder. “Nothing, yet?” she questions. Hen shook her head no. Karen enveloped Hen in a hug.

Hen can feel the tears pricking the edge of her eyes, just begging for escape. “What will happen if he doesn’t make it?” she sobs. “Are we just supposed to go back to before he came here? Are we just supposed to move on? Cuz, I can’t do that… I can’t just act like he didn’t exist like a lot of other people do when they lose someone they work with!” Karen just rubs her arm laying her head on top of Hen’s.

“No. And you know why?” Hen shakes her head. “Because Buck is one stubborn kid, and he will fight to get back to us, and he will fight to recover. Then you won’t have to worry about if he’s gonna be okay, because he will be back with us before you know it.” Karen finishes. Hen looks up at her. “You’re right.” Hen stands up to face her. “Gosh, this is why I love you so much.” She hugs Karen.

They both look at Hen’s phone as it rings. With a shaky hand, Hen picks up the phone and answers it.


“Hen, do you have everyone around you?”

“No, just a sec.”

Karen goes into the other room to gather the kids. Once they’re all there Hen gives Athena the go-ahead.

“Okay, Buck lost a lot of blood and suffered another seizure during surgery, and it was touch and go for a while but he pulled through. Buck also suffered a brain bleed which caused the seizures, he also had a very bad concussion. There was a glass shard that was embedded in the right side of his chest that had punctured his lung, they repaired that and put him on a ventilator until it heals. They stitched up the cut on his head and fixed his broken leg. He will need to heal for at least three months, four at the most. He is currently in the ICU and will remain there until they deem him okay to be moved to a regular room.” Athena spits out quickly.

They stand there in shock, processing the information they have been told. “S-so, he’s gonna be okay?” Hen speaks up.

“Yes. As far as we know.” Athena confirms. “Oh, thank you, God!” Hen shouts. They all start to cheer and Athena smiles hearing their cheers. “I’ll update you if anything changes.” “Okay. Bye” Athena pockets her phone and turns to head back into the room, she pauses to thank God for protecting her son and walks into the room.

She sees Maddie asleep too. Athena looks at Bobby and shakes her head as she approaches him. They come together in a hug, Athena starts to shake and Bobby knows she’s crying. Bobby puts his face in her hair kissing the top of her head as he sheds tears for his son.


“Why our son? Why does it always have to be Buck?” She questions hysterically. Bobby holds her tighter shaking his head. “I don’t know, I just don’t know.”

A few hours later

Buck starts to stir, he groans. All he feels is soreness. He tries to open his eyes. It’s dark except for a faint light near the door when he does. Buck looks around trying to figure out where he was. He sees Maddie holding his hand next to him, Bobby and Athena sitting at the foot of his bed, and Eddie holding his hand, they’re all asleep. Suddenly the door opens, and Chim walks through the door quietly humming a song that Buck couldn’t recognize. Chim approaches not noticing Buck yet. Buck tries to speak but it comes out raspy. Chim immediately stops humming and walking and stares.

“Oh my gosh, Buck!” he says loudly. Everyone jumps and looks at Chim, he just gestures towards the bed. Everyone whips their heads towards him, he would have laughed if it didn’t hurt.

“Oh my gosh, Buck!” they all say in unison. Another moment he would have laughed if it didn’t hurt.

“You’re okay!” Maddie said. Oh my gosh I’m gonna go get the doctor!” she announced and left.

1 month later

Eddie helped Buck into his truck after the fourth physical therepy session. “Today went well.” Buck says hopeful as Eddie gets into the drivers side of his truck. “Yeah, it was… I hope I can make it better.” Eddie says. “What?” Buck questions. “Will… you go o-out with me…?” Buck looks at him in shock trying to register what Eddie had said. “W-what?” Buck asked. Eddie’s face started heating up in embarassment. “Um… w-will you go o-ut with me?” Eddie asks again regret starting to show on his face. Buck stared at him blank faced, then smiled the brightest smile Eddie had seen on his face since the accident. “YES!!” Buck yells. “Oh my gosh yes!” Eddie smiles too and leans in to kiss Buck.

3 months later

“Okay, I think you’re good to go back to work.” the physical theripist said. Buck let out a breath he was holding. He smiled at the doctor the brightest smile Eddie had seen since he had asked him out, and he decided he was gonna do it.

1 week later

Everything was set. Everyone was at his place ready for Buck’s surprise party for getting reenstaed again, hopefully without the polminary embolism. He also had something else planned and hoped it would go according to plan.

“Okay, everyone they’re here!” Athena announced. Almost immedietly the door opened and in walked Maddie and Buck.

“SURPRISE!” Everyone shouted. Once again Buck almost fell over from the surprise. Buck got a hold of himself and smiled. He hugged Athena, Maddie, Chim, Hen, Bobby, and finally Eddie.

“I got a surprise for you.” Eddie said.

“Oh yeah? What is it?” Buck asked.

Eddie turned around and shouted for eveyones attention. Then turned back to Buck. Eddie smiled and got down on one knee. Buck gasped and put his hands to him mouth.

“Will you Evan Buckley, do me the honor of becoming my husband and Christopher’s second father?”

Buck gasped again tears coming down his face. “Yes! A thousand times yes!”

Everyone cheered with joy Eddie stood up and kissed Buck, crying himself. Christopher came over and hugged the both of them.

6 months later they married and had an actual wedding unlike Bobby and Athena and Christopher was the ring bearer.

Now they live happier with the love of their lives beside them forever.