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The nine heroes waltzed into a bar in Warriors Hyrule. Not the best idea they had but it would be a little fun.

"It'll be fun trust me."

"Yeah Warriors like half of your ideas haven't been stupid already." The always sassy ass Legend.

"Just don't start, you don't want to anger the lady that owns this place." Warriors said cautiously, sitting down at the bar. Forcing Wind to sit beside him, because goddess forbid if someone wasn't keeping an eye on him; he would get rum, or whiskey. Something like that.

Speak of the devil, the bar owner appeared.

"Ah Link, Wat can I get yo tod'aay?"

"I'll have the usual." Warriors said. He gestured over to the others. "You better introduce yourselves."


"Twilight or Twi"





"'Rule" (Having the nickname Hyrule would be too odd)

"And you already know me!"

"Righter ar. I'm Violetta, Say Wind, Has Link bean lettin yer drink yet." Violetta said with a glance.


"He's to young"

"Hes bean with pierates fer Hylia's sak. Let der 'lil Pierate drink."

"NO!" Warriors screamed banging on the tabel, getting looks from the other people in the bar.

"Mind yer own dan biss-nus will yay" (everyone turned around) Violetta turned to Wind with a pitiful smile on her face. "Hey 'lil Pierate why don cha help me winth ordeys will yay?"

Before Warriors could react wind jumped over the bar to area where drinks were made.

"Hyliadanit I wilint gove the 'lil Pierate a drink, calm your winin." Violetta said to Warriors shutting him up, as he turned to the others, nothing bad can happen right.

He failed to hear the conversation between Violetta and Wind.

"Hey Violetta I never asked what's up with the plagued Leaves on the wall?"

"Dos ar Cheatau levs. Useafoll fer createn the beast Cheatau evrn. Cheatau Vi. Famoly Res-e-pie. Wens the no ownar comes, they plague on lev to der waln in celnoprayshin. I 'ave a boox ovar der fall of dem." Violetta said pointing to a box full of leaves. All a crimson color. "Mix Dos winth ay secrot drink dat lonks like werter, yo got Cheatau Vi."

About two hours past, of wind helping with orders and watching Warriors get drunk. Wind said he was 'Drunk as a Skunk. But Violetta saying 'Hes ase crazy as ay Pomkun Pye on a scoutey' took the so called "Leaves" according to Wind.

Wind also managed to snag some Drunk Legend moment of Wild's slate to use as blackmail later.

Which would come in handy.

As wind packed up his bag he noticed a clear water looking liquid in a jar, and a jar full of leaves.

Wind looked over.

Violetta winked.

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It was the middle of the night. And the Hero of Legends couldn't sleep.

He had a splitting headache.


Legend tiptoed down the steps into the lobby of the Inn, with two blankets draped over his shoulder. The Inn was pretty fancy.

Legend made it to the lobby seeing Sky pacing back and forth.

"Hey whatcha up to?" Legend said calmly for once cuz he was tried. But her would probably snap soon due to his splitting headache.

Again Hangover.

"Can't sleep,'' Sky said putting his hands behind his back. "Which is odd cuz' I'm always tired. Ugh i just can't SLEEP TONIGHT."

Legend brought enough will not to start yelling at Sky. "Well neither can I. Hey!" - Legend got a glance from Sky - "I gotta place. Just follow me, I know the area."

"How do you know the area? This is Warriors Hyrule."

"Just trust me I know."

"Ok, but I'll need to go grab my blanket."

Sky went to head up the stairs before Legend threw one of the blankets at him.

"Here we'll get there quicker if you take one of my blankets." Legend said heading to the door of the Inn. Pausing to make sure everyone was asleep.

"Ok but I need to know where you got these blankets, they're so amazing and soft." Sky said instantly snuggling up with the blankets.

"I got them in my hyrule… and they cost a lot so you're paying for them." Legend said with his usual snarkiness.


On their way to the spot the two were going to, they ran into Wolfie.

Sky started petting, and then he piped up, "Hey Wolfie's fur feels like the blanket.

Hours passed of the two walking around, as Legend didn't actually have a place. He knew Sky wouldn't come with if he didn't have a place. Wolfie eventually dispersed from the group. Sky and Legend eventually returned back to a very angry Time.

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It had been a week since the whole bar stuff and the group had settled on a campsite underneath the moonlight.

The links talked way into the night with jokes going around. Stories.

Till everyone's gave went to Legend.

"Whaddya want Assholes?"

"Jeez Legend we just wanted to know why you were staring up at the sky?" Twi said obviously annoyed by Legend additude, like almost everybody. Twi was even forced to cover up Winds ears (which did not make wind happy).

"I was looking at the moon. If you think about it, it's the same moon everyone has looked at. It's all the same moon. Even throughout time… and worlds." Legend quietly said pointing up to the sky.

Everyone's gaze was drawn to the sky.

The moonlight reflecting off of everyone's faces.

"Now? Now you listen to me?”

"Well yeah… Legend, we didn't know you could be so thoughtful." Sly said in awe.

"I… didn't know either."

Legend took a quick glance to the campsite to see half of a certain mask illuminated by the moomlight.

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After the whole moon moment, it was time for ghost stories. Sky, Legend, Twi, and Time had already fallen asleep. So it was just five hero's left.

Wind, Warriors, Four, Wild, and Hyrule.

All had gathered around the fire in hope for some spooks.

"Alright Wind whaddya got?" Warriors asked impatiently.

"Alright… I got a story called. The demon mask. it starts with… 'I know you didn’t ask for this…'"

The story lasted late into the night. The rest left awake decided it was around three. They all decided to sleep, so that they wouldn't be scolded in the mornin.


Everything was on fire… standing before Warriors was a slender figure within the fire.

"Who are you?" Warriors asked as the flames danced around him.

"You'll find out soon enough."

Warriors screamed as the flames started engulfing him.

"Warriors wake up!!!"

"Wh-what?" Warriors said groggily. Not knowing who was talking.

He knew this was the last time they were doing scary stories by the fire.

And Legend might have some more dirt on him Warriors noticed as he looked down.

He wet the bed.

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"I'm cold!"

"Hyliadamnit Sky, were all cold it's fall for Zelda's sake." Legend said

All the rest of the links collectively groaned, recently Legend had been yelling at Sky.

Well Sky snapped.


Legend punched Sky in the face. "LISTEN UP I DON'T-"

Sky started tackling Legend down to the ground. As all of the rest had gone to break the fight up. It managed to stop when shy said.


The sweater was matter of factly laying on the ground, torn in half. Sky was wearing it the whole time he was complaining.

Sky ran off as a couple of links ran after him as some stayed behind to hold Legend back. ("I'm gonna kill him later" "No your not")

Hours passed, camp had been set up. Sky face was looking ugly from crying.

The Legend tapped on Sky's shoulder.

"Whaddya want Bastard?"

"Jeez dude… I just wanted to tell you I fixed your sweater."

Sky took the sweater looked at it a bit, then he turned to Legend.

“I might just kiss you.”

"Please Don't"

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"Legend you seem on the edge"

“Yes, I’m aware. Your point?”

Sky had just randomly gone up to Legend to tell him, "Well Wind thought that we could all play music. So I was thinking that you would want to join. After all with all those instruments you must have to be very good. And well, you could calm down."

"What is everyone playing?"

"Warrior, and Four are dancing. Wind is playing the Wind waker. Time is playing the ocarina. And I'm playing the harp."

"I'll join you."


Legend pulled a foreign harp out of his bag stood up and started walking towards the others.

All of the links were arguing over who got to start first.

It didn't help that Legend was already on edge but he waited. It didn't seem like they were gonna stop.

That's when Legend snapped.


All the Links turned and stared at Legend holding the harp. With looks of disbelief.

"I'll go first everyone sit down."

All the Links did as they were told and sat down.

They couldn't believe it. Legend would willingly do this.

Legend started playing. For a couple of seconds it seemed like this is what he was doing. Then he started singing.

"Oh, oh, oh"

"For the longest time

Oh, oh, oh

For the longest

If you said goodbye to me tonight
There would still be music left to write
What else could I do
I'm so inspired by you
That hasn't happened for the longest time


Once I thought my innocence was gone
Now I know that happiness goes on
That's where you found me
When you put your arms around me
I haven't been there for the longest time

Oh, oh, oh

For the longest time

Oh, oh, oh

For the longest

I'm that voice you're hearing in the hall
And the greatest miracle of all
Is how I need you
And how you needed me too
That hasn't happened for the longest time

Maybe this won't last very long
But you feel so right
And I could be wrong
Maybe I've been hoping too hard
But I've gone this far
And it's more than I hoped for
Who knows how much further we'll go on
Maybe I'll be sorry when you're gone
I'll take my chances
I forgot how nice romance is
I haven't been there for the longest time

I had second thoughts at the start
I said to myself
Hold on to your heart
Now I know the woman that you are
You're wonderful so far
And it's more than I hoped for
I don't care what consequence it brings
I have been a fool for lesser things
I want you so bad
I think you ought to know that
I intend to hold you for the longest time"

He stopped playing. And for once Legend was calm.

As he looked up at the sky and saw a seagull flying above.

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Sky stared up at the well… Sky. It reminded him of home. It reminded him of nicer things before that blast. Before he thought it was good. Before he realized it was bad.

He knew why he couldn't sleep two weeks ago. The blast was keeping him up. It was again today. He looked up at the sky.

He was supposed to have watch but he wasn't really doing it.

He needed to stop thinking about it.

“No, and that’s final.” He said to himself as he looked up. Thinking of well, … other things to think about.

Then it struck him the stars. It reminded him so much of home. He would on his back for hours on end in the middle of the night with Zelda reciting constellations.

He decided he would name them all. Even if they weren't here.

"Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Acquires, Pieces, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Libra…"

Sky dozed off.


"Hey Sky why are you looking over there?"

"I have a bad feeling"

"Guys get ready for battle… Sky's bad feelings have never been wrong before."

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After a long time the hero's found themselves at Time, and his wife's ranch.

It was a very cold day so it was great to be in some warmth.

All of them walked inside to Malon in the kitchen working on food.

Wind and wild walked up to her. (Wind trying not to trip cuz' he was wearing Warriors long ass scarf)

"What are you cooking" The two said simultaneously.


Wild got hard at work helping with the chili. After all it was hard trying to cook for ten people, when starting with one.

Wind got bored of watching so he piped up. "I'm bored can I help?"

Malon nodded "yes you can heat up water in each of those mugs over there?"

Wind ran over and started filling up all the mugs with water. It was going to be hard carrying them all. But he saved his home, so what could be so hard.

Wild and Malon joking around. Malon said something like… "Can you stay? I could actually get things done if you cooked"

They broke out into laughter.

Wind carried all the hot mugs to the fire place. "Hey miss Malon?"


"What am I gonna do with these mugs?"

"Make hot cocoa"

Chapter Text

"What's that?"

"You don't know what hot cocoa is?"

Wind shook his head moving over to the fire place. Putting all the mugs on a tray and sliding them in. "What's it like?"

"It has a certain taste to it"

"Like magic?"

Malon broke out into laughter. "No, no. Whoever told you that?"

"But what does it taste like? If it doesn't taste like magic?"

"I don't know how to describe it. … And how do you taste Magic"

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Blegh, Blurreg, Blegg, Blurreg.

That's what Time heard in the middle of the night. His room was right next to the Dining room. He got up to see what was happening. He went into the kitchen to see Twilight throwing up in a bucket.



"Oh hey Time"

That when the instincts came in.


“It’s not always like this”

Time looked at Twilight puzzled.

"When I usually turn into Wolfie to much I feel sick. But I turned into wolfie to much earlier today, so it caught up to-" Blurrg

"Ok well how about I move you somewhere?"

"I would say couch, but Wind is sleeping there"

Who awkwardly was not hearing anything.

Off like a shot Time was running to the living room.

Someone was finally on the couch again since Wild accidentally punctured a hole in it, and had to be patched.

There was a lot of screaming that day.

Time started shaking Wind awake.

"W-wha?" Wind said sleepily.

"I'm gonna need you to go move to Twi's bed, ok?"

Wind groaned and stood up starting to drag the blanket with him.

"Leave this hear. There's a blanket on Twi's bed."

Wind groaned again. But reluctantly left the blanket, rubbed his eyes and started slowly up the stairs to the attic where everyone was staying.

Time figured to grab more blankets for Twilight from the closet once he got him onto the couch.

All this reminded him of the forest when someone would get sick and rearrangements were made.

Every also kept calm.

Which Time was never good at.

Time moved back to the currently barfing Twi.

"Hey, I'm going to move you to the couch."

More barfing.

"Ok but-"


Thus the whole house woke up.

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"Oh HyliaDamnit."

"What Zelds?" Zelda said to Zelds, it was odd because one princess was stuck in a sleep for over a thousand years. The other was not a ver much younger.

"I was reading a folklore book that was talking earlier about picori having wings. But I've never seen a picori with wings, I've never seen a picori"

IThey don't got wings"

“What if I don’t see it?”

Zelds like I said-"

"The book mentioned a purple one with wings. But there are no purple picori in folklore"


Chapter Text

Zelds walked into the royal study holding two, oddly shaped… erm… things?
Which was not unusual for her standards.

"What are those?" Said the royal advisor Zelda (a princess who had been asleep for a thousand years), looking up from her very thick book; about this time periods customs.

"Pumpkins duh?"

"And how was I supposed to know that?" Said the royal advisor lifting an eyebrow.

"Well I guess you weren't, but-"

"I swear did you sneak out of the castle again?"

"Yes just those gaurds are stupid. Any ways, I never knew it could be this way, with pumpkins. They're so odd."

"You are right with odd. What are ya gonna do with them."

"Decorate the castle. After I have more in a three wheelbarrows in the courtyard." Zelds started rushing towards the courtyard.

Zelda just paused, and realized Zelds left the two pumpkins in the study. She passed them practically emotionless, and went to the telegram.

She typed in: 'Please remove the three wheelbarrows of pumpkins from the courtyard. But keep the two in the study.'; In Morse code.

Knowing that the courtyard was on the other side of the castle Zelds would not get there in time. Guards nearby would and remove the barrows.

Knowing that Zelds would be disappointed. Zelda got up to go hide from her.

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"Zelds you need to stop reading" Zelda said to the princess.

"Sorry but these reptile books are just so good. I mean Alligators could tear people apart. So cool!"

"Your gonna get sucked into the book if you don't stop reading."

“I can’t come back?"



"Zelda the 75th of Hyrule, you have to get dressed prim and proper for your fathers arrival. So it looks like I actually watched you, when in reality for the first day I tried. And the other days I just let you do what you want." Zelda said

"But reptiles."

"No reptiles! Your father is coming back here with his girlfriend!" As soon as those words slipped from Zelda's mouth she covered her mouth.

"I wish I was an alligator"


"So I could swim away from these people. Now get out of my room, I'm getting changed."

Chapter Text

Zelds grazed her hand across the books. Why? Why did her dad have a girlfriend?

Her hands stopped on a book about foreign relations. Of course. It'd for diplomatic reasons. She should have known.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” She silently whispered as she pulled a book about secret passageways off the shelf.

She opened to the contexts page and was looking for the page about the princess' room. Of course this was based off of the first way the building was built. But since this part wasn't remodeled some of it could be left there.

"Zelda come down here!" Her father's booming voice called. "I want you to meet someone!"

Shit she wasn't dressed yet.

Chapter Text

Zelds pulled a cloak, Cape, Jacket thing over her shoulders; she never bothered to ask what it was.

She left her room, getting a raised eyebrow by Zelda. "You're still in your Pajamas. Weren't you supposed to be getting dressed.?"

"I don't care"


"No" Zelds said trying to walk away from Zelda.

Zelda grabbed her arm. “Listen. No, really listen.” - Zelds scoffed trying to pull her hand away from Zelda - " She may not be your mother. But just give her a chance." She let go of Zelds arm.

"I should probably change out of my Pajamas." Zelds headed back to her room and opened her door until she heard:


Chapter Text

"Hello Zelds, I'm queen Evelyn of Hytopia"

Evelyn shook Zelds hand.

"Enchanted." Zelds said in a blank tone.

The king and Evelyn walked towards the entrance to the royal dining room. Laughing about whatever.

"Don't they just look enchanted together?" Said Zelda in romance freak voice. Swooning over the King and Evelyn.

"There is just something about her."

"Zelds look we talked about this. Just give her a change. Really, I know you miss your mom but she wouldnt want you to act like this."

Zelds sighed. "Fine," she said muttering to herself curses.

Chapter Text


"Zelds she is merely just sitting-"


"Zelda the 75th of hyrule, it doesn't matter."

"Yes it does, if anyone gets that seat it should be me!!!" Zelds then went to push Evelyn off the chair.


"Fine I didn't want to dine with you anyways asshole. Besides your only the king consort." Zelds humped as she slammed the door out. She stomped up the stairs. She entered the study instead of going to her room.

She skimmed the books passing by her father's desk. Wait. Fathers desk?

She went back to her father's desk. Seeing a black box on top of it. Not just any black box.

The black box that held HER MOTHER'S WEDDING RING.

That bitch was going to put a ring on it! He was going to marry that- that last. Not lady. THING!

She grabbed the box. She knew she was going to keep it for herself. Hide it. It was rightfully her's. It would be her little secret.

She muttered to herself-

“Secrets? I love secrets.”

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“Yes, I admit it, you were right.”

Zelda stopped dead in her tracks. She came upon Zelds, in her favorite place to be when she was sad. The bridges between the two towers the builders were using to move back and forth. "I didn't even say anything."

"You were going to."

"But that's not the same."

"WHATEVER! It's going to be the same. No matter what I do! You know what!" Zelds said turning around sharply to look Zelda straight in the eyes.


"This place used to be so fun and lively when mom was here. These bridges were always decorated with the most beautiful flowers. Then he had to kill her."

"Your Mother did a very bad thing, SHE CHEATED ON THE KING! How-How do you still miss her?"

"She cared. She would walk me across the bridges. She would sit with me in the garden. She would teach me things. She once told me that when I was 13 she would tell me a secret… I later found out that secret was my brother."


"Father if ignored her. And now- and now, he's treating Evelyn like she is the most important thing to him. More… more important than me." Zelds started running off grazing her hands across the side of the bridge.


Zelds turned.

"Are you sorry for treating everyone like that?"


And then Zelds left the bridge.

Chapter Text

Zelds sat on her makeshift swing that she ties to the top of her canopy bed. Made out of two pieces of rope and a slab of wood. Swinging shallowly backs and forth.

Holding onto the black box.

She sighed, placing the black box behind her on the bed.

She swung for a bit more.

“You could talk about it, you know?”

Zelds looked shocked to see Evelyn in her doorway. She had not been paying attention enough to not hear the door open.

"What are you doing here?" Zelds snarled.

"Nice swing," Evelyn said brushing past her ignoring what she said.

"I said, 'what are you doing here?!" Zelds repeated herself.

"Well I was thinking that we don't know each other very much, so maybe we could do something tomorrow?"

"Really I thought you were to busy painting your nails?"

Evelyn lightly punched Zelds shoulder, and chuckled "Nah, I'm not like most Hytopians.Anyways come on it's gonna be fun. Besides bet you buy an actual swing. tie it up in what used to be courtyard think about it swing."


Chapter Text

Zelds and Evelyn walked down the streets of Castle Town, looking at all the many booths that the citizens had put up.

Zelds citizens not Evelyn's.

"Oh, look over there Zelds, there's a performance going on. Maybe that's something you'll like."

Evelyn steered around the corner to the newly built square to see the performance. There was a stage in the back. Chairs in many places. Booth selling food on the sides. "How about we get some ramen?"

Zelds hmped and went with Evelyn to the ramen booth.

"I'll have a medium Myojo Ippeichan, Dan shell have…," Evelyn paused for Zelds to answer. Zelds didn't answer. "She'll have one too."

The two sat down and started eating near the stage. Evelyn paused eating and said, “Change is annoyingly difficult."

Zelds scoffed, what did she know?

Before Evelyn could continue the curtains opened with someone standing on stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you a production off 'Somewhere Summer Starts'. Starting someone who has been in the ranks for a long time… is about to retire from this job…"

"Her name is… AKANE AIYA!!!"

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It was the middle of the night, the young child clutching hard onto his stuffed couco. Scared, trembling, afraid. A thunderstorm was going on, loud booms, and flashing light.

He just wanted to sleep with his auntie. With her he knew he would be safe.

Her bedroom was just down the hall.

“We could have a chance,” he said to his stuffed coco.

He slowly climbed out of bed. Clicked on his flashlight.

He checked under his bed for monster and then left his room.

He crept out of the room carefully. Making sure not to creek the creaky floorboard.

Everytime the thunder boomed and lightning flashed. He froze and listened.

He made it to his auntie's door and carefully opened it to see his auntie asleep.

He clicked off his flashlight, carefully closed the door.

Holding his stuffed couco close to his chest. He placed the flashlight on the nightstand, and climbed up the bed snuggling up with his auntie.

"Goodnight auntie."

"Goodnight Nephew."

Chapter Text

It was morning and the young nephew had awoken. He noticed that his auntie wasn't in bed so he climbed out seeing the light shining through the window. He held his soft couco to his chest and left the room.

He walked down the hallway past his own, to the kitchen. He sat on the bar stool watching his auntie make breakfast, while cuddling with his soft toy.

Aubrey smiled side glancing to see her nephew, hugging the to that she got him for his 4th Christmas. She cooked the soft pancakes more, it was his favorite meal.

She didn't expect him to say something.

"Auntie what could I get you for your birthday?"

Aubrey was a huge softie, she just smiled and said, “You can’t give more than yourself.”

Chapter Text

"Be patient," the two were baking, and so far it was going good. Until the little one started complaining about how long the baking was taking.

“Patience… is not something I’m known for.” He tried to make himself right.

"Well that little one is not how it works," Aubrey said scooping her nephew up in her lap. "Baking always takes a long time, don't you remember that?"

"No, it usually goes quick."

"Well this is maybe someone is grumpy because they didn't get much sleep last night, due to the thunder storm?"

"Or maybe because it's just taking longer?"

Aubrey gave up.

Chapter Text

The baking was going much longer to Aubrey's surprise (not much to her Nephew's).

Of course he was complaining right now.

“I could really eat something.”

"Uggh, fine," Aubrey gave in. "What do you want?"


Aubrey started slicing up the apple into pieces. She should have known apples were her nephew's favorite food. 'Apple' Was one of his first words. He constantly ate them, and wanted them for a snack.

Aubrey finished the apple slicing, and gave the plate to the boy. She grabbed a jar of jam. Most people liked peanut butter with their Apples, but he was allergic. So his had jam with them.

"Yes, Apples and Jam!"

Aubrey smiled remembering that 'Apple was favorite word.

Chapter Text

The baking was done and the two were eating cookies. All of the cookies were animal shaped. Aubrey's nephew was sitting in her lap, eating up a Cocou cookie that was shaped like his stuffed Cocou. Animals were his favorite and he wanted to take care of animals when he was older.

"Auntie what's this?"

Aubrey looked down to see her nephew holding up a cookie that was clearly messed up. "That was supposed to be an Owl but now it's just a blob."

He giggled and continued to eat the cookie.

"What are you doing?" Aubrey asked when he snuggled in closer.

“You keep me warm.”

Aubrey sighed.

Her nephew was an animal too.

Chapter Text

Aubrey loved her nephew she really did. And she knew he loved her. But she had to go to work.

Aubrey dropped him off at a daycare centre. "Now what do we do?"

"Love everyone with all your heart, even if they do wrong to you."

"Good," Aubrey said boping his nose getting a giggle. She turned him around and said. "Go have fun and find everyone you love which is…?"


"I love you, Auntie."

"I love you too, Can you wait for me?”


The nephew ran inside.

Chapter Text

It midday and Aubrey's nephew wouldn't shut up.

"I want Candy, I want Candy, I want Candy" He said in a sing song voice.

"You can't have candy, right now"

"But I want Candy!"


(Mom mode activated)

He pouted, shook his head, and crossed his arms. "I WANT CANDY!!"

“Enough! I heard enough!”

Chapter Text

Sometimes Aubrey felt haunted. By her brother. By her nephew's mother. She only met the mother once. 


Her brother had already died by this point. It was a rainy night, and Aubrey planned to stay inside and play some crossword games by herself. She sorta felt haunted. She heard running outside a gently stood up, so she could check the window.


Before she could though she heard a knock at the door and went over to it.


Before she opened it she heard, “I’m doing this for you.”


She opened the door to see a woman in a black cloak, facing down at a bundle. With brown hair in every direction.


The bundle was a little baby boy, about three months old. With a little bit of Auburn hair. In a baby blue blanket (that's were Aubrey assumed he was a boy, and she was correct). He was crying really loudly.


The lady looked a little bit up to see Aubrey at the door, "Please take care of him, where he's at," She gulped, "he's not safe. He's your brother's son even though he never met him. Please take him!" The lady was practically sobbing by this point.


Aubrey was haunted by this sudden gesture but she took the crying bundle into her arms. "I promise."


"And I promise to come back for him," She then promptly ran off before Aubrey could respond.


Aubrey took the crying  bundle into her house. She (juggling a baby in one arm) opened up the closet she pulled out a small crate that had a little bit of hay in it.


It was were the milk bottles came from before she would put them in her ice box.


She placed the child inside, "There, a place for you to sleep for now."


It had been almost four years.

Chapter Text

Aubrey Often had dinner parties with the others in the business. This one was to celebrate the upcoming Fall Festival. Everyone had their own parties with their family's the first week (which was why Aubrey had done baking). The second week was with family and friends (this week) and the last was the entire town.

Aubrey fixed the bow on her little nephew's suit. “I’m with you, you know that.”

He was always a little anxious around many people. But the people that were at the party seemed to love him.

Speak of the devil Noa walked in. "Ah there's the little squirt." She pinched both of his cheeks and held out a bag, "Here's somethin' for ya."

"Oh God Noa your spoiling him."

Inside the bag was a little cocou costume. "Ah"

"Say thank you to miss. Rina."

"Thank you"

"Well he's gotta look Fierce for when the evil spirits come, but cute when the good ones do." Other people were coming into the house. Noa belt down. "Hey squirt here your birthday was the day before the Fall Festival good job. It's gonna on the market day"

Aubrey looked at Noa with a 'party's starting now, so shut up' look.

"Alright, alright let's get this party started."

Chapter Text

It was the day before Aubrey' nephew's birthday. They walked into the cemetery.

"Are you scared?"

“Scared, me?”

Aubrey gave her nephew another look.


Aubrey nelt down so she could see her nephews face, "Why are you scared? there's nothing scary here.

"B-but what if daddy's spirit doesn't like me?"

"Oh how will, I promise." Said aubrey getting up.

"What about mommy?"

"Well, I've only met her once, and I assure you she's still alive. She took you away so you could be safe."

"What if she really didn't want me?"

"She did. She told me so herself that she would come back for, however long it shall take."

Aubrey took her nephews hand and walked into the cemetery.