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Kinktober 2019 Collection

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A collection of my kinktober fics for this year. Will edit tags as I write the fics. And for those curious, here's the prompts for this year:

1. Ass Worship/Spanking/Wax Play

2. Voyeurism/Rimming/Body Swap

3. Tentacles/Distention/Knife Play

4. Gags/Cunnilingus/Daddy/Fisting

5. Bondage/Frotting/Sixty-Nine/Vibrator

6. Blow Jobs/Suspension/Masks/Flogging

7. Leather/Scent/Forniphilia/Aphrodisiacs

8. Oviposition/Creampie/Tights/Sadism

9. Pet Play/Scissoring/Costumes

10. Face Sitting/Toys/Hate Fucking

11. Mirror Sex/Formal Wear/Vore

12. Lingerie/Crossdressing/Biting

13. Pegging/Nipple Play/Dirty Talk

14. Fucking Machine/Feet/Praise Kink

15. Cuckolding/Food Play/Hair Pulling

16. Shibari/Hot Dogging/Uniforms

17. Boot Worship/Lap Dances/Scars

18. Glory Hole/Sthenolagnia/Blood

19. Shotgunning/Double Penetration

20. Sex Work/Masturbation/Role Play

21. Edging/Size Difference/Swallowing

22. Distention/Telepathy/Crying

23. Corset/Collaring/Threesome

24. Begging/Anal/ABO

25. Monsterfucking/Shower Sex/Latex

26. Breath Play/Orgasm Denial/Smiles

27. Sex Pollen/Distracted Sex/Xenophilia

28. Spit-roasting/Overstimulation

29. Handjobs/Oral Fixation/Micro-Macro

30.Temp Play/Degradation


Chapter Text

“It’s too hot!” Joseph whines, falling on his back onto the ground. He was practically dying from training in the blazing hot Venice sun.

“What are you doing?” Caesar asks, scoffing at the other man

“What does it look like I’m doing dumbass.” Joseph mouths off to Caesar, “I’m resting. It’s too hot out to train, and yet Lisa Lisa, being the bitch she is, has us going wild out here!”

“Watch your mouth! How dare you talk about our teacher like that!” Caesar pulls Joseph up by the collar of his tank top functioning as a shirt, and stares him down

“What?!” Joseph whines a little bit, not taking the Italian’s attitude with him

“She’s our teacher and should be respected. Don’t you think she’s trying to better us by training us in the blistering heat?!”

“I think,” Joseph mutters under his breath, looking away from Caesar, “She’s trying to kill us.”

“You take that back you… you man-child!”

“At least I don’t have a boner for my teacher!” Joseph whips back

“She’s like a mother to me! I would never think impure thoughts of her! Where the fuck is your muzzle? I don’t want to hear another word out of you.” Caesar lets go of Joseph’s collar and drops the muscular man onto the ground, looking for Joseph’s Hamon training mask

“What are you going to do huh?” Joseph taunts, “Spank me like a baby?” Caesar whipped his head around in a way that gave The Exorcist a run for its money. He looked at Joseph with an intense fury that seemed to only increase in intensity the longer he stared at Caesar.

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

“What?!” Joseph shouts, jumping up onto his feet

“I’m going to spank you like the insolent little brat you are if you say one more word about Master Lisa Lisa.”

“You cannot be serious Caesar.” Joseph whines this time with more effort

“I’m dead serious. I’ll spank you.”

“Lisa. Lisa.”

“Don’t Joseph.”

“Is. A. Bitch.” With that Caesar strides across the stones of the courtyard they had been training on and lifts Joseph up over his shoulder. Joseph, surprised by Caesar’s ability to carry him, desperately hits Caesar’s back and protests.

“Let me go!”

“Not unless you apologize.”

“For saying she’s a bitch? Well she is, so I’m not going to apologize.”

“Then I guess I’ll just have to spank you.” Caesar replies, not skipping a beat. He drags Joseph to Joseph’s room before spreading the other man over his lap, ass facing up. He pulls his pants down ever so slightly while Joseph was beaming with a false sense of pride that nothing Caesar could do to him would hurt, but it was replaced with something much worse. Caesar’s hand came down onto Joseph’s thick ass and Joseph let out something he never regretted more. A moan. Caesar looks down at him in shock, surprised he had elicited that kind of reaction from the other, before Joseph glares up at him.

“I thought you were punishing me, huh?” Joseph snarks

“I am, but you seem to be enjoying this.”

“I am not! Go ahead! Spank me like a man!”

“Fine.” Caesar’s hand slaps Joseph’s ass yet again, this time Joseph bites the inside of his lip to keep himself from moaning. What the hell was wrong with him? He wanted Caesar to hit him like he was a disobedient child?

“Caesar…” He lets out a soft whine as another blow lands on his butt

“What is it?” He growls a little bit, tired of being interrupted

“Could you… tell me what a bad boy I’ve been?”

“No fucking way.”

“Why not?!”

“Because you’re getting off to this!”

“I am not!”

“Yes you are!”

“If you told me how bad I was misbehaving, I’d feel all that much more shame!”

“Please Jojo. You have no shame.” His hand connects with Joseph’s rear end one more time and Joseph cries out, “How about… Instead of me telling you what a bad boy you are, you tell me why you’re being punished.”

“Because you’re stupid?” Joseph replies, getting a firm slap in response

“Tell me.” Caesar says firmly

“Fine, because I was rude to Lisa Lisa. Happy?”

“No.” Another hit. Joseph’s ass was starting to get raw from how hard Caesar was hitting him

“What do you want?!” He cries out


“To who?!” Wrong answer and another slap

“You know who.”

“Fine. I’m sorry Caesar.” Joseph whines, starting to squirm in Caesar’s lap as another hit landed on his butt, “And Lisa Lisa. There!”

“Good boy.” Caesar says and Joseph whimpers a bit, trying to hold back his arousal

“Caesar… I… I’m…”

“What is it Jojo?” Caesar raises an eyebrow

“I… Forget it.”

“You’re what? I’ll hit you with Hamon if you don’t answer me right now.”

“I’m aroused!”

“I knew it.” Caesar had to smirk

“Just… take care of me, you cocky bastard!” Joseph whines. Caesar doesn’t protest and flips Joseph onto his back. Shit. Joseph had never bottomed before, only topped. Why the hell had he agreed to be underneath Caesar? Caesar, of all men. Before he could change his mind about his position, he felt Caesar’s lips hover over his neck. A little breath pulsed out of his half-open lips before plunging onto Joseph’s skin. Joseph, unsure of where to put his hands, let them wrap themselves around Caesar’s body and rest on his back. Caesar’s lips worked their way up along Joseph’s jaw and he lets out a breathy whine. “Faster.”

“This is a punishment Joseph. Don’t forget that.” Caesar smirks, and lets his hand roam down the Joestar’s body. He stopped and ran his fingers through Joseph’s bush of hair leading up to his cock. He had to admit, he liked his unshaved mess. He wraps his hand around the base of Joseph’s cock before stroking up. Joseph lets out a low moan that practically escaped his lips. He had no idea that Caesar would be that good. Apparently, this was only just the beginning as Caesar pulled off to rummage around Joseph’s belongings and finding a bottle of lube in his bedside table.

“How did you know…” Joseph whines as Caesar pumps himself up and generously coats himself in lube

“You’re not a silent masturbator Joseph. I can hear you all the way from Lisa Lisa’s bedroom when you get really into it.”

“Fuck you.”

“On the contrary, I believe I’m fucking you.” Caesar’s fingers trailed back down to Joseph’s hole before dipping a finger in. Joseph gasps as he’s shocked by the sensation. “Can I put in another to stretch you out?”

“Yeah. Go ahead.” Joseph bites the top of his lip. Caesar lets another finger into Joseph’s hole and makes a scissoring motion with his fingers before pulling out. Joseph whines a little bit, yet again, until he feels Caesar in him. Oh god. This was really happening.

“Tell me when I can move.” Caesar grunts, trying to shift around Joseph’s heavy legs to find a more comfortable position for the both of them. Eventually, Joseph tires of the non-action and begs Caesar to start thrusting into him. Caesar nods and slowly starts to move. His dick gets further and further up Joseph’s asshole as his movements get quicker. Joseph revels in the sound of Caesar’s thighs smacking against the back of his legs. Caesar leans in against his Jojo and continues to speed up. Caesar starts panting as he attempts to get Joseph to admit defeat first. Joseph smirks at him and pulls him down into a kiss until he feels a heat pool in his stomach. No way. He was not going to lose this race to Caesar. That’s when Joseph saw stars. Caesar had found Joseph’s prostate, and when they both realized what he had thrust into, Caesar abused it relentlessly. Joseph gasps as he finally releases up onto Caesar’s chest, followed by Caesar finishing off in Joseph. Caesar pulls out and lies next to Joseph, his breathing starting to match that of Joseph’s.

“For the record… I always top.” Joseph remarks

“Sure explains why you took me like a pillow prince.” Caesar laughs. Joseph rolls over to face the other man and hits him across the face. Caesar can’t help but laugh some more before pinning Joseph down by his wrists to the bed. “Looks like you aren’t such a top after all.”

“Shut up.”

Chapter Text

Finally. After a long struggle with returning Trish to the Boss, Bruno’s little piece of Passione got a much-needed break. Bruno was back in his apartment turned base of operations for the to-be appointed Capo and his gang. He had been zoning out while looking out over the seaside and coastline of Naples, but his attention was brought back to the present as he heard Narancia cackling like a maniac over something Fugo had said.

“Didn’t you hear us Bucciarati?” Mista asks, wrapping an arm around the newest member of the gang, Giorno

“No, I didn’t.” He says, taking one glance back at the sea as he thought of his father

“We’re going to the store. Abbacchio told us to… ‘piss off’ and leave him alone so he’s staying. You want to come?”

“No. I have business that I must attend to. Make sure everything’s in order before I become Capo.”

“Okay, we’ll be back.” Fugo replies and the cluster leaves. Bruno starts his work just as he promised the others when he hears a soft grunt coming from his and Abbacchio’s bedroom. Bruno thought for sure that Abbacchio would have asked him out, given how much he cared about Bruno… but here he was two weeks after the saga with Trish had unfolded and was still very much single, but shared a bedroom with Abbacchio. He quietly walks to his room when he realizes that the door was slightly ajar, probably by Abbacchio to see if everyone had in fact left. Guess he hadn’t checked the living room, or he would have realized that Bruno was still there, but rather than turn around Bruno watched as Abbacchio lied on the bed and started palming himself. He knew he shouldn’t be… spying on Abbacchio like this, but he was so tempted to see what it was that Abbacchio fantasized about if not him. He had been zoning out too much, because when he next looked through the crack in the doorway Abbacchio’s pants were unzipped and he was in the process of pulling his dick out from his underwear. Just from watching him Bruno felt himself getting aroused. He was lucky though. Should the need arise, he could use Sticky Fingers to zip himself away and jerk off in the bathroom so Abbacchio wouldn’t know he was there.

“Bruno… you want to take this?” Abbacchio laughs to himself, “This whole thing? You fucking slut. No. Take it. You said you wanted to.” Abbacchio starts jerking himself off, pretending as if his cock was in Bruno’s mouth. Bruno bit his lip, almost wishing he could use Sticky Fingers to be there and wrap his mouth around Abbacchio’s dick. Instead, he decides to keep his rising bulge under control as Abbacchio’s grunts got louder, shorter and faster as he cums onto the top sheet of the bed. He pants softly and rests until he can keep a steady rhythm and he gets up. Bruno dashes and runs to the bathroom, trying to close the door as quietly as he can so that Abbacchio didn’t know. Shit. He may have had Sticky Fingers to make his get-away smoother, but Abbacchio still had Moody Blues. He would tell Abbacchio exactly who was there and where they were. After a zip of a pants zipper, Bruno hears a muffled sound that sounds like Abbacchio summoning his stand. Bruno almost contemplated jumping out the bathroom right then, but with a three-story fall into cobble road? He most likely wouldn’t survive. He might be able to hide in Sticky Fingers’ void for a bit… soften his landing maybe? Too late. He heard Abbacchio on the other side, messing with the door to see if the door was locked or not.

“Bruno. I know you’re in there.” He growls a little bit. It shouldn’t turn on Bruno nearly as much as it was, but there something about the deepness of his voice when he got pissed off that was just incredibly attractive. Bruno sighs and opens the door to face Abbacchio, who’s face was tinted a soft red. Was he… embarrassed?

“What is it Abbacchio?”

“I didn’t know you were home.”


“Did you… hear what was going on in our bedroom?”

“I… only heard what you wanted me to hear.”

“Great. So, you heard everything.” Abbacchio sighs and turns his back on Bruno. Bruno follows him as they end up in their bedroom. “Listen I know you aren’t interested in me but I…”

“Hold up.” Bruno blinks, did Abbacchio really just say that?


“Did you really just say I’m not interested in you?” He looks incredulously at Abbacchio

“Um… yeah.”

“Leone. How thick are you to think I’m not interested in you?”

“Um.” Was all that Abbacchio could muster out. Bruno sighs and cups a hand around the left side of Abbacchio’s face, pulling him in for a kiss. Abbacchio kisses back and places his hands on Bruno’s waist as he leans Bruno back onto their bed. Abbacchio pulls from their kiss to gently rip the clips that were holding Bruno’s hair up and lets it fall onto the sheets.

“Is this everything you’ve fantasized about?” Bruno asks, pulling Abbacchio in by the ties of his ridiculous outfit. He starts carefully undoing the straps until Abbacchio’s chest practically spills out of the top

“It’s…” Abbacchio starts to say before lifting his top off over his head, taking his headpiece off in one fell swoop with it, “It’s better than anything I could ever have dreamt.”

“Well that’s good.” Bruno laughs softly as Abbacchio’s purple lips meet his. “Wait.”


“I want to ride you.” Bruno says

“You want to ride me?” Abbacchio asks

“Yes. Sit back, relax, and let me ride you.” Bruno tugs on the ends of Abbacchio’s hair and pulls him down to switch positions with him. Bruno unzips Abbacchio’s pants as Abbacchio rips off Bruno pants and underwear. After they were mostly nude, Bruno straddles Abbacchio’s waist, his butt pressing up against Abbacchio’s cock. Abbacchio whines softly as the weight on top of him made him feel like he was being constrained. Bruno wraps his arms around Abbacchio’s neck and kisses him again, letting his ass slide down on Abbacchio to further aggravate Abbacchio’s bulge. Bruno smirks a little bit and readjusts for a moment to take off Abbacchio’s underwear and prep himself to take Abbacchio’s dick up into him. After a few well lubed fingers up his ass, and lubing up Abbacchio, he sinks himself onto Abbacchio. Abbacchio grunts and thrusts up into him reflexively before Bruno’s breath hitches.

“You alright?” Abbacchio asks

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Just… Let me adjust.” Bruno shifts around on Abbacchio’s lap to get into something a bit more comfortable for the both of them. “Okay… you can start thrusting if you want, otherwise… I’ll do it.”

“Okay.” Bruno slowly stars riding Abbacchio, moaning softly as the cock works its way further up Bruno’s asshole. Abbacchio places his arms behind him to support himself as he starts to thrust up into Bruno. They were so close, that the air that they took in was the other’s last breath. Bruno steals one of Abbacchio’s hands and intertwines it with his, placing it up against his bare chest as he kept thrusting, driving himself closer and closer to orgasm.

“I’m so close Abba… Make me cum.”

“Okay.” Abbacchio looks over Bruno’s body before realizing he hadn’t done much to his neck. Where Bruno’s collarbones met his neck, Abbacchio sinks his teeth in, before sucking on the area. Bruno gasps as a bright purple hickey forms on his skin. The combination of Abbacchio’s mouth and cock up his ass was too much for Bruno as he let himself release onto Abbacchio’s chest.

“Finish on me.” Bruno pants softly before Abbacchio pulls out, pumping himself up a few times before releasing his own load onto the other man. They collapse next to each other before Abbacchio’s arms find themselves instinctively wrapping around Bruno, and Bruno wrapping his arms around Abbacchio’s torso. “I… I love you Leone.”

“I love you too Bruno.” Abbacchio says softly, pressing his lips to Bruno’s forehead when they hear the sound of glass shatter on hardwood floor of the apartment.

“They fucked!” Narancia screams, running away from the red wine that seeped into the grains of the floor

“Ha! You owe me 20 euros!” Mista laughs

“I’m going to kill them.” Abbacchio huffs

“Just close the door Leone. They won’t bother us then.”

“Anything you wish, my Capo.” Abbacchio gets up off the bed, slams the door on the loud boys out in the living room before returning to his warm, passionate lover.

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“Now ladies and gentlemen.” The charming man running the “magic” show says, “My assistant will stand against this wood board,” He gestures at the piece of wood about 5 feet away from him, “and stand in harm’s way as I throw these knives at her. Look closely, there’s no gimmick here. Come. Feel how sharp the knives are.” He gestures at the closest audience members to come up and get poked by the tip of the knife. “And in case you can’t say if from all the way back, let me demonstrate.” He slices through a piece of paper effortlessly with knife after knife he would be throwing at his assistant. His assistant, who up until this point had been waiting patiently, took the audience’s applause as a cue to get against the board and wait for the knives to sail past her body. After looking her in the eyes, and giving him a barely visible nod, he takes the first knife and flings it at her, barely slipping across the skin of her right cheek. Everyone gasps as the knife got so close to her body but hadn’t laid a scratch on her. After everyone was in silent awe, Dio takes the second knife and throws it at the other side of her face as she stands there fearlessly. The next knife sails between her middle and ring finger on her left hand and the crowd goes wild. How could he aim with such precision and her stay so calm in the face of danger? Another knife goes flying in between her legs, and eventually he’s thrown enough knives to outline her body with all but one area. The top of her head.

“I know what you must be thinking. By now you must tire of my act.” Dio smirks a little bit, getting some vocal “No!”s from the crowd, “But fear not. I have another way to spice up this little charade.” With those words, his assistant took to removing the knives from the board, as he turned his back from the audience and faces them with a blind fold over his face. The crowd is whipped up into a frenzy at the sight as he takes his last throwing knife from off the table besides him and takes a deep breath. His assistant stands at the other end waiting for the knife to come. Then there it is. She feels the shift in the air as the knife leaves Dio’s hand and lands just above her head, but with just enough space to spare so that not a hair was split on her head. Nearly everyone in the crowd was on their feet, screaming as Dio took off his blindfold and took a bow before striding over to his assistant and taking her hand in his before bowing with her. They leave the stage and he picks her up in his arms, falling just below the curves of her ass. She wraps her arms around his neck and they start to kiss before Dio slams her back down onto the make-up table where they had gotten ready for their act about 2 hours ago.

“Now that our act is over…” She says in between breathless pants, “Why don’t you use those knives on me like a real man?”

“With pleasure.” He smirks and takes the extra knives he had hiding in pockets along his pants and pulls one out, slicing open the delicate dress that hugged her curves in all the right places. She bites into her hand as she watches Dio’s svelte, beautifully groomed fingers take off the rest of the outfit that remind after a careful slice. “Imagine what could have happened to you… had my knife hit you here.” He says, pressing the tip into the crevice between her breasts. She gasps softly, trying not to move too much that he’d actually nick her. “Or what if I hit, here?” He moves the knife up to onto her ring finger, where a proper engagement ring should be, but Dio was anything but a gentleman and following traditions were for the dead and damned. He throws the knife to the side and toys with her panties with one hand, and another wrapping around her back as he places his lips on her cheek. She one hand on his waist and tilts his head towards her lips so they can properly kiss. The hand he had on her back pulls her up back towards him and he moves his lips down lower on her face. “I’m going to take care of you so well.”

“Hurry Dio…” She whines

“Patience.” He smirks before finally ripping off her panties. He painstakingly takes off his outfit, piece by piece just to make her wait in sopping agony. She lets out whimper after whine before Dio finally gives in shoves himself into her. She moans as he starts to thrust into her.


“What?” He snaps
“It feels so good…” She moans

“Then scream like the bitch you are to me.” He bites on her neck as he keeps thrusting, going even a little bit faster than he had been going. She cries out with every thrust as she gets progressively closer to her orgasm. First, Dio finds himself finishing and releasing his load into her. He pulls out of her and starts “cleaning up his mess” of her, letting the taste of him fill his mouth. Her legs go weak as she finally feels herself orgasm. Even though she’s more than taken care of, Dio finishes his job, tongue thoroughly licking at her sensitive muscles.

“I love you…” She says softly as he pulls the closest thing he could find, his magician’s cloak, over her nude body. He wraps his arms around her and lets her rest her head up against his chest. He may have been able to con the audience out of their money, but his greatest scam of all, was making a good girl like her, his.

Chapter Text

Why did everything that had to be so wrong feel so good to Joseph? Here he was, cheating on his wife yet again with another beautiful lady. Suzie Q was…. too vanilla to satisfy the wild Joestar’s needs sometimes, that and he didn’t particularly like being tied down by any one person. So when he saw her in the bar he frequented, he knew… he had to try her. Their trysts started out vanilla, but surprisingly enough, she was the one that told Joseph,

“Let’s do something a little more than the missionary position.” And took him back to her place before fucking her tied to the headboard of her bed. Now they were here. Their affair had become a weekly outlet for Joseph, and he whimpered and whined every second he was away from the woman that called him “Daddy”. He worried sometimes she would slip and call him some other form or he’d hear his daughter, Holly, scream for her father, but he found it… so hot when the woman underneath him would moan every word that sung praises to his ability to make love to her. Of course, she took it one step further this evening. They both enjoyed the daddy kink, so she wanted to torture the both of them just a little bit more.

“Are you ready?” He asks, pulling up a gag from the side of the bed

“Whenever you are, Daddy.” She places a hand on his pec and pulls him back down onto the bed for a kiss. Not to get distracted, Joseph played with her hair for a moment as he swiped it to one side and secured a towel acting as a gag, around her jaw. She looks up at him with doe eyes laced in temptation. He smirks a bit before he kisses on the skin left exposed along her jawline and presses his lips onto her neck. He moves his lips down lower, and onto her breasts before he starts to mark her. After all, this was an affair. She throws her head back, making whines of discontentment as she’s unable to express just how good her daddy was treating her.

“You like that baby? Does daddy make you feel good when he does that?” She tries to nod, but grows frustrated with thrashing her head around. He laughs against the soft skin and instead decides to cup his lips around one of her nipples. He slowly starts sucking on it, getting evermore engrossed in her body.

“Imagine if I got you pregnant… how nice your milk would taste in Daddy’s mouth.” She shuts her eyes as she imagines how hot Joseph would look with a dribble of milk running down the side of his mouth, “Doesn’t that sound great? Of course, that’s not the only area that Daddy would take care of.” He works his hands underneath her, resting on the curve of her back. He forces her body up closer to him and he kisses her stomach. He continues his kisses lower and lower until he reaches her clit. She lets out a gasp after he’s started licking at it. Her legs start spasming and Joseph feels her body tense up before letting it all go. “Now… do you want to take the gag out? I’ll let you if you promise to be a good baby.” She takes her hands and unties the gag, panting softly. She pulls him by his hair and kisses him, wrapping her arms around his neck. “What did I just say about being a good baby?”

“I’m sorry Daddy… I just wanted to feel you so bad.”

“You’re lucky I love you so much.” He plants a kiss on her cheek, “Now. What more do you want from your Daddy? I’m still hard as you can tell and we can’t have that.”

“Make love to me Daddy.”

“Your wish is my command baby.” He gets onto his knees and lifts her up, supporting her back. He thrusts her onto his dick and waits as she adjusts to his massive length. She digs her nails gently into Joseph’s shoulders as she adjusts. To distract her, he tilts her head towards him and kisses her, placing his hands on her hips. Slowly, he starts thrusting up into her. As she gets more comfortable, Joseph starts to speed up. Just as Joseph thought he was about to finish; she starts bucking her hips up into him. He was determined to hold his orgasm in so that they could cum together. Unfortunately, Joseph didn’t much last longer and with a scream, violently released his load up into his precious girl. She screams out as the semen runs down her legs, making her feel like the whore she was. “I love you baby.”

“I love you too daddy.” Was all she could say as she rested her head on Joseph’s shoulder and affectionately held the man she had made love to.

Chapter Text

The warm breeze off the Venetian lagoon drifted into Lisa Lisa’s room, waking her up. She sat up and stretched her arms up above her head and got up to put on a bath robe. Living on Air Supplena island had its benefits. One of which was that in theory, she could sunbathe on her balcony nude. However, she didn’t want Messina or Loggins barging in and seeing their master naked, so she settled for a light robe. She sat on a beach chair in utter silence, taking in the sound of the waves crashing onto the side of the island. That was until she heard a knock on the door. She got up swiftly and walked towards the door and opened to see her maid, Suzie Q.

“Good morning Lisa Lisa!” She smiles at her boss and Lisa Lisa pulls her into her arms. Suzie Q giggled a little bit and laid a kiss on the older woman’s cheek, “Did you sleep well last night.”

“I was a bit restless.” She admits, cut and dry, “But I’m fine. I don’t need nearly as much sleep as you do.”

“I don’t need that much sleep!” Suzie Q protests

“I need to bathe. Would you care to join me?” Lisa Lisa played with a tuft of Suzie’s hair that wasn’t covered by her headwrap.

“Yes please.”

“Okay.” They walk to the tub and Lisa Lisa undoes her robe, sitting on the edge of the bathtub as she waits for the water to fill up. Suzie Q slowly undresses herself and sits on Lisa’s lap, resting her head on the other woman’s chest. “Suzie, could you grab something for me?”

“Yes Lisa Lisa?” She looks up at her with cat-like eyes

“On my bedside table… in the first little drawer, I have something that will make our bath a little more fun. Get it for me, will you?”

“Of course.” Suzie got up as Lisa Lisa slipped into the water and barely left her head along the line of bubbles covering the water. “This thing?” Suzie holds up a little thing, shaped like a rod but made out of some material she wasn’t entirely sure what it was

“That’s it. Bring it over here.” She gestures her girlfriend back to the bath. Suzie slips into the water as well and scooted back into the other woman. She handed the thing to Lisa Lisa and Lisa pressed her lips into the beautiful blonde’s hair. “Will you let me play with you?”

“Of course, my lady.” Suzie replies, barely knowing what she was about to get into. Lisa Lisa played with the toy before hearing it buzz. Suzie looked behind her as Lisa ran the toy down her body and shoved it up her. Suzie squeaks, jumping up in the tub and letting some water splash out of the sides of the tub. She moans softly as the toy slips up further into her and she relaxes back into Lisa. Lisa trails a hand underneath Suzie’s ample ass. She slides the toy in and out of Suzie as the blonde grips onto the sides of the tub. “Lisa… Lisa…”

“Yes Suzie?” She raises an eyebrow, not stopping the thrusts as Suzie whines a little bit underneath her

“This thing… feels really good.”

“I use it on myself sometimes.”

“When?” Suzie lets out a longer moan

“Mostly like this, when I’m in my bath and I need to take care of myself.”

“I bet…” She starts giggling to herself, too caught up in the feeling of arousal heating her whole body up

“What Suzie? Use your words.”

“I bet you look cute… thrusting this into you.”

“If you’re a good girl I’ll show you.” She whispers into Suzie’s ear. She had had it. She couldn’t take anymore and as her legs shook under the water, felt herself orgasm. The muscles of her vagina clenching around the toy inside of her as she came. She rested on Lisa Lisa while the other woman ran her hands around her girlfriend, washing her off. They cleaned themselves off and Suzie got out of the tub, grabbing towels for the both of them. Then Lisa Lisa gets out of the tub and uses the towel to dry off her hair. She then sauntered over to her bed and Suzie followed, plopping herself onto the edge of the bed. Lisa Lisa put her towel underneath her ass and grabbed a bottle of something from where Suzie had gotten the toy. She spreads open the lips of her pussy open to Suzie and puts the slick liquid onto the toy. “Suzie, don’t you want to take care of me? To see my cute face as you fuck me with this?”

“Yes please.” She steals the toy out of Lisa’s hands and presses it into Lisa Lisa. It slides in almost effortlessly, but that doesn’t stop Lisa Lisa from biting her lip in arousal. Suzie started off slowly but seeing as Lisa was used to this toy, she thought she could go a little bit faster. Lisa Lisa shifts herself a little bit so she can grind into Suzie’s hand, getting even more of the toy into her. Lisa Lisa moans softly and sinks onto the toy before letting Suzie get back to thrusting the toy in and out of Lisa Lisa. Finally, Lisa Lisa throws her head back and lets out a low moan as she starts orgasming. Suzie giggles a little bit, pulling the toy out and curling up next to her girlfriend. After she gets her breath back, Lisa Lisa asks

“Well, was I cute?”

“So cute.” Suzie Q kisses her cheek as Lisa wraps her arms around her

“I love you Suzie.”

“I love you too Lisa.” She kisses her girlfriend’s lips and rests her head on her big breasts. She loved making Lisa Lisa happy, but nothing in the world was better than using her girlfriend’s boobs as her personal pillow.

Chapter Text

Dio pressed the hard, cold wooden night stick into the back of the woman he was servicing. “Now. Tell me what I told you to do.”

“Obey you. Get on my knees…. and suck you off.”

“Precisely, then why am I here, punishing you when you should be an obedient slut like I asked?”

“I… I disobeyed you.” She whimpers

“Yes. Now take your punishment.” He pushes her down onto all fours, and then cranks his arm up to smack her with the stick as hard as he can on her ass. She lets out a yelp and almost starts slipping forward face into the ground from the impact. He pulls her back up by the ends of her hair and hits her again. With only two hits from the end of his stick and her ass was already as red as a strawberry and oozing like a crushed one. Surely he couldn’t keep her in this much pain throughout their session, could he? But he took another crack with the night stick to her butt cheeks and watched as the fattest area of her body jiggled on impact. He cups a hand underneath on cheek and started gently massaging it for a second before switching to the other one. “Are you sorry for disobeying me?”

“Yes!” She cries out, tears running down the side of her face

“Good. Then you’re ready to take me.” He turns her around and she pulls at the waistband of his underwear and lets the semi-hard erection out from the fabric constraint. She licks her lips a little bit at the sight and wraps her mouth around Dio’s cock. She slowly starts bobbing her head and pulls him by the back of his legs further into her mouth. She nearly gags on the massive length as it hits the back of her throat, but this only makes him want to fuck her mouth harder. She pulled his cock out from her lips and licked at the head of his dick. He grunts as a spurt of pre-cum leaks out onto her tongue. She licks it up greedily and shoves his dick back into her mouth. He thrusts only about two times before he cums into her mouth, filling that small hole full of his semen. She swallows every last drop of his before he grins at her with a smug satisfaction. She pulls away and looks up at him with doe eyes.

“Did I do alright?”

“You did well. Now, your reward.” He picks her up and carries her bridal style to the nearby bed. After she’s placed on the bed, he forces her back onto all forces and shoves her face into the sheets. As he has one hand keeping her head down, he uses the other to play with the lips of her vagina. After looking at the sight of her wet pussy, he shoves himself into her. Not even letting a second go by, he thrusts into her mercilessly as her moans are muffled by the fluffy sheet. He pulls her back into him, wrapping his free hand around her thighs. A bit of her arousal legs onto his hand and he pulls it back and licks it. “You taste delicious, but that’s not what I’m going to give you.” He thrusts into her a couple more times before he feels her tighten around his cock and drives her to orgasm. Finally, he cums into her and pulls out, leaving a trail of his semen on the side of her legs. She shivers a little bit as she lifts her head up now that Dio’s hand had moved to clean himself up. “There, now you’ll learn to never disobey me again.”

Chapter Text

Risotto felt content. He would never say he was “happy” persay, but he was enjoying his night with his girlfriend as they sat quietly at the dinner table, enjoying Risotto’s meal for the both of them.

“Thank you.” She’s the first to break the silence

“You’re welcome my dear. I forgot; I made a cake for us.”

“Oh, you didn’t have to.” Her face turns a gentle red

“I love you, it’s my pleasure to bake for you.” He leans across the table to kiss her before getting up and pulling out the cake and cutting off a slice for himself and his girl. He brings the cake to her and watches for a moment as she brings it up to her lips, waiting for a reaction. She shuts her eyes and smiles after taking the bite.

“It’s great Risotto.” She looks at him and leans across the table this time to meet him before kissing him and then working on her cake again. He eats his slice before getting pulled by the straps barely covering his chest to their bedroom. She throws him onto the bed and runs to the bathroom to put on her special outfit for their night together. His nostrils flair as he takes in a deep breath. He was thoroughly unprepared what his girlfriend had in store for him. He flipped through his closet and looked for something that would match the strap and properly accentuate his giant dick. He gets onto the bed and waits for his girlfriend. She comes in a moment later wearing a bodysuit that was fitted tight to her form. This time, he was going to take control and got onto his knees as he pulled her into his arms.

“You look exquisite.” He comments, running his hands along the form fitting leather outfit

“You don’t look bad yourself.” She smirks as she wraps her hand around the bulge forming in the leather underwear Risotto wore for her. She squeezes it in her hands just a tad and make the taller man bite his lip. Instead of looking her in the eyes and give her another compliment to outdo her’s, he brings his lips to her jawline and kisses her. She giggles a little bit and wraps her arms around Risotto’s neck before falling onto her back and taking Risotto down with her.

“Are you ready?”

“Absolutely.” She kisses him and bites the bottom of his while they kiss. He gasps as her teeth manage to draw a little bit of blood, which turned him on even more. He pins her down hard against the bed and sucks on her neck. She moans softly as her boyfriend marks what belongs to him with deep purple bruises. Underneath him, he feels her legs open up to him and after making one last hickey on her neck, he lifts her legs up and inspects her ass. “Is… is everything in order?”

“Only thing that’s missing is my cock between your thighs.” He says in the most deadpan face

“God you’re awful at dirty talk, but I love it.” She pulls him in for a kiss before he pulls away and lifts up her legs, pinning them up against her abdomen. She moans as he thrusts himself into her before slowly starting to move. Considering that this was one of their softer sessions, Risotto felt the need to do something that drove up the situation. He picked her up and shifted their positions so that she now sat on his lap and he thrusts up into her. He looks at the lustful glaze she had going over her eyes when his teeth connect with the muscle around her collarbone. Her eyes snap open and she lets out a sudden moan. She digs her nails into Risotto’s back as his thrusts combined with his bites and sucks bring her to orgasm. She screams out his name like a slut until Risotto cums into her. He pulls out and checks on his “little” bites, making sure they hadn’t drawn much blood. She giggles and holds onto him as he inspects her. “I love you Risotto.”

“I love you too my dear.” He kisses her cheek with care, “You should wear leather more often. You might get treated more gently.”

“And you should bake more. Chocolate’s my favorite aphrodisiac.”

“Of course love.” He replies, wrapping his entire body around her like a human blanket, covering her in more kisses than she could possibly deal with.

Chapter Text

Dio snarled as he threw his wig off in the other direction. He was tired of dealing with disgusting horny men who saw him in his drag as nothing more than a more socially acceptable stripper. He didn’t even get paid nearly enough to deal with some of the utterly disgusting things that some of them had done to him. Fuck it. Today was the day he was going to leave this club.

“Find yourself another damn showgirl.” He throws one of his performing bras down on the club manager’s desk. The manager sputters and tries to reason with him, but Dio had had it. Officially. He went into the bathroom at the back of the club and slipped into a loose-fitting t-shirt and booty shorts that showed off the heels and tights that remained from his outfit. He slips into the bar next door and sat himself in a chair up against the bar. He orders a martini and waits while the bartender deals with a slammed bar. Dio looks around and judges that no one in this bar was good enough looking for a piece of his gorgeous bisexual ass until a girl stumbled in with her friends. She looked naïve but cute… he would just wait until either her or her friends came up to the bar. Then there she was. She ordered enough drinks for her and her friend as he watches from the edge of his glass. He takes one last sip before resting his head on his fist.

“Could I buy you a drink?” He winks at her. She looks at him and walks back to her friends with their drinks. Dio had not just quit from his shitty drag job only to be rejected right now. So he waited, and waited, until it was finally her turn to come back to get more drinks. “I don’t think you heard me properly, I said I’d like to buy you a drink.”

“I’m not interested.”

“I can make it worth your while.” He offers

“Are you going to roofie me?”

“Fuck no.” He scoffs, “You just seem like the type of woman who’d appreciate a man in tights.”

“You’re wearing tights?” She raises an eyebrow

“Yes, I am, wouldn’t you like to know the story?” He swings his legs open wide, showing off his meaty thighs, barely covered by the tights he had previously mentioned

“I can’t say I’m not intrigued just a little bit.” She replies

“Then sit on my lap baby.” He offers the spot up to her and she cautiously sits on his lap. He toys with the ends of her hair, unsure just how much of her he was allowed to touch in the dimly lit bar. After a few more drinks, he had found out that her name was [Y/N] and that he would definitely be servicing her tonight. Even if he considered himself falling into the greedy bisexual stereotype. After a few more drinks between the both of them, Dio presses his lips softly against her neck and wraps his arms around her waist. She leans back into him, resting her hands on top of the tights that he had bragged so much about. “You and I both know that you probably want to take this somewhere else now, right?” All she could reply with was a soft,

“Mhm” and Dio lifted her up off his lap and guided her to a taxi to his house. Dio made sure to get a taxi with a tinted back window because the second he got in there, he was on top of her, playing a little bit with her legs as they struggled to fit their bodies on the small faux leather seats. He toys with the edge of her skirt, seeing that she was also wearing pantyhose, having probably just gotten off work and went to get a drink with friends. He smirks as he kisses the little bit of fat that had accumulated on her hips as she gasps, surprised that he was doing this to her. He smirks as he lifts her legs over his shoulders and presses his mouth against the tights to kiss just above where her clit was. Her breath hitches and she bites her hand to hold in a deep moan. She was so fucked. The taxi driver announces that they’ve arrived, and they scramble out of the car, her more messed up than he was. They stood on the curb for a second before Dio effortlessly picked her up and carried her bridal style to his apartment. She held on tightly to his shirt before gently placing her on her feet. As he attempts to open the door with his key, she wraps her arms around his body and kisses him. Instead of trying to unlock the door, he places one of his large hands on her back and pins her to the door. After a moment of nothing but kisses, Dio finally opens the door and guides her into his apartment. It was a small, cheap place, but he didn’t care, and as long as his dates were fine with it, he didn’t feel the need to move. They stop just before the bed before she wraps her arms around him again and kisses him.

“Undress me.” He says with booming authority. She nods and lifts the shirt up off over his head and kisses his pecs which makes him let out a little purr of contentment. She then gets onto her knees as she pulls down his booty shorts and runs her hands along the too tight tights, he had been wearing all night. “Go ahead. Take them off.” She nods again and slowly peels the tights off and massages his thighs with her hands. He lets out a soft moan before he pulls her up and throws her onto the bed. This time he started undressing her. As he lifted her shirt off he played a little bit with her breasts before kissing the spot dead center between the two. He slowly kisses down her as his hands work off her skirt and panties, his lips teasing the spot where her thighs met with her pelvis. He decides to stop teasing her and thrusts into her. She moans softly as she waits for Dio to start thrusting into her. He looks down at her for a moment before he starts quickly thrusting into her. She moans loudly as her hands grasp at the sheets underneath her, grinding her hips up into him. He holds her hips down and she starts throwing around his name in between longer and longer moans until he finally feels her legs give in and they reach orgasm. Dio grunts as he lets himself fill her with his cum. After he finishes, he pulls out and watches as his cum leaks out between her legs and onto his bed. He moans and laughs, kissing her cheek gently as she curls up into him. He may have lost his job tonight, but he was the real winner of it all.

Chapter Text

Joseph scanned the ball thrown for him. In the beautiful ballroom of the Air Supplena island mansion, it was hard not to enjoy the festivities. He stood in his little corner behind a pillar as he looked down at the people dancing on the floor below. However, no one seemed to catch his eyes. He was too busy intrenched in the game. It’s when he sees a man wearing an ornate mask, with pink painted triangles underneath the eye’s slits, and short blonde hair that he tilts his head. His interest was piqued to say the least. The man didn’t even know what effect he had had on the Joestar heir, and yet he seemed to have an air to him that he knew he was a wooer of woman, and a charmer of everyone else. Joseph followed after him from a distance, hiding behind pillars as he goes.

“Hi Joseph.” His mother’s lady in waiting, Suzie Q approaches him, showing off her dress. The other man looks behind him and lets a smug smile slip from the side of his mask as Joseph sighs softly.

“Hi Suzie.” He looks over her

“Would you like to dance?”

“Yeah, why not?” He guides her to the dance floor, and they dance for a little bit before the masked man comes over

“Excuse me my lady, may I have this dance with the guest of honor?”

“Of course.” Suzie Q giggled and ran off to go find Lisa Lisa. Joseph starts dancing with the man in front of him, reaching his hand out in the center between the two of them as they carefully sway to the orchestral music.

“I’ve noticed you Joseph Joestar.”

“What, is that supposed to make me feel special?” He toys back

“Watch your mouth, you could lose the favor of the court, and we both know how the game operates. You wouldn’t want that, now would you?”

“As long as my mother lives and breathes, I’ll be fine. If a bit hated.”

“You’re foolishly stupid.” The man scoffs at him

“Why, are you planning a hit on my mother that I must worry about in the middle of my ball?”

“No. Just, you hardly seem up for the game.” He smirks from behind his mask

“You’d be surprised how much these ears pick up.”

“And yet so much spills from your mouth you hardly gain any favors.” He had a comeback for everything that Joseph said, and almost left him sputtering. The music ends and Joseph bows before the man, and he bows back to Joseph. “May I suggest we go get drinks and overhear what the French ambassadors are gossiping about?”

“I would… enjoy that.” Joseph follows the man and they go to get some mead from one of the servants who were working the floor. Joseph leans against a pillar and watches as the people move with grace throughout the ballroom, spilling secrets, making promises, and betraying alliances. “So how about I get your name?”

“Try learning some tact first, and maybe I’ll offer it to you. Though I suspect you’re not much better than a dog.”

“Meaning what?” Joseph huffs

“If I dangle the promise of my name before your face, you’ll follow me like some poor pup.”

“I would not!” Joseph’s volume raises, before a few people look over at him in disdain. It’s then that Joseph’s mother, Lisa Lisa, swoops in and smacks her grown son upside the head.

“I do apologize about my son’s behavior Caesar. How are you enjoying the party?” She asks

“I’m doing well Lisa Lisa.” He smiles a genuine smile, “The party is lovely. It’s been fun mingling with old friends and having the opportunity to meet new ones.”

“I’m glad to hear.” She smiles, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check on my lady in waiting.”

“It was wonderful to see you again.” He bows before Joseph’s mother and she takes her leave

“So, Caesar is it?” Joseph smirks, more than glad that his mother had ruined Caesar’s little game with the game


“Then you must be of the Zeppeli house.”

“That would be correct.” Caesar replies, “As fun as it is to toy with you, I’m growing tired of playing the game for tonight.”

“Well. Good night then.”

“Would you like to take your leave with me.”

“What.” Joseph stammers

“You didn’t think I was just talking to you for political alliances now, did you?”

“Maybe a little bit.”

“You really are a fool.” Caesar laughs softly

“Can it.”

“Then… where could a pair of young bachelors with no interest in women go to… consummate their short and new relationship?”

“Here, we can sneak to my room.” Joseph guides him to the living wing of the mansion before they get into Joseph’s room and Caesar wraps his arms around Joseph, “Let me see your face.”

“Let me see yours first.” Caesar rests his hand along Joseph’s cheek before moving it back to pull off the mask by the tie on the back. Joseph waits with a stilled breath before Caesar looks deep in his eyes. Never had his dark brown orbs felt the intensity coming from Caesar’s green eyes before, and yet he couldn’t look away. He wanted Caesar to keep his gaze on him forever.

“My turn?” He lets out a nervous laugh as his hands go behind Caesar’s mask and unties it, and lets it drop gently onto the bed. Joseph didn’t think he had ever seen a more beautiful person in his life. He cups Caesar’s cheeks in his hands and kisses at the little triangles that seemingly had transferred off the mask and painted onto his face by angels. Caesar moves Joseph’s head and lets his lips meet with Joseph’s. They land on the bed and wrestle for a moment to decide who was going to take it, when Caesar ends up on top. He kisses Joseph’s cheek while he works off Joseph’s ornate outfit and Joseph practically rips up Caesar’s shirt as his hands rest on Caesar’s waist. Caesar grabs something to use as lubrication and slides himself into Joseph. Joseph whines a little bit as he gets used to Caesar. After what felt like forever, Caesar starts thrusting into him. Joseph holds onto him and Caesar keeps thrusting until Joseph feels a heat pool in the bottom of his stomach. Caesar takes one hand and finishes the job, and Joseph cums onto his chest. After a few more thrusts himself, Caesar finishes inside of Joseph. After cleaning himself up a bit, Caesar lies next to Joseph and nips at his neck gently.

“Fuck…” Joseph lets a curse word fly past his lips

“That’s not very gentlemanly.”

“Oh, shut up. You didn’t help.” Joseph kisses Caesar and wraps his arms around the man next to him, “So… when’s the next big ball?”

Chapter Text

It had been a long day. Gyro and Johnny had made just enough progress to be considered in the middle of the pack during the Steel Ball Run, and had only seeing the slimy fuck himself, Diego, once. After stoking the flames, a little bit to keep the flame going, Gyro sat down next to the fire, almost leaning into Johnny before he looks over at the American. Johnny’s eyes were fluttering trying to keep himself from falling asleep when Gyro puts his hand on Johnny’s shoulder and leans.

“Whoa. What are you doing?” Johnny pushes his hand off of him

“I’m tired too.”

“Then get in the tent.” Johnny scoffs. “I don’t understand why you’re leaning on me.”

“So, I can protect you.”

“Oh, you don’t think I can protect myself? Is that what it is?”

“I never fucking said that Johnny.” Gyro scoffs back at him

“Then back the fuck off.” Johnny spits at Gyro’s feet, forcing the hot-headed Italian scoot away in the dirt. He gasps incredulously as Johnny spins around and turns his back away from Gyro. To add an extra layer of pettiness to the whole affair, Gyro turns his back to Johnny’s back as well. After about a half an hour, Gyro decides to test the waters,

“Are you still mad at me?” He asks in a plain voice

“Are you going to jump off the side of the Rockies?”

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Go fuck yourself.” Johnny remarks

“Why don’t you fuck me?” Gyro snarls back, before hearing the sound of ground settling. Johnny was crawling over to him. Gyro turned back to face him to see Johnny’s ass in his face. After a muffled gasp, Johnny sits on Gyro’s face and waits for something to happen, like Gyro pushing him off. Instead, Gyro wraps his hands around the back of Johnny’s knees and kisses at the seams of Johnny’s crotch

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Johnny gasps, before moaning softly, feeling an erection starting to form in his pants, “Fuck you.” Gyro pulls away to respond with a snarky,

“Isn’t that your job right now?” Before going back to kissing his clothed dick. Johnny lets out a small moan, trying to literally keep it in his pants for Gyro, but he had to admit, the feeling of the other man’s rough lips would be enough to get anybody else hard. Gyro moves his hands slowly up to Johnny’s waist and with one swift movement pulls off Johnny’s pants. Johnny gasped as the cold night air hit his exposed skin. Gyro licks his lips before wrapping his mouth around Johnny’s dick and moving his mouth around it. Johnny lets out quiet moans before Gyro pulls off, making him whine. “Why don’t you tell me how much you hate me? That seemed to get us both in the mood.” He suggests then wraps his mouth back around.

“Fuck you Gyro for getting off to me yelling at you… Fuck your mouth for feeling so good.”

“Sounds like you don’t hate me that much partner.”

“Shut the fuck up!” Johnny barks at the man underneath him when he suddenly feels Gyro become a moaning mess underneath him. It’s only then that he realizes he’s dripping cum into the other man’s mouth. Although a little bit disgusted with himself, who’s he to deny Gyro what he wants? After a couple more minutes of sucking Johnny off, Gyro pulls off and wraps his arms around the other rider.

“You know… I kinda love you Johnny.”

“Don’t make this gay Gyro.”

“I mean it. I love you Johnny. In a very gay way.”

“Shut up you stupid fucking Italian.”

“Just say it back you damned American.”

“Fine, I love you too Gyro.” Johnny scoffs at the other man

“That’s more like it.” Gyro laughs a hearty laugh before pressing his lips onto Johnny’s head, then Johnny screams

“Gyro! My hair got stuck in your fucking grills!” Johnny whines as they attempt a rather messy job to get the ends of Johnny’s blond hair out of the disgustingly bright gold attachments Gyro had adorned to his teeth.”

Chapter Text

It was clear to anyone that may have been observing Dio, that this party, soiree, or whatever the hostess wanted to call it, was not up his alley. His body was stiff and uptight, seemingly marking him as an outsider from the situation entirely. Not that that was entirely wrong, he had only been given an invite by his boss in order to do one thing, spy on the enemy. Though considering his job was as a double agent, everyone was an enemy other than his accomplice that came with him but had made a grand exit after getting the information he had needed. Now it was Dio’s turn alone. He saw someone who appeared to be scanning the room in a fashion similar to his own and approached her.

“Good evening my lady.”

“And a good evening to you sir.” She eyes him up and down before spouting something that would sound like nonsense to anyone else but him, “Do you know why the caged bird sings?”

“No, but I know the song he plays.” She takes a sigh of relief and takes his hand gently,

“Let’s take this chat to a more private corner.” He nods and follows her to a corner of the room where she seemingly knows the sound won’t bounce anywhere else, “I’m glad I made contact with you finally.”

“As am I. What information are you here to give me?”

“I’m here to tell you about the Speedwagon foundation.” Oh, so she was the other double. He smirked softly, thinking that he now knew the cards she was playing her game with. “I have the information regarding an embezzlement scandal… relationships. All the good things. Now if you’ll just slip the agreed amount, then our transaction can begin.” Dio slips out a thick wad of cash from a hidden pocket on the inside of his suit jacket. She unrolls it, counts the bills, and shoves it into the cups of her dress. “Let’s have a dance, shall we?”

“I thought you’d open up about those promised secrets.” Dio scoffs

“Patience. If I blab everything right off the bat, what good does that do for me and my people? We are in the trades in a way.”

“Just instead of crafts, we exchange words.”

“Precisely. Now, let’s exchange glances on the dance floor.” He nods and guides her out to the floor. She holds and presses into him like a newlywed lover clinging to her husband. It was the only way she could let the information pass between the both of them without arousing suspicion. The band finishes their set and goes on a break when she suggests they go out to the garden for some air. He follows her, eager to get the last bit of information from her, when she takes a cautious glance behind her.

“Get on one knee.” She says between gritted teeth

“What?” He whispers

“Make it look like you’re proposing. Quickly.” He gets down on one knee and she loudly gasps, starting to cry on command before her arms wrap themselves around his neck and he goes back to standing. She kisses his face all over, before settling to keep on his lips. While people cheer for them, she pulls him back in towards the room and into the woman’s bathroom while walking backwards to guide him. They slip into one of the larger stalls and he looks at her.

“What just happened?!” He asks bitterly

“One of my former associates. He’s only one of the most infamous whistleblowers, and he would blow both of our covers if he made contact with me.”

“So you had me fake an engagement?”

“Why not? It’s not like these parties have anything that exciting.”

“Well then I need to go.” He goes to leave before her hand slams into the stall door

“I still have one thing I haven’t passed onto you.”

“What is it?”

“The licentious relationship that could ruin an entire man’s career.”

“Mine’s about to be ended if we don’t hurry this up.” He snarls at her, baring his teeth

“It’s Joseph Joestar. He has a secret child. If anyone outside of the foundation knew, it could ruin him.”

“What’s the child’s name?”

“You only gave me 50,000. That hardly seems enough for such… hot gossip.”

“What will it take to get that last piece?”

“Fuck me.” She whispers against his lip and he lifts one of her legs up, letting the dress dangle over it. She wraps her arms back around his neck and leans into him before starting to kiss him. They kiss while Dio snakes a hand under her dress and onto her hips. He tugged at her underwear and took it off in one go. She worked a hand down his chest to reach his fly and unzips it before popping the button off and letting him free as well. Dio flips the two of them so that she had her back against the stall door. He lifts her up onto him and starts thrusting up into her. She laughs softly before saying, “This has to be some of the most vanilla sex I’ve gotten in a while.”

“Shut up.” He growls before biting her. She holds in a moan, trained no doubt in keeping everything under control.

“It maybe vanilla, but I am close.” She whispers into his ear, before he thrusts up into her and cums. He pulls out and they get redressed before she says, “Josuke Higashikata.”
“That’s the name of his illegitimate son. Do with it what you will. You’ve gotten all the information you could from me.”
“I’m sure I’ll have something to pass onto you next time.”
“I think you know less than you think.” She saunters off, leaving Dio utterly confused. How had she come out the winner of this night?

Chapter Text

“Come on bella mia , what could be taking you so long?” Caesar smirks, waiting on his and Joseph’s shared bed, biting his lip a little

“Fuck off. I don’t even know why you want to see Tequila.” Joseph growls from the bathroom before letting a loud “fuck” slip out from his lips, “I get the outfit, but the fact that you’re making me shave?! You’re a fucking sadist.”

“Cry about it some more.” Caesar taunts, “It only gets me harder.”

“Fuck you.” Joseph yells at him

“No amore, that’s your job.” Caesar seemed to always be one step ahead of Joseph’s blind anger. After a few more minutes of screaming Joseph rolls into the room, utterly disgusted with himself as he stood in the doorway of the bedroom. “At least put on a show tesoro.”

“What do you want from me?” Joseph rolls his eyes

“Aren’t you going to ask for a drink with me?”

“Hell no.”

“This is no womanly way to act Miss Tequila.”

“Shove a sock in it.”

“The longer you act disobedient, the longer I’ll hold out on you.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me.” Caesar raises an eyebrow seductively as Joseph sighs in defeat, sauntering over to Caesar like a proper lady before dropping onto all fours onto the bed

“Would you like some tequila?” He says in a high, almost painful falsetto

“I’d love some.” Caesar pulls Joseph close and starts to kiss him. He works his hands underneath the top of Tequila’s outfit before bringing his hands back out to unbutton the vest and look at Joseph’s chest, filling in a bra almost perfectly with his pecs. “Someone’s rather… beefy, aren’t we?”

“Caesar, shut up.” Joseph scoffs before Caesar unhooks the bra expertly. He starts to kiss and knead Joseph’s chest, massaging his boyfriend’s abnormally large pecs. Next, Caesar pulls down Joseph’s skirt and snaps the lingerie against Joseph’s hip, hitting a few spots where Joseph had nicked himself, but otherwise making him feel good. “Stop being a tease.”

“I’ll stop being a tease when you’re not a rebel, Bellissima.”

“F… Fuck you.” Joseph whines a little bit as Caesar’s cups the growing, clothed bulge in his hands.

“Why don’t you be kinder piccolina?”

“Caesar stop teasing me… please.” Joseph rubs his crotch up into Caesar’s hand, looking for a desperate release

“Well since you were so nice.” Caesar laughs as he slowly slips the underwear off of Joseph’s legs. He kisses the tip of Joseph’s big toe and works his lips up the top of his foot, onto his ankle, and just below his knee before slowly moving his lips inwards. He bites into Joseph’s smooth, thick thigh and Joseph lets out a groan in delight as Caesar brings him closer to getting off without having even have worked on his cock. But Caesar had to play with his dick. Of course, he did. After getting Joseph to the point of whiny past what was cute, Caesar finally indulged his boyfriend and wrapped his mouth around the other man’s cock. He bobs his head quickly, unable to hold himself back much either after all the teasing he gave Joseph. Joseph grabs a fistful of sheets underneath him before slamming his fists into the bed in pleasure as Caesar’s tongue playfully lapped at the slit of his dick. He shoves it back as far in his mouth as he can before starting to bob it, waiting for Joseph to lose it. Joseph lets out a scream and loudly finishes off inside Caesar’s mouth. He whines as he rests on his back on the bed, waiting for Caesar to finish sucking him off. Caesar pulls off with a pop before looking down at Joseph’s panting form.

“What are doing, sweetheart? Don’t you know we’ve only just begun?”

“You know… you scare me when you use English pet names.” Joseph looks up, finding arousal in his fear

“Get ready for round two Joseph Joestar.” Caesar says before flipping Joseph onto all fours. Caesar definitely wanted to see more of Tequila after this night. After all, she was all his.

Chapter Text

Jonathan Joestar considered himself the luckiest man in the world. He had gotten into a pristine college that would lead to a great job in archeology and had the sweetest girlfriend in the world. Erina was both the most talented woman in her major and, in Jonathan’s eyes, the cutest girl on campus. She was raised a proper girl at home, got all A’s throughout high school while juggling a full schedule, and was an extremely ambitious person. Jonathan could endlessly list about all the wonderful things that Erina was. So, when she proposed something less than the vanilla he expected from her; he had to do a double take.

“What did you say, Rina?” He asks, clearing his throat with a gentle cough

“I said… I know we haven’t really… done anything in bed, but… I want to dominate you.” He shutters at the sound of the word “dominate”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean…” She looks down at her feet, too shy to look him in the eyes as she made her naughty request, “Let me peg you.”

“If that’s what you want.” His face turns a bright red. Out of nowhere, Jonathan gets pushed back onto his bed before Erina lies on top of him, pressing the palms of her hands into his muscular chest. She kisses him gently, but with fire behind every one of them before she pulls away and runs to get the strap. Jonathan nervously sits up, having never expected his half-sized girlfriend to be so insistent on making love to him in this way. In an odd way, he appreciated her. She knew what she wanted, and how to get it and had a confidence to her that made Jonathan hot at the buttons when he saw her take control. Everyone in class assumed that since he was the bigger of the two, he held the reigns, but that couldn’t be further than the truth. Erina was definitely the one in charge of him. She comes back with the strap-on across her waist. Jonathan practically drools at the sight of her. He watches as she shuffles through Jonathan’s drawers, looking for lube. First, she covers her fingers and after a quick nod form Jonathan, shoves a finger up his ass. He lets a whine out of his mouth as he adjusts to the feeling of her finger up his hole. She teases him until she knows that he can take another of her fingers and shoves it in. She makes a scissoring motion with her fingers as Jonathan grabs onto the sheets underneath him. After she’s gotten three fingers up Jonathan’s ass, she pulls them out and thrusts her strap-on into him. Jonathan moves a hand up to Erina’s cheek and kisses her as he adjusts to the rubber dick up his ass. Erina cups his cheeks and kisses him passionately, waiting for Jonathan to give the word. Jonathan kisses along her jawline and gives a slight nod of his head before Erina starts thrusting into him. She starts off slowly, as Jonathan’s big hands move from up around her shoulders and holds onto her hips. She bites her lip as she starts to speed up, until she hits Jonathan’s prostate. He lets out a low moan.

“Do that again.” He begs softly to Erina as she continues to pound into him, going faster and faster until Jonathan’s jaw is practically broken open by the need to moan, whine and beg for more from Erina. His nails dig into Erina’s skin and she lets out a moan before Jonathan’s eyes shoot open, feeling his semen leak onto his stomach. Erina pulls out and gets up to get a towel for Jonathan to clean himself up, before cuddling into her much larger boyfriend. “I love you Erina… could we possibly do that again sometime?” His face turns bright red as he makes his request.

“Of course!” Erina smiles and kisses him passionately, swinging a leg over Jonathan’s hips, ready for another round with her boyfriend.