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"Marinette have you seen this?" Alya shoved her phone up her friend's face.


"A newscast of theft?" Marinette looked puzzled as to why such a piece of news would catch Alya's attention. Most of the time her friend did nothing but talk about Ladybug of the Ladyblog.


"It wasn't just a simple 'theft'. According to the report, the person or persons who pulled this heist also exposed the evildoings of the billionaire."


"Where was Ladybug, the protector of Paris when this was spoken in online circles?" Marinette couldn't believe the things people posted online. "They have done more than Ladybug?! Who do these people think Ladybug has done nothing, she's saved the city countless times."


"And who's to say the people who are being it are not akumatized?" Alya pointed out.


The two friends continued to chat about the news. A sudden heist with stolen goods and an exposed billionaire? Everything sounded so fishy. 


You played with your bracelet as you patiently waited in the principal's office.


"So Ms. Y/N L/N what brings you into this school year?" The principal asked, looking at your file.


"Not much, just here due to my parents' work."


"Mr. Damocles, you wanted to speak with me?" A woman entered, you presumed this was to be your teacher.


"Ms. Bustier please meet Y/N, she's a new student that's going to join your class.


"Please to meet you." You gave a cordial nod and stretched her hand to meet hers. 


"What a well mannered young lady!" She smiled as she took your hand. "Come let's take you to meet your classmates."


You followed Ms. Bustier down the halls of Françoise Dupont High. It looked like your old school but you didn't care much about it. Regardless you decided to snap a quick photo with your camera, it'll look nice in your scrapbook. 


"Come in!" Ms. Bustier's voice motioned towards the room.


As soon as you walked in you saw a paper object fly towards you. Without thinking twice you smacked it back into the face to the person who threw it in your direction.


"Woahhh..." the room echoed in unison upon your quick thinking. Great now you had everyone's on you.


"Kim that was not nice, don't do that again." Ms. Bustier chided at the boy you hit back with his paper ball. "Class remember how I spoke about a new student coming to this classroom?"


"I thought that was Lila?" A girl with a reddish-pink sided ponytail commented.


"Lila also counts but, Y/N L/N is also joining us from now on. Y/N you can share a desk with Ivan."


You stood there confused, thankfully the boy who you presumed to be Ivan raised his hand. You nodded and made your way to the desk.


"Sorry if there's no space..." Ivan said sheepishly, you quickly assured him you had more than enough space to move freely.


The class ran smoothly, you still heard ceratin whispers here and there about yourself. You knew this would happen, but not at the rate that you could overhear most of the conversations.


One conversation you did not expect to hear is that of the billionaire theft. Granted it was over some news outlets but compared to other news in Paris this certainly didn't take the cake. From what you could overhear the girls were angry about how certain journalists referred to the problem as something that Ladybug could not fix.


Finally, the bell rang and you walked towards the lunchroom. You spotted a seat in an empty table, what you didn't expect was a group of girls to sit next to you.


"Mind if we sit here?" a blond girl with curly hair asked you.


"Go ahead." 


The atmosphere felt forced, you mentally cringed at the fact you're the new kid. Nevertheless, you didn't feel a hostile aura from the girls, they seemed very nice.


"My name is Rose. So Y/N where are you from?" Rose asked cheerily. You can't deny that her happiness rubbed off you.


"My parents travel for work, but their current HQ is here in Paris."


"What do your parents do?" another question was asked.


Regardless of the many questions, it felt easy to answer and their inquires. They came to know that your parent's worked as translators but currently took a job here. That you're into photography and like playing video games. You came to know all of them by their names, the girls were livelier than you but that just made it easier for you to listen to their ramble.


"Now for the real question! Ladybug or Chat Noir?" Alya asked.


"Neither, I don't like for others to solve my problems."


That seemed to hit a chord with the girls. They looked at you as if you grew another head. One girl, in particular, looked at you with some angry in her eyes, if you recalled correctly her name was Marinette.  


Thankfully the bell rang causing the tension to break. Making your way back you sat in your seat hoping for the class to end. As class started you couldn't help but think about what you should do when you get home. Time flew fast and you quickly made your way out of the school, chills went by your spine as you saw Marinette's icy stare.


"Can you believe Y/N?!" Marinette spoke to Alya and Nino as they walked to Alya's place.


"It's her personal opinion though. Maybe Y/N has a different standard for a superhero. Like Magpie who kicks ass!" Nino interjected.


"Who's Magpie?" Marinette asked.


"Apparently its the name of the person behind the heist. Y'know the one we're talking about earlier?" Alya said as she gave Marinette her phone on the news update.


"Magpie is the name of the person who exposed this scandal. This is not the only heist they have pulled. They have also helped expose other corruption cases in other countries and minor thefts around Pairs. This current heist was the same, Magpie exposes all the files online to other reporters and redistributes the wealth of these corporations to the people affected th-".  Alya stopped the video.


Marinette could only get more frustrated at the news as the trio walked towards their destination.


Adrien listened closely to the news as he did his homework.


"Magpie is considered a gentleman thief, from what we could gather they have never hurt or stolen from the poor. Could this be a new hero to overthrow Ladybug from her pedestal?"  The reporter continued on.


"A new hero huh?" Plagg floated near Adrien.


"Looks like it, but isn't stealing still wrong?" Adrien looked at Plagg who just shrugged.


"Whatever that just means less work for Chat Noir." Plagg went to laze on the sofa and left Adrien to his thoughts.


'The new girl looked pretty...'  Adrien could help but to think on Y/N who amazed him with her quick reaction towards the paper ball.


Just then a notification pop-up adorned Adrien's phone. It was Nino asking for some homework help. In between texts, Nino slipped what Alya told him about Y/N.


'The new dudette doesn't really like Ladybug and Chat Noir. Apparently, she doesn't like the idea of having others to fight her fight'  Nino's text read.


"What's got you so puzzled?" Plagg read Adrien's face and quickly flew to his side. "Woah a new kid, and not a big fan huh?"


"Sounds like it, but maybe Chat Noir can change her mind." Adrien muttered.


"Looks like I finally rubbed off you, maybe next time you can show off."


Regardless now Y/N was in his mind for another reason, not only were you pretty but also didn't fancy superheroes. 


'We have breaking news, it seems like the Magpie has struck again and this time it seems like they're doing it bright daylight. Quick turn the camera there!'  the news reporter pushed the camera towards a cloaked figure carrying a painting. The cameraman and the reporter ran to catch up.  'It appears that Magpie has stolen a painting, according to some sources this is the case of art theft by an artist who stole others art. It's the first time this Hero appears in daylight and even more astonishing is how this happened during the opening gala. We have been informed that the Hero also vandalized the art by adding the originals with the name of the real artists. Seems like they're looking out for the little man in the ways Ladybug-' 


The reporter was interrupted at the sudden sight of Magpie appearing in front of them. Said figure gave them a USB.


"This thing on?"  Magpie asked the reporter who could only nod at the distorted voice that came from the figure.  "Good, inside the USB is more information about the art theft. It is also being sent to all of the phones of the Parisians you should be receiving it soon." 


Not long after the reporter's phone rang showing the documents and a compilation of other stolen art from the artist. The cameraman zoomed in to show the contents.


"Ama-"  the reporter was caught off as they noticed the disappearance of Magpie.  "Where are they?!"  The transmission was cut abruptly.