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I'm back! The gameplan is below, the story itself starts on the next chapter.

1. Appa will likely be darker, more graphic, have more violence and a bigger death-toll than my other fics, but the focus is on character. Human threat > zombie threat. I'm also planning on high amounts of comfort and cute moments as Jin's relationship with Jungkook grows, and BTS eventually become a 'family.'

2. This South Korea is wildly AU so don't expect a resemblance to real SK. And Jin is also going to be wildly AU at the start: hardened by life, tsundere, unlikeable. But we gonna make him melt ;)

3.This is an interactive fic because I just can't help myself. There will be voting at the end of every chapter and you get to shape Jin's story! I'm planning to update at least twice a week so you'll be able to slot this into your weekly routine for as long as it runs :) Everyone is welcome to join in!

4. The hyung-line are all in their late teens, so you can pair them romantically with eachother, with the exception of NamjoonXHobi. If you want them all to be straight or even ship them with OCs that's also cool.

5. The threat to Jin and the others has to be real. If its not dangerous its not exciting! I am banking so hard that we keep them alive so I've created something called a "Saving Grace" which you can play when things get hairy. I'll explain how they work a chapter or two in.

6. I had a couple people asking on my last fic so I've made a twitter! it's @Ao3Gobi17 and will focus on BTS/Ao3. I'm starting to recognise more than just one or two of you in my reviews now, and I think twitter would be a great way to say hi and help me know what you want to read. Follow me if you want! :) I'm figuring out how it works as we speak. I'm going to give the first five readers who follow me one Saving Grace each to get the ball rolling.

Aside from generally talking about the boys (and I have a lot of thoughts on BTS!) I want to recommend Ao3 BTS fics I've loved, and I'd love to be recommended ones to read. I also want to be able to chat about some 'behind the scenes' stuff from my fics. I'm considering taking writing commisions down the line too, and if so I'll post details on there.

Happy playing!