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Kinktober 2019

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Kinktober (October 1st.)


1. Ass Worship / Spanking / Wax Play


Couple: Katsuki Bakugo/Toshinori Yagi


Having one of the most problematic students bent over his knee was one thing, but having it be someone who's looked up to him for practically all his life?

It turned Toshinori on more than he was willing to admit. 


Plus, hearing the hero student moan like that every time his hand slapped against his ass, it was oddly intimate.


"Are you planning on leaving Young Midoriya alone, Young Bakugo? Or are you going to force my hand, again? I really hope we can come to a compromise this time." Toshinori cradled the now red, hand bruised ass, and felt Katsuki's untouched erection between his legs as he tried to keep his tone stale for the scene they both set up, but, having the normally power hungry Katsuki Bakugo at his mercy like this?


It does things to Toshinori.


"I, I'm gonna keep, fucking throwing that useless piece of shit around, I, AH FUCK!"  Toshinori slapped his hand against Katsuki's ass, once again, and lets out a moan and in that moment, Toshinori was once again reminded that he was indeed, hard. He so wanted to break scene and just, do things to the boy but, they talked about this. Plus, all of that stuff could be saved for later. 


"Such a shame that you don't want to listen to me Young Bakugo, because I honestly thought I was your favourite, huh. I must be wrong." Toshinori doesn't like to be cruel to anyone, but he does admit he liked closing his legs a little to cause pressure on Katsuki's erection, and the moan that followed soon after.


It made Toshinori rock hard to know that his hands alone made the boy lose all of his composure, turning him into a moaning mess. 


"I don't have any fuckin' favourites! I'm trying to be the future Number One Hero, I don't need anyone weighing me down! AH FUCK," They had briefly talked about doing this during the scene, but Toshinori did put lube next to where they were on Toshinori's couch. So currently, he had a lubed finger tease into the young teen's entrance, and he loved the sight of Katsuki's legs spreading almost subconsciously. 


(But Toshinori needed to make sure the change wasn't too sudden.)




"Of fucking course! You better keep, fucking going!"  Toshinori was going to take that and run with it.


"Oh, but if you were only a good boy for me Young Bakugo, I could treat you well," Toshinori pushed his finger a little deeper, wiggling it around making Katsuki audibly moan even louder this time, his face and was almost entirely red now. 


And, if Toshinori looked close enough, he saw a little drool escape his mouth.


"I could treat you, but, you just don't wanna behave, huh? Such a shame, I would treat you so well, but," Toshinori removes his finger roughly, and Katsuki huffs in both frustration and arousal, both emotions Katsuki Bakugo can feel very strongly. 


"You just wanna stay bad, don't you? What a shame." Toshinori takes another swat at Katsuki's ass, and the way the boy rubs against him and moans at the same time, Toshinori's self-control could only go so far. So, he was starting to show just how much he was enjoying seeing Katsuki Bakugo moan like this on his lap.


It turns out, this is the way someone can tame Bakugo, under the right motivations,


"I'm gonna be a fucking good boy, the best! I won't touch the fucking nerd anymore, I'll do anything, just fuck me!"  Toshinori tried (and failed) at not just grinning as he applied lube to his fingers, and made the consecutive decision to finally reward his boy.



((This sucked because I'm not well-versed in spanking but, I am excited to write more for Kinktober!))