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Chuck vs Kinktober 2019

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-A spin on Season 1 Episode 4


“Oh this is hilarious” Chuck pulled the tie out of Casey’s mouth
“Shut your mouth Bartowski and help me”
“Hold on a second” Chuck pulled out his phone taking a picture of Casey laying in the hotel bed in just his boxer, his white boxers with little green four-leaf clovers on them.
“I’m going to kill you”
“You’re handcuffed to a bed, what are you going to do?”
“Well my plan was going to be to break one of my thumbs but I was hoping you would be nice enough to help”
“Were you actually going to sleep with her for the diamond? Was that your master plan?”
“She is very manipulative”
“She stripped and threw herself at me two nights ago and I didn’t sleep with her”
“Yeah cause your dick is hard for Walker, mine doesn’t care”
“You’re very wrong, and I think now is the perfect time to show you”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
Chuck shrugged off his coat laying it on the back of the chair, then toed his shoes off pushing them under it.
“What the hell?”
Chuck started unbuttoning his work shirt then taking off his pants, laying them nicely on the chair “This is the part when I suck your dick”
Casey’s eyes went wide
“Unless you don’t want me to?” Chuck climbed onto the bed straddling Casey’s thighs
“I don’t think it’s a good idea, I’m your handler Chuck”
“Is that a yes or a no?” he ran his hands up Casey’s abs “Because I have been imagining this happening since I met you”
“Take the cuffs off”
“Nope,” Chuck leaned forward taking a nipple into his mouth, laughing to himself as Casey’s body shook under him as his teeth clamped down on the pink nub teasing it with his tongue before moving to the other one.
His fingers threading through his hairy chest “I can’t tell you” he kissed his chest “how many times” he peppered a few kisses down his abs “I’ve thought about running my hands” he placed a kiss on the sharp line of his hip “Through your chest hair when I see it peeking out of your green shirt” He kissed a line to his other hip right above the line of his boxers.
Chuck got off the bed grabbing the waistband of the tented four-leaf clover boxers “Lift” He tossed them on the chair with his clothes.
He climbed back on the bed sitting on his knees between Casey's legs "Wow you're thick" Chuck whispered as he began to stroke Casey's dick.
Casey watched Chuck's long fingers slide up and down, he would be lying if he said he never thought about Chuck multiple sexual positions, he just never thought they would actually be happening.
Chuck licked a line up his length, lapping his tongue over the tip a few times before taking it into his mouth, his lips stretching over the thickness as he sucked him down until he got the tickle in his throat telling him that was enough. He kept his mouth in the same spot changing how much or how little he sucked as his hand worked up and down a few times.
He pulled off, a line of spit connecting his mouth to Casey's dick was way hotter than it should be. His hand never stopped moving as he took a deep breath and took Casey back into his mouth, Casey moaned deep in his throat. His lips snug around the ridge as he sucked and lapped at the tip.
"Chuck" He growled lifting his hips. Chuck moved his hand quickly as he bobbed his head up and down until Casey filled his mouth.
Chuck sat up on his knees trying to catch his breath as he stroked him
“Sit on my chest”
“Yes, fuck my mouth”
Chuck was so close he almost came at Casey’s words. “God yes” Chuck quickly moved up Casey’s body, his knees in Casey’s armpits he leaned forward holding the base of his cock he rubbed his tip around Casey’s lips before pushing past them.
Casey eagerly sucked him in, Chuck leaned forward more, using both hands to brace himself on the headboard that Casey was still handcuffed too.
“Growl once if you want me to come in your mouth and twice if you want me to pull out” Chuck laughed.
Casey’s single growl shot a shiver through Chuck’s body as his thrusts picked up, he had to close his eyes because he wasn’t ready for this to end and seeing his dick disappear into Casey’s mouth was almost too much. “Fuck Casey, so good” he stopped for a moment, his dick as deep as it could go as Casey tongued along the bottom of his shaft, he looked down locking his eyes with Casey’s as he came, not able to stop the constant stream of moans.
It felt so good it almost hurt as he pulled his softening dick out of his mouth.
“Wow, that was even better than I thought it would be”
“Think about it often?”
“Every time I jack off and if you ever feel the need to tie me up and fuck me, I won’t say no”
“Good to know, can you uncuff me now?”
“Depends, wanna tell me what’s up with the boxers? I’ve always imagined you more as a black briefs kinda guy”
“They are lucky, okay, don't worry about it”
Chuck laughed, “Major John Casey has lucky boxers, that’s hilarious”
“Let me go and we can start working on other fantasies you have”
“I like that idea, but sadly we have a diamond to find, but after the mission, you are totally fucking me into the mattress”
Casey growled.


Chuck was laying on his bed after a long day at work, his pants and boxers tangled at his feet, his shirt half unbuttoned because he couldn’t wait any longer. One slick hand was wrapped around his cock keeping a slow pace as two of his fingers were pumping in an out of his ass as fast as he could go, trying to find that perfect angle, which of course he found right as he heard his window squeak open.
His eyes jolted open to see Casey climbing through it.
“Having fun Bartowski?”
“What the hell Casey”
“Did you forget about the cameras Sport?”
“Honestly I don’t care right now, I just needed a release after a stressful day”
“I thought I’d come ask if the offer still stands” he held out his hand, a pair of handcuffs dangling from his pointer finger.
“Um, holy fuck yes please” Chuck wiped his lubed hands on his shirt, kicking his pants and boxers off he sat up, pulling the shirt and tie over his head tossing them where ever they landed then pulling off his socks and doing the same.
“How do you want to do this? I’ve actually never done anything like this before, but ever since the first time I saw you with handcuffs I wondered what it would be like to be handcuffed and fucked”
“The nerd has a slight kinky side” Casey laughed as he began to strip.
“Shut up and fuck me”
Casey smirked “I like this side of you” Casey, now in just his tight black briefs stepped closer to Chuck “Stand up, back to me”
He quickly got off the bed “Would it be okay to kiss you first?”
Casey’s large hand wrapped around the back of Chuck’s neck, squeezing it lightly making Chuck’s knees go weak, he let out a pleased hum as Casey’s lips pressed to his.
He eagerly opened his mouth to allow Casey’s tongue in, his hands wandered around Casey’s muscular chest trying to touch as much of him as possible before making his way down to the front of Casey’s briefs cupping his hardening dick.
“Turn” he growled
“I’m starting to regret this’
Casey raised an eyebrow
“I won’t be able to touch you anymore, and your body is so nice”
“Maybe next time” Casey kissed along Chuck’s shoulder as he locked the handcuffs in place around Chuck’s wrists behind his back. “I’m going to help you lay down on your stomach”

“Fuck” Casey growled, running both hands down Chuck’s ass “Look at you, already nice and open for me” he dipped a thumb into Chuck’s slicked up hole as he squeezed both cheeks.
Moving his thumb in and out of Chuck’s hols slowly teasing him while he lubed himself up.
“Tell me you’re ready”
“I’m so ready, oh my god Casey, please”
“Please what?”
“Fuck me”
“What was that?”
“I Chuck Bartowski want you, Major John Casey to fuck me” the last word coming out as a moan as Casey pushed into him. He pulled out a little then pushed back in letting Chuck adjust to his thickness.
“I’m good, keep going please” Chuck begged.
Casey wrapped a hand around the small chain between the cuffs, his other on Chuck’s hip he quickly pistoned in and out of Chuck.
Chuck arched his back lifting his shoulders off the bed doing his best to fuck himself on Casey’s thick cock “So good” his movements were shaky and uncoordinated but the angle was perfect and he didn’t want to stop no matter how bad his leg muscles and wrists hurt.
Casey moved the hand from his hip to his chest to help hold him up, the room filled with the sound of their skin slapping together, Casey’s grunts and Chuck’s constant stream of moans.
“Casey, oh my god, fuck yes John” Chuck stopped moving as his body shook spilling come all over his bed.
Casey let Chuck’s shoulders fall back to the bed, grabbing both his hips slamming into him until he came.
He slumped forwards taking a few deep breaths between kisses between Chuck’s shoulder blades.
He undid the cuffs, tossing them on the floor
Chuck rolled over on his back stretching out his arms and legs, “Amazing”
Casey laid next to them, both on their sides facing each other.
“Next time we need to do this in my bed so I can cuff you to the headboard, and I can see your face when I wreck you” Casey grabbed Chuck’s arm kissed along the red marks already turning purple on Chuck’s wrist.
“I’ve never come untouched before” he lifted up his other wrist looking at the red line “How am I going to explain these?”
Casey shrugged, not wanting to admit how much he enjoyed seeing the marks on Chuck’s pale skin, he couldn’t help himself, he released his wrist surging forward to suck a spot on Chuck’s collarbone.
Chuck moaned gripping the back of Casey’s head. “You good big guy?”
“Shut up Bartwoski” he got out of the bed to search for his clothes
“Wait where are you going?”
“What if Ellie or Awesome see you?”
“You were moaning my name very loudly, they already know what happened in here”
“Can’t you just shower at your place?”
“Only if you’re coming with me”
Chuck quickly put on some pajama pants and a t-shirt while Casey also got dressed.
“Is this going to become a thing?”
“I have no plans on stopping, but I do plan on getting leather cuffs”
Chuck couldn’t help but smile.