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Four-Component Word

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He was all naked underneath her and so very vulnerable as he moaned quietly, not feeling the need to hold back the sounds as she touched every inch of his skin, not feeling like they betrayed to her the pleasure that he was supposed to hide. He’d left himself in her hands when she’d pinned his to the mattress gently but insistently, a plea in her eyes for him to let her love him. And he’d agreed, freeing himself from her grip with ease and pulling her in for a kiss to say yes. It was untypical of him to let go of all control that he’d fought so hard for and let her do as she pleased and she treasured all the trust he’d placed in her and wanted to give him equal satisfaction in return.

She caressed and kissed with gentle fingertips and lips, slowly letting him soak up into the river of her feelings, careful not to drown or freeze him. And he let himself feel without fearing the intimacy, his body responding naturally to every little touch she gifted him with. It was beautiful to see him shiver and press himself into her, seeking more–everything–she was willing to give. And she gave him everything, all the love and affection she held for him.

She wrote “I care for you” on his body with the touch of her fingertips running over muscles that had strained again and again for a goal that wasn’t even his own, that had tensed as he’d jumped in defense against a world where he didn’t belong, until he relaxed in her hands. She would wrap him in her tenderness where he’d never have to struggle to prove his worth and fight for his place in her heart.

She traced “I want you” over his skin with her tongue to erase all those thoughts of not being enough that had been drilled into his brain until he was clutching the sheets to anchor himself so that her affection wouldn’t carry him away. She would never abandon him so he could let himself go and enjoy the flow.

She kissed “I love you” in the scars on his skin, in the marks from within, her lips smothering all the doubts in his brain. And she would whisper it in his ears until it was the only thing he could hear.

And she was so lost in the world of his being, worshipping him with her very breathing, that she almost missed the strangled whimper that could’ve only come from his lips.