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Magnus chuckles as he reads the roommate information sheet he received in the mail. In a month’s time he’ll begin his first semester at Columbia University. In an attempt to give freshman the chance to get to know their roommate a bit before sharing the same enclosed space for a year information has been sent out and Magnus really can’t get over the irony of who his roommate is.

Still dressed in his narwhal patterned pajama pants and a sleeveless hoodie he leaves unzipped he slips on some shoes and climbs out his lightly cracked window onto the small balcony off his bedroom. He walks over to the railing and pulls on the string that connects to a balcony just like his on the house next door, a little bell connected on each end that rings lightly when he tugs.

He waits for a moment until pale fingers curl under the ajar window pulling it open completely. Alec’s head pops out, hair messy, glasses askew and blissfully no shirt on like he may have just woken up. A sleepy smile pulls at his lips as he squints across the space at Magnus.

“Hey,” he says, his voice a little scratchy. Yup, definitely just woke up.

“Hey, gorgeous,” Magnus responds not having to speak very loudly thanks to the small space between their houses. It’s always been a convenience for them. Best friends since day one of kindergarten they’d always been able to catch each other in the window, first writing big letters on paper to read across the way eventually developing into the balcony and bell system. Once they started dating junior year of high school it became an even more convenient and creative endeavor on their part when they figured out a way to get across to the other’s balcony without injury.

Eventually though an injury had occurred in which Alec broke his wrist making the shaky crawl across a semi-questionable board they’d settled between their balcony’s only barely catching himself before falling. After that, Alec’s stepfather, Luke, had helped them fashion a permanent sturdy wooden bridge of sorts with low side railings and everything.

“This is only because I know you’ll both keep doing this whether it’s safe or not,” he’d said as he built the structure along with their help wielding a hammer in a semi-threatening manner. “Now if you were Clary or Iz I’d say you get pregnant or get an STD I have to pay the bills for the bridge comes down, but you aren’t your sisters and one of those doesn’t apply, so just keep the STD thing in mind.”

Alec had looked like his head was about to explode, Magnus had to use every ounce of self-control he had to not laugh out loud. 

“Did you check the mail yet?” Magnus asks as Alec leans out of the window a little further.

Alec sleepily shakes his head, running a hand through his hair messing it up even worse, “Nope, bell woke me up.”

Magus would apologize for that, it is a Saturday and their last month of sleep in days before college starts, but he can tell from that still plastered on smile of Alec’s he’s not upset about it.

“Go get it,” he says and Alec frowns in confusion. “Just trust me, go.”

Alec shrugs his shoulder in an ‘okay’ motion and heads back inside. Magnus leans on the balcony looking off to the side while he waits running his fingers across the edge of the letter in his hands. He thinks about what the next month will bring, the changes college will set in motion. He and Alec are both attending Columbia, but not having him a window away for the first time in his life had been a real stressor when they first started applying. Freshmen didn’t exactly get priority in dorms, so requesting to be roommates was an impossibility. He knew it was an attempt to encourage getting out, making new friends, but Magnus knew his luck. He wouldn’t get a new friend; he’d get a nightmare roommate like the ones he’d seen on Dateline when he and Alec would curl up and watch the terrifying tales of true crime.

Magnus shifts his head back at the sound of Alec’s window being lifted up entirely. Alec tumbles through it still blissfully shirtless moving a little gracelessly with sleep still clinging to the edges of him. He struggles with ripping open the envelope in his hands as he mirrors Magnus’ position on his own balcony.

“So, who’d you get?” Alec says unfolding the letter once he’s opened it up not looking up. “Someone who sounds artsy? Goth kid? God forbid, someone named Chad?”

Magnus chuckles as he watches Alec start scanning over the paper in his hands.

“Not exactly,” he hums. He knows the exact moment Alec’s gotten past the perfunctory introduction parts of the letter and to the actual roommate information. His pretty hazel eyes widen behind his thick framed glasses looking up at Magnus.

“No way?” Alec says stunned.

Magnus smiles, “It seems their random sorting system is truly just that and doesn’t account for addresses or high schools.”

Alec laughs shoving the letter in the pocket of his sweatpants, “What are the odds of that, huh?”

He steps back unlatching the small gate Luke had installed onto the balconies to ensure they didn’t ‘parkour over the wall’ to get to the bridge he’d painstakingly tested for safety. He quickly steps across the bridge, the space barely even a full two yards.

“Probably some astronomical, mathematical number I can’t be bothered to figure out, but bless the math just this once,” Magnus says as Alec gets closer.

Magnus steps back ready to open his small gate, but doesn’t even get to reach out before Alec’s vaulting himself over the metal.

Magnus rolls his eyes as Alec lands directly in front of him.

“Luke is going to catch you doing that one day and light this bridge on fire,” Magnus says as Alec pulls him close, chest to chest.

“I don’t think we have to worry about that anymore,” he smiles letting go of Magnus with one hand to pull the letter from his pocket.

He unfolds the crumpled piece of paper and begins to read it aloud with a goofy smile.

“Congratulations on your acceptance to Columbia University, in an effort to ready students for their first full fall semester we’d like to introduce you to your freshman dorm roommate, Magnus Bane,” Alec says his name a little louder, his smile getting a little wider. He skips over the section with Magnus’ contact information. “We look forward to seeing you in the fall!”

He shoves the paper back into his pocket and pulls Magnus back in with both hands.

“Well I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them in the fall now,” he says tipping his forehead to rest against Magnus.

“You weren’t before?” Magnus asks leaning comfortably into Alec’s space. Letting his eyes shut, content.

“Oh, I was excited about the classes and stuff,” Alec says as he moves his head, nuzzling at Magnus’ temple. “But not about the being more than one and half yards away from you every night part.”

Magnus opens his eyes, moving back a bit to look Alec in the eyes.

“We can put the beds together,” he says reaching up and fixing Alec’s glasses where they’ve slipped down his nose. He bops him on the nose with his finger just to see that cute scrunched up face Alec makes every time he does. “Make the distance about one and half inches.”

Alec’s lips quirk up before he leans in, placing a quick kiss on Magnus’ lips.

“I like the sound of that, roomie.”