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Shadowhunters Flufftober

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“Clarissa Fray-Garroway you did not just do that,” Maia shouts with her hands on her hips looking down indignantly at the damp cold spot in the center of her chest where a snowball has just collided.

“Maybe I did,” she shrugs in response with a wicked little smile on her lips. “What are you gonna do about it, Roberts?”

Maia looks up and tilts her head with a look that screams revenge. She dips down quickly two handfuls of snow in gloved hands that she shapes into a large ball as she slowly walks towards her girlfriend. Clary knows she should run, take shelter behind one of the medium sized stone walls nearby, but instead she just waits ready to take whatever’s coming and then let it divulge into an all-out war.

Maia smirks when she reaches her standing right in front of her the large snowball sitting comfortably in her right hand.

“This,” she says finally replying to Clary’s previous taunt as she lifts the snowball and smashes it right on top of Clary’s head. The cold immediately soaks through her knitted cap melting wet globs sliding down her face and neck and into her shirt and coat.

“Oh you’re gonna pay for that,” Clary says eyes closed as a glob of ice-cold mush runs across her right eye. She opens her eyes once she’s felt it move to her cheek immediately stepping back and picking up a large handful of snow to toss at Maia aimlessly. Maia takes off running behind one of the stone walls most likely making a quick line of easy to throw snowballs. She’s far too damn good at it.

Clary stays in the open air doing the same, she may not have the snowball technique of her girlfriend, but she makes up for it in pure determination. They take hits back and forth for a while Maia diving back behind the wall easily to avoid most of Clary’s poorly formed snowballs and Clary just diving down into the snow and covering her head like it’s an earthquake drill for her own protection.

Eventually Maia braves her way out from behind the wall arms loaded with at least a dozen well formed snowballs.

“Oh my god,” Clary says lifting herself up from the snow and backing away slowly hands up and empty. “When did you have time to make all those?”

Maia shrugs, “While you were cowering in your little snow bank.” She looks down at the Clary shaped space in the snow that’s dug deep down to the grass as if Clary was building an igloo to hide inside of. That may or may not have been her plan, she can neither confirm nor deny.

Maia takes off in a sprint tossing all dozen snowballs as soon as she gets close enough. Clary dives back down too far away from her little hole, but still hoping to at least keep the snow from falling down the back of her shirt by lifting up her hood.

She feels the snowballs all fall onto her, blissfully none of them making their way under her jacket. Then a moment later she feels the familiar press of Maia settling over her, knees digging into the fluffy snow as she straddles her hips.

She’s hovering a bit just enough for Clary to flip over underneath her and hope that Maia isn’t still holding any snowballs. She keeps her eyes closed just in case as she turns, Maia settling down firmly on top of her once she has.

“Open your eyes Clary,” Maia says the cool press of her damp jacket leaning down and resting on Clary. “I’m unarmed.” She adds with a chuckle.

Clary finally peeks her eyes open and is greeted with the beautiful vision of Maia set comfortably atop her hips with a bright smile, the cloudy grey sky behind her with a small peak of sunshine that Clary believes Maia is completely responsible for bringing out.

“Truce?” Clary says as she lifts herself up on her elbows to be closer to Maia.

Maia nods leaning in to kiss Clary lightly on the nose. Her hands go around her back one slightly chilly hand working its way up under her jacket and shirt. Her other hand is bare, the glove lost somewhere in the battle. Clary’s just about to lean in and kiss Maia for real when she feels her other hand slide up into her shirt as well, but this hand is more than chilly, it’s ice cold and definitely not just her hand.

“Oh my god,” she yelps as she feels Maia move her hand up as high as she can get with the restriction of Clary’s jacket. In her hand is a freezing clump of snow that she drags up and down Clary’s skin as she literally cackles. Clary squirms trying to escape the strong hold of Maia’s thighs bracketing her but can’t do more than yelp at the cold contact.

“That is not how a truce works,” she laughs says still squirming, Maia’s hips lifting just enough so that she can get out from under her.

“I technically never said the word truce,” Maia says still laughing as Clary shoves her hands into the snow shoveling up as much as she can onto Maia.

Maia just keeps laughing tackling her into the snow. It becomes a wrestling match of sorts after that both of them trying to shove as much snow under the others coats as possible laughing and yelping the entire time. Eventually the cold seeps into their bones and they calm down making their way inside.

Clary makes up for starting the snow fight in the first place very thoroughly as they share a warm shower and Maia makes up for trying to bury her girlfriend in snow at one point like they were at the beach just as thoroughly when they land in bed a little while later, only warmth seeping into their bones now.