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Shadowhunters Flufftober

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Magnus and Alec land on the couch giggling in delight, a little out of breath as the record player switches tracks to some slow jazzy beat. Magnus settles his back up against Alec’s chest still breathing a little heavily as a cool Alicante breeze comes through the open balcony doors.

“So, you think I’m ready for Havana again?” Alec says after a few beats his arm settling across Magnus’ shoulders.

Magnus hums, “I think you’re not only ready, but it will be safe enough for me to wear some new shoes without fear of scuff marks.”

Alec chuckles and Magnus feels it against his back. Alec’s been determined to become a better dancer since their wedding, pulling Magnus in at any given chance on quiet nights at home or a during few deeply memorable evenings spent on the dancefloor of Pandemonium. He’s gotten a whole lot better, keeping up with Magnus and thoroughly distracting Magnus when he does manage to occasionally stumble. It’s been a joy to be a part of the process even if Magnus didn’t mind the way Alec danced before, he’d take a few stepped-on toes for the rest of eternity if it meant that he’d always be dancing with Alec.

Tonight they’ve been dancing for what feels like hours across their living room floor, the furniture all rearranged to suit their needs. He’s tired and a little sweaty, but perfectly content in his husbands’ arms. He leans back into him a bit more tilting his head back to rest on Alec’s sturdy shoulder.

He thinks about the mess of their living room and the blazer Alec had been wearing when he’d first hopped up from their dinner outstretching his hand for a dance and it strikes a memory for him. A memory he realizes he’s never told Alec about.

“You know I had a dream a lot like this once,” he says into the quiet, the record still playing smooth slow tracks.

“Aww you dream about me a lot?” Alec says with a teasing tone. Magnus lifts up a hand playfully smacking him on the chest.

“Often, but you’re not as much of a little shit in the dreams,” he says back even though it’s completely not true, Alec’s ability to be a downright nuisance is one of his favorite things about his husband and even in dreams the trait always makes an appearance. “But this dream was different.”

“How so?”

Magnus pauses for a second uncertain if he even should have brought this up. The dream was nice, but the memory attached to it isn’t a pleasant one for either of them. It feels like a lifetime ago now when he’d had his brush with death, when in reality it’s not even been a year.

“It was when I almost died,” he whispers scared to break the happy moment. Alec doesn’t say anything just squeezes Magnus tighter to him like he’s reminding himself and Magnus that he’s here that the most important part of that sentence is the word almost.

“It was right after I passed out, scarily probably somewhere around when I stopped breathing for a while,” he says as a shiver runs through Alec, Magnus reaches up squeezing his fingers before getting to the far more pleasant part of the story. “We were here in the loft having breakfast and you were being a handsome cheeky bastard like always.”

Magnus smiles as he feels Alec release his tension letting out a derivative little snort.

“And then you asked me to dance. Of course I had to tease you a bit first, but then I cleared out the living space just like this,” he says gesturing to the room. “And you swept me off my feet, quite literally, had me speechless and a few other things in the moment. You were like a pro.”

Alec huffs a little laugh, “Well that must have been a real giveaway that it was dream.”

Magnus just smiles turning so he can look Alec in the eye.

“Maybe, even though in my eyes even when you’re bad at something you’re perfect,” he says with a little smirk then sobers up. “But it felt so real, like in that moment my body and my mind were in overdrive but they knew the only way I was going to get through whatever was happening to me was if I felt safe and happy and the only way I could feel that was if I saw the one person who always makes me feel that way.”

Alec shifts reaching up the hand not draped across Magnus’ shoulder to cup his neck.

“Magnus,” he says softly, reverently in that way Alec always says his name that never, ever gets old and never will for the rest of their long lives.

“I was quite literally at death’s door and while everything else about my body was betraying me, it knew one thing for certain if that was it, if that really was the end the last thing I’d want to see, the last memory I’d want to have would be of you,” Magnus finishes with a little adoring smile.

Alec leans in brushing a light kiss against his lips.

“Kind of like how the only voice that kept me above water when the adamas stone held me under was yours,” he says quietly into the space between their lips. Magnus just nods his head, while he likes the cosmic confirmation he hates that they have such evidentiary proof that they’re soulmates from near death experiences; they’ve both almost lost each other far too many times.

Alec presses another light kiss to Magnus’ lips before pulling him back in to his previous position, back to chest their arms all tangled up around each other.

Magnus tilts his neck as Alec nuzzles into it pressing a row of light kisses there that have him letting out a happy little sigh.

“I love you Alexander Lightwood-Bane,” he says just as Alec scrapes his teeth against his neck lightly.

Alec leans up his lips right up against his ear. He bites at the lobe lightly making Magnus giggle before speaking softly into his ear.

“And I love you Magnus Lightwood-Bane,” he says. “So much so, that I’m willing to risk embarrassing myself in Havana again.”

Magnus laughs and thinks that this, this is even better than that practically perfect dream.