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A deep pit found a home in the blonde boy’s stomach. Excuses on why he shouldn't attend school filled his head, but he knew none of them would work. His mother knew better. It was the first day after all. 


“You’re gonna do great today, sweetie.” His mother encouraged. 


Jimin lifted his gaze from his shoes over to his mother as the car rolled to a stop.


At least it’s just the first day and not the middle of the year. It could be worse. 


Jimin stepped out of the car and grabbed his backpack. He slammed the car door and waved as he mother drove away. The pit grew deeper in his stomach as he found a few other kids staring. 


Turning on his heel, Jimin turned to face the large high school. It was definitely larger than his old school which probably had its perks. 


Jimin sucked in a large breath and walked up to the doors.


I’m gonna be fine. Maybe no one will notice me once I'm inside? 


Every step Jimin took made him feel like he attracted more and more eyes. He reached into the side pocket of his backpack and pulled out the folded papers, fumbling to unfold them. His locker was on the ground floor, but he was confused by what hall it was down. There were too many bodies in the way of the faded numbers. 


“You look like you could use some help.” A taller boy said. 


“Is it that obvious?” Jimin asked, trying to shrink his body down. 


“You seemed pretty glued to your paper, so I figured you could use some help. My name is Youngjae, I’m a sophomore.” 


“Nice to meet you. I’m Jimin, also a sophomore.” 


Youngjae leaned over to steal a glance at Jimin’s schedule and locker number. 


“You’re locker is on the other end of the school. I can take you over there.”


Jimin followed hastily as they dodged all sorts of bodies in the hallway. It was much busier than his old school which made the whole situation more intimidating. 


“So what brings you to our school?” Youngjae asked, glancing behind to look at Jimin. 


“My mom got a job transfer and we had to move.” Jimin replied. “I’m excited for the change, but this school is a lot bigger than I’m used to.”


“You’ll figure stuff out.” Youngjae assured, turning them down another hallway. “This school is split up by sections mostly. Upstairs you’ll have your languages and history classes, and downstairs will be your sciences and math classes.” 


Jimin nodded, trying to take in and remember as much information as he could. The two moved closer to the wall of lockers and Jimin read the numbers. 


“Looks like you’re right here.” Youngjae said, patting a tall yet skinny locker.


Glancing back down to the white paper in his hands, Jimin checked the locker combination. His fingers twisted it around until he could lift the latch. 


That's probably gonna be the easiest thing I do all day. 


“So, what’s your first class?” Jimin asked, wanting to start some small talk with Youngjae. 


“Are you talking to me?” A deep voice asked next to him. 


Jimin glanced to the side and immediately regretted it. The stranger next to him was intimidatingly handsome. “Sorry, I thought...never mind.”


“You’re new around here aren’t you?” The boy asked. 


“Is it really that obvious?” 


“It is when you’re talking to someone everyone else knows not to.”


Every muscle in Jimin’s body tensed and he tugged his sleeves.


The boy next to him let out a chuckle, surprising the blonde. “You’re kinda cute. You looked like a puppy that was about to get scolded. My name’s Taehyung, by the way.” 




“Well Jimin, maybe we’ll see each other again soon.” 


Taehyung slammed his locker door shut and walked up the nearby stairs. People who were once blocking the way, moved aside as Taehyung walked. 


What can I do so I can have that? 


“I’m happy you’re not dead.” Youngjae suddenly said behind Jimin. 


The other flinched and smacked Youngjae’s arm. “Where did you go?”


“I disappeared so Taehyung wouldn’t see me.” Youngjae replied. 


“A little heads up would’ve been nice.” 


Jimin closed his locker and clutched his supplies close to his chest. 


“What makes Taehyung so special?” Jimin asked. “People seem scared of him.”


“There’s some things you’ll learn about this school that’ll be important.” Youngjae said, walking alongside Jimin. “The first, don’t mess with any of the members of BTS or you’ll most likely be followed by some crazy ‘accidents’.” 




“They’re a group of six boys that basically run this school. It’s best if you just stay clear of them.”


Jimin tapped his fingers along the underside of his binder. He’d never witnessed a school group like BTS. His old school had its usual cliques and occasional bullies, but no one ever feared anyone else. 


Jimin checked his schedule and Youngjae glanced at it too.


“You're first class is gonna be upstairs. History classes will be on the right of the stairs.” Youngjae said. “The bell will ring soon, but I‘ll give you my number so you can contact me.”


Youngjae scribbled numbers down on a scrap piece of paper and slipped it inside Jimin’s binder. 


“See ya.” Jimin called out, turning to head up the stairs. People were beginning to clear out which was a little but more helpful.


One class at a time Jimin. One class at a time.