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Dana's Kinktober 2019

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The fabric was soft over his eyes, shifting lightly as Izuku tied it behind his head. At first, he could still make out spots of light, see movement through it. But as the other fastened it securely, making sure it sits well on the bridge of his nose, all light gets obscured.

It’s odd at first. Even if they were in the safety of their bedroom, he didn’t feel safe. There was something very constricting about being unable to see. Claustrophobic almost. There was such a big part of him, just gone. Everyone relied so much on sight. If you something happened, you could anticipate on it, purely by looking at it. But now he couldn’t even see where his lover was. Didn’t know if Izuku was even still close after tying the knot behind his head.

Until he felt a hand skimming his arm.

“How are you feeling, Ei?” Izuku said softly.

The sound came from his right side. Eijiro could now feel that the bed dipped a little lower on that side, Izuku’s weight pressing it down. The sound of his voice felt foreign somehow. As if he heard it for the first time. His timbre was so light. So welcoming. So… ensuring that everything was going to be okay. The way he kind of dragged his words, made it sound almost like a purr. It was all unintentional. Izuku didn’t entice Eijiro on purpose with his voice, not yet at least. But Eijiro had just never really listened. Had never really paid attention to how Izuku spoke. Until now.

A shaky breath escaped him, jumping a little when those nimble fingers suddenly slid over his collarbone. “It’s… quite a lot,” he murmured in return, sinking back in the pillows when those fingers started massaging his shoulder.

“I can imagine,” Izuku said, his voice stained with a chuckle.

Oh, how Eijiro loved the sound of that. It rolled of his back and settled nicely in his spine, it echoing through his very being. How could one sound so… lovely?

The right side of the bed dipped a little more as Izuku crawled further onto it, his weight settling beside Eijiro’s hip, Izuku’s body pressed against his bare skin. Eijiro’s attention instantly moved to that part of him, focused solely on where their bodies touched. Izuku was bare too, like Eijiro, undressed before they started. Made for easy access, and less pausing as they progressed this new adventure.

It had taken Izuku some time to convince Eijiro first. Surrendering so completely to his lover, was difficult. Eijiro was usually one to take charge in the bedroom, Izuku content with taking if that’s what Eijiro longed from him. But this time his lover would be giving. And Eijiro would have no say in it, because he could not see what was happening.

Izuku had long lifted his hand from Eijiro’s shoulder. Part of him was waiting on it to return. But he was distracted, distracted by Izuku’s soft inhales and exhales. He could envision Izuku’s chest heaving up and down, his green eyes only looking at him. What he had not envisioned was a hand landing flat on his stomach.

Eijiro gasped, body shaking in pure shock at the sudden contact. Soon after he relaxed when that hand started rubbing at his skin, circling his stomach to ease some of the tension out. Make him relax more. Izuku’s other hand moved to Eijiro’s thigh, carefully rubbing his hand up and down, easing it up higher and higher, but never quite reaching its target.

“You look really good like this, Ei,” Izuku hummed, his voice a lot lower than before. As in crouched down to Eijiro’s level instead of still seated up. The added ghost of a breath lingering on Eijiro’s abdomen told him exactly where Izuku was. “I really can’t stop touching you.”

Feeling Izuku nuzzle his pubic line, made Eijiro grasp Izuku’s knee. He missed first, reaching for air as he tried to enclose his fingers around nothing.

“Will you let me do anything I want?”

Izuku’s voice had turned huskier, a sultriness in it that made the hairs on Eijiro’s arms stand upright. “Whatever you want,” he mimicked, licking his lips when he felt Izuku nose his pubic area a little more, almost reaching that what Eijiro wanted him to touch.

His cock was not hard yet, at least not completely. Eijiro was still a little nervous. Couldn’t anticipate on anything. Izuku was in complete control.

Without warning Izuku let his tongue slide over his length, willing it to harden. Willing it to be fully erect. And as Eijiro felt the tongue slipping up, licking a long strip along his dick, blood rushed towards it. Especially when Izuku let the tip of his tongue flick against the head, trying to wiggle it under the foreskin already.

“Fuck, baby,” Eijiro whispered, pushing his head further back into the soft pillows.

His body started feeling heavier and heavier, his senses so distraught now that they had the upper hand, he could hardly keep up.

A hand had moved to his chest, fingers grazing nipples as they moved from one breast to the other. It didn’t take long before the little nubs stood fully raised. Eijiro arched into the touch whenever a nail scraped over the areola.

Now finally fully hard, Izuku played with his dick more. Mouthing at the base as his free hand tugged lightly at the foreskin, pushing it down and then pulling it back up. Tongue dipping out between lips again, it slid over Eijiro’s balls, moving them around in the loose skin. It made Eijiro spread his legs, make room for more movement, and Izuku took it as a signal to climb between muscular thighs and settle right there in the middle.

Another long strip was licked, tongue moving from the base, all the way up to the head, flicking it over the slit to taste the first drop of precum.

After that it all became a blur.

Izuku grabbed Eijiro’s cock by the base and wrapped his lips around his girth, slowly sinking down on his length. It pulled a harsh moan from Eijiro’s lungs, choked out when Izuku sucked his dick in even further.

It felt like Izuku went much further than he had ever gone. As if he had taken Eijiro’s entire length in one swallow. It felt wet and soft inside of Izuku’s mouth, teeth scraping lightly at the under side as Eijiro moved his hips a little. The tight warmth grew tighter when Izuku moved back up, sucking loudly as he reached the head. For a few rounds he focused his attention just there. Bobbing his head up and down, sinking no lower than the edge of the head, sucking so roughly, Eijiro thought he was never going to leave Izuku’s mouth again.

And while his lover did all that, his hands were everywhere.

Eijiro wasn’t entirely sure how the other managed. How Izuku managed to get his hands sliding up and down Eijiro’s calves, and in the next moment tugging at his hair. Izuku kept Eijiro’s body on edge, shifting his touches to soft and sweet, and harsh and almost painful. Pinching his sides and his thighs made Eijiro quiver, wanting to move away from the touch, and yet lean into it.

A steady stream of sounds fell from Eijiro’s lips, moans and groans filling the air, together with the sloppy sucking sounds coming from Izuku’s ministrations.

With his lips still tightly fastened around Eijiro’s cock, the other remained in heaven. His body felt too hot, body heating up due to sheer pleasure. Unable to do anything for Izuku meant Eijiro could solely focus on himself, and it was quite a lot to handle.

When one hand glided from Eijiro’s hipbone, leaving bruises in their wake, it slipped between Eijiro’s legs, right underneath Izuku’s face. Eijiro wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen, until he felt a thumb press against his perineum. It dug into the little patch of skin, sending a fresh wave of pleasure coursing through Eijiro’s body.

Mind split between even more things happening to him, Eijiro’s body trembled continuously, unsure on where to buck up into Izuku’s awaiting mouth, arch into Izuku’s hand again playing with his nipples, or press down on the thumb digging into another erogenous spot.

And then Izuku added another one.

While his thumb pressed against his perineum, his other fingers had enough room to move. Especially considering Eijiro had opened his legs even wider, needing that touch to go deeper. It gave Izuku’s fingers room to slide between ass cheeks, just below the spot he was pushing against, and there he found another target.

Eijiro wasn’t touched there very often. Usually Izuku was the one on the receiving end. Eijiro didn’t mind being touched there. But now that he could not see where Izuku’s hand was headed, could not pinpoint what was happening, the first touch was a lot. It was only one finger circling around the ring of muscles, teasing the puckered hole in its wake.

Another gasp followed, Eijiro bucking into the touch as if begging for more.

It didn’t go much further than that. With Izuku now playing with four different spots of him, all sending waves of pleasure down his body, Eijiro was done for. He could feel it all the way down in his toes, slowly building up to the rest of him.

His dick tingled with every sloppy suck from Izuku’s lips, tongue swirling around the head. His nipples were painfully hard, played with so much. His puckered hole had gotten too sensitive, the teasing fingers only dipping in just a tat, was forcing him to crash down.

Never had his orgasm been stretched this long. Eijiro felt it coming. Felt his toes curl up, his hands balling into fists. His whole body went rigid, as he moved closer and closer to that edge. And Izuku just kept it up. Could hear in the volume of Eijiro’s voice that he was close. Really close.

And then as it finally hit him, cum spurting from his dick up higher than it had ever gotten, Eijiro arched his full body into Izuku. Forced everything with what Izuku him touched to go even deeper. Milk him dry. Take everything that he could get. It was magnificent and terrifying at the same time, giving Izuku all of that. Eijiro’s mind exploded as his orgasm still wracked through him, giving himself fully to Izuku. Trust him with everything. Trust him blindly, and he was rewarded greatly for that.

Delicately Izuku pulled himself off Eijiro’s body, making sure he did everything one by one. First the fingers left his hole, the puckered skin slightly raised due to the sudden attention. Then the thumb left, leaving Eijiro feeling a weird warmth down there. Followed by the hand touching his nipples, the nubs glad they were no longer touched. And lastly did Izuku pop his lips off Eijiro’s softening dick, giving it a final suck to make Eijiro trash his head due to sheer overstimulation.

His breathing was heavy as he finally had room to move again. Eijiro could hear the harsh puffs leave Izuku’s lungs as he collected himself. Slowly Izuku crawled up again, nimble fingers going to the back of Eijiro’s head, releasing the piece of cloth from its knot.

Blinking his eyes blearily, Eijiro tried to focus. The light around was too much, his body too exhausted to move his arm to cover his eyes.

“Was that good?” Izuku asked tentatively, curious green eyes looking down at him.

Turning his head a little, Eijiro looked up at his lover. Take in the form of the one who had tipped him over the edge so fantastically. “Better than good. It was amazing,” Eijiro hummed, satisfied.

“I’m glad,” Izuku whispered, eyes softening as he shot Eijiro a look of pure adoration. Wiping a hand through Eijiro’s dyed locks, Izuku finally leaned down for a kiss. It was tender and gentle, coaxing Eijiro to relax even further into the bed. Because that was all Izuku wanted from him.

God, how much he loved this man.