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These Bonds Anew

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“Those bonds...” The white haired demon whispered, wonder still clinging to his words as he advanced on the siblings, a giddy feeling creeping up inside him as he inspects them. The girl was completely passed out, her earlier exhaustion seeming to catch up with her while the boy’s upper body lays over hers as if to act as a shield. “Will be mine.” He declared, eyes practically glowing as he arrives at the duo’s forms that are limp with exhaustion from their final attempt to stop him. Normally he’d be infuriated with such an attack, but the fact that said action had only enforced his thoughts of their bonds only left him with a feeling of excitement that was increasing by the second.

“Your pesky attempt was amusing, to say the least.” The pale demon starts, crouching down to a sitting position behind Tanjiro, sensing the palpable fear radiating from his figure with a click of his tongue before reaching over and grabbing the boy’s shoulders. Yanking him backwards, Rui forces him down so that his shoulders and head are resting in his lap. “But I won’t allow such a flimsy attack to stop me.” He finishes, taking a moment to appreciate the fear and confusion in the human’s eyes as he bites his own wrist and allows the blood to gush out without healing immediately.

Finally, realization and horror floods into the demon slayer’s face, but it comes too late for the boy to protest as the bleeding wrist is shoved into his screaming mouth. The lower moon reaches his other hand up to squeeze Tanjiro’s nose, grinning down as the boy gives feeble struggles and attempts to push his arm away.

“I’ve been a demon for almost three hundred years, and I’ve had numerous doses of that man’s blood since I was turned. With such a high concentration, it’s child’s play to turn a human.” The white haired demon practically coos, his satisfaction growing as the human’s struggles slowly begin to cease while the blood enters his body.

“Good job, onii-chan. If you had kept struggling, I would’ve had to use another method.” Rui hums, watching with interest as the slayer’s pupils dilate and his hands, still clutching the demon’s arm, seem to hesitate between pushing the bleeding limb away and pulling it closer while said demon moves the hand clutching his nose to his reddish hair, stroking it softly.

The human’s skin begins to shift as the blood enters his bloodstream, making the boy’s cries under his arm intensify as his body begins shuddering and spasming uncontrollably. Still, Rui keeps the boy’s torso firmly in his lap, humming with satisfaction as his spasming causes him to bite onto the lower moon’s wrist constantly, repeatedly opening the wound and allowing more and more blood to enter his body.

“I’m letting you have a lot, so let’s hope you’ll be able to take it and not die, nii-san. I want you to be strong.” The demon croons, excitement still burning hot in his belly at the prospect of having such great bonds. Beating the human and the other demon into submission was just a mere stepping stone in the path he is choosing. And, well, if he has to continually instill mind numbing terror into them-He glances away from the brother for a moment to the sister, grin growing on his face at the thought of stringing her up again to teach her-well then, that wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

Time continues to pass, and after what feels like an eternity of torture to the human ticks away, consciousness seems to finally leave the slayer as he falls completely limp, glowing red eyes framed by tears falling shut.

With a sigh, Rui slowly removes his arm from the boy’s mouth and observes the newly formed fangs in the former human’s mouth with interest.

“You’re going to be such a good nii-san. You did all of that for your sister, just imagine what you’re going to do for me.” The pale demon purrs, hands cradling the boy’s face as happiness comes over him in a heady rush before a thought pops into his head that makes him grin with a sadistically-inclined cheshire smile.

“You and nee-san are going to be so hungry once you wake up-I think I’ll send for some food.”